After School Adventures Ch. 05

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I stood outside the girls’ change room. It was time for the final phase of Cheerleader initiation. If I passed, I’d be on the squad. Things work differently now than they did for the past three years. It used to be, you’d audition by performing a routine and then the cheerleading captain would evaluate whether or not she wanted you on the squad. The old captain, who has since graduated, was a total bitch. She only let her friends, or relatives of existing members join the squad. This is why, for the past three years, I’ve tried to get on the squad, and failed each time. But now, in my last year of high school, I decided to give it one last shot. I was 18 now. And “be on the cheerleading squad” was one of the things I wanted to do before I turned 19 and went off to college. This was my last chance. And, so far, things aren’t looking too good. While I was waiting, I’d seen no less than nine girls leave the change room in tears. It seemed like none of them had made the squad.

“Next! Vivian… Eckhart!” came the new cheerleading captain’s voice from beyond the closed door.

I took a deep steadying breath and prepared to step forward.

“Come on, Viv,” I said to myself, “We’ve come this far. You can’t back down now.”

I took the step and pushed the door open. I heard the door creak as it closed behind me, but I was too afraid to care. It was pitch black inside the locker rooms. The lights were off. I tried to reach for the light switch, but as I did so, I felt someone grab my arms. They pulled them behind my back and tied them together. Then I felt something get placed over my head. It was soft… Maybe a pillowcase? Whatever it was, I still couldn’t see. But I heard the subtle click of the light switch, which told me that someone had turned the lights off so that I could be tied up and blindfolded more easily.

“Hey Viv!” said a familiar voice.

“Monica!?” I asked.

“Yup. It’s me!” said Monica.

Monica, my cousin, is the one who convinced me to try out for the squad one last time. She’s four months older than me, and has been on the team since sophomore year.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, this is all part of the new initiation,” said Monica, “Well, I wish I could stay and chat, but, I’ve got study date with Mars.”

“You tied me up and now you’re going to leave me here alone!?” I asked.

“No, you’re not alone, the captain is here too. Just stay calm, okay? She won’t hurt you.” said Monica. I could hear her walk past me and open the door. Her footsteps started to get fainter and fainter until she was gone.

“So, you’re the last girl, are you?” said the captain. The cheerleading captain, Hailey Klassen, was Monica’s best friend. They both made the team in their sophomore year and have been on the team ever since. “Caucasian, brunette, 5’5, green eyes, B average,” said Hailey, “Does that sound right?”

“Y-Yeah?” I said, not really sure why she needed to know that.

“I love brunettes… I wish I was one. But instead, I got stuck with blonde,” sighed Hailey, “Brunettes always seem to have the most amazing bodies. Not to mention they know how to have the most fun.”

“I-I always thought it was the blondes who were like that.” I said.

“Well, I guess it is, unless you are a blonde, like me.” said Hailey.

“So what do I have to do get on the team?” I said.

“Have sex.” said Hailey, simply.

“WHAT!?” I gasped, completely outraged.

“Not with a guy,” said Hailey, “With me…”

“What do you–” I said.

“I’m a lesbian… When I was put in charge of these auditions, I thought, there’s no better place to find beautiful, shapely girls than the potential cheerleaders.” said Hailey.

“I-I d-don’t really…” I stuttered.

“Hey, if you don’t want to then you’re free to go. You can still make the team, you just won’t be a shoe-in.” said Hailey.

“I don’t know about this,” I said, “I’m a virgin, and I’ve güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri never really done anything like this before. It’s tempting, but oh, I just, I just—

Suddenly, I felt Hailey slip her tongue into my mouth. Although it scared me at first, the gentleness of it seemed to calm me down. She was very gentle, and her tongue tasted kind of sweet. It felt interesting. Soon, Hailey started to caress my tongue with hers, and even though I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go through with it or not, for some reason, I didn’t try to stop her. It was almost like I wanted to do it, but didn’t want to admit it.

“Not bad for a first time.” said Hailey, taking her tongue out of my mouth.

“Let me know if you want to stop.” said Hailey.

“Will I still be a–” I began.

“Virgin? Technically, yes.” said Hailey, finishing my question. She reached down and untied my arms, then pulled my shirt off over my blindfolded head, leaving my hair kind of messy. “Wow.” She gasped, carefully running a finger up my stomach.

Instead of unhooking my bra like I expected her too, she kept drawing an oval with her finger, until finally she went down to my waist. She slipped the finger under the waistband of my cheerleading skirt and playfully started tugging it down until it slipped down past my legs. I stepped out of it absent-mindedly. Now I was standing before Hailey, in nothing more than my bra and panties. There was a brief period of silence during which it was clear to me Hailey was checking me out. “You’re so amazing…” she whispered, coming closer to me whisper into my ear, nibbling the lobe a little as she did so.

“Are you going to take this blindfold off?” I asked.

“Do you really want it off?” said Hailey.

“Otherwise I can’t see what you’re doing to me.” I moaned.

“It’ll come off eventually sweetie… Right now, let me do all the work.” said Hailey, leading me forward. Now we seemed to be in the largest part of the change room. Hailey laid me down on the bench in what was probably the middle of the room. “Just relax and try to enjoy yourself,” she murmured, “Let me know if I’m hurting you, okay?”

“Um… Okay?” I muttered, not really sure I liked the sound of that.

Hailey sat me upright momentarily, I felt one finger run along the small of my back before my bra suddenly unhooked. She could do that one finger thing like a guy! Automatically, I slid the bra the rest of the way off as if Hailey had put a spell on me. “Those are so beautiful.” She sighed, gently rubbing them.

I was definitely not the chestiest girl in school, but my 34-Bs are quite misleading. They’re extremely perky, which makes them seem bigger. “I’ve never had anyone… Touch them before.” I said.

“There’s a first time for everything.” said Hailey, squeezing them together.

Hailey laid me back down. When the cool surface of the bench touched my bare back, I shivered, and the cold made my nipples get hard. Hailey leaned in over me and carefully started to lick my breasts. She seemed to like to work her way in. I was surprised how comfortable I was feeling. It was almost as though my disposition had been the only thing in my way. Now that I was here, in the moment, I was actually enjoying myself. By the time Hailey was licking my left nipple, I was very aroused, which was actually quite a new experience for me. I was so shy, that I had never even tried masturbating yet.

Next, Hailey moved on to the right breast, and repeated the same pattern of licking and kissing, only this time she was moving in a counter-clockwise circle. I shuddered when she reached the nipple, and Hailey chuckled a little at my reaction. With both of my nipples hard, Hailey moved down toward my stomach, and stopped to admire my belly button piercing, the only souvenir I had of the one time I got drunk. “That’s cute…” said Hailey, running a finger over top of the piercing. Hailey leaned in started to half lick, half nibble her way down to lowest güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri part she could go, but stopped momentarily. She gave a gentle tug on my underwear, and I arched my back, making it possible for Hailey to slip them off.

“What a pretty pussy.” said Hailey. I felt her hand gently caress my pubes. Even though I was too timid to stick anything inside myself, I did know to shave down there, not so much that it was bald, but enough to leave a bit of hair down there. I shuddered again as I felt Hailey rub the hair. It tickled. “This is so pretty,” she whispered, “How are you still a virgin?”

“I’ve been too shy.” I said.

“Well, you’re not afraid now, are you?” she asked.

She was right, I wasn’t. I didn’t know what to expect, but I still wasn’t scared. Hailey was now kissing the area that was inches above my clit, and yet, I still wasn’t really scared. Just as that last thought left my mind, I felt Hailey’s lips move down by that one inch. Just the littlest touch sent a surge of pleasure throughout my body. I gasped, unable to stop myself.

“You okay?” asked Hailey.

“Nobody’s ever touched me down there before either.” I said.

“Don’t worry, it’s supposed to feel really good,” said Hailey, “I don’t think it’s possible for it NOT to feel good.”

Hailey leaned back in and started using her tongue now. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from screaming in ecstasy. I had no way of knowing, but it seemed like she was a pro at this sort of thing. I couldn’t help but wonder how many other girls Hailey had done this with to get so good. But I was too busy writhing around to really care about that. I couldn’t move my arms, or see where I was on the bench, but miraculously, I didn’t fall off when I started moving uncontrollably. I could feel a strange wetness that seemed to be accumulating down in my pussy. This must be what it would feel like to masturbate. After about five minutes of licking, kissing and stroking my pussy and clit, Hailey stopped, and let me catch my breath. I had closed my eyes behind the blindfold, but soon I felt Hailey pull it off from my head. I sat up, and Hailey untied my hands.

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see that Hailey was still fully dressed. I would’ve thought for sure that she’d have taken her clothes off, but I guess she was leaving that honour to me. “Undress me,” said Hailey, “You’ll like it. I promise.”

I did as she asked and carefully pulled her cheerleading shirt off over her head, revealing her large, supple breasts. “Wow! Those are… Nice?” I said, unsure of how to compliment a girl properly.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get better at complimenting over time,” said Hailey, “These are 40Ds, by the way. Do you want to touch them?” I really did want to touch them. The more things I did with Hailey, the more at home I started to feel. Even though I had never been with a guy and gone this far, being with Hailey somehow seemed to calm me down. Had I been a lesbian like her this whole time and never realized?

“These are real, right?” I asked, gradually starting to move my arm towards Hailey’s breasts.

“Well, you’re never going to know if you’re too shy to feel them.” giggled Hailey, grabbing my arms and placing my hands over her nipples.

“They’re so soft…” I said.

“Come on, Viv, I don’t bite. Be a little assertive. You just might like it!” moaned Hailey, urging me on.

“Oh what the hell…” I sighed, grabbing a firm hold of Hailey’s succulent tits.

“Atta girl!” shrieked Hailey.

I leaned in and playfully nibbled on her nipples. Meanwhile, my other hand reached down and pulled down her skirt. She had some Chinese characters tattooed where her pubes would have been if she wasn’t bald.

“What does that mean?” I asked, kneeling down to examine it.

“Know thyself.” said Hailey, running a hand over her tattoo.

Hailey was obviously not a virgin. I could tell by the way she had modified her body. She güvenilir bahis şirketleri had a tattoo, she waxed and as I could now see, she had a clit piercing. “Did it hurt?” I asked, running a finger up her pussy lips and stopping at the apex where her pierced clit sat nestled.

“Well, they knocked me out before doing it, so, I would imagine it would have been excruciatingly painful if I was awake,” sighed Hailey, reminiscing, “Why, does it turn you on?”

“I was already turned on.” I muttered.

I started kissing her down there, starting at her clit and moving down. Hailey gasped, revelling in the sensation. Then she pulled me up to my feet. “Ready to go all the way, Viv?” whispered Hailey, “Since you still want to be a virgin when this is over, I’ll use a vibrator on you while you use this dildo on me.”

“Don’t vibrators go inside you?” I asked, letting Hailey lay me down on the bench.

“Not all of them,” said Hailey, “This one is just a little tab that you rub against your clit.”

Without even asking me if I was still okay with it, Hailey laid down on top of me so that we could 69. I was too curious to stop her. I was about to try and peek around to see what Hailey was going to do to me when I suddenly lost control of my muscles. An extreme feeling of relaxation had spread throughout my body, starting from my clit, where Hailey was obviously using the vibrator. Having never masturbated before, the sensation was so new to me that I was having a hard time focusing on the fact that I was supposed to be sticking the dildo in Hailey’s pussy. I forced my arm up and slipped the dildo in its rightful place. Now I could feel Hailey start to shake too. I slowed down my breathing, which made it easier to move my arm. I took a lucky guess and began sliding the dildo in and out of Hailey’s tight pussy.

“Mmmmm… Faster.” panted Hailey.

Now that I was getting used to the sensation of the vibrator on my clit, I was able to concentrate and slide the dildo into Hailey’s pussy much faster. We kept going for five more minutes, each of us getting closer to orgasm with every thrust. To spice things up for Hailey, I started to push it in at different angles, so that it would rub against the walls of her pussy. I only did it for a few seconds, but then Hailey suddenly shuddered uncontrollably and cried out:

“Oh! Oh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

I pulled the dildo out to find that it was sopping wet. I felt Hailey’s body go temporarily limp, but then all of a sudden, the most peculiar sensation I had ever had overpowered me, at first, it sort of hurt, like a cramp, but then it felt amazing, It spread all throughout my body. When it was over, the extreme feeling of relaxation returned, followed by brief numbness that caused me to go limp too. “Damn girl! When you cum, you cum hard!” moaned Hailey.

“I came?” I asked, calming down significantly now that I knew what that feeling had been.

“I didn’t make any noise during my first orgasm either.” said Hailey, getting off me and standing up.

Hailey helped me to me feet and gave me one last, passionate, lingering kiss before she grabbed her skirt and put it back on.

“So, what now?” I asked.

“Well, you’re on the cheerleading squad and now you’ve had a unique experience that I hope has taught you a few things about yourself,” said Hailey, “Like my tattoo says, you should know who you are you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

“I like who I am…” I said, puzzled.

“I mean that if you realize you’re gay or bi, accept it and be proud of it, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just so that you’ll pass by unnoticed.” said Hailey, as she put her cheerleading shirt back on.

“I will totally be doing that,” I said, starting to get dressed myself, “But first I just have to figure out exactly who I am.”

“Well, if you realize that you’re a fully fledged lesbo like me, promise me we’ll do this again,” said Hailey, “Oh and by the way, you can keep the vibrator. Think of it as a memento of our time together.” And with that, Hailey turned and walked out of the girl’s locker room. Once I finished getting dressed again, I pocketed the vibrator and left the room too. It seemed I had a new mission, find a cute guy to fuck so that I could compare the experiences…


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