Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 01

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She knew this was it, the biggest one, the final one…

Her monstrous cock was going to cum. She was exhausted, coming for several days now, or at least, that’s what she thought she felt. Her cock was so big she couldn’t even see the end of it. All she knew was that her massive balls were working overtime. Every now and then she felt a monstrous wave of cum traveling up here shaft.

Then she felt it, a kiss, at the very tip of here cock. It was gentle, loving. She whispered, “I’m sorry, I wish I didn’t mess around with that damn spell book, I’m so sorry.” She knew this was the big one. First here balls doubled in size, she felt every inch of them, her heart was beating a thousand miles an hour, it was too much. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. All along her monster of a cock vines were popping into view, some of them were bigger than her slim body.

She felt it coming, cum started to travel up her shaft, she knew this orgasm is going to be too much…

She closed her eyes and whispered: “goodbye.”

But she wasn’t always like this…

4 years ago, she was Alene raven, a good girl from a good home, with no monster cock, she was just a regular girl. At the age of 19 she was a good student and had just graduated first of her class. Today she went job searching with her best friend Nadia on Tottenham Court Road. In Alene’s eyes Nadia was better looking than her, it was no wonder Nadia got more boys than Alene. Like always Nadia was not happy with her current boyfriend.

“He’s such canlı bahis a jerk,” Nadia said as they walked.

“I think you’re over reacting, he just asked you for sex, that’s all, most boys just want to have sex at this age.”

“Yes, he asked, and that’s the problem. I don’t like being asked, if I want sex I’ll tell the guy myself.”

“Wait, I want to check if they need workers here,” said Alene and entered a shop but came out disappointed.

“No jobs in London?” Nadia laughingly asked.

“Seems so…”

“So, I dumped him,” Nadia continued their conversation from earlier.

“But you said he had a big cock, that’s part of why you liked him.”

“Yes, about that… he tricked me, no monster cock, just a fake bulge in his pants, stupid fucker.”

“I knew you war…” Alene stopped mid-sentence. She froze, not knowing why.

“Alene,” a famine whisper tempted her to fallow.

It was strange, as if that voice was all her world, it whispered again “Alene, come to me…” All Alene wanted to do was follow, and so she did, not even noticing Nadia calling her.

She came back to her senses in front of a shop. The voice spoke one last time: “come into my shop.” The sigh on top of the store said “Elpis’s Shop of Magic and Rare Goods.”

“What the fuck happened to you?” Nadia asked.

“I don’t know, didn’t you hear the whisper?”

“No, what fucking whisper? You just went AWOL and didn’t respond to nothing, I was worried about you so I followed you here.” Nadia replied.

“Am bahis siteleri I going crazy? The voice told me to go into this shop.”

“So let’s go in already and let’s get this over with!” Nadia said as she barged into the shop.

The place was full of smoke from what seemed like a hundred incenses, it smelled very good. Alene could see the walls were covered with books of all sorts. Just as she adjusted to the place the voice spoke again, it was not a whisper anymore, but a loud and clear voice, coming from a woman covered in smoke, “thank you for coming as asked.”

The woman came forward, Alene could finely get a good look at her. She was amazing, so beautiful and vibrant, and on top of it all she had very big boobs, (which Alene liked and wanted for herself so much).

“Thank you Nadia, for bringing her to me and keeping here safe.” said the woman to a shocked Nadia.

The woman looked Alene right in the eyes, Alene felt like this woman was seeing into her very soul. “Alene, the chosen one, my name is Elpis. I know you have a lot of questions right now, but our time is so short… you are the chosen one, please take this.” Elpis reached for a book on the wall and gave it to Alene, “take it, but use it well, Nadia! Keep her safe.” both girls were in shock. Who is this Elpis? What does she want? How did she know their names?

Alene took the book from Elpis, and by doing so ended the life she knew. This is the start of Alene Raven’s new life…

“I’ll meet you again,” Elpis said, and with that everything bahis şirketleri went black for the two women. They found themselves on Museum Street in front of an abounded shop.

“What just happened,” Nadia asked panicky.

“I don’t know,” replied a panicked Alene.

“Was it a dream?”

“No, look! I have the book Elpis gave me, so it was no dream.”

“A prank?” Guessed Nadia, “well let’s just forget it happened OK? It’s freaking me out.”

“Ok, but look at this book, I think it’s a spell book.”

Bulls, no such thing as magic. Just a stupid prank, let me look,” Nadia grabbed the book and flipped through it.

“Well this is rich, a spell for an instant orgasm, yea right… Volo ut cum hic quod iam!” Nadia started to shake and scream in ecstasy, “oh god, I’m Coming!” Alene was horrified. She rushed to Nadia’s side and saw her face, she was smiling, “got you, wish I had a camera, you should have seen your face, told you there’s no magic.”

“Well I guess your right… ego peto maximus commodo!” Alene chanted, again nothing happened.

“So, what “spell” did you try?” Nadia asked curiously.

“It said unimaginable pleasure.”

And so the girls continued the search for a job and made jokes about the book all the way home.

Next morning, Alene woke up and went to the mirror. Looking back at her was the same slim girl with brown hair. she removed the top of her PJ’s to find her perky breasts, she always wanted them bigger but when life gives you lemons… she just envied Nadia and the woman from the fake store yesterday.

Suddenly, she felt a movement in her pants removing them. Looking back at her was a small cock.

Her hand moved to her mouth to muffle a terrified scream.

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