Alexander and Hephaestion

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Hephaestion pushed open the flap of the tent opening and Alexander turned and looked at Hephaestion with hunger in his eyes upon his lover’s entrance.

Their eyes met and Hephaestion smiled walking over to Alexander and grasping his forearms and leaning in to him placed a soft kiss upon his soft, full lips. Alexander closed his eyes and then Hephaestion began to pull away but he grasped him firmly and pulled him closer in to him, deepening the kiss. He bit and sucked at his lower lip as Hephaestion opened his mouth and began to massage Alexander’s tongue with his own.

Alexander moaned with lust for his lover and reached down to rub and squeeze his growing manhood through the soft, red fabric keeping him from his touch.

Hephaestion pulled away from Alexander and rapidly pulled his tunic over his head and throwing it into a corner grasped Alexander’s purple-edged golden robe, opened it and found Alexander naked beneath.

They grinned at each other, knowing they had been waiting for this moment since the last moon.

Hephaestion pushed the robe from Alexander’s shoulders and let his eyes roam over his gleaming skin, taut over hardened muscle which had been honed in battle. He ran a finger over a long since healed scar canlı bahis that crossed his nipple and then sank to his knees, cupping his lover’s heavy sacks in one of his hands and gently rubbing the long, thick length of his manhood with the other as Alexander threw his head back and gasped.

Hephaestion began to massage his balls whilst he ran his tongue over the very tip of his cock, taking away the bead of pre-cum that had formed at his slit, and then slowly took his entire length into his mouth and then swallowing to take him deep into his throat.

Alexander gasped with pleasure, running his hands through Hephaestion’s thick, black hair as he continued to swirl his tongue around the hot, heavy length in his mouth, repeatedly sucking it deep into his throat, before his cock suddenly grew thicker and longer and began to spray ropes of cum into his mouth.

Hephaestion kept on sucking until Alexander had stopped cumming and his breathing began to ease.

Alexander gradually opened his eyes and looked down at his best friend in wonder — Hephaestion never ceased to amaze him with his perfect mouth and sultry lips which were swollen from giving Alexander pleasure.

Alexander grasped Hephaestion under his arms and pulled bahis siteleri him up tight against his body which was now beaded with sweat, kneading his taut buttocks and kissing his collarbone, his neck, and working his way to his cheek and then his glorious mouth.

They grasped each other urgently, running their hands over one another, bodies pressed tightly together, feeling the evidence of their deep desire for one another.

Hephaestion turned to face one of the carpeted sides of the opulent tent, and grasped the thick, wooden pole holding it up, as Alexander reached for a small bronze basin of oil and dipped his fingers into it before running them over the crevice of Hephaestion’s taut and rounded buttocks and then gently around and slowly into the rose of his puckered anus.

Hephaestion released a small moan of pleasure at this, pushing his bottom into Alexander’s hand.

Alexander could wait no longer.

He grasped his long, thick, pulsing cock with his other hand and brought it to Hephaestion’s entrance, rubbing it against him, teasing him.

“Alexander…” moaned Hephaestion, and Alexander began to push his way in, forcing the head through the initial tight ring of muscle and then all the way to the bahis şirketleri hilt.

Hephaestion began to rub his own cock and Alexander brought his own hand to cover it, squeezing and rubbing it in unison with him.

They both gasped with pleasure once he had entered fully, and after a few moments when Hephaestion had relaxed a little, Alexander began to move.

He slowly withdrew his cock from Hephaestion’s hot, tight passage and then slammed back in drawing a shudder from his body. He thrust repeatedly and forcefully into him, unable to hold anything back, his large, heavy balls slapping hard against Hephaestion’s bottom, until Hephaestion began to shudder against him.

Alexander couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer and slammed his cock into Hephaestion as hard and as deep as he could, jerking his cum deep within his bowels, whilst they both felt Hephaestion’s cock further swell and moment later squirt ropes of creamy cum from its tip.

Breathing heavily, Hephaestion held onto the wooden pole, while Alexander leaned fully against him, whispering into his ear “Welcome back Hephaestion. I’ve missed you.”

Hephaestion turned his head towards the love of his life and, smiling, said, “I love you Alexander.”

Alexander, hugging him close, smiled a broad, warm grin back at him saying, “I know Hephaestion, I love you too.”


This is the first Literotica story I have written and I’d love some feedback from you guys!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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