Alexandria’s Pool Party Ch. 01

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It was a hot summer afternoon with temperatures in the upper nineties and high humidity, making it the perfect day to just invite a few friends over and lounge by the pool. That’s at least what Alexandria had on her mind as she walked down the stairs to answer the door. She had invited her best friend, Helen, from college over as well as her boyfriend, Charles, who was already sitting out by the pool with her brother Anthony.

Opening the door, Alexandria gave Helen a warm smile as she said, “Hey, glad you could make it! Come on in.”

“Of course I made it, sexy. You know how much I’ve been dying to tease your brother with the new thong bikini I bought. I’m sure it’s going to drive him wild,” replied Helen with a mischievous smile.

“Such a flirt,” thought Alexandria to herself as her best friend walked in and pecked her on the cheek. Still it was the truth. If there was one thing she knew about her best friend it was that Helen didn’t have any inhibitions at all. She had always been like that, ever since they were kids, completely comfortable with her body and she knew how to use it to turn the guys on, especially Anthony whom she loved to tease so much.

In a way it was through her own doing that her best friend and her twin brother hooked up. Anthony was rather shy and quiet, not usually the type to say much, and Helen was always very out going and personable. One day she decided to just pull Helen aside and tell her how Anthony felt, that he liked her but was too shy to say anything about it, and that was pretty much it. Now the two of them were almost inseparable.

Entering Alexandria’s room, Helen just threw her stuff on the bed and walked over to the window. She stretched out, reaching up to the ceiling with her hands, which pulled her little white mid-rift shirt tight against her breasts. Leaning outside she smiled down at Charles and Anthony who were talking and just seemed oblivious as to anything going on around them. She smiled and said to Alexandria, “Watch me get their attention.” Lifting up her shirt Helen then cried out, “Hey boy’s like what you see,” as she flashed them her perfectly round breasts.

As Anthony dropped his drink on the ground and Charles yelled up with a few catcalls, which only turned Helen on some more, she unfastened the front of her bra and exposed her perfect tits for both of the boys to see. Then smiling down at them she continued, “And there’ll be more where that came from when we come down and join you.”

“Have you no shame,” commented Alexandria as she stood there in the closet getting her bathing suit out. In a way she admired her best friend, though, wishing that she herself could be so bold to do something like that. Yet that’s how it had always been between them. Helen always finding new ways to get them in trouble and she was always being the voice of reason.

“Why… It’s not like your brother hasn’t seen these before,” commented Helen, who was already starting to get undressed.

Not turning around and still rummaging through her closet, Alexandria then replied, “I know, he couldn’t stop talking about how great a body you have, especially after you kept him in your dorm room and screwed his brains out for the entire weekend, after that party.”

“Too bad you have neighbors, otherwise we could go skinny dipping and really tease the both of them,” laughed Helen.

“You’re horrible,” snickered Alexandria in response as she finally found her red bikini.

As she stood up, Alexandria felt a large clump of clothing hit her in the back, as Helen said, “Why think I’ll show you up.” Turning around she nearly gasped at her best friend’s boldness, as Helen now stood completely naked before her, the sunlight reflecting perfectly off her short blonde hair. It wasn’t the first time she had seen Helen nude before, but the surprise of it had caught her a little off guard.

She stood there for a moment admiring what she saw as her eyes traced their way from Helen’s face, down to her perfectly round breasts, and over her stomach. But it was when Alexandria got down to Helen’s pussy that her eyes opened wide with amazement. It was shaved, completely bare of any pubic hair. Totally bald and from the glistening of the light off Helen’s lips, very wet at this point. Standing back Alexandria just said, “wow.”

“So I take that as a yes?” asked Helen playfully as she just stood there, with the warm sunlight against her back.

“Um… No! Of course not!” snapped back Alexandria as she came out of her trance and unbuttoned her shorts.

“Really?” asked Helen playfully, “So what is that look on your face for then?”

Alexandria could feel her face turning red with embarrassment, as she tried to figure out the words in her head, knowing all to well that this was only feeding Helen’s amusement. Sighing for a moment, she decided just to be honest and replied, “I’m just surprised, that’s all. I wasn’t expecting to see that you…”

“Oh this?” interjected Helen as she playfully stroked her hand up over her thigh and traced it along bahis firmaları the side of her bare pussy lips. She closed her eyes moaned for a moment at the arousing feeling, her nipples becoming rock hard, as she let out a gentle gasp. It was still a new sensation for her, having a completely shaved pussy, but she loved how much more sensitive it was.

“Yeah..,” replied Alexandria in amazement, as she felt her own pussy getting wet at the sight of her best friend playing with herself. “It just looks… really hot.”

“I know,” purred Helen as she finished teasing herself and looked back over at her best friend. Then smiling she continued, “Well, actually you can thank your brother for this. He’s the one who came up with the idea.”

“Anthony… No way..,” replied Alexandria as she slid off her tight jean shorts.

Sitting down next to Alexandria on the edge of the bed Helen just smiled as she watched those tight blue-jean shorts hit the floor, and gazed longingly up Alexandria’s perfect legs, as she replied, “Actually it was completely his idea. You see it was the first time we had sex, and after I realized he was a virgin, I knew he needed a confidence booster so, I told him, “I’ll let you do anything you want. Anything at all..,” and well this is what came to his mind.”

“So you shaved your pussy for him?” asked Alexandria, who was now just standing there in her t-shirt and panties.

“Actually… he shaved it for me,” replied Helen with a mischievous smile. Feeling her pussy getting wetter Helen decided to tease her best friend a little as she slowly began to stroke her hand along inner thigh and then her smooth pussy lips as she continued, “At first I was a little hesitant, but you know what Alex… it felt amazing. The feeling of razor, slowly stripping away all my pubes, and then how smooth it was afterwards… it made me want to come so bad. And then when he was done I couldn’t believe how hot my pussy looked.” The feeling of her fingertip tracing its way over her smooth pussy was turning Helen on to no end as she felt her breaths getting deeper and deeper. Then she stopped and smiled looking right up into Alexandria’s deep blue eyes and seriously said, “but you want to know what the best part was, Alex?”

“What?” asked Alexandria in reply as she swallowed hard and watched intently while Helen spoke and mimicked the shaving motions across her pussy. She could feel her own pussy lips becoming wet with excitement as the sight of Helen sitting there naked on the edge her bed was turning her on enough, but watching her mock shaving her pussy was even hotter.

“It was how sensitive my pussy was afterwards,” replied Helen as she finished, grinding her hips into the comforter and then gasping as she smeared her wetness on Alexandria’s bed. From the moistness seeping through her best friend’s panties, she knew this was turning her on, and that in turn was making her very hot as well. Looking up she then continued, “I couldn’t believe the difference. Everything felt a hundred times better after he shaved me smooth. So good that I’ve kept it bare ever since.”

“Really?” asked Alexandria rather intently as she just stared now, intently at Helen’s shaved pussy, unaware of how badly her own wetness was showing through her panties at this point.

“Really,” replied Helen. Then smiling evilly at he best friend she asked, “Why… thinking about giving it a try.”

Looking into Helen’s hot green eyes as she sat there teasing her, Alexandria paused for a moment as she pondered the thought. She kept her pussy well trimmed but had never shaved her lips before, never mind going all the way. Still as her eyes traced their way down Helen’s body she couldn’t help but be turned on at the sight of her best friend’s shaved pussy. The fact that Helen was intentionally stroking herself and trying to turn her on wasn’t helping much either. In a way she wanted to, but in another way she was afraid to try something new. Then Helen cut in and said, “Alex… You and I have been best friends forever. Do you really think I’d suggest something if I didn’t think you’d like it.”

That was all Alexandria needed to hear. It was that boost of confidence that her best friend was always able to give her when she needed it most. Smiling back at Helen she then replied, “Okay… Lets shave my pussy.”

“Alright, you take off your clothes and get a few towels to sit on..,” said Helen evilly, “…and I’ll get everything else we need.” Walking into the adjacent bathroom, Helen gathered up the shaving cream, a bowl of warm water, a pair of scissors and the razor. When she came back she found Alexandria sitting there naked on the edge of the bed, staring out the window with the towels beneath her. She looked so hot in the nude, with that long flowing blonde mane of hair, which framed her perfect body, and those long crossed legs. It made the thought of shaving her best friend’s pussy just that much hotter in Helen’s mind.

Kneeling between Alexandria’s legs, Helen just lightly brushed her hand through her friend’s kaçak iddaa hot little blonde bush as she then smiled and leaned Alexandria. She could now see just how wet Alexandria had become, as her lips were still moist from the previous little show. Taking the scissors in hand Helen then smiled mischievously and said, “Say good bye to your bush, because after I’m done, you’re going to be completely smooth.”

Helen first got to work by trimming away most of Alexandria’s pubic hair with the scissors. Each cut slowly removing a patch of soft blonde hair, which fell gracefully to the floor and revealed the beautiful shape of her pussy underneath. Gently Helen teased her as she slowly traced her fingers over Alexandria’s box and along her pussy lips. Hearing her breath getting deeper and more labored, as well watching her pussy become wetter with every touch, Helen asked as she finished cutting away all of Alexandria’s pubes, “So I take it this feels good?”

“It feels amazing, Helen,” gasped Alexandria in reply as she just laid there naked with her eyes closed. Helen’s fingers felt so good down there, as she felt her lightly teasing her pussy lips. The gentle strokes were making her wetter by the moment, as she just gasped lightly at every touch.

“Good because now comes the best part,” stated Helen as she put down the scissors and grabbed the canister of shaving cream. Spraying a little into her hand, Helen then proceeded to gently apply it all over her best friends hot little box, which was now only covered with stubble.

As Helen’s fingers began to gently stroke their way all over her pussy, Alexandria closed her eyes and moaned deeply. Helen was right this did feel incredible, as she felt her slowly applying the shaving cream all over her pussy. Then out of nowhere, Alexandria let out a loud gasp of pleasure, crying out “Oh my god..,” as the first stroke of the razor’s blade traced its way gently over her pussy.

“You like that?” asked Helen playfully, knowing all too well how good this part felt.

“How god yes,” cried Alexandria, as she bit her lower lip out of excitement, “Please… Helen… don’t stop… Shave me bare.” With that Alexandria sighed again as she felt another graceful pass of the razor blade. The combination of Helen’s fingers and the razor gliding gently over her pussy was driving her insane. She knew she had to stay still, so as she felt the razor trace its way down and over her pussy lips, Alexandria grabbed a hold of her comforter, and clenched it tightly in her hands.

With each pass of the blade over he pussy, Alexandria felt herself getting hotter and hotter, as the images of Helen mock shaving her pussy and her bare box came flooding back into her mind. Even the feeling of the cool air and the warm sunlight hitting her newly bare skin was driving her wild. She wanted to come right there on her bed, as her best friend was masterfully shaving off all her pubes. Then feeling a damp warmth upon herself Alexandria sat up, and looking down she noticed Helen with a moist towel wiping away what was left of the shaving cream, which reveled her completely shaved pussy underneath.

Glancing up with her emerald green eyes Helen smiled and said, “You look so hot now that you’re completely shaved.”

“Really… you think so?” asked Alexandria, though she already knew the answer in her head. Helen was right, her pussy did look a hundred times hotter now that it was completely shaved. The curves of her stomach and waist, blending seamlessly into her now bare pussy. Just the sight of it was already turning her on.

Smiling up at Alexandria, Helen then took her fingers and lightly stoked her best friend’s now bare lips as she replied, “Yes I do.”

Leaning back Alexandria closed her eyes tightly and then cried out, “Oh god… that feels… that feels incredible… don’t stop Helen… oh please don’t stop,” as Helen lightly stoked her pussy. As she laid back down on the bed and rolled her head from side to side, Alexandria slowly brought her hands up to her breasts and slowly brushed over them, then down across her stomach, out to her thighs and then back up over her now shaved pussy lips, which were absolutely sensitive to even the slightest touch. She couldn’t believe how good this felt, being completely shaved, and as she lied there stoking the length of her body, from her tits all the way down to her silky smooth pussy, she then felt Helen climb up next to her on the bed, touch her lips and she gently start stroking her pussy along with her.

Gasping softly, Alexandria then felt Helen slowly insert her two fingers between her shaved lips and gently began to massage her clitoris. The feeling of Helen’s graceful hands lightly teasing her smooth bare lips, while she herself massaged her own breasts was driving her insane.

“There doesn’t that feel so much better now that you’re shaved?” asked Helen, as she gently assisted Alexandria in getting her newly shaved pussy off, while she herself stroked her own smooth lips with her other hand. The sight of Alexandria lying there kaçak bahis with her eyes closed, gasping erotically for air as she masturbated, was making Helen’s pussy so wet as well, and as she watched her best friend slowly reaching her climax, all Helen wanted to do at this point was burry her face in that freshly shaved mound.

“Oh yes… oh god yes Helen… it feels amazing..,” cried Alexandria in reply as both she and Helen continued to stroke her completely shaved and smooth pussy. Then arching her back Alexandria cried out, “Oh god!” as she screamed and came for the first time.

Slowly Helen took her finger from between Alexandria’s legs and then brought it up to her best friend’s mouth, as she was now panting for air. Gently she carefully dipped her now pussy drenched fingertip into Alexandria’s mouth as she playfully said, “Mmm here… see just how sweet your pussy tastes now that it’s shaved.” She watched for a moment as Alexandria just sucked her own juice off her finger tip and then slowly pulled it out and licked what little taste was left off herself.

Yet that wasn’t enough for Alexandria, as her pussy was now practically on fire. Looking up at her best friend, her deep blue eyes filled with desire, she then pulled Helen close and the two of them lovingly kissed for a moment as Alexandria whispered, “Helen… I want you.” It hadn’t been the first time that the two of them had made love. It was their special thing, something they shared only between each other that not even the boys new about. It didn’t mean they loved their boy friends’ any less; just that this was their special way of showing affection of each other.

Climbing over and straddling Alexandria’s waist, Helen gracefully glided her hands up along the inside of her thighs, over he bare pussy lips, then her stomach and finally across her tits. She gasped softly for air as Alexandria stroked her legs, and then reached behind, and pulled Helen’s hips closer to her head. Spreading her legs wide, Helen gently dipped her now dripping wet pussy down and onto Alexandria’s mouth. As she felt her best friend’s tongue gently tracing its way along her shaved and wet lips, Helen cried out as she screamed, “Oh yes… that’s it Alex… Mmmm, Just trace my shaved pussy lips with your tongue.”

Alexandria did just that, as she pulled Helen’s thighs in even closer, her tongue gently licking away all of Helen’s sweet moistness, as she gently traced her way along those smooth lips and then lightly teased Helen’s clitoris. As she did so, Alexandria heard Helen cry out in pleasure again. As she buried her tongue deep in Helen’s shaved pussy, she opened her eyes and enjoyed tracing the sights from Helen’s shaved pussy, right up through her tits, and to her face with seem contorted with pleasure as she gasped again loudly.

Pressing her shaved box down hard against Alexandria’s face so that she could feel her best friend’s tongue deep up inside of her, Helen continued to massage her breasts. The feeling of Alexandria’s tongue working itself back and forth inside her shaved box was absolutely amazing. As she felt herself starting to come hard, Helen closed her eyes cried out, “Oh Alex that’s it… yes, yes, yes..,” before arching her back as another wave of sopping wet juice came forth and moistened her lips.

“Mmmm did you like that Helen?” asked Alexandria as she gently rolled her best friend onto her back and finished lapping up Helen’s latest batch of sweet juices. From the sound of Helen’s labored breathing she knew she had done a good job as she lightly stroked the inside Helen’s thighs.

“Yeah but you know what I’d like even more right now?” asked Helen. “To taste you’re freshly shaved pussy in my mouth,” she purred.

Alexandria didn’t need anymore coaxing than that, as both she and Helen got into a sixty-nine position and brought their bare pussies to each other’s faces. Delving once again into Helen’s shaved box Alexandria this time began by just lightly tracing her tongue along Helen’s smooth skin. Knowing that after climaxing like that Helen would need a moment to just relax and catch her breath.

What Alexandria wasn’t ready for though was the intense feeling of Helen’s tongue as she began to eat out her pussy. It was an amazing feeling, having no hair down their, as the tip of Helen’s tongue traced its way all over Alexandria’s now shaved lips. In a way she still couldn’t believe just how much more sensitive shaving her pussy had made her. Everything felt so much better and as she gasped with pleasure, Alexandria began to understand why Helen enjoyed having a shaved pussy so much.

Helen meanwhile was enjoying the rewards of her labor as she both ate out Alexandria’s freshly shaved pussy and felt her own dampness being slowly savored away by her best friend. The sweetness of her friend’s freshly shaved pussy was intoxicating and Helen just seemed to loose herself in it as she poked her tongue back and forth while stroking the outer edges of Alexandria’s shaved lips with her thumbs. She took careful time to make sure Alexandria realized the difference between having a shaved pussy and not, as she continued to gently licked over the area where her best friend’s bush had once been and traced delicately along her lips.

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