Alicia, Shelly, and the Hunting Cabin

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My name is Alicia. That’s not my real name, I’ve changed the names in this story to protect the perverts. My girlfriend Shelly is five months older than me and we are very close friends, we have been since the fourth grade. It seemed as though we shared the same interests through school and when we got to high school, we collaborated to make sure we were in mostly the same classes and school activities.

The only thing we didn’t share was our boyfriends, we just wouldn’t do that to each other. We were both varsity cheerleaders in our senior year and in very good physical shape. We saw each other, and the other girls, naked many times in the locker rooms but thought nothing about it. At least, I didn’t think so.

Shelly and I were in a nearby city doing some Christmas shopping and heard about the snowstorm coming, but we didn’t take it too seriously. Besides, I had just turned eighteen a few days ago and we were in a celebrating mood. We thought we had plenty of time to get home before the weather got really bad. It turns out we were wrong. The weather deteriorated rapidly and before we got home, the snowstorm became a blizzard.

We were on the highway headed home when it hit. Shelly was driving and her compact car wasn’t built for that kind of weather. We pulled into the Log Cabin Motel, a motel made up of log cabins which were rented out mostly to hunters during hunting season. I vaguely remember a dark haired woman in the office as the manager had us sign in. We called home from the payphone to tell our parents where we were, then fought the driving snow to our cabin, cabin number one.

The cabin was cozy. There was a TV, some cabinets, a table and four chairs, Oh, there was a bed too, a big double bed. It also had a fireplace with a stack of wood piled beside it. There was a bear rug on the floor in front of the fireplace. The cabin was heated but we lit the fireplace anyway.

“Shucks, we don’t have any clothes with us,” I said, “What are we going to sleep in?

“We can sleep in the nude,” Shelly suggested innocently. “I always do at home.”

“I do too at home, but there’s no sexy girl in bed with me there.” I thought about it for a moment. “Oh, alright. – Get fresh with me though and I’ll tickle you silly!”

“Get fresh with you? Ha! You wish,” Shelly joked. “Do you really think I’m sexy?”

“Well, yeah! – Duh! You know you are.”

“Yeah, but I just like to make you say it.” Shelly laughed.

Alicia picked up a pillow and threatened to throw it at Shelly but she ducked.

Shelly turned out the light which let the room go dark except for the fire burning in the fireplace. We got undressed in front of each other, watching one another get nude and climed into bed, pulling the blanket up to our chins, and drifted off to sleep.

We both were awakened at about the same time because it was cold, I mean, really cold! I don’t know what time it was, there was no clock radio by my bed like there is at home, and I couldn’t see my wristwatch. Shelly leaned over to turn on the light.

Click, – click. Nothing. Click, click, – click, click, click.

“Oh, damn! The power is off.”

We pulled the extra blanket, a quilt which was folded up at the foot of the bed, up over us and moved closer together in an effort to provide warmth for each other.

Now, Shelly and I have seen each other naked many, many times before this, and all I did was notice what a beautiful girl Shelly is. But this was different! Much different.

The touch of Shelly’s naked body against mine, her proud, bare breasts pressed against my back, her pussy hair against my ass cheek, legs against my legs and feet caressing my feet to warm them made my pussy start to tingle with sexual excitement. I didn’t think it was possible that my best friend, Shelly, could turn me on, so I put my hand between my legs to find out for sure. My finger slid easily between my pussy lips, it was so wet.

There’s no denying it, the intimate contact with her sexy, naked body against my back made me want more of Shelly, embarrassingly. I started moving my fingers slowly against my clit, hoping Shelly wouldn’t notice. But as the good feeling intensified, my hand started moving faster. Well, just this once, I thought, I’d let myself get turned on by Shelly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and masturbate secretly till I came, and that would be the end of it. – Wrong.

I felt Shelly’s pussy hair pull away from my butt and something more solid replace it. It was the back of her hand. I felt that hand move ever so slightly in a rhythmic motion as she tried to keep her hand away from my butt cheek – but failed.

My best friend Shelly was masturbating, too! – That’s all I could think about and kept pressing my butt closer into her hand to continue feeling it moving against my bare butt. I was stoking Shelly’s fires as she was stoking mine. I moved my fingers faster in my pussy now with more abandon. The feel of her hand moving against my butt cheek and knowing what she was doing with it made my passion explode and all my inhibitions melt away.

I was really loving this precious moment with Shelly! Here we are, my very best girl- friend and I, laying in a big bed, naked as jaybirds, fingering our juicy twats together, and I’m loving it! Oh, god, am I becoming a lesbian, I wondered?! – I wanted to hold her and hug her and kiss her, and, oh, god, what else?! Did I want to feel her pussy, to put my finger in it to find out how wet she was? Did I want to hug her and press my naked breasts against hers? Did I want to pull her close to me with my hands on her lovely ass and grind my pussy against hers? The answer to these questions was a resounding, ‘Yes,’ I finally admitted to myself.

Yes, I really wanted to do all those things – and more! A feeling of relief flooded my core being as I came to grips with my true feelings about Shelly. As erotic visions danced in my head, I raised my knee to let me more freely access my dripping wet pussy. I didn’t care now if Shelly knew I was masturbating, in fact, I wanted her to know! It was all so erotic. I inserted two fingers into my fuck hole and pounded myself with more passion than I’ve ever felt before. My breathing was becoming heavy now and I was letting out little involuntary moans of pleasure as I fingered my gaping, sopping wet fuck hole.

I rolled over to face Shelly and tried to look at her in the darkness. Since the fire in the fireplace had gone out, I saw nothing but blackness, though I was acutely aware of her presence under the covers.

Have you noticed that when your sense of sight is gone, your sense of touch, smell and hearing is increased? Well, I was acutely aware of Shelly’s knuckles bumping into mine as we worked our fingers in our pussies to bring ourselves pleasure. I could hear the wet, squishy sounds our fingers made in our dripping twats. I could smell the special woman’s scent in the air.

“Oh, Alicia, oh,” I heard her whimper.

I put my hand across her shoulders and pulled her close, allowing the nipples of our perky breasts to brush against each other. Her hand, like mine, was working with total abandon in her pussy now, no longer trying to hide what she was doing either. She was moaning with pleasure freely and audibly as she fingered herself feverishly.

“Oh, – Shelly, – Shelly, – Shelly,” I pleaded in the darkness.

Shelly put her arm across my shoulders and pulled me into her, hugging me tightly, causing our breasts to flatten out against each other. Her lips met mine and pressed lightly at first. I pressed into her, too, and kissed her right back, gradually increasing the pressure on each others lips. Our tongues danced together in one anothers mouth, swirling around to let them make love the way we secretly wanted to. This was not a friendly girlfriend kiss, but a hot, lover’s kiss full of passion from deep within.

“Alicia, – oh, Alicia, I do love you.”

“Oh, I love you, too, Shelly.”

We continued to kiss until my orgasm started coming on. My legs stiffened and my hips jerked with the wonderful feeling. My breaths were short and I was whimpering.

“Oh, shit, – Shelly, – it feels – so – good, – so – damn good!”

As I reached my mountain peak and began to come down, I heard Shelly’s breaths get shorter and her whimpering turn to moans of release.

“Oh, fuck, – Alicia! I’m – gonna – gonna – cummmmmmmmmmm!!”

I moved my hand down and put it on her sexy ass to help her along. Her peak was a long one and she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri moved her hand down to cup my butt cheek. Her orgasm was intense as she thrust her hips against her hand, trying to milk every last drop of feeling from her orgasm.

She pulled me close to her and, since my hand was out of the way, the back of her hand came in contact with my pussy lips. I moved my hips in a circular motion to let her know I wanted her hand to touch my hungry pussy.

She pulled me close with a hand spread wide in the middle of my young ass cheeks and I could feel her knuckles press against my clit, as well as her palm pressing hard against my ass.

She was aware of where her hand was and moved it slowly against my moist pussy. My hand on her ass caressed her smooth butt cheeks, my fingertips grazing her puckered anus. We kissed again, then lie still in one anothers embrace, silent in the total darkness. The only thing I could hear was Shelly’s deep, heavy breathing.

“We should build another fire in the fireplace. It’s getting colder in here,” I said, breaking the silence.

“I really don’t want to move, but you’re right, – it is getting colder in here.”

Shelly brought her hand up from my pussy lips, the back of her fingers brushing against my clit as she did so. I caught her hand somehow in the dark and put her pussy rubbing fingers in my mouth to taste her juices on them.

“You’re making me horny again, Alicia. Stop that!”

“You are always horny, especially when a bunch of boys are around.”

“Yes, but, – you’re making me horny for you again.”

“Well, come on, let’s get our jackets on, build another fire in the fireplace, then get the blankets from the bed and snuggle up on the bear rug,” I suggested.

We did as I suggested and were soon snuggled together on the bear rug in front of the fireplace. The fireplace helped to warm the cabin up at least a little bit, as well as provide plenty of light for us to see each other by.

“Look, – about what we just did, – ah, – I don’t know what came over me,” I tried to explain.

“I know what came over you, Alicia. We were horny for each other. – I have been horny for you for months now but was afraid to let you know how I felt. I didn’t want you to know how much I loved your beautiful butt and how I wanted to take it and squeeze it when we were in the showers. Didn’t you notice how much I bumped into you to get a little feel of it? That’s why we joked about being gay so much, it was always on our minds.”

“Yeah, – yeah, – you’re right! I remember how I stared at your pointed, perky breasts in the locker room, picturing in my mind how the boys must love munching on your proud, haughty nipples and wishing I could do it too,” I admitted. “I must have been horny for you for a long while without even realizing it.”

The sound of a zipper echoed through the room as Shelly pulled her jacket zipper down and opened her jacket to expose her pert breasts under the blankets.

Slowly, I reached out my hand and placed it on Shelly’s firm stomach, – which she didn’t try to push away. My heart started pounding at the thought of Shelly’s move of invitation, and I slid the palm of my hand slowly upward until my fingertips met up with a perky breast. Our eyes were locked in a stare at each other that was filled with just about every positive emotion there is.

I slid my fingers up her perky breast until I found her hard, pointy little nipple. I took a quick intake of air as I found the little button of a nipple and toyed with it between my thumb and index finger.

Without breaking her stare, her hand came to the back of my head and gently guided it down under the blankets. It didn’t take any pressure at all for my head to duck under the covers where my hungry mouth engulfed Shelly’s sweet, perky nipple, the one I was longing to munch on like a little boy. I flicked my tongue rapidly and lightly over Shelly’s lovely nipple. I heard Shelly take a gasp of air.

“Ooo, yeah, Alicia, like that, – just like that.”

I moved to her other breast so it wouldn’t feel slighted and lovingly took it deep into my mouth. I rapidly flicked my tongue over her erect nipple as we lay there on the bear rug under the blankets. Her luscious breasts güvenilir bahis şirketleri were everything I had imagined they would be and more! Goddd, how I loved those lovely breasts. Still do.

“Oh, yeah! Touch me, Alicia, – touch me like a bad boy while you do that.”

I reached down and put my hand on her lower abdomen, knowing what she wanted and what I was eager to do. I slid my hand down through her patch of pubic hair and found the delightful little slit she had been playing with earlier.

Continuing to suck her breast, my fingers made friends with the little pink button just at the top of her butterfly lips. I slid my finger into her love hole, she was sopping wet like I knew she would be. This was the first pussy I’ve ever played with, besides my own, and this was my best friend Shelly’s lovely pussy.

I was intoxicated with passion as I did to her pussy what I do to my own aching pussy. I started to lovingly pet her little pink bump, her clitoris.

“Oh, Alicia, I love how you do that! You’re just like a dirty boy.”

She wants me to be a boy. Okay then, I’ll be a boy. I unzipped my jacket and pulled it open to expose my bare breasts. The fireplace had warmed the cabin up enough to where I took the jacket off and chucked it aside. Shelly stared at my breasts and cupped one in each hand, her thumbs flicking over my nipples. Pulling the blankets over my shoulders, I laid down full length on top of her.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Shelly, – fuck you just like a dirty boy would!”

Her legs wrapped around my hips just like a girl does when she’s fucking a boy. Passion flowed through my veins like hot lava. I felt our pussies meet, touch, kiss, and fall in love. I moved up and down a little on top of her, not against her but with her, our pussies made constant contact. When I slid up, her erect clit would be in my pussy. When I slid down, our clits would kiss as they passed and my erect clit would enter her pussy, fucking her.

I kept on sliding on her, driving her and myself wild with raw passion, our pussies making soft sticky sounds as they rubbed together. Oh, it felt so good! Her hands greedily clutched my round, ample ass cheeks, fulfilling her desire to grab my butt and squeeze it. She kneaded the smooth globes of my butt like bread dough.

“Oh, yes, Alicia! Fuck me just like that and don’t – ever stop!”

My every emotion was in a whirlpool, spinning and spinning around me, and soon I was climbing to the top of Mount Orgasm.

“Oh, Shelly! Oh, Shelly! Oh, Shelly! Oh, – Oh, – Oh, – OH!

I climaxed as I have never climaxed before in my life! It was unbelievable. I never dreamed a girl could fuck another girl like that. I kept on fucking her even though I had an orgasm, trying to get my Shelly off like I got off, – my Shelly, my lovely Shelly, my adorable Shelly.

“Oh, fuck me! Yes, fuck me!” she said, grinding her pussy against mine.

“Yes, I’m fucking you, Shelly. I’m fucking you, Shelly. I’m really fucking you!”

Shelly squealed as she came – and came – and came. I stopped to rest a little.

“I want to get on top of you like that. I want to fuck you now, Alicia. Oh, do I want to fuck you now!”

We were innocent, demure teenagers eight hours ago, but are now talking like drunken sailors. I rolled over to let Shelly get on top of me, chucking her jacket aside, and put her pussy against mine. She started the sliding movements that I had done to her, building new passions within us.

Being on top is fun because you are in control, but being on the bottom is fun also because you don’t have to do as much work and you have a lovely pair of perky breasts to play with while you are being fucked. Either way, the orgasms keep coming and coming and coming.

I played with Shelly’s perky, lovely breasts that I love so much While she fucked me, having orgasm after orgasm. We each had several orgasms more and, being nearly exhausted, we finally decided to give it a rest.

“It’s getting daylight,” Shelly said as she looked up at the window. “My gosh, we fucked the whole night away just about!”

The lights blinked on for an instant, then blinked on once more and then finally came on to stay. The fire was getting low so I put another log on it.

We put the blankets back on the bed, looked at each other for a moment or two, then put our clothes back on.

When we went to the door and opened it, the snow was shoveled away and we could walk on a path to the office for breakfast. We passed Shelly’s car all but buried in snow.

To be continued…

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