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Sometimes there are “fringe benefits” to a job that you never even think of. Like the time Alicia’s mom asked me to paint their kitchen one weekend for $3 an hour or $25, whichever was less. I thought it would be a nice diversion to watch Alicia while I worked–a lot less boring than doing yard work for old Mrs. Bache–but really the money was the thing that made me accept.

I knew Alicia from school, of course–you couldn’t help noticing her. She was in her junior year at our college, so I didn’t see her much…only a glimpse in the hall now and then. But that glimpse was enough to keep you going for the whole day. She was kind of small, and round–I don’t mean she was fat; I mean there were rounded corners to her, nice soft curves everywhere you looked. She had great breasts and a lovely rear that you could watch forever. Sad green eyes looked out of a round face, and a cute red mouth. Her hair was brown and straight, but curled under at the shoulder. No sharp edges anywhere.

When she first came to the school, I thought she’d cause a riot. New glands weren’t strong enough for the strain of watching her sway back and forth down the hall. I remember the time she was wearing a wrap-around skirt one windy day as she walked past the athletic field. Three guys at football drowned in their own hormones. Even her name was great–Alicia. The last name wasn’t so great: Morgenstern. Alicia…Morgenstern. Oh well. On a spring day, hanging out with the guys, all you had to do was sigh, “Alicia,” and they all knew what you meant.

Anyway, when Mrs. Morgenstern asked me to paint her kitchen, the money was all I really thought about. It would be nice to see Alicia, but I had conditioned myself not to hope for too much. Too many nights of aching need had left me a little older and more cynical. I never expected anything to happen between her and me.

I came to their house in my shorts and T-shirt. (One of the great things about doing odd jobs is you have an excuse to walk around in people’s nice houses dressed like a slob.) Mrs. Morgenstern was just getting ready to leave for an Open House across town–she was a real estate agent which was keeping the money coming in–Mr. Morgenstern had gone some years earlier; I never asked how. “By the way,” she said over her shoulder, “Alicia will be helping you.” I shouldn’t have been surprised. By the pay I mentioned earlier, you could tell Mrs. Morgenstern was on the cheap side. She was getting Alicia to help to make sure I came in under 25 dollars. Almost on cue, Alicia came into the hall in cut-offs and a T-shirt and a white painter’s cap I bet she bought just for that day. She even had her hair down, neatly brushed & shiny. She really didn’t think she was going to get any paint on herself. I heaved a sigh, silently hoped she’d screw things up enough so it would cost $25 anyway, and set to work.

I worked on the ceiling and she worked on the lower cabinets. I pretended it was to save her from straining herself, but the real reason was to watch her bending over. I wasn’t concentrating at all, and I had to clean up mistakes more than once. Alicia was feeling pretty saucy, and teased me about my sloppiness and her own impeccable work. She wasn’t getting any paint on herself either, after all. I was getting badly tempted to put some on her. For a moment I sensed something going on behind me. I turned around casino siteleri and she was pretending to paint my rear end with a roller. “I’m fixing your face,” she said. I reached over with my brush and swatted her on her little nose. She yelped as if she had been bitten. “Get it off!” she cried. “Relax, it’s just a little paint.” “Get it off! It’s going to hurt my nose!” I wet a towel in the sink and carefully wiped off her nose. She was pouting like a hurt little child. “Is that better?” For an answer, she grinned like a wolf and hit me full in the face with a loaded paintbrush.

After about three hours (only $9!) I had to admit that we were done. We got everything together and took it into the backyard to wash out. They had a big backyard with high walls–at least 8 feet–and a patio, and a lawn with soft green grass, warmed by the summer sun. We took the garden hose and rinsed out the painting tools, and then our hands (and face). I gave Alicia the hose and watched her wash the one bit of paint she got on herself, on the inside of her thigh. “Can I help you with that?” I grinned. She stopped, and slowly started to raise her head. By the time I saw that grin again on her face, I realized I had made a tactical error by giving her the hose. “Don’t…you…dare.” She stalked toward me with the water pistol, looking just like a murderess stalking her prey. “Don’t…even…think it.” She giggled in an evil way and kept walking toward me. I got the idea I could wrestle the “gun” out of her hand. Bad idea. I got it in the face for the second time that day.

I tried grabbing the hose from her again, then finally made a retreat. “You better not let me get ahold of that hose, sister,” I said as threateningly as I could. But I couldn’t help smiling, either at the thought of what I was going to do to her, or at the expression on her face. She still had that wicked smile, the tip of her tongue between her teeth. Such a doll face, such an evil smile! I “rushed” her and got soaked, but this time I got ahold of her wrist. (I think I grabbed something else for a moment, but I’m not sure.) She curled up into a ball, trying to keep me from getting control of the “gun.” She didn’t dare press the handle in that position. Perfect. I crouched over her, slowly moving my grip up to her hand. “No, no, please don’t,” she half laughed, half squealed. I reached her hand and closed her fingers over the handle.

The stream of water shot her square in the stomach. She put up with it for three whole seconds, screaming at the top of her lungs, before she dropped the hose and ran. I picked up the hose and soaked her good just as she got around the corner of the house. This went on, back and forth, as the game got “dirtier and dirtier,” ambushing each other, wrestling (with the hose getting less and less attention), until I had her cornered. “No, please don’t, please, I’ll do anything,” she pleaded, laughing so hard she was almost crying. I stalked her, playing the mock rapist, holding the hose suggestively at waist-level…then I stopped. I couldn’t believe it! Her hair was dry! After all that, her hair was still perfectly combed, and not a drop of water on it! Slowly, menacingly, I advanced toward her, unscrewing the “gun” from the hose. My God, what evil deed did the mad rapist have in store for his victim?

Alicia stood there in the corner, beside herself canlı casino with laughter, and yet now almost a little afraid of my expression. I stalked toward her, closer, closer… …gently lifted the hose over her head and let the water pour down on her, ruining in a moment her beautiful hairdo. She stood there, ready to burst either with laughter or tears, I don’t know which…I was laughing. The release of that moment was tremendous. Everything changed. I stood there, still holding the hose, watching the water pour over her head,her shoulders, her breasts…lovely round breasts… Her face was relaxed, her eyes closed in rapture as she let the water wash over her. I stood very close to her, really noticing everything for the first time; how the water sparkled in the sun, how it flowed over her shoulders down to her breasts, where her nipples showed through the soaking wet fabric; her soft, golden legs, little drops of water gleaming on her skin; her round, angel face, with such an expression of enjoyment; her bright green eyes, now looking into mine.

I moved the hose down to the back of her neck, the water pouring in a sheet across her shoulders and down her back, over her lovely ass. She arched her back, pressing herself against me. Very softly, I touched her lips with mine, slowly kissing her more and more deeply, pressing against her, letting her feel how hard I was for her. She wanted to feel it. She met the force of my body with her own, letting me feel every part of her softness against me. I let the water pour down between us, feeling the delicious warm flow lubricating us, but not cooling the heat. I put the mouth of the hose against her nipple and the water squirted up into our faces. Laughing, I stepped back and moved the hose back and forth over her, letting the water play over her body, watching the different directions it ran down.

Alicia looked at me, her angel eyes filled with such lust. She bit her lower lip…or did she say something to me? I stepped forward again and unbuttoned her cut-offs, then let the water trickle down inside. We kissed deeply, our tongues flicking across each other playfully. She reached around me and pulled off my T-shirt, then stepped away so I could get a better look at her as she peeled off her own top, never for a moment taking her eyes off me. Her tits were round yet slightly pointed, reminding me almost of Hershey’s Kisses, with the little round tips of her nipples. I went to her, then down on my knees and took one of her breasts in my mouth, sucking in as much as I could. She bent slightly to meet my kiss, letting a little cry escape from her throat. My tongue swirled around her little nipple, then to the other one, back and forth, Alicia squirming more and more.

Looking up at her, I saw her face turned up toward the sun, basking in the warmth above and below. She bit her lip again, but I seemed sure she was saying something under her breath. I took the hose and stood up again, and took her in my arms. I reached behind and lifted the edge of one leg of her cut-offs, and slipped the hose up inside, between her legs. She put her arms around my shoulder and nuzzled her face against my neck, pushing back against the streaming water, feeling it gush against her pussy and between the cheeks of her ass. I watched her hips moving slowly,obscenely in little circles, and the water dripping kaçak casino out of her pants, and started feeling very thirsty. She ran the tip of her tongue around the edge of my ear and whispered something. This time I heard what she said. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled out my stiff cock. She took it in both hands and started stroking up and down. She pulled the hose out of her shorts and got down on her knees. She took the hose in her mouth and started going up and down on it, licking it around the opening. She was going crazy–and so was I, just watching her. She took a bit of water in her mouth and then went down on my cock. The feeling was incredible.

She held her lips tight around me as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth, swirling the water around with her tongue until she swallowed and sucked the water off my stiff dick. “Don’t come yet,” she said. “I’m trying not to.” She slid her tongue up and down, then poured water over my dick as it lay on her tongue. I couldn’t believe I was watching this doll face, ready to swallow my cock whole. She pulled my shorts the rest of the way down, then rolled onto the grass and peeled off her own cut-offs. I watched her as she rolled around on the soft grass, moaning with lust, both of us ready to explode. She wrapped the hose around her like it was a snake, pulling it between the cheeks of her ass, over her pussy, and up to her mouth. She rocked her hips back & forth, rubbing it between her legs. I went to her and knelt beside her on the warm soft grass. I could feel my stiff cock waving in the air as if looking for something to go into.

I took the hose from Alicia and let the water pour over her, reminding me of syrup pouring over a stack of pancakes. I let the water trickle onto her clit. She rocked her hips up I was fucking my sweet Alicia in the soft summer grass in her back yard.

The moment came rushing upon us. She wrapped her legs around my back and held me tightly as I pushed all the way into her then stayed there. We kissed long and deeply as I felt myself shooting inside of her, the lips of her pussy contracting around me as if to milk me dry. We lay in the sun together, perfectly content, kissing and stroking each other lovingly, gently. Eventually we got up, turned off the hose (the yard was a swamp by then) and went inside. While our clothes were in the dryer, we showered together to get the grassy smell out of ourselves, while we discovered the pleasures soapy water and bath oil could bring.

An hour later we sat contentedly on the sofa, Alicia’s hair perfect once again, watching TV when Mrs. Morgenstern finally came back. She was amazed at how good a job we had done. “Everything’s so neat and clean–not a speck of paint anywhere!”

“We cleaned up very thoroughly,” I said. Alicia & I gave each other a grin behind her mother’s back.

“How long did it take?” asked Mrs. Morgenstern as she opened her purse.

“Oh, it only took–“

“–Five hours,” Alicia said. “We would’ve finished sooner, but I kept messing up–he had to fix all my mistakes.” I looked at Alicia, letting her know with my eyes what kind of a present she was going to get from me. If she thought she had a good time today, just wait till next time.

“So that’s 15 dollars,” Mrs. Morgenstern said. “Oh, here–25 dollars. I really couldn’t keep it from you–not after the *wonderful* job you did!” She looked at the kitchen as if she were viewing a painting. “You’re quite a handyman. We have to find more jobs for you to do around here–I have to get you in this house as often as possible!”

“I sure hope so!” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20