All a Sister Needs is her Brother

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Growing up in London Adam had a fairly privileged childhood. He had everything one could ask for. A good family, a nice big home, a great education and more than enough presents every Christmas. What lacked was any love or affection from his parents.

Both of his parents were lawyers who lived more for the law firm than for either Adam or his sister Rachel.

Rachel was 3 years younger than Adam. Like most siblings they went through the usual phases of being playmates bordering on friends during childhood to being total strangers in teenage years to eventually settling on a middle ground of love and respect for one other. Even though they fought like all siblings did, Adam was highly protective of his younger sister.

So much so that by the time Rachel was finishing off college, most boys Rachel’s age stayed clear of her. Not because she wasn’t pretty. But the fact that she was Adam’s baby sister. Adam who by this time was becoming into a handsome man stood at 6’3. His muscular, broad-shouldered build garnered over years on the rugby pitch made him quite an intimidating sight for any of Rachel’s admirers.

So although Rachel’s admirers which were quite a few, none dared approach her whilst Adam was a presence.

By the time she was 18 Rachel was a ravishing beauty. At 5’10, her slender shape and toned legs coupled with her long, flowing chestnut brown hair made her more suited to modeling than the eventual clerical career she chose.

In her heart of hearts, Rachel never held it against Adam that his presence was keeping the potential of love away. In fact, it made her proud and exceptionally happy to see him smile as he came back home with his hair a mess, his shorts and shirt both dirty with mud from rugby practice. She would have traded all the boys in the world to see Adam smile that smile for her every day.

It was no surprise then that a part of her heart broke when Adam upon graduating decided to move to New York to start working in banking. To her it felt like a betrayal – that he would leave her here on her own after making her so used to being looked after and protected.

Adam didn’t see it that way or at least he didn’t show her as much. Although he was sad to leave his baby sis to the mercy of the parents who by now were both partners in the law firm and hence had even lesser time on their hands, he didn’t think much of it.

Promises were made of visiting often, Christmas, then Easter. And of course promises were made of phone calls and text messages. But as it always happens, the visits never materialized to the frequency pledged and with the time difference, the phone calls became a chore rather than a preference.

It wasn’t that Adam didn’t want to keep in touch. New York just enveloped him completely so that he had no time left for anything else. Literally from Day 1, Adam was an immediate hit in the big apple. Girls found him to be charming, his British accent and his handsome looks an immediate draw the moment he stepped into any bar. Rachel who tried to make more of an effort with the phone calls soon began to give up as she felt was constantly intruding on Adam’s life. Each time she called, a new girl answered Adam’s phone. She wanted to question her brother about what he was doing and casino oyna who these women were, but she knew better and never asked.

Whilst Adam thrived in New York, Rachel suffered in London. By the time she was 25 she had had 3 boyfriends, none of whom were her intellectual equal but whom she had tolerated because she felt that was what was expected of her. Eventually she settled on a lawyer – much to her mother’s delight – and decided to stick with him even though she could tell her was a prude.

The first couple of years with Nate – the lawyer – were bearable. He was definitely clever but arrogantly so.

And it was this arrogance that began to sow the seeds of discord. The more Nate worked hard at his law firm, the more he became obnoxious at home. Fights became the norm. For the silliest of things and at times for things neither one of them could remember, Rachel and Nate fought bitterly. Rachel calmly, Nate far more brashly.

Then came the alcohol. Nate forever with a glass in his hand so that what came next was pretty predictable. One night he returned home late from work already drunk. In his drunken state he tried to force himself onto Rachel – after having ignored her for months as he was screwing around with at least two girls that Rachel knew about. Rachel refused his drunken advances and in turn, Nate let loose.

By the time Rachel managed to escape the house and look at herself in the hotel room mirror, the entire left side of her face was swollen red and her right eye was turning a purple-ish blue. She couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror for the face that looked at her resembled somebody she knew but couldn’t figure out from where. She tried to cry but the effort of making herself cry hurt her swollen eye even more.

She wanted to shout. She wanted to scream. She wanted to tell somebody what had happened to her. But who would actually care, she thought. Who in this world would actually care?

She took out her phone and took a picture of herself in the mirror. And then with all the anger swelling up inside her, she wrote a message.

‘Where were you? Didn’t you promise to always keep me safe?’

She wasn’t herself and without knowing what she was doing she attached the picture to the message and sent it to Adam.

She flung her phone to the floor and didn’t bother checking whether it was broken or not. Instead she went into the room and crawled under the crisp hotel sheets and closed her tired eyes with the hope that sleep would take her to a better world.


Rachel woke with the sound of loud banging on her door. Her heart stopped and she panicked. Nate had found her. Pangs of terror shot from the back of her spine downwards and settled as a lump inside her stomach. She waited for the banging to stop but it didn’t.

She braced herself and took a deep breath, and flung open the door.

‘That fucking bastard’.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

‘That fucking bastard, I’m going to kill him Rachel’.

Standing before her with blood shot eyes that revealed the red eye that he must flown from New York and the mad scrambling he must have done at the hotels to find her was her brother.

She wanted to cry more than ever but the thought of Adam canlı casino seeing her in this state made her feel ashamed more than tearful. She flung herself into his chest and hugged him as tightly as she could. With her head on his chest, she finally began to sob. It started with a whimper and before she knew it, she was howling into his arms. Adam’s muscles that had been clenched thus far, relaxed slowly as he embraced her. The anger that he had felt a second ago gave way to love. All the years and all the distance faded in an instant and he felt 21 again.

Gently he led her into the room and sat her on the bed, still holding her hands in his.

‘What happened, Rachel?’ he asked.

‘I’m sorry for texting you. I didn’t know I was doing it. I shouldn’t have. You flew all the way. I’m so sorry’.

‘Hey, I’m the one who’s sorry for not being there. Tell me what happened?’

Looking at Adam after so many years and having him so close after all that she had been through recently was just too much for Rachel to digest. As she looked at him sitting across from her waiting for an answer, waiting to make sense of the situation like he always wanted to do with everything that seemed broken around him, tears began to stream down her face again. She tried to fight it because she didn’t want Adam to see her like this, but she couldn’t help it.

It broke Adam seeing tears in her eyes and seeing how she looked. He reached out to her and pulled her to his chest again and hugged her tight. Her hair in his hands felt soft and her smell felt like home to him. He gently ran his fingers through her hair and kept her close to him.

Her sobs became softer with his touch. He pulled her off his chest just so far enough that he could kiss her forehead and make her feel safe. He saw her swollen right eye and gently reached down it kissed it too.

With each kiss Rachel’s sobs became softer as if Adam’s touch had healing capabilities that science was yet to discover. From the right eye Adam kissed her right cheek softly and then he slowly moved across her lips to kiss her left cheek. He returned back to the center of her face looking at her with nothing more than a few centimeters between their faces. Their breaths gently dancing off each other.

Rachel closed her eyes and a hint of a moan escaped her lips as Adam withdrew the distance that remained and kissed her. Gently at first their lips met. In that moment neither of them thought of what this meant or what was right or wrong. To them it felt right, to them it felt normal. To them it felt home.

With his hands cupping her face, Adam guided his tongue to meet hers. Her soft lips wet with his saliva. Rachel found herself pulling Adam more into herself. Her hands traced his back up and down and then moving to his front. She wanted to feel his skin, to feel his body – each and every part of it. She untucked his shirt and ran her fingers over his rock hard stomach onto his smooth chest that never seemed to end.

As she tried to unbutton his shirt, she felt his hand inside her shirt. Running up her navel slowly towards her breasts. The moment his hand cupped her right breast and grazed over her nipple, another moan – this time a little louder – escaped her lips.

She wanted him more kaçak casino than she had ever wanted anybody in her life. She wanted to feel him inside her. Her pussy already felt too wet and her clit felt on fire. No man had ever brought her this close to passion this fast.

‘Make love to me Adam. Fuck me. I need you inside me,’ she said with her eyes still closed and her breathing increasingly heavier by the second.

Adam got off the bed and when she opened her eyes she saw her brother undress before her. He removed his shirt. Threw away his shoes. Yanked off his pants and in one motion removed his boxers. There stood before her with a look of hungry passion yet compassionate love was her brother. She looked at him from bottom to top. From his feet, up his muscular calves, to his meaty thighs with her eyes resting for a second on the massive cock he was holding in his hand to eventually looking at him straight in the eye.

With their gaze fixed on each other, Adam reached out and grabbed her pajamas off her.

‘Fuck me Adam, I need you inside me,’ she pleaded again.

Adam gently placed her naked body back onto the bed. As she lay there with her soft supple breasts exposed and her nipples hard, Adam kissed his way up her legs. He kissed the inside of her thighs, then her stomach, then her breasts, then her nipples until he was licking his way up her neck towards her lips.

As she looked at him straight in his eyes, he brought his cock to rest on her waiting pussy.

With one gentle stroke up and down on the outer vagina, his cock felt the wetness of her pussy. As his cock grazed the doorway to her pleasure, Rachel moaned and dug her fingers into Adam’s backside urging him to enter her.

Adam looked at his sister under him.

‘Are you sure?’ he asked.

‘More than anything else in the world.’

That was all he needed to hear as his cock entered her pussy. Two became one and the feeling of being one was more than either could have ever imagined.

Adam’s cock slowly rocked back and forth inside his sister’s vagina. With each thrust a moan escaped her lips. She felt her pussy stretch to pleasure she had never experienced before.

Gently Adam started to increase his pace – all the while never taking his eyes away from his sister. In that moment, it dawned on Rachel that Adam’s cock, her brother’s cock, was what she had always truly desired. It had always been him.

The realization eased her muscles even more as she let herself be carried away by the pleasure building up inside her. As if sensing that she was about to cum, Adam increased his pace. His cock tore in and out of Rachel’s pussy faster and faster. Still not taking his eyes away from her eyes, Adam grunted with each thrust.

‘I’m so close Adam,’ panted Rachel.

‘Me too my love.’

‘Cum inside me Adam. Cum inside me.’ she barely managed to shout as she felt a thunderous orgasm tear through her body. Starting from her head all the way down to her toes – a current of pleasure ripped through her. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore of this pleasure she saw Adam close his eyes and in that instant she felt his cock squirm and shoot. Just seeing him cum and feeling his cum inside her sent her into her second orgasm in as many seconds as her body whirled with pleasure.

‘I love you Adam’ was all she managed to say in between short breaths.

‘Not as much as I love you’ whimpered an out of breath Adam.

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