All Tied Up , More

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I met Robbie when I was 18. I had only been with 1 other man besides him but was very experienced. We talked on the phone a lot and online. Until we met. we moved in together and he didn’t know what he was in for. Here is a few of our many sexcapades.

All tied up and helpless

Rob walked into the room, it was semi dark and I stayed quiet. He laid on the bed and went to sleep, still not knowing I was already home. After making sure he was fast asleep I tied up his arms and legs to the bed. I played with his cock for a few minutes, still he hasn’t woke up. So I stopped playing with his now hard cock and started kissing from his stomach to his face. He soon woke up, and was confused. I didn’t blame him if I had woken up all tied up I would have freaked out. He kept asking “who are you.” I told him to hush I was his love, by this time he knew it was me, and started to squirm to try and get away. I smacked him across his face and told him to stay quiet and not to struggle. He did, I stoop up on the bed and plopped my already wet pussy on his face so that he couldn’t breath. He was moving around and trying to scream, he was out of breath and tired quickly. He soon blacked out. When he woke I was riding his cock slowly at first then I rode him faster and harder and was grinding my pussy onto his hard cock. I could feel it throbbing inside me and knew his cock needed and wanted to cum, but by the look on his face he was scared of me and what I would do next.

Before he blew his load and after I had my orgasm. I untied him and told him to get on the floor, he did. I then stepped onto his gut and started to bounce on him like a trampoline. He was getting very canlı bahis winded by this. I was watching his cock the whole time. I’ll be damned he loved it. His cock grew another inch or so from me doing this, and before I knew it he was screaming out in ecstasy “KITTY II AM CUMMIN.” He shot a huge load all over my legs, and I put them to his face and made him lick them all clean. He refused at first but one good kick to his nuts was all he needed.

got piss?

Robbie was in the bathroom taking his usual before bed piss. I walked in turned the light out and threw him onto the floor. He yelled at me “KITTY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU CRAZY BITCH.” Was that bitch I heard.? I thought to myself “I’ll show him bitch.” After he had settled down I started licking his piss soaked cock, moving my tongue lightly up and down the back side of it and finally sticking it into my mouth. I sucked it in as far as it would go and started shaking my head like a dog playing with his chew toy. He loved when I would do this, it turned him on to the max.

I suppose he didn’t expect what was to come for him. I tied only his hands to the legs of our bathtub, and sat down on his face. He blacked out. When he woke I squatting right above his mouth and started pissing all over his face. He was trying to get away, but I had him tied tightly. After I was finished pissing I had myself a seat on his face again, but this time allowing him to breath. I told him to lick my pussy. He did. I played with his cock while he did this.

His cock was so rock hard and I could tell he was going to cum soon. I got off his face and sat down on his cock and fucked him until he came inside bahis siteleri me. I then went back to his face and told him to clean me up. He hated when I wanted him to clean his cum off of me, but he did it anyway because he didn’t want to be hurt. He licked my pussy until I came and I turned on the shower and we washed together. After words we went to bed.

What he did to me

Robbie was in a rather odd mood this day and was very horny, but pissed at the way I had been treating him sexually. This time he waited until I was asleep and tied me up. I am a light sleeper so I woke up in the middle of him tying me down. I was to tired to fight him so I let him tie me down. I knew (thought) he would be gentle he had never been rough with me.

He walked out of the room and when he got back he had something in his hand. He sat down between my legs and before I knew it He slammed something into my pussy and fucked me with it. My pussy was so sore from this object I had never experienced before. He fucked me with it until I was in tears. He kept yelling “YOU LIKE TO PLAY ROUGH DO YOU BITCH? I’LL GIVE YOU ROUGH.” I was crying so hard and all he could say was “yes cry bitch I love to hear my little whore cry…….I am going to hurt you tonight whore.” He untied my legs and put my feet up by my head and held them there with one hand. He then took the object from my aching sore used pussy and put the tip of it to my ass. I begged him not to put it there, but he said “whore I told you I am going to hurt you tonight.” There was nothing I could do he was so strong. He slowly put the object in my asshole and then started moving it faster and faster and finally slammed bahis şirketleri the whole thing inside my virgin ass.

I was crying very hard now, but inside I knew I wanted and deserved whatever treatment I got. He stopped raping my ass for a minute put my legs down and left the room again. Again he came back with something in his hand. He sat back down between my legs and lifted them back up the my head. He stuck the object back into my ass and then stuck another into my pussy this one was much larger then the last one and it hurt much worse. Knowing he could not fuck me with both of them at once if he had to hold my legs up he tied my legs to my hands, I was in a very very unusual position. He then started to fuck my ass and my pussy with the 2 objects. I was in pain for a few minutes then I started to enjoy it and the more I moaned in pleasure he fucked me harder my ass was hurting my pussy was sore, but I had to cum I had to have more.

I screamed at him to fuck me harder rape my ass and pussy. He smacked my ass and said “don’t talk don’t make a sound.” I shut up, but inside I wanted to scream just to see what he would do to me, but I didn’t, my pussy and ass were hurting and I couldn’t handle any more. He took the objects out of my abused pussy and ass and threw them on the floor. he got up and kneeled between my legs and stuck his 8 inch cock inside my sore pussy. He fucked me, smacked me, and made me cum within 5 minutes. He got up untied my legs and sat on my chest and spewed his cum all over my face and mouth. And then gave me a sweet, tender, passionate kiss, and said “I love you Kitty my sweet little whore” and untied my arms. I told him I loved him and turned on the lights to see what it was he fucked me with. I couldn’t believe my eyes the first object was a 10 inch long 6 inch round dildo and the second was a 12 inch long 8 inch round cucumber. No wonder it hurt so bad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20