Almost Brothers Ch. 04

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The next morning, Rusty awoke to Cooper kissing him. He kissed back and then noticed Scott was missing. “Where is Scott?”

“Taking a shower,” Cooper replied.

Rusty grinned at Cooper and Cooper knew what Rusty was thinking. They got up and went into Rusty’s bathroom. They positioned themselves on either end of the shower and opened the shower curtain. Scott was started, grabbing his crotch. “Fuck, you guys startled me!” Then he grinned and lowered his hand from his flaccid dick.

Rusty and Cooper entered the shower from each end, sandwiching Scott between them. Unabashed, Scott offered the bar soap to them. The three friends soaped each other’s bodies, totally unashamed. However, with three men in one shower, there was not much room. Scott quickly finished showering and left Cooper and Rusty to themselves. Naked, he walked to his room and knocked softly on the closed door. There was no answer. He turned the knob and looked inside the room. Two men he didn’t know where sprawled across his bed, naked and asleep. Scott walked quietly to his dresser and dug out a clean pair of boxer shorts. He slipped them on and began to leave. I have to remember to change those sheets! he thought to himself.

Scott walked into the living room, sleeping, naked men were in various places around the room. Most had brought sleeping bags and stuff. Cooper thought of everything. He went to the kitchen where two young, well toned, guys wearing only white briefs, were cooking breakfast.

“Hi.” one said to him.

“Hey.” Scott said.

“You’re Scott, right? Rusty’s brother?”

“Yeah, who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Kevin. That’s my boyfriend. His name is Scott, too.”

“Yo dude,” Young Scott said.

Scott looked at the younger Scott. “You are the guy that threw up last night.”

Young Scott blushed. “Yeah, that was me. Sorry.”

“Whatever,” Scott said to him.

Scott looked at Kevin who was cooking bacon and eggs in separate pans. “I hope its ok, we were hungry so I decided to cook. I figured I’d cook a lot incase others were hungry, too.” Kevin checked out Scott’s body as he talked.

“No problemo. Cook your heart out. We got a houseful of guys that are probably going to be needing more protein after last night.” Kevin and Young Scott chuckled. “Smells good however I just want coffee. And stop looking for my dick. If you want to see it, you missed your chance.”

“I saw it last night. You were naked, too, remember.” Kevin shot back.

Scott thought for a second. “Oh yeah, fuck, I was drunk.”

“Dude, you are hung!” Young Scott said.

Scott looked over his shoulder, “Thanks.” Then he prepared coffee. Soon, another man, slightly older than Kevin and Young Scott, walked in the kitchen. He was still naked.

“Coffee?” the man asked.

“Its in the makings. Just a few minutes. Why don’t you put something on, ok?” Scott told him. “I’ve seen enough dicks for the weekend.”

“Sorry dude.”

“Its ok. What’s your name?”


“Hey Randy.”

“And your Rusty’s hung brother, Scott, right?”

“That’s me, Rusty’s hung brother!”

“Can I get a shower?” Randy asked.

“Sure, ummmm, go in Rusty’s room and use his. If he and Coop are still in the shower, just hop in with them. Tell them I said its ok,” Scott said, grinning.

Randy smiled back, “Ummm….ok,” he said and left.

Scott sat down and sighed. He drank his coffee as more guys came into the kitchen. He was glad they now wore clothes. They converged in the kitchen and living room, some eating breakfast others drinking coffee and some packing up to leave. Soon, Rusty and Cooper joined them. They rehashed the previous nights activities, joking around, telling stories, reliving the events.

“What are you guys doing today?” Scott asked Rusty.

“First, YOU are going to help us get this place cleaned up and then…”

“ME? Why do I have to clean?” Scott asked.

“Because, fucker, you helped make this mess, too. Besides, its MY birthday so I shouldn’t have to clean it, but I am.”

“Ok fine. Fuck!” Scott said.

“By the way, Rusty,” Cooper began, “I have another surprise for you.” He was smiling slightly.

“What?” Rusty asked.

“We have another party to go to tonight. A private party.”

“What do you mean a private party?” Rusty looked at Cooper with suspicion.

Cooper began to speak then noticed everyone was listening. “Come with me. You too, Scott.” He got up and Rusty followed. Scott got up too, while looking at Rusty. He shrugged his shoulders which meant, I don’t know what he’s talking about. They walked outside where they could talk alone. Cooper said, “Rusty, from last night, do you remember Jake and Lee?”

“Yeah,” Rusty said, “Those two walking wet dreams?”

“Exactly! Well, you and I have been invited to their house tonight. Just the four of us.”

“Oh shit!” Scott exclaimed.

“You mean you and me and them?” Rusty asked.

“Yep.” Coop said nodding his head and grinning. “If its ok with you, of course.”

“Yeah canlı bahis şirketleri sure, its ok with me. As long as its ok with you, too.”

“I arranged it, didn’t I? Besides, its part of your birthday present.”

“You arranged this? I mean, its a done deal?”

“Yeah, I sort of like brought it up when I invited them to the party. I’ve known Jake for a few years so…. I figured what the fuck. I hope its ok I did this.”

“Oh my God! You guys are fucking crazy!” Scott exclaimed.

“What?” Rusty and Coop asked in unison.

“You guys are going to DO them?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, what’s your point?” Rusty asked.

“Nothing, its just…wow, the way you gay guys fuck around,” Scott said.

“We’re not fucking around, we’ll be together,” Cooper explained.

“Yeah, I realize that, but still…..”

“You’re just jealous,” Rusty told Scott. Then they heard a loud crash from inside the house. “What the fuck was that?” he asked.

Scott sighed. “I’ll go check it out.” He turned to leave and then back over his shoulder, he said, “You guys are fucking crazy! But in a good way crazy.” He opened the door and went in the house.

Rusty turned his attention back to Cooper who asked, “So, what do you think?”

“I think it fucking great! Those guys are fucking HOT HOT HOT!”

“Yes, they are and I’m glad you not mad at me for arranging this.” Cooper said.

“Hell no, I’m not mad but I do have one question, “You say you’ve known Jake for a few years. Did you two ever…?”

“No, I wanted to but it never developed into anything. We’re just friends, not real close friends but friends.”

“When tonight?”

“Around sevenish. They live about an hour from here, so we could leave around six, I guess,” Cooper said.

“Ok, great. I can’t wait.”

“I know what you mean, I’ve never been with three guys at once.”

“Me neither,” Rusty said.

“And especially when I’m in love with one of them,” Cooper said, moving to Rusty.

Rusty took Coop into his arms. “Which one are you in love with?”

“You.” Cooper replied. They kissed.


Rusty and Cooper arrived at Jake and Lee’s house around 7:15 that evening. Jake took them on a tour, showing them around the house he and Lee share. They came to one bedroom which apparently belonged to a young boy. There were dirty clothes strown about the room, opened books on a table with a computer, a messy bed, toys all over the place and there where posters of baseball players, football players and scantily clad female cheerleaders, too, all over the walls. In one corner stood shelving which was adorned with several Little League baseball and football trophies.

“This disaster is our son’s room.” Jake said as Rusty and Coop stood at the doorway.

“I didn’t know you have a son.” Rusty said.

“Yes, we do.” Lee replied, beaming. “The next Joe Thiesman.”

Jake rolled his eyes. “We wish.” Then he sighed. “Little Jake is good at baseball and pretty good at football but I don’t think he’s the next Thiesman.”

“Well, he tries hard,” Lee interjected.

“How old is he?” Rusty asked.

“Thirteen,” Jake replied.

“Where is he?” Coop asked.

“He’s with Grandma tonight,” Jake replied.

“How is your mother doing?” Coop asked.

“Better. Her hair is all grown back from the chemo. Doctor Mike says she’s in remission.” Then to Rusty, “She had breast cancer.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.” Rusty told him.

“Thanks. We’re hopeful. Lea and I do our best to be there for her, that’s about all we can do except let her enjoy her only grandchild as much as possible.”

“She spoils him rotten!” Lee said.

“She’s entitled to do that,” Jake reminded Lee.

“Seriously, though,” Lee said, “Jake’s a good boy. A’s and B’s in school.”

“Cool,” Rusty said.

“Ok, let’s move on,” Jake said. He led them to the master bedroom. They went in the room and Lee went to the nightstand. He picked up a remote control and pressed a few buttons. The television set across from the king-sized bed flickered on and then, with the push of a couple more buttons, the DVD player started. A muscled hunk was licking a king sized cock on another muscled hunk. “Check this out,” Lee said.

“Whoo Hoo!” Cooper exclaimed. He grinned at Rusty who grinned back at him.

“You guys get warmed up while I grab some beers, ok?” Jake said and left the room.

Lee took off his shirt. He slowly reached down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. His huge rounded shoulders gave way to very huge biceps and triceps. Quarter-sized nipples with pencil eraser nips capped his pecs which were like two huge slabs of beef cut squarely on either side of his chest. The two nipples seemed like eyes staring at Rusty. Lee sat on the bed as he tossed the shirt on the floor. Lee looked at Rusty and Cooper as he flexed his arms for them.

“Fucking awesome!” Cooper said. He looked at Rusty who was almost drooling.

“Oh….my….God!” Rusty said as he stared canlı kaçak iddaa at Lee’s chest.

Then Jake returned, Rusty and Cooper had taken their shirts off and were feeling Lee’s muscled arms.

Damn, Jake! You’re one lucky guy!” Rusty told him.

Jake grinned at Lee. “Lee loves to show off.”

“Fuck, if I was like him, I’d be showing off, too!” Cooper said.

“Thanks, guys.” Lee said. “I don’t get a chance to do this very often. Jake, my man, loves my guns but its nice to know someone else appreciates them, too.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Rusty said as he ran his hands over Lee’s pecs. “Damn fine!”

“Ummmm, Rusty…..,” Cooper began, “… do realize I’m still here.”

“Did someone speak?” Rusty said, jokingly.

Jake handed the beers to the men and then closed the door. He took his shirt off, also. “Do we have ground rules?” Jake asked as he approached the bed. “I mean, is there anything we should set as out of bounds, so to speak?” He sat on the bed and his hand joined Rusty’s and Cooper’s on Lee’s body.

Rusty and Cooper shrugged. “Free for all?” Cooper suggested.

Rusty nodded approval. “Why not?”

Lee nodded to Jake, who then asked, “Ok, so everything goes? We’re all cool with that?”

“I’m cool,” Rusty said although he was a little nervous.

“Cool.” Cooper agreed. He kissed Rusty. Then Jake put a hand on Cooper’s shoulder. He turned him around.

“Rusty, I have to say,” Jake began, “Coop’s got one nice ASS! Look at this, Lee. Fuck, that’s one nice bubble butt!” Coop was kneeling on the bed and Jake stood next to him, feeling his butt. Rusty grinned at Cooper who seemed to be blushing. “Damn, I want a piece of this!” Rusty lowered his hand to Cooper’s pants. He unbuttoned them and unzipped them. Cooper pulled his pants down, not wearing underwear, his butt was exposed. Jake ran his hands over Coop’s round butt. “Congrats, Rusty. Your man has a nice ass. You did good.”

“Wait ’til you feel it from the inside,” Rusty said.

“Can I, Lee?” Jake asked.

“Free for all, didn’t we say?” Lee replied.

“Rusty?” Jake looked at him.

“Ask Coop, its his butt.” Jake looked at Cooper. As a reply, Cooper slid his pants off and laid on his stomach on the bed. He raised his ass up in the air. Looking back at Jake, Coop cocked one eyebrow.

“I take that as a yes,” Jake said excitedly. Cooper rolled over and showed them his cock. “Damn, that’s a thick one, man!” Cooper stroked his cock and looked at Jake.

As Lee and Rusty looked on, Jake slowly unzipped his pants. He hauled out his seven inch dick. Long and lean, hard, throbbing slightly, he showed it to them. The blunt head tapered around the shaft which had thick dark pubic hair growing around the base.

“Nice!” Cooper exclaimed. Jake began to take off his pants. “You’re turn Rusty! Show ’em what you got!”

Jake lay down next to Cooper and they started touching each other’s cocks while Rusty stripped off his pants. “Wow, hot damn!” Jake said, as Rusty revealed his crotch.

“Thanks,” Rusty said, slightly embarrassed. He, too, laid next to Cooper who used his other hand to stroke Rusty’s cock.

“Ok, muscle man….” Cooper said to Lee.

Lee stood up on the bed, facing them.

“Ut oh,” Jake said.

Lee flexed his biceps which made huge mountains on his arms. He flared his trapezoids and they looked like wings. Then he made his pecs dance. They bobbed up and down simultaneously.

“I fucking love that!” Rusty called out. Cooper and Rusty mmmmmm’ed in unison. Then Lee slowly reached into his pants. He grasped his cock and flexed his stomach.

“Mmmm,” Cooper groaned again. Jake chuckled. He’d seen this act before.

Lee reached down and popped the button on his pants. Quickly he tore them apart, forcing the zipper down all the way. His eight inch, hard, spear-headed cock flopped out, bounced a few times and then held steady perpendicular to his massive stomach. It throbbed slowly and then began to rise until it was totally hard, standing proud from the neatly trimmed blond pubic hair.

“Oh my god,” Rusty said not realizing he’d said it out loud. He looked at Cooper who was staring at Lee with his mouth open in a silent O. Rusty reached over to Coop’s mouth and closed it for him Jake saw this and chuckled again.

“So, who’s first?” Lee asked, still flexing his biceps.

Cooper slowly lifted his hand like a bashful kid in class who thinks he might have an answer to the teacher’s question.

“Put your hand down!” Rusty chided him.

Lee laughed heartily. Then they all laughed together.

Then Cooper said, “Fuck, I could have saved myself a hundred bucks and had you strip at Rusty’s party.”

“He probably would have done it, too,” Jake interjected.

“Let the orgy begin!” Lee said and dived into the men, crashing his body on all three. The four men laughed and teased each other until mouths found mouths, hands found body parts to hold and the sound of pleasured moans filled the room.

The first thing that went through canlı kaçak bahis Rusty’s mind as he felt Lee’s body, was “hardness”. Coop’s body is hard but this guy…fuck, he’s ALL muscle and every square inch of him is HARD, Rusty thought. He kissed Lee who kissed him back, their tongues touched. Rusty could not wait to suck Lee’s big cock which was pressing into his stomach. He kissed Lee’s chin, neck, ear lobe and then dropped his head to eat Lee’s left nipple. He glanced up and Lee had his arms over his head. Rusty licked upwards until he could lick Lee’s armpit and then kissed his bicep which was easily twice the size of Coop’s. It bulged from his arm, softball sized. He worshipped the muscle with his lips and tongue. Lee looked at Rusty and grinned.

“Big enough for ya?” Lee asked.

“Fucking A.” Rusty said to him. “Flex it.” Lee accommodated Rusty, watching as Rusty’s licked his hard muscles. As much as Rusty wanted to continue to worship Lee’s biceps, he also wanted to lick his chest again. Rusty moved his face to Lee’s chest. “Make them dance,” Rusty asked.

Lee smiled. He flexed his pecs and made them bounce again.

Rusty chuckled. He looked at Cooper and Jake. “I love that!” he said to them. “Grrrrr!”

“Go for it, Rusty,” Jake said.

“Yeah, go Rusty.” Cooper agreed just before Jake laid on Coop’s back and began to kiss him.

Rusty moved his face between Lee’s bouncing pecs and kissed his chest. Then he licked Lee’s right pec as the left bounced in his face. Quickly, he sucked on the left nipple, moaning with delight. He felt Lee’s hands on the back of his head, pushing him downwards until Lee’s cock was in his face.

Rusty teased the head with his tongue, tasting the precum oozing from Lee’s cock. Then he opened his mouth and engulfed the head. “Oh fuck, yes, man!” Lee said. Rusty took almost five inches of Lee’s hard eight inch dick into his mouth. He sucked for a few minutes and then, making a loud sucking sound, let it spring from his lips. It landed on Lee’s stomach and then rebounded, hovering a good inch from his body. The head flared and another drop of precum appeared at the opening.

“Sorry, Lee,” Rusty began, “Coop’s the deep-throater in our relationship.”

Lee rustled Rusty’s hair. “I can see that.” he said. He looked at Cooper. Rusty looked over to see Jake was now kneeling beside Cooper who was taking all of Jake’s seven inch dick down his throat. His nose was buried in Jake’s bush.

“He’s good,” Jake said to them while he held Cooper’s head between his legs.

“Jake’s a natural when it comes to deep-throating,” Lee said.

“You and I are the lucky ones,” Rusty said to Lee.

“No doubt.” Lee replied.

They watched Cooper going down on Jake for a few minutes. Rusty began to suck Lee’s cock. He sucked the head and licked up and down the hard shaft. Lee watched Rusty, guiding him around on his cock. “Suck it, Rusty. Oh man, that feels soooo good, man. You’re doing great.” Rusty pulled Lee’s hard thighs up against his head and Lee clasped his legs around Rusty’s head. Rusty loved the feeling of Lee’s hard, muscled thighs holding his head. As he sucked Lee’s cock, Rusty glanced over as Jake rolled out from under Cooper.

“Fuck me,” Cooper said.

Rusty watched as Jake positioned himself behind Cooper. He motioned to Lee who grabbed a bottle of lube and tossed it. Jake caught the bottle and squirted a copious amount of the liquid on his long cock.

“I want a piece of his fine ASS!” Jake said. “Rusty, I know you enjoy fucking this ass! Damn!”

While holding Lee’s cock against his face, Rusty said to Jake, “Fuck him Jake.”

“Yes, fuck me, Jake!” Cooper said. He leaned his head and shoulder to the bed while holding his ass up to Jake. “Fuck me, man! Fuck me!”

Jake rubbed his hard cock in Cooper’s ass crack. “Oh man, this gonna feel so GOOD!” He grabbed his cock and held the head at Cooper’s opening. Rusty, with Lee’s cock in his mouth, watched as Jake’s cock head entered Cooper. Cooper groaned with ecstasy. Jake slipped three inches of his cock into Cooper. He withdrew and then slid five inches into the man. “Oh fuck, you’re so fucking tight!” Jake pulled out and then, with one final jab, entered Coop completely.

“Oh fuck!” Cooper exclaimed.

“Wow!” Lee said as he watched.

Jake looked at Lee. “Man, look at this! Look at my cock in his tight butt! Fuck, Lee, this is good! Oh man! He’s so TIGHT!” Then to Rusty, “You get this tight ass whenever you want it? Oh, man, you’re one lucky guy, Rusty.”

“Fuck him, Jake.” Lee said.

“Yes! Fuck me, Jake!” Cooper said. He looked at Rusty and winked. Rusty grinned and at Cooper and then began to suck Lee’s hard cock.

Lee relaxed on the bed and alternately watched Rusty sucking his cock and Jake fucking Cooper. He held Rusty’s head to his crotch and flexed his muscled arms. Rusty roamed his hands over Lee’s hard body, rubbing his chest, teasing his nipples and grabbing his hard, muscled legs and butt as he took Lee’s cock into his mouth. Occasionally, he’d look over to watch Jake fucking Cooper, grinding his cock deep into him. Grunts and groans of pleasure and desire filled the room. Loud sucking sounds, too, intermixed with the squishing noise of Jake’s lubricated cock sliding in and out of Cooper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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