Almost Caught

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Warm weather always appeals to me. It means the chance to get out and have some nude time outdoors, whether that’s in the garden, in a field, or walking through the countryside.

It had been warm for weeks and the hot, sultry weather had me wanting another outdoor adventure. I decided that for this adventure I was going to take a toy, a porn magazine to read and a picnic blanket to lay on. Item 1 the toy was easy. I had a small bag of suitable items from cock rings to thin dildos and a small vibrator. Item 3 was also easy as it was in the boot of my car. Item 2 I didn’t have. I must admit that I hadn’t bought a porn magazine in a long time.

Thinking that I’d buy the magazine I decided to drive out and find a store with a suitable selection of mags. I must have visited 3 or 4 stores and all had no magazines for sale – the days of seeing lots of content on a top shelf seemed to be over – sometimes the internet wasn’t a good thing!

I eventually found a small newsagents in a village a couple of miles from home. There was no one in the store and I casually selected one of the 3 available magazines and went to pay. The lady on the till just smiled and I handed over my cash and went.

I headed back home and now decided to select a toy. I chose a double ended rubber canlı bahis dildo, it had a thin end and a thick end and was ideal for sliding into my butt. Still dressed in my t-shirt, shorts (and no undies) and trainers I grabbed a rucksack and put the toy in it, magazine and some wipes.

The rucksack was duly put on the passenger seat in the car and I drove off. This time I knew where I wanted to go. About 10 miles from where I live is a small hamlet of only 3 or 4 houses, a church and plenty of farm fields. There are walks around there that are used by dog walkers and sometimes horse riders

I got out of the car and walked down the side of a field, along a well worn track. Mind you, there didn’t seem to be evidence of it having been used recently and I thought about stripping off there and then and just walking nude. Something stopped me and I carried on. Round the edge of the field I came to the edge of another field. Here there’s a seat under a tree and I thought about laying the blanket out and sitting there.

I decided that I wanted to go further so walked down the side of another field before I came to the corner of yet another field. The field was empty as the corn that had been growing had been recently harvested had all gone. I saw a patch of grass in the bahis siteleri corner and unfolded the picnic blanket.

Next I stripped off and within seconds I was stood naked, outdoors and on the picnic blanket. Nothing stirred, I could hear birds singing and a car somewhere off in the distance but other than that nothing. I started to stroke my cock and it began to swell.

Sitting down I thumbed through the porn magazine which I’d fished out of my rucksack, along with the wipes and the double ended toy. The women in the magazine had started to turn me on and with that I took the toy and pushed the end of the thin end up my arse hole. Slowly at first I began to feed it in until I could feel a good six inches up my arse. It felt so good I wished I’d packed a cock ring as well.

I started to fuck my arse with the toy and was doing that when I heard what I didn’t want to hear a tractor. I stopped fucking myself and looked down the field and saw a tractor coming into the field and driving along the bottom edge. I don’t think the driver had seen me. If he had I think he’d have been shouting asking me what I was doing. I quickly stopped myself and pulled the toy out of my arse, then wrapped it in a wipe before quickly pulling on my shorts and t-shirt.

Hastily I got bahis şirketleri up and shoved the mag, toy and wipes in my rucksack before picking up the rug and walking quickly to the end of the field.

The tractor was still in the same field but some distance away.

I walked to the edge of the field and into the next field. I again found some grass and put the rug down. Stripping off I took out the toy and inserted it while I was stood up, walking round for a while with it inserted in my arse. I bent over and started to push it in and out of my arse and then slowly took it out before popping it back in again and fucking my arse.

By this time my cock was stiff and throbbing so I got myself into the doggy position and found the magazine. Flicking through the pages I imagined fucking any number of the women in there, blonde, brunette, small boobs, big boobs I wouldn’t mind I’d have happily fucked any of them.

I stopped looking at the magazine and stood up. No one was around so I stood there naked and enjoying the sun and being outdoors, stroking my cock wishing a woman would walk by and offer to stroke it for me. That didn’t seem to be the way it was going to happen so I started to wank myself faster, teasing my cock before I felt my balls twitch and a jet of cum shot out onto the grass, followed by other jets. Globules of spunk flying onto the grass.

I stood while my cock started to go limp and then got dressed. Packing my things away and planning another out door wank trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20