the Woods

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*Author’s Note-This story contains non consensual sex. I do not condone the action nor would I suggest you go out and do it. It is wrong on many levels, fictionally, however, it makes a good story, if you enjoy it of course. These character’s and events are mine, and not up for copy. All characers are 18+. I hope you enjoy. This was first posted on my account xxxArtemisDawnxxx on*

‘…’ thoughts.

‘I’m going to fucking kill her.’

I keep repeating over and over as I’m forced to walk home. ‘Oh don’t worry Alyssa, I won’t get fucking hammered and leave the party without you.’ I think of all the things I wish I could do to Elle, getting even more pissed because they’re all illegal.

Earlier in the night we went to a Christmas party together. Booze, drugs and slutty elves. Dressed in a short red mini skirt, boots up to my knees and fishnet stockings with a shirt that barely conceals anything is what I stupidly chose to be my guise, without any common sense might I add. Now being forced to walk home, which thankfully is only a mile away, I’m fucking freezing. My coat wasn’t really built for warmth, and it only reaches to where my skirt lies. ‘Damn you Elle!’

My walk is basically through a residential area. I feel completely at ease here. Although in my mind, other than cursing Elle to the lowest circle of Hades, I’m calculating whether I should take the short cut or not.

The short cut is through the woods of course, making my trip shorter by more than half of the longer. I try to weigh the pros and cons of the shorter way when the wind suddenly whips around me making my decision for me.

The short cut it is.

I come upon the path. I feel hesitant, like there is something wrong here. I shake it off, I’ve done this countless times throughout my 18 years of life. Even through the woods I’ve worn a path through the many times I’ve used it, including marking the trail by gouging the trees.

I walk along the path and enjoy the solitude. The wind isn’t as gusty here, and the snow hasn’t fallen as heavily. I step off the path and into the trees when I come to my first marker. ‘Only a little longer now, then a hot shower, warm clothes and hiding under my covers.’

Finally after 10 or so minutes I come to my grotto. Its a small circular clearing that I normally escape to when the stress at home becomes to much. My parents aren’t exactly the best with the constant fighting and negligence. I doubt they even know I’m gone now. I snuck out to go to that party. Elle picked me up down the block, which is where she was suppose to drop me off later, instead driving off with Jeremy. He’s her boy toy.

I walk over to my tree. Its the best shade tree, and has a conveniant hallow near the base that I keep a blanket, my art supplies, a few books and a now empty box of condoms. ‘Need to remember to replace those…’

“Allie, there you are!” I whirl around fists up. “Woah, easy girly, its just me.”

I drop my hands as I recognize the voice. As he comes closer I notice his walk is sorta off. “Damn you Victor.” I say as he saunters over and puts his arms around my waist. I laughingly try to push him away as he kisses my neck and collarbone. Victor is my 19 year old pain in the ass…and the reason for the empty box of condoms.

He pulls off my coat and continues kissing, trying to tug my flimsey shirt aside. I push him back slightly.”Aw c’mon baby, please.”

I shake my head. “Not tonight Vic, I’m cold, I just wanna go home.”

“But I could keep ya warm.” He says drawing me closer. I smell liquor on his breath now. Apparently he went to his own party.

“Not tonight. I’m not in the mood.” I try to wriggle away from him.

“But baby, we’ve been waiting here for you forever.’

I freeze. ‘We?’

Just then I feel cold hands wrap around my wrists and pull my arms behind my back. Victor lets go of my waist and steps back smiling. I turn my head and see Gage, Victor’s best friend. I smell booze on his breath too. He must of got ahold of something. Gage is 22.

“What the hell are you doing? Let go of me!” I try to struggle away from Gage, and he increases the pressure on my wrists making me cry out in pain. “Now now Alyssa, if you be a good girl, you won’t get hurt.”

“Fuck you asshole! Let me goooo!” Then I feel something cool cutting into my throat. Gage is holding a butcher’s knife. I immediatly still. “See? You can behave.”

I bite back my retort of the various things I would like to cut off of him. He runs the blade down to my shoulder making me shiver. With a jerk illegal bahis he cuts one of the straps to my shirt. I look at Victor. “Stop this…please.” I beg. He just smiles and Gage cuts the other strap. Thankfully my arms keep my shirt from falling. “What now? Just go away and leave me alone!” I try to break Gage’s hold, but he’s strong even while intoxicated.

“Here,” Gage offers the knife to Victor. “cut the front of her shirt open.” I struggle furiously against his hold, but I can’t get away. “Stop that now, or he’s gonna accidentally slice those nice tits of your’s to ribbons.” I glance at Victor, seeing him about to cut away reguardless of my struggles and I stop moving. “You fucking prick. Stop it. It isn’t funny.”

“It isn’t a joke Alyssa, so it shouldn’t be funny.” Gage whispers in my ear. Victor draws the blade slowly down the hallow of my throat to my breasts, making me shudder with more than just the cold. He cuts through the thin material of my shirt and pulls it away from me. He smiles and waves the shirt in front of my gaze before tossing it aside.

My breasts stand at full attention seeing as I didn’t wear a bra. The cold wind licks across them, making my nipples erect almost to the point of pain. Victor runs the knife over them. I’m starting to feel how wet I already am, and get more pissed that my body is betraying me while these assholes torment me.

Then I feel Victor’s mouth envelope one of my nipples. It’s blissfully warm as he licks, nips and sucks away. I involuntarily arch my back, getting more of my breast into his mouth. I hear both men chuckle and Gage saying, “She is a little fucking slut ain’t she?” I open my mouth to protest, but then Gage’s free hand comes up and cups my breast.

Victor suckles one as Gage toys, pinches and pulls the other. Moans escape my lips even though I try to hold them back. ‘Damn it. Make this end, please make it end.’ I feel my cunt flowing freely now.

Victor pulls back, the frigid air hitting my nipple and making me wince. He crouches down and runs his hands up my skirt to the waistband of my thong. I try to kick at him but he places the point of the blade against my thigh, near an artery. If you’re wondering, Victor has a strong fascination with Anatomy, so I know he could easily make one little cut and I’d be fucked.

“Ah ah ah, behave Alyssa.” He goes back to my thong and starts to pull it down. “Damn baby, I’ve never seen you this wet.” he says as he feels my already soaked panties. I feel tears of humiliation threaten and force them back. “Go suck Gage’s dick and leave me the hell alone!” I struggle against Gage but I can’t get loose.

Victor pulls my panties down my legs, removes them and tosses them aside with the tatters of my shirt, I feel Victor’s hand touch my clit. I bite my lip to keep from moaning as he starts gently rubbing circles. Gage starts to nip at my earlobe, and I feel his erection pressing into me. Victor’s hand moves and he presses two fingers into my cunt.

I buck my hips against him, trying to free myself and ride his fingers at the same time. He starts to pump his fingers inside me slowly, he knows how to work me and soon he has me panting for more.

Victor looks at Gage. “I think she’s ready for round one, don’t you?” Gage chuckles in my ear. Victor stands up and suddenly Gage has me bent over. My ass pressed against him. I hear him undo and take off his belt. He wraps it around my wrists, securing them. “That should make it easier.”

Both men free their dicks. ‘Th-they’re really gonna do this to me? Victor…why?’

“Time to let me use that pretty little mouth of your’s sweetheart.” Victor grabs my hair and tries forcing me onto his cock. ‘No, I’ve never let you there you assfuck, thats not going to change now.’ He continues sliding his cock around my mouth trying to gain entry.

“Think we need to convince her Gage.” I feel Gage flip my skirt up onto my back, my pussy exposed to his gaze and I feel myself flush with embarrasment at this unknown invader. I feel his hand run across my slit, toying with my clit slightly. Then he jams two fingers inside me. I almost gasp, but keep my mouth shut as he pumps in and out. Victor’s dick presses harder against my mouth to no avail.

Gage’s fingers withdraw and I hear him positioning himself behind me. One hand goes on my hip, and then I feel his cock against me. I lose it. “No….” My protests gets cut off when Victor’s dick is shoved in my mouth. “Suck me bitch, if you even think about biting, this knife will go where you don’t want it.” I reflexively swallow and hear him moan. illegal bahis siteleri “Thatta girl.” I feel Gage’s dick as he starts to enter me. I stretch almost painfully around him. He’s big, so much bigger than Victor. I squirm to get away but he grasps my hips and plunges forward.

He starts fucking me furiously from behind as Victor grabs my hair and starts face fucking me. His dick hits the back of my throat and I gag. He holds my head there as he moans, I taste something salty in the back of my mouth. Then he starts humping my face again spreading his tanginess across my tongue.

Gage is pounding away at me, though I try not to, I feel my orgasm already building. I start to unconsciously push back toward him, meeting his thrusts. He digs his fingers into my hips. There will be bruises there tomorrow. He vigourously fucks me, pulling almost all the way out and forcing his way back in. I gasp and moan around Victor’s cock. I even start to suck him.

“Thats right baby, suck my dick.” He stops his thrusting, and I bob my head and suck him off burying my nose in his pubic hair each time I take him all the way. “Thats right you little fucking slut. Suck his dick.” I hear Gage say. I start sucking faster, running my tongue along the underside of his shaft and sucking in my cheeks. My tongue finds the slit on the head of his dick and I press down and wiggle my tongue. Victor’s moans are enticing me as Gage continues pounding me.

I plunge down on Victor, taking him all the way in, gagging, and I feel his cock twitch before he shoots his load.

He holds the back of my head down on him. “Swallow my cum bitch. Don’t lose a single drop.” I struggle to keep it all in my mouth, it takes several attempts before I can swallow it all. He pulls out of my mouth, his cock going almost going soft.

Gage is still pounding away at me. Now that Victor’s cock is gone my moans can be heard by them both. “Thats right, you like this, don’t you? You little fucking cunt.” I see Victor stroking his semi flaccid member. ‘He’s getting himself hard again?’

I feel Gage slap my ass, and a startled yelp escapes me. He grabs the belt looped around my wrists bringing me closer and allowing him deeper. ‘F-fuck, no please…don’t let me cum for him…please..’ My body starts to shudder and shake. He thrusts in hard and slaps my ass and I explode around him, gasping out incoherant profanities.

I feel Gage’s cock pulse inside me as he shoots his load in my quivering hole. He leans forward grabbing my tits, still thrusting. I see that Victor is almost erect again. Gage pulls out and keeps me bent over and walks around to my front. He shoves his dick in my face. “Clean me off and get me hard again slut.”

I feebly comply, still shaking from my orgasm. Taking as much of him as I can into my mouth. I can taste both our juices, and it makes me hornier. Part of me wants this to end, the other part wants them both inside me again.

I suck and lick at his cock, trying to get him hard with my novice skills. I take him in my mouth sucking when he grabs my hair and forces me down his length. I choke on him, and I cannot breathe, when he pulls back I gasp for air before he lunges back in. He keeps doing it, plunging in making me gag around him, the pulling me back allowing me some air before going back in.

I continue sucking and licking as I get used to his process. Soon I’m not gagging as much and can swallow him down myself. As soon as I get him hard and covered in my saliva he pulls back. “Now for round two..”

He walks behind me again, and lets me stand up. Victor comes over and picks me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He positions me over his cock, and slides me down. This is something we’ve done plenty of times, and it confuses me slightly. ‘What is Gage going to do?’

I bite my lip and moan as I take Victor all the way in. His hands go to my ass and spread my cheeks apart, and I feel Gage come up behind me. I start to panic. “Wh-what what are you doing? No, not there please!”

I feel Gage press his member against my asshole and I try to wiggle away from him. Victor laughs. “Oh yea baby, ride my cock.” He pulls my ass cheeks apart farther, while Gage puts one hand on my shoulder to keep me still and force me down. His cock starts pressing forward into my virgin ass. The head almost completley making it past the tight ring of muscles. I try to clench them down to keep him out.

He pulls back slightly, and thrusts hard going halfway in. I let out a scream of agony, which he covers with his hand. It feels as if Im being ripped canlı bahis siteleri in half as he continues pressing himself forward, sheathing himself.

I squirm, trying to get away from them. Gage has already started slowly thrusting while Victor more forcibely fucks my pussy. My ass feels as if a hot poker is being shoved there. Gage is pounding hard, getting me to accept him in with ease. His balls slapping against me with each thrust.

To my suprise the pain in my ass starts dulling off, Gage starts pounding faster as I stretch around him. Its starting to dull off to something else now.

‘God it feels…’

I start to moan and Gage moves his hand from my mouth. I’ve never felt so full in my life. It feels fantastic as they fuck both my holes. Gage reaches around and cups my breasts. Its a sensation overload. Pleasure flashes down to my cunt as he pinches my nipples. I feel Victor slapping my ass and I moan. Gage nibbles on my earlobe again as Victor leans in kissing and nipping my throat.

Both men are fucking me as hard and fast as they can muster. It feels so good. I start flexing and bucking, riding them both, trying to get them deeper inside me. I’ve lost all sense, other than a little part in the back of my mind wanting them to stop, I’m a primal creature now, fueled with lust and hope that they keep me alive.

I feel one of Gage’s hands leave my breast and feel a stab of dissapointment that I try not to feel. Then I gasp as he winds it into my hair and jerks my head back.

“Thats it you little fucking slut. You’re nothing but a horny little fucktoy.” I stare at him the loathing. He pulls my hair. “Say it.” he says sharply. I just stare at him, lips tight. He twists the breast he’s still holding hard.”Fucking say it.”

“I-I’m a horny little fucktoy!” He releases my breast and kisses my cheek. “Good girl. Now, fuck us.” I feel them both still inside me, and I start bucking my hips. “Faster bitch!” Gage pulls my hair again and I comply. I start riding them like its the last fuck I’ll ever recieve.

I impale myself upon them, moaning and gasping each time. Gage occassionaly pulling my hair, Victor slapping my ass. It feels so fucking good. Victor leans in and takes my free nipple into his mouth and sucks hard. I arch my back, fucking them faster.

The snow is falling all around us. The forrest is silent save for the slapping of skin, the moans of the men and my gasps. The puffs of our constant lustful breathing almost never ceasing. I feel my orgasm building as I fuck them. I feel Victor twitch inside me, and he starts pumping away making me moan as my orgasm grows closer. Gage starts pounding my ass again, I hear his deep grunting in my ear as he presses close.

Then I climax. I scream out in pleasure, feeling my juices gush around Victor’s cock. I’ve never had an orgasm this powerful. My whole body is wracked with shakes and shivers. My pussy and ass clenching around the men as they fuck me.

Then I hear Victor’s gasp and he bites my nipple hard as he pushes in and stills inside me. I feel his seed shoot deep into my cunt. Then I feel Gage shoot his load into my bowels, he still thrusts away however, milking his cock with my spasming ass muscles. Both men go still.

Then I feel Gage pull out, and Victor pulls me off, dropping me to the ground. I land facedown and I feel Gage crouch over me. He unbuckles his belt and unwraps it from my wrist. He leans over, and whispers in my ear. “Until next time sweetheart.” I turn my head slightly. “Fu-fuck you…” Gage chuckles and kisses my cheek then he moves away, following Victor back to the main path.

I hear their laughs and shouts of victory as they go. I shakily pick myself up, and grab my coat and quickly put it on. I stand, almost falling over. My ass is extremly sore and at the same time feels very empty, and I feel a headache coming on. I grab my thong, leaving the shirt, and thrust it into my pocket. I turn and leave for home.


After sneaking back in, a scalding hot shower and clean clothes, I lay in my bed, pissed. Pissed at Elle, pissed at Victor and Gage, and most of all, pissed at myself for my body’s complete and utter betrayal, and the fact that part of me wanted it to never stop.

Just then my phone chimes and I answer without seeing who it is. “Hello?”

I hear Gage laughing in the background then Victor speaking. “Merry Christmas sweetheart. Cant wait for next time my horny fucktoy.” Then I hear the dial tone. I feel tears start streaming down my cheeks in humiliation. Then an unwanted laugh bubbles out from my throat.

‘I get round three…’

**Feedback is appreciated. This is my first attempt at a non consent, so be constructive, not an ass. I hope you enjoyed,

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