Alone with Daddy

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The door closes behind us and we’re alone. I take you in my arms for a close embrace … and place the collar around your neck. It has a strap connected to it, in back near the small of the back, and two wrist cuffs attached to that. I tell you to turn around and I place your wrists into the cuffs. I turn you around to face me and embrace you again, tightly, and kiss first one cheek, then the other, and signal you to do the same to me. You comply.

I grasp the back of your head, draw your mouth to mine, and kiss you, tongue probing, hard. “Tell me you’re mine,” I command.

“I’m yours,” you reply.

I open your trousers, draw down your fly, and slide my hand down your belly, under your briefs, and gently take hold of your erect clitty cock.

“Tell me this is mine … to do with as I please.”

“Yes, yes, my clitty belongs to you!”

“You may call me Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy. My clitty is yours, Daddy.”

I slide my hand to your ball sack. “And these, Boy, these are mine, too.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I remove my hand and place both hands down the back of your briefs, massaging your butt as my hands explore every inch.

“You are mine, Boy. Mine. Your hard clitty tells me that you are mine. Now, you tell me. Tell me you are mine, completely.”

“Oh, Daddy, yes! Please! Take me. I am yours!”

“Boy … I will do anything I want to you anytime I want to. And, you will do everything I tell you to do anytime I tell you. Swear to that!”

“Yes, Daddy, I swear!”

“I know you can’t shake hands … so we’ll seal this with a kiss. This is your last chance to cancel your promise. Your kiss will be your solemn vow.”

I come closer and you move toward me. Our lips meet, our tongues intertwine, and you melt in my arms. You are Daddy’s Boy, completely.

I begin to remove your shirt and T-shirt, sliding them down your arms until they meet the restraints. I take out a pair of handcuffs and place them on your arms, just above the shirts. I loosen the lower restraints and the shirts slide onto the floor. I pick them up, carefully fold them, and put them on the nearby table. I re-attach the restraints to your wrist and remove the handcuffs.

I slide your trousers and briefs down and remove them, leaving you completely naked. I fold them, too, and place them on the table. … Then I return and begin to run my hands all over your body.

I draw you close to me.

“Oh, Sweet güvenilir bahis Boy. … Yes!”

My hands are rubbing your butt, your taint, your balls, your clitty cock. “Your ass is so soft, so smooth. … Come with me.”

I lead you to a small, round table. “Bend over. Lay your chest on the table.” You obey.

I release one of your arms from the restraint and tie it to one of the table’s legs. Then I repeat the process for the other hand and tie your legs to the table’s legs. You are immobile, completely at my mercy.

“Daddy … please…”

Thwack! Thwack! I slap your ass hard.

“Silence, Boy! Silence!”

“Yes, Da …”

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

“I said SILENCE!”

You open your mouth to complain, then think better of it.

“That’s better. You’ll learn…”

I remove an opaque mask and a ball gag from my briefcase and put them on you.

Without another word, I pretend to go out of the room, leaving you in silence.

You begin to squirm. The table begins to tip over, so you stop.

“Mmmmffff. Mmmmffff…” The ball gag makes it impossible for you to speak.

I wait. In silence. Until you stop trying to speak.


Then, I noiselessly walk over to you.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! “I said, ‘Silence!’ goddammit! When I give you an order, I expect it to be obeyed! Don’t say a word, but answer me: Do you understand?!?”

You nod.

Then, I rub your Boy Butt up and down, paying special attention to your Boy Pussy. Up and down. Around and around your pretty pink Rosebud. With two fingers, I exert more pressure on and around your Gateway to Ecstasy.

I step back and remove my clothes. Daddy’s thick cock is standing erect. I move into you, rubbing my cock up and down your ass crack, up and down, exerting more and more pressure with each thrust.

Your ass begins to move in sync with me.

“You like this, Sweet Boy, don’t you?!?”

You nod. “I knew you would.”

I step back and with my fingers I renew the pressure on your Rosebud. Harder and harder I rub. Your ass moves each time I exert pressure. Then I spit on my finger and insert it into your Rosebud, slowly working it deeper and deeper until it meets a roadblock.

I pull my finger out and reach for the lube and ooze some on my finger and on your Rosebud. Then, I insert my finger into your Rosebud again and ram it in until my knuckles are pressing against you.

You türkçe bahis gasp and your ass moves violently.

I remove my finger. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

“I didn’t tell you to make any noise, did I?”

You shake your head no.

I reach between your legs and grab your balls, squeezing them tightly and releasing them. Your body becomes tense, but you make no noise.

“See what happens when you disobey?!?” I squeeze your balls again. Hard!

Then, I release your balls and take a ruler from my briefcase.

“And, this!”

I smack your clitty cock with the ruler. Then, I smack it again, right on its head.

“Obey me!”

You nod. But make no sound.

“I can be a Good Daddy or a Mean Daddy. It’s all up to you.”

I go to the other side of the table and remove the ball gag from your mouth. I grab a handful of your hair, insert my cock into your mouth, and slowly begin to pump it in-and-out, in-and-out, faster and faster. The head of my cock hits the back of your throat with each thrust.

Then, I thrust all the way in and hold it there until you start to choke. Your mouth opens wide and drool streams down my balls and drips onto the floor.

You don’t make a sound.

I pull my cock from your mouth. “I think you’ve learned your lesson, Boy. I don’t think you’ll need your gag now. Do you?”

You are silent.

“Excellent. You may speak. Answer me.”

“Yes, Daddy. I won’t need the gag anymore.”

“Good.” I bend over and kiss your mouth.

“You’re a good Boy. You may speak now, if you wish, until I tell you not to.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

I go back to the other side of the table and begin to fondle your butt again, rubbing your rosebud around and around, then lubricating and inserting one finger, then a second one, stretching your tight Boy Pussy.

You moan, then wince, expecting to be spanked again.

“It’s all right, Boy. I said you may speak. It doesn’t have to be words.”

I slowly work my fingers in and out, in and out, and reach under you and begin to stroke your clitty.

“Does this feel good, Boy?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy.”

I renew the pressure on your Rosebud. “Does this feel good, too?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy. It hurts a little. But, it feels good too!”

I move in and begin to rub my cock hard against you, increasing the pressure with each thrust.

“Beg me to enter you. Tell me you want me to be inside güvenilir bahis siteleri you.”

“Yes, Daddy. Please. I want you to be inside me! Take me! Please!”

I lube my cock and slide it onto your tight Boy Pussy. You moan.

“Oh, yes, Daddy!”

I reach the barrier … and remove my cock.

“Beg me!”

“Oh, Daddy … Daddy … I’m begging you! I’ll do anything you ask! Please!”

I squirt some lube into your Boy Pussy, then onto my cock. I slide my cock back in, lean over, and grasp your shoulders.

“All right, you cock whore … you fucking slut. I’m going to take you like the whore you are!”

I pull back and, with one hard thrust, I ram my cock deep into your Boy Pussy. My stomach is hard against your butt.

And, I start to thrust. In and out. In and out. Harder and harder. You moan. “Yes, Daddy. Please, Daddy. Please don’t stop!”

“You fucking whore. Take this … and this … and this.”

Thrust after thrust. In and out. Harder and faster. Harder and faster.

Suddenly I stop and quickly pull my cock out. I walk around the table, grab a handful of your hair, and jam my cock into your mouth, thrusting hard. Faster and faster now until … “Oh, yes, Boy. Yes!”

I thrust hard into your mouth, and hold your head firmly against my body.

My cock erupts into spasms of cum. Again and again, my cock shoots streams of cum into your mouth until I cum no more.

“Don’t swallow!” I command.

I release your head and my softening cock slides from your mouth, along with a strand of cum and drool.

I bend down and softly kiss your mouth. Our tongues meet and dance with each other as we taste my cum.

Then I stand, and rub my cock and balls into your face.

“You have been such a good boy, you deserve a present from Daddy.”

I free your legs, then reach between them and gently begin to massage your clitty. You begin to squirm. I place my other hand at the head of your clitty cock. It only takes a moment for your clitty to explode into my hand.

I carefully remove my hand, bring it to your mouth, and feed your cum to you.

“Don’t swallow!” I command. “Open your mouth and show our cum to me.”

You obey.

I bend down and kiss you again, softly, tongues dancing together, enjoying the taste of your cum.

“Now, you may swallow, my Sweet Boy.”

I loosen your arms, help you up, and lead you to the bed.

“Good boy! Now we’ll rest together until we’re ready again.”

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you. I love you, Daddy!”

“And, I love you too, Sweet Boy!

We kiss – a long, slow, passionate kiss – embrace, and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20