Amy Ch. 02

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Layla emerged from her ensuite and looked over to where Amy lay fast asleep on her side facing the ensuite. Her pale skin seemed to glow against the black silk sheets, one lush full breast peeping from beneath the cover, its rich, juicy nipple making Layla’s mouth water with the urge to taste it again.

God, she had been such an exciting lover last night. Innocent to all the pleasure that Layla could bring her, she had blossomed with each lick and caress of Layla’s knowledgeable mouth and hands. It had not taken long before she had been begging Layla to fuck her, to take her and make her hers. Oh, yes, Layla’s body tingled with the memories, her nipples tautening beneath her silk shirt, pussy dampening in anticipation. Even more exciting had been when Layla had taught Amy what pleased her and had allowed the young woman to explore her body as Layla had explored hers. The sex had been as explosive as Layla had imagined with her. Beneath her shy nature was a hot slut just waiting to emerge and Layla was determined that she would be the one to free her.

She gathered up her handbag and gave the sleeping figure one last regretful look. There was nothing she wanted more than to return to that bed and taste Amy over and over again until neither of them could move but she had things that needed doing. Pleasure could wait until the evening and she would ensure that it would be just as explosive as last night had been.

She gave the room one final glance, checking her cameras were still recording, before leaving the room and closing the door behind her. Down the stairs she pulled her overcoat on over the fine cut suit and left the house. Her driver was waiting to take her into town to where her office was located. A smile teased her ruby red lips as she thought of the morning’s work ahead of her.

Amy stirred and stretched in bed, her mind pleasantly fuzzy as she slowly began to wake. Her hand stretched out across the width of the bed, a frown marring her face as she encountered a cold empty space. She stretched her fingers, wondering why she felt silk beneath her hand rather than the functional cotton sheets she normally slept upon. For a second her mind was blank but then the fog cleared and she remembered everything from the night before with a crystal clear clarity that had her entire body flushing with embarrassment. Oh, dear God, what had she done, she asked herself as she lay frozen in the bed.

Remembering was easy as her mind replayed the events of last night over and over again. She recalled how Layla had seduced her, fingering her to a mind blowing climax that had her crawling into her bed and inviting her to repeat it over and over again. Not only repeat it but also returning the favour as she had explored the older woman’s exquisite body. Suckling at her full tits, nibbling on those pebbly nipples before going down and finding that exquisite pearl that had had Layla calling out such crude and filthy words that Amy had felt compelled to continue until her face had been soaked with her sweet juices.

Sex had never been so hot or mind-blowing before. Even all her fantasies with Mark had never given her this much pleasure or made her want so much more. How she would have loved to be awakened by Layla fingering her pussy or even to have woken Layla up by feasting upon those perfect tits.

Her pussy tingled, a now familiar dampness becoming evident between her legs. With a half-smile upon her face she rolled in the bed, the silk sliding against her sensitive nipples eliciting a moan to slip out. She lightly stroked her hand over her naked body, fingers caressing until they reached her tit and the nipple that stood proudly erect. The tips of her fingers stroked the aching nubbin, pleasure arcing down to her aching pussy making her squirm slightly.

She tugged on the nipple, gently squeezing the nipple, mimicking the action of Layla’s mouth the night before as she had feasted upon her tits. She sucked on the fingers of her other hand before letting them trail around the other aching tip, shivering as the cool air chilled her flesh making her nipple tighten further.

Her hand pushed casino siteleri the silk sheet down her body as her fingers sought her wet pussy, sliding between the sodden folds as they found that tight knot of nerve endings, pleasure streaking through her body as she circled and rubbed. Amy remembered how she had lain on the bed just like this the night before, Layla’s husky voice encouraging her to explore her own body, to stroke and tease, to tug and pull on flesh that burned with a level of lust she had never felt before. Her own fingers had sunk into her wet cunt, plunging and pumping as Layla’s filthy mouth had encouraged her to fuck herself hard, to own her pussy, to cum so hard that her juices had squirted everywhere.

As the memories played out in her mind, her fingers moved faster, rubbing and circling her clit before finally sliding inside her pussy, pumping in and out. Her other hand tugged hard on her nipples, pinching and squeezing at the bouncing tits as her body writhed and danced with pleasure on the bed.

“Yes, oh, fuck, yes,” she gasped, her hips arching as her fingers pumped faster and harder. “Oh, fuck, Layla, look what you’re doing to me, making me your slut, addicted to what you’ve released. Ohhhhhh, God, need to cum, need it bad, wish your mouth was on my cunt, licking and sucking it as you fuck me.” She pulled hard on her tit before going down to play with her clit as her fingers dove deep in her sodden pussy. She could hear her juices squelching as she drove herself onwards towards another shattering climax that had her body jerking with pleasure as she screamed Layla’s name over and over again.

Exhausted she lay back on the bed, heart pounding, chest heaving. She licked her sticky fingers, nostrils filling with her musky scent as she remembered how she had tasted her fingers after coating them with Layla’s essence. Her pussy tingled again as she buried her face in the pillow. Where was Layla? Why wasn’t she here to share this with her? She thought of her husband, Mark, and wondered if she would ever have sex with him again. She couldn’t face just doing the missionary position with him anymore. She wanted more passion, more heat, Layla.

A smile lifted her lips as she wondered whether her stuffy husband could be persuaded to share their bed with his mother. If he could let himself go she had a feeling the sex would be off the scale for Layla would not allow him to be repressed. Oh yes, she thought, her blood starting to heat again, sex with the two of them would be amazing, mind-blowing, addictive. She might never leave her bed again.

With a smile on her face, fingers lightly caressing her pussy, she drifted off to sleep where she dreamed of Layla riding Mark whilst she rode his face as Layla sucked and bit her tits.

Layla’s city centre office was on the top floor of a modest looking ten story office block. Different companies rented the various floors ensuring an anonymity to those who came and went which suited Layla. Few people visited her suite on the tenth floor, a level shared only with another company. She pressed her card to the digital scanner and tapped in her access code to release the door and entered the suite. Two doors on her right led to the restrooms whilst a door on her left led into the kitchen and break area. Ahead of her sat the reception with the doors to the smaller offices leading off behind her.

“Morning, Mrs Deveaux,” said the young receptionist as she looked up from her typing.

“Good morning, Claire. Any post?”

“A little and a couple of telephone messages.” She handed over a small pile of envelopes and notes before resuming her work.

Layla glanced down at them as she walked into the largest of the four offices. Deciding there was nothing of importance, she placed them on the table at the side of her desk and slipped her coat off and hung it over her chair. She sat down and powered up her computer, watching as the monitor went through its cycle of programmes.

Her office was a large corner room with windows on both sides allowing plenty of light into the room and giving clear views of the city before her. It had the canlı casino advantage of not being overlooked by the other office blocks. Not that they could see into her suite since all of the windows were of special one way glance allowing the occupants to look out but no one could look in. Nor could any noise be heard throughout the suite or the adjoining floors since Layla had had an extensive refit carried out when she had purchased the suite which had included complete sound proofing. Big Ben could chime in her office and no one would hear it which was just as well considering what went on.

Opposite her, hung on the wall, was a panel of monitors that could be used to display one image or six depending on what was required. To her left a leather three piece suite surrounded a glass coffee table. A wall unit held a kettle, coffee machine with an adjacent basket of various coffee pods and small sink unit. Hidden in the unit was a small refrigerator to keep things cool as well as a cupboard containing snacks and nibbles for whenever she got peckish. There was also a well-stocked drinks cupboard containing everything from a light white wine to a rich brandy and selection of beers and lagers.

On her right was a large king size bed, covered with silk and furs and various lighting and camera mounts pointing towards it. Much fun had been had in that bed with pleasurable rewards though none as pleasurable as last night. Smiling, she clicked on a programme and typed something on the keyboard before a small window appeared showing the progress of the files that were uploading. A few seconds later the computer beeped and a prompt asked her if she wanted to open the files.

She clicked the mouse a couple of times and the six screens flickered to life, each one showing her bedroom from a different view point. Relaxing back into the large leather chair she watched as last night’s events played out before her. Her pussy started to tingle as she saw Amy’s ripe tits being revealed for the first time, her fingers tugging and squeezing those hardened nubs. Her pulse throbbed as she watched Amy’s face experience the pleasure of another woman for the first time.

Unconsciously, her hand reached down into her panties, fingers sliding into her wet pussy as she started to rub herself in time with her image on the screen rubbing Amy’s pussy. Her mouth watered as she watched herself going down on the younger woman, saw the way Amy’s hands held her to her cunt as she thrust upwards to her mouth.

“You fucking loved it, didn’t you, my slut?” she whispered to herself and she started to fuck herself. “You couldn’t get enough of my mouth on your cunt, begging for it like a whore. You’re mine, Amy, mine to do with whatever I want.”

A beep from her computer interrupted her and she frowned until she saw it was a facetime request from Mark. Not stopping fucking herself she clicked her mouse to allow the connection, the computer’s camera capturing her face as she neared her climax. She felt more aroused knowing Mark was watching her pleasure herself watching recordings of his wife being the slut she was.

“Am I interrupting?” he asked as he watched her come down from the climax that had her moaning Amy’s name.

“No,” she replied, breathless. “Just reviewing last night’s filming. Have you seen it?”

She had uploaded the films to his cloud account first thing this morning when she had woke up. She had been anticipating his call all morning, wondering what he thought of his young bride now.

“I have.” He smiled wolfishly at her. “You were right, she is a slut. Keeping our sex life dull was just what was needed for it to boil up. I’ve never wanked so much this morning watching those films. Even Clive had a wank and gave me a blow job seeing those films.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed them. By the time you come home she should be settled into her slut life. Oh, looks like our slut is awake.” Layla clicked some more on her computer and one of the monitors changed to show Amy awakening. She smiled as she saw the young woman’s face as she remembered last night.

“She looks unsure,” Mark commented as he watched his kaçak casino wife flush with embarrassment.

“Just wait and have faith,” Layla replied.

A few seconds later they watched as Amy started to play with her tits before sliding the cover down and fingering her pussy. In the soft light of the bedroom they could see her wet pussy glistening, hear the juices squelching as she fucked herself. Layla wished that she was there with her as she heard the younger woman call out for her to fuck her.

“Right as always,” Mark gasped, his face revealing that he had just jacked off watching his wife. “She is a true slut. I can’t wait to come home to that. What are you going to do next?”

“Simon and Roo are coming for dinner tonight. I’m sure that by the end of the evening there will be extra dessert on offer.” Layla smiled as she thought of her other son and his wife who often joined her in her sexual adventures. She had initiated them both into her hedonistic lifestyle and neither had looked back.

“Fuck, I’m getting hard just thinking about it,” Mark complained as he angled his phone downwards so that Layla could see his hard cock. Precum glistened upon its tip and she could see damp patches from where he had cum earlier.

“Hard thinking about what?” a voice off screen asked. The camera moved to reveal a muscular black man emerging from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist whilst he dried off his ripped chest and abdomen. Layla remembered what it was like to be pinned against that chest and her pussy spasmed at the memory.

“My slutty wife having dinner with my wife, brother and his wife,” Mark replied as he showed Clive the video of Amy pleasuring herself that morning.

“Oh, man, that is one slut you have there. Fuck, I’d like to have her dancing on my pole like that. I’ll have to visit you guys at home sometime, get me some of that cunt. Jeez, I got one hard hard on here. Give me that boycunt of yours, Mark, whilst I dream of fucking your slut wife.”

The camera moved again and soon Layla was watching as Clive yanked Mark’s sweatpants down to reveal his naked ass. Lube was smeared over his large cock before he pulled Mark back onto him, moaning as it slid into Mark’s well used hole.

“Slow down, Clive,” Mark gasped as he was stretched to accommodate the hard muscle. He bent over his chair, allowing the giant better access, his own hard cock bouncing with each thrust. “Oh, fuck, Clive, harder, yes, fuck, yes.”

“That’s it, bitch, beg for it. Beg for this black cock to own your ass.” Clive smacked Mark hard on the buttock as he pounded his ass, balls slapping against Mark’s flesh with each heated thrust. “You’re as much a slut as your wife, boy, and soon I’ll have you both.”

“Yes,” Mark groaned as his hand found his hard cock and started stroking it with hard, fast strokes, matching Clive’s thrusts stroke for stroke. “I’m your slut, my boycunt craves your cock. Fuck, I’d love your cock in my boycunt as I take my wife’s cunt.” He closed his eyes at the image, his face a torture of pleasure as he came in powerful spurts across the floor. Behind him Clive bellowed as he blew his load into Mark’s ass, hips jerking against Mark as he gripped him tightly.

Seated in her chair Layla cried out as she watched the two men cum before her. She had known for years that Mark was Clive’s bitch when he was away. The two men often recorded their rough, hard sex for her to watch over and over again. She could not wait for the black stud to visit her home again so that she could watch him pound Mark whilst Mark fucked Amy. In fact, she would love to have Mark fuck her whilst he was being fucked by Clive. Yes, she would have to invite him to her home again soon.

“Clean me off, bitch,” Clive ordered Mark as he offered him his semi limp cock. Mark eagerly took the meat in his mouth and sucked him clean, uncaring that his mother watched. “What do you think of your boy, Layla?”

“I think he’s perfect as your slut, Clive. I can’t wait for you to meet our latest slut, though. See you both soon.” She blew a kiss to the two men before ending the connection. She had calls to make for this evening and video to upload to her private website for others in her circle to view. She had a feeling it would not be long before there would be others eager to experience Amy’s bounty. Not long at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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