Amy Finally Lives Out Her Fantasies Ch. 03

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(Author’s note: Love feedback, and can appreciate constructive criticism, but if you don’t like the idea of a man masturbating with anal toys, or with another man in the room, you’ll probably want to skip this story. Thank you.)

Amazing the things one finds when on their significant other’s computer.

Benjamin — or should I call you “Kyle”? — you really should be more careful with hidden files, cookies and predictable passwords.

You, along with anyone who reads this story (including you Dave), are reading this written by me, your lovely bride Amy, who unbeknownst to you found some interesting stuff on your laptop a couple of weeks ago. Among those things was your login to your Literotica profile which features some very interesting stories written by you, pretending to be “Kyle”, yet you didn’t have the decency to give me an alias.

I was going to confront you on this and the e-mail address you’ve been hiding from me, the photos and videos you’ve been collecting, the cookies for the websites I see you’ve been perusing… but I think it would be more interesting for you to read about it on Literotica yourself, to find out as unexpectedly as I found out about your secrets. To find out after others have, perhaps even some of your own family and friends and colleagues. And rather than me come to you to discuss this, I will eagerly await when you come to me to discuss it after you’ve read this.

I’d love to see your reaction when you browse the new stories on and come across one written by “LuvAGoodPegging”, your handle on this site. When you think something must be wrong, that you were mistakenly given credit for a story you did not write. But you HAD to read it, after all it is being attributed to you! So you’ll open it up and be shocked and ashamed to read my note, telling you that your secret life has been exposed, that your hidden world has come crashing down. Your worst fear is probably to have someone read your desires and know eaxctly who the author truly is. You can’t hide your alter ego from me anymore “Kyle”, I know exactly who you are.

Upon reading your stories, I initially felt anger at your hiding desires and fantasies from me, your own wife, canlı bahis yet sharing them with others, with complete strangers. But then, my mischievous side took over and I began plotting how I could take advantage of this situation.

I always knew you were kinky, and know how much you love my big strapon. You want a dildo in your ass in the worst way, you hunger for it and love sucking it and getting fucked by it.

Your second story, in which I have a shemale friend who you suck off and get fucked by was quite an interesting read. I never knew how much you yearned for a real cock in your mouth and ass. This knowledge gives me some interesting ideas, but I’ll get to those when we discuss all of this.

As for Dave, your new pal who enjoyed your stories and had e-mailed you about his own desires that are similar to yours, your communication with him was interesting to read as well. You told him a lot about me and our sex life, and that’s not very nice, not without my permission.

But that’s okay, I’ve already begun to make it better. Remeber when Dave contacted you saying he would be in town, maybe he can stay at our place? I wrote that and sent it from a Hotmail address that looked exactly like his, except for that extra character that you clearly missed. I did the same to him, sending an e-mail from a new address I created to look like yours, inviting Dave to visit. In both e-mails, I wrote “pretend it was your idea, just in case my wife somehow comes across this.” Admittedley, it wasn’t the best plan, but it was all I could come up with. I took a huge risk, it would’ve made things very confusing to say the least if either of you figured it out, but luckily for me, it doesn’t seem to have come up between you two. Instead, Dave spent a weekend in our home, both of you loving the idea, both of you crediting the other for it, when in reality it was all part of my plan.

With that tightrope treaded successfully, the rest fell into place quite easily.

These “spy” shops sell hidden cameras at a much better price than I imagined, and the quality is very good. Did you notice my sudden shopping excursions while Dave was over? All of this was to give you and he the privacy bahis siteleri you needed. What I know for certain that you did not notice was the fake text book on our shelves. The hollow text’s black spine featured a small camera lens, pointed right at our living room couch. It captured quite a bit of footage.

My first trip out, I could see the excitement in your eyes when I told you I’d be out for four or five hours. The video captured you waiting all of four minutes before popping out your hidden porn DVDs and taking out your sex toys that we use. Seems Dave brought a “goodie bag” of his own.

Before long, the two of you were nude. You sat across from one another, you on the couch, Dave on the love seat.

I could see you were struggling with this. You wanted this, but were afraid to admit it and were quite shy. Dave didn’t waste any time, immediately lubing his cock and stroking it… how I wished I had bought that camera that also had a mic to capture sound, I would’ve loved to have heard what you were saying to one another.

After a minute or two of comforting yourself to the idea, you too took hold of your cock and began to masturbate. Dave looked over at you and my hope was that the two of you were about to do stuff to each other, but sadly you kept your distances.

I watched the video intently as you and Dave became more and more engrossed by the film you were watching. Both of you began stroking your cocks faster. Soon, you stopped stroking to calm yourself. While you were waiting, I saw you reach into your box with the sex toys. You pulled out your 5″ blue buttplug and some lube. Dave watched you intently as you poured the lube over the tip of the plug. You then brought the plug to your ass, and your expression went into complete and utter ecstasy as you sat down on the plug, you sat motionless as your ass adjusted to this pleasurable intrusiuon, but before long you began to rock on it, grinding your ass into it.

Dave went into his baggy and pulled out a plug, smaller than yours in length, blut slightly wider. Dave appears to be more of the exhibitionist, as he leaned over the loveseat, his ass pointed towards your face as he slowly slid the plug bahis şirketleri into his own ass, meanwhile his head was turned to face you as he did so. I could sense your awkwardness, but you still watched anyhow.

The two of you continued jacking your cocks, your buttplugs loosening up your tight males asses. I began finger-fucking myself watching the video. Soon I was gushing watching you reach into the box to pull out your 8″ lifelike dildo, with the suction-cup base. Knowing what was to come appeared to be too much for Dave as well since he snapped his head back and came all over himself.

Dave, spent from his orgasm, sat back dripping cum onto the seat while he watched you intently. You wet the cup and pushed it down onto the coffee table. You smeared some more lube onto your ass and sqeezed out a couple of drops onto the dildo. Carefully you brought your legs to either side of the coffee table and positioned your opening over your dildo. Slowly, you brought yourself down onto it, your back to Dave.

Rhythmically, you began bouncing on the solid rubber dong. With each stroke you accelerated the ass fucking you gave yourself in view of your friend, who watched closely as you approached your own peak.

As you bucked wildly, I recognized the look of approaching orgasm for you. I saw you yell in ecstasy as your cock ruptured with blasts of your hot spunk, landing all over our wooden coffee table. You stopped and just sat on the dildo before slowly rising up. you bent down and scooped up a finger of you cum and brought it to your mouth… my goodness, how I love to watch you eat your own jizz! The first delicious taste just encouraged you more as you began to lick up the puddles of your cum off the table.

Dave just watched without moving a muscle. I saw you look to your wrist watch, and I can only assume you realized I’d be home soon as you hastily cleaned of the collection of toys, Dave doing the same with his. You grabbed your clothes and the DVD and left the room.

Ben, I should be mad, but rather I am excited. As your stories unintentionally predicted, it turns out I will live out a few of my fantasies afterall.

I await your response to reading this. And for anyone else reading this, look forward to the next chapter that I will have Ben write to tell you what followed his discovery that his little secret was a secret no longer.

Stay tuned…



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