Amy’s Embarrassing Position

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Helped out by son’s friend


‘Brian!’ Amy shouted.

‘He left early. Can I help?’ William asked.

‘Don’t come in,’ she urgently spoke.

‘Alright. I’m going now, thanks for letting me stay,’ he said.

‘Wait! I’m in a difficult position. Brian won’t be back from a trip, and Arnold is working abroad,’ she thought out loud.

‘I guess so. Are you sure you’re alright?’ he said.

‘No, I need help, oww!’ she yelped.

‘I’m coming in,’ he warned.

He didn’t make a move to enter her bedroom. William stayed the night with Brian, Amy’s son, to catch up on their college experience. Which meant they spent a lot at the pub. He was about to leave and drive back home, when he heard Brian’s mother yell. Again she made a noise sounding like she was in pain.

‘Alright, come in, but don’t look at me,’ she quietly spoke.

He couldn’t help glancing at her. He quickly turned his head away, to save their embarrassment. She was on the floor, naked! She was attractive with clothes on, and at her age he didn’t expect her to be so sexy when naked. From the quick look he had, she was voluptuously beautiful. Not fat, but with all the right curves.

‘What happened?’ he asked.

‘I was playing a game. You can work it out for yourself,’ she angrily spoke. ‘I’m stuck and don’t know what to do,’ she moaned.

‘It’s alright, I’ll get you free,’ he said, trying to console her.

‘You’ll have to turn around then. No! First promise me you won’t tell anyone, promise me that,’ she pleaded.

‘Of course not. No one will know, whatever it is, I promise,’ he said, and held his hand over his heart.

He purposely looked her in the eyes, not wanting to embarrass her any more than she was. Sitting on the floor naked, in front of her son’s friend must be awful for her. He could understand that. Adding to the anguish was something preventing her from standing. He pulled a sheet from the bed to cover her up.

‘Thank you, William,’ she murmured, and tried to smile.

‘Looking back it will seem funny one day,’ he consoled her.

‘I really don’t think so. In the meantime I need to get free,’ she stated, trying to hurry him along.

‘I could feed you, and go to the toilet for you, until your husband returns,’ he suggested.

The seriousness of his voice fooled her for a moment, then she laughed hollowly with tears forming.

‘I’m not going to cry! This is a silly thing, and I’m lucky you’re here. So, you had better take a look to see how to get me free,’ she said, sounding determined.

‘Alright. I’m sure I can,’ he firmly stated, trying to sound calm.

She pulled the sheet from around her bottom, exposing her nakedness. It was embarrassing letting an eighteen-year-old see her forty-six-year-old body. At least she wasn’t wrinkly. How could she compete with the college girls he was used to.

‘Stupid! Stupid! I’m not competing with anyone,’ she thought.

‘May I touch?’ he nervously asked.

‘Just so long it’s to free me, and not playing. . .’ she began, and realised what she was saying.

‘No, no, of course not,’ he stammered.

‘Sorry, I was joking, trying to lighten the situation. Of course you wouldn’t want to play with your friend’s mother. Sorry, I meant, err, I’m too old. Damn! I don’t know what I’m saying. Best get on with it,’ she finally said.

He kneeled on the floor, peering under her bottom. She rocked forward just a little, and let out a sound, suggesting pain. He dare not touch her.

‘Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you,’ he said.

‘Just so long as you get me free, do whatever you like,’ she offered.

‘That’s very tempting, Mrs Barns,’ he said.

‘Not very convincing, William. I appreciate the attempt though, you’re a kind boy,’ she grimaced.

‘You’re not too old. You have a lovely figure,’ he said.

‘Well, that was more convincing, but this isn’t the moment to compliment me. I’m on my bedroom floor, naked and vulnerable. A handsome young man is about to, well, whatever. That’s enough to make any woman feel embarrassed, under the circumstances,’ she explained.

‘Oh. I guess so. I didn’t look at it that way. It’s obviously awful for you,’ he said. ‘I can see it might not be, well, err. Can I try lifting you?’ he asked.

‘I’d appreciate you getting on with it,’ she told him.

‘Sure, Mrs Barns,’ he said.

‘While you have my bottom in your hands, it’s reasonable to call me, Amy,’ she pointed out, again attempting humour.

‘OK, Amy,’ he vaguely answered. ‘I didn’t realise how nice it is. Sorry!’ he quickly added.

‘Thank you, William for the commentary on the state of my bottom,’ she sarcastically spoke.

‘I was just saying, oh, never mind,’ he said.

‘No, it’s me. I’m not used to young men groping my bum,’ she said, trying to sound matter of fact.

‘I’m not groping it, Amy. I’m trying to find out what went wrong,’ he explained.

‘Alright, don’t give up, carry on. Whatever it takes, you do it, okay?’ she encouraged.

Encouraging a young man to lift her bare bottom casino oyna off the floor, suddenly seemed bizarre, and a hearty laugh broke free.

When he lifted her up, he saw a dildo firmly planted on the floor, with all of it up inside her.

‘You enjoyed that, should I do it again?’ he asked.

‘Yes, no! It was what I said. About lifting my bottom off the floor. This seems so weird, like a fetish or something,’ she said, and wished she hadn’t.

‘Lifting your bottom off the floor, a fetish, what could you mean?’ he laughed in turn.

‘Stop teasing me, it hurts when I laugh,’ she teased back.

‘Well, it’s true then, you are enjoying this,’ he said.

‘No I’m not, I have to put up with it. As well as you being here. It’s easier if we laugh,’ she explained.

‘Explain this,’ he said.

She looked at where he was pointing to see her nipples hard as marbles. Not very round for playing with, though nice enough. They were pumped up ready to explode. She’d never seen them so big and juicy.

‘Well? Like Pinocchio’s nose, if you lie, they’ll grow longer, and fatter, giving you away,’ he chided her.

‘Maybe. Alright, just don’t pinch them please,’ she said trying to sound calm. ‘It’s not my fault, they reacted from you handling me,’ she said.

‘Blaming me now, that’s not fair when I’m trying to free you,’ he teased her.

‘Sorry. It’s my fault,’ she belatedly said.

‘There’s no way of pulling you free without hurting you. Maybe even damaging you. Its stuck up there, and won’t come out. I’ll get some oil, that might help,’ he offered.

‘Whatever it takes, whatever you want to do to me, William,’ she sincerely spoke.

While he was in the bathroom, she thought about what she just told him. There was far too much meaning in her tone of voice. Of course she was wet down there. The thought of him oiling her crotch was stoking her up. She hadn’t been this aroused for a long time.

Damn! Why did it have to be her son’s friend from college. A man around her age would show interest in her, and she was more than ready to reward him for setting her free. It would have to be after she was free, as the angle was all wrong. Hell! What was she thinking! Having a man nestling up behind her, was a bad thought.

It just showed how sexed up she was, and therefore, she would have to be careful. The last thing she wanted was for William to take advantage of her. Or would it be the other way around?

‘Alright, Amy, we have some baby oil here. Let’s try that, shall we?’ he stated, in what might have been a calming voice.

Why do people speak like that when taking on a medical role? It was patronising and disturbing. He got on the floor in front of her, and they both looked away from each other. Trying to distance themselves from what he was about to do, had to be done.

‘Oh!’ she mumbled.

‘I warmed my hands,’ he said. ‘I’m not hurting am I?’ he asked.

‘No! It’s alright, get on with it,’ she said, trying to sound matter-of-fact over it.

His oily fingers were running over her lips. They were already wet, and from his gentle stroking, they became distended little flaps of flesh. They were hardening up, so she hoped he wasn’t too familiar with a woman’s body. If he was, he would know what was happening down there, and in her head.

Her breathing came in little gasps.

‘Are you opening up?’ he asked.

‘Yes!’ she heavily breathed out, then realised what she was admitting to. ‘Why did you ask that, its personal,’ she said, sounding miffed.

‘If you relax and open up, I might be able to lift you up off the thing,’ he said.

His fingers were rubbing all around the dildo stuck inside her. It was her sex he was rubbing, massaging, and teasing.

‘Oh!’ she softly responded, and couldn’t help moaning.

His fingers found her clitoris and rubbed it hard. Damn! He was deliberately sexing her up! Of course! He was stoking her up, opening her vagina, to get the dildo out. He was certainly arousing her, yet it didn’t feel as though it was ready to come out.

‘I can’t get any oil inside. I’ll try to lift you off now,’ he said.

What could she say to that? ‘I’d appreciate it if you could try harder to get your oily fingers into my vagina, please.’ Her breathing was ragged now, but that didn’t matter, as he could clearly see how sexed up she was.

Standing in front of her, he wrapped his arms under her hers and around her back. He was ready to lift. Her face was in his crotch, smelling his maleness. Of course he was turned on by fingering her! In a way, she was pleased he was. At least she wasn’t completely past it.

‘I’m going to lift you now. Tell me to stop if it hurts,’ he warned.

‘Oww! Stop!’ she shouted.

He gently lowered her to the floor. Her bottom was getting sore, from being flattened on the floorboards. The bedroom had varnished wooden floorboards, with a large rug in the centre. She had rolled the rug aside to plant the dildo on the boards. Now she was stuck on the large dildo.

‘Why am I stuck on the damn canlı casino thing?’ she asked.

‘Can you lean back as far as possible?’ he asked.

He lay on the floor in front of her, with his face an inch from her sex.

‘Put your hand on my back, to steady yourself, and rock backwards a little,’ he instructed.

Damn! He was closely studying her pussy! Oh! Shit! He had a finger separating her lips. They were really puffy now! She didn’t squirt often, but this might be one of those times. If so, she would spurt right in his face.

‘Oh! Ooo!’ she let out sighs of pleasure.

‘I’m guessing this is alright, not hurting,’ he said, while separating her lips.

‘Alright!’ she said, in a high pitched voice.

‘I’m going to try and get the dildo off the floor, alright?’ he asked.

‘Yes, whatever you want,’ she croaked.

This time she meant it. Whatever he wanted to do with her, was more than alright.

‘I’ll give it one more try. Tell me if it hurts,’ he said.

Again he was standing close in front of her. This time she really enjoyed his male, musky smell, and pushed her face into his crotch. A naughty thought came over her as he wrapped his arms around her naked body.

Being full down there meant her sex was unavailable, so instead, he could use her mouth. The naughty thoughts wouldn’t go away. Opening her mouth, she pressed it against the hardness in his jeans. Her arms wrapped around him to hold onto his bottom.

‘That’s it, hold on,’ he advised.

Mrs Barns pressed her face against his cock, almost desperate to have it. Every twitch of his cock made her feel more reckless. The boy was turned on by her, and that made her feel wonderful.

He heaved her upward, and she complained a garbled sound. It hurt, but then the dildo rubbed her g-spot, and that was terrifically powerful. Already on the edge, an orgasm began to overwhelm her. He lowered her, and because she didn’t complain, he pulled up again. Then again, then giving it a another go, as it seemed to be moving.

Oh! God! He was fucking her with the damn dildo! It was so big inside it rubbed everywhere. It felt as though her entire vagina was full of cock. Her g-spot was being rubbed, sending waves of sensations throughout her body.

‘Oh! God! Yes!’ she wailed.

It couldn’t be held back any longer. An orgasm flushed itself throughout her body. Like a powerful waterfall it rushed through her entire being. Her nervous system was on fire!

‘I’m there, I’ve cum,’ she declared.

‘Oh, sorry, I mean, err,’ he faltered.

When her breathing eventually slowed down, she told him, ‘Don’t be sorry, it was wonderful,’ she smiled.

A nervous laugh overtook her, and carried on for too long.

‘Kiss my nipples, please!’ she demanded.

On hands and knees he held her breasts up, then leant forward to suck on the nipples. Her arms rested over his shoulders. She threw her head back and moaned gratefully.

‘Thank you, William, you can stop now,’ Amy eventually said.

‘Sorry, Mrs Barns, I didn’t mean to, err, you know, make you, err,’ he carefully said.

‘Okay, don’t worry. You can see what the problem is now, so can you please get me off the damn floor,’ she nicely asked.

‘I’ll need a tool, a screwdriver, or something,’ he said, while still holding onto her breasts.

‘In the cupboard on the landing, there’s a scraper for decorating, will that do?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I guess so,’ he murmured.

After a little while, she said, ‘You’ll have to let go of my breasts to fetch it.’

‘Oh! Yes! Right!’ he said.

He came back with a narrow bladed scraper, figuring it might do.

‘Wait! What are you going to do?’ she asked, sounding worried.

‘I’ll be very careful, so don’t worry,’ he reassured her.

‘Cramp!’ she yelped.

He straightened both legs, and massaged them. The spasms left her feeling sore, but nothing more.

‘Oh! God! My whole weight is on the damn thing. It’s right up there now! I can’t see how you’ll get a hold of it,’ she complained.

‘Stop squirming! You’re making it worse!’ he warned.

He realised some of the groans had nothing to do with the cramp. When he straightened her legs, her full weight rested on the dildo, so he’d inadvertently pushed the dildo deeper up inside her. No wonder she’d yelped and groaned. He wondered how big the dildo was, and how deep it was inside her.

Her bottom was firmly sat upon the floor, and he couldn’t even see the base of the dildo, so he crawled around to the front. It was difficult facing her after giving his friend’s mother a strong orgasm. He’d shoved a dildo deep inside her, and bounced her up and down on it, until she climaxed. He just hoped she didn’t see it like that, as being his fault. He didn’t want his friend’s mother telling anyone he’d forced her to cum.

‘I’ll have to, err, touch you down there. Oh! Just a minute,’ he said, and went to the bathroom.

‘That’s it, go to the bathroom, add to the torture,’ she sarcastically said.

‘Sorry, I just needed something,’ kaçak casino he said, and rubbed her wet lips.

He put his hand down between her legs, and pushed his fingers around the dildo.

‘I’m protecting you down there,’ he explained.

He eased the scrapper along the floor board, trying to leaver up the dildo.

‘It’s coming!’ he announced.

‘I think I am too!’ she moaned.

‘That’s it, watch out!’ he said, as she slowly toppled forward.

He caught her in his arms, with his face in her breasts.

‘Kiss my nipples, please!’ she told him.

He was used to manhandling her now, and so was she. She lay on top of him, staring at the floor over his shoulder, while he sucked on her nipples. It felt as though his cock was in her, and that he’d given her a second orgasm. The hardness inside her was huge! It was no wonder she’d had another orgasm. Before and after an orgasm, she enjoyed her nipples sucked, and he was doing a good job.

‘Thank you, William, you can stop now. As you must have guessed I had another orgasm, and needed my nipples sucked,’ she reluctantly admitted.

‘Yes, I know. That’s okay. Anything happens in Mrs Barns bedroom, stays in Mrs Barns bedroom,’ he said.

‘After giving me two lovely orgasms, you must certainly call me Amy. Anything else feels weird,’ she said.

‘Okay. I’m going to move you off me now. I don’t want you to move or do anything, let me do all the work. Okay?’ he asked.

‘Alright. So far you’ve done all the work and I’ve enjoyed it. Am I going to enjoy the rest of it?’ she giggled.

The sound of her voice surprised her. She sounded like a silly young girl. As an old married woman it was ridiculous.

‘What must you think of me?’ she asked.

‘Someone in need of help, who is trying to cope with a difficult situation. It must be very embarrassing for you,’ he said, from between her ample breasts.

‘Are you all right in there?’ she almost laughed.

‘Nothing I’d like better than to be here with you, Amy. Especially here,’ William smiled up at her.

‘I take it you’re a breast man?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I am,’ he admitted, with a big smile on his face.

‘How do mine compare with, with, err, your girlfriend’s,’ she asked, trying to sound neutral and disinterested.

‘I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, but these are very nice, Amy. Very nice indeed,’ he said, and licked her nipples.

When she didn’t complain, he tried to suck as much of a breast as he could into his mouth. He had his arms around her, holding her close. She didn’t push away, as the look of total enjoyment, of complete bliss, warmed her.

‘I think you deserve to enjoy yourself, after, well, making me cum so much,’ she said, with a certain warmth in her voice.

‘Mmm! They’re lovely,’ he said.

‘Go ahead, enjoy,’ she calmly said.

It was awhile before he stopped. He hadn’t enjoyed an orgasm, but he had been close. If she could have reached him, she would have played with him. After all he deserved it, and she still needed his help. She was off the floor, but still impaled by the dildo. She no longer cared what he saw of her body, or what he did to her, she was past being embarrassed. He was no longer her son’s friend, he was now her lover, of sorts.

He slowly and gently moved sideways, while holding on to her with his arms and legs wrapped around her. She wondered if that was necessary, until she slid onto the floor. Her vagina hurt for a moment, until she was flat on her back. She dare not move, or even blink. A dose of reality, experienced as pain, washed away the foolish feelings of a moment ago. It was silly thinking of this boy as her lover. He must think she was an old fool!

‘Lay still, for a moment,’ he told her, although there was no need to say it.

She lay naked, flat on her back on the bedroom floor, panting. He massaged her legs, as if she had cramp, or maybe he thought he could compensate for the sharp pain inside her. It had already receded, but she wasn’t going to tell him that. It was nice, especially as his hands worked on her thighs, getting closer and closer to where she wanted them.

His fingers nudged the dildo, which made it rub against her g-spot, and everywhere else inside her vagina. The damn thing completely filled her vagina. How was that possible? It didn’t look that big when she sat on it. Had her vagina clamped down upon it, trapping it inside? It was very tightly packed inside, and she wasn’t exactly a petite virgin anymore.

‘What are you doing?’ she had to asked.

‘I was hoping to loosen you up, and pull it out,’ he admitted, as though caught with his hand in the sweet jar.

‘Don’t be shy, go for it. The sooner it’s out, the better,’ she emphatically stated.

‘I’m going to slowly ease your legs apart. Tell me if it hurts,’ William told her.

Amy grunted assent. This was too much for her. Her son’s friend, a mere boy, had her laid naked on her back, in her bedroom, and he was spreading her legs.

‘Is this going to help?’ she quietly asked.

Her thighs were thin, but he needed to see what had happened, and why it wasn’t coming out. As soon as he had her legs spread, he tried to pull it out. He crawled up to her crotch, keenly interested in the dildo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20