Amy’s The Boss

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I kissed my wife goodbye and told her to tell her mother I said hello. I was actually looking forward spending the weekend alone with Amy, my 18 step-daughter, and getting to know her a little better. For the past two months, she had been glum and touchy, and I was wondering if there was something I could do to help her out of her bad mood.

I wish she could have more friends, but at 5’4″ and 345 pounds she did not fit in with the “in crowd,” and had never even been out on a date. Aside from her excess weight, both her mother and I agreed that she had an incredibly beautiful face, with huge brown eyes, full pouting lips and beautiful jet-black hair down to the center of her back.

I entered the kitchen and Amy was bending over the refrigerator gathering up an armload of food. She looked huge in her tight green shorts, but suddenly I felt a stirring in my crotch as I looked at her huge round buttocks with the light fabric creeping into her massive crack.

Her thighs and calves showed no sign of cellulite and were a deep tan from hours in the sun. The tight t-shirt could not hide the rolls of fat of her love handles, nor could it hide her massive breasts.

Turning with her armload of food, she saw me staring with an exasperated look on my face. “Honey, don’t you think that’s a little much for a snack? You really need to try a little harder to lose some of that weight…..for your health”

There was a pause as she stared daggers at me, then a huge crash as she slammed the load of meat, mayonnaise, cheese, and cookies to the floor, and flew toward me in a rage. “That did it you son of a bitch. I’m going to kick your fucking ass.”

I stared at the raging bull, wide-eyed and was paralyzed as her right fist slammed into my stomach doubling me over and knocking the wind out of me. I’m not a small man at 5’8″ and 200 pounds, but she easily hoisted me up in her arms, upside down, and proceeded to carry me into the living room.

She flung me down face first to the carpet, then twisted my arms roughly behind my back and sat on them, causing extreme pain from her massive weight.

I grunted out “Please Amy. What are you doing? You’re hurting casino siteleri me.”

She leaned over so I could feel her breath on my ear and in a threatening voice said “You don’t know what hurting means. Try being called fatty all your life, being constantly reminded of your weight by your parents, and being the only virgin left in the Senior class. Well that is all going to change this weekend.”

I felt her shift positions, but I still couldn’t free my arms, then I felt my shorts being pulled down over my legs, quickly followed by my underwear and I began to panic.

“Amy, what are you doing? Stop that right now and let me go.”

She just laughed and said “No chance,” as she easily removed my t-shirt, leaving me pinned and naked beneath her body. I tossed and squirmed seeking freedom, but she was just too powerful for me to resist, and a hard slap to my bare ass made me lie still once again.

Holding both of my hands with one of hers she removed her own clothing with her other hand, then easily turned me over and straddled my chest, pinning my shoulders to the carpeting. My heart was beating out of my chest, but peering into the thick moist bush of my stepdaughter’s crotch was making my short cock grow. Her massive sagging breasts with huge brown nipples swayed as she rose up and crashed down on me knocking the breath from my body.

She turned to look at my cock, then looked down into my terrified face. “Looks like your tiny cock could stand to gain a little weight, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. What are you, 3 ½ inches? 4 tops.”

“Please Amy. This isn’t right. Let me go, and I promise not to say a word to your Mom.”

“Hmmpf. I don’t think you understand. I’ve proven that I can kick your ass easily, so if you don’t want to get hurt further, you will realize that this is my weekend, and you will do exactly as you are told…..Understood?”

Before I could answer, she turned and grabbed my balls roughly and gave them a hard squeeze. “Understood?”

I screamed out in pain, “Yes. Yes, please let go. I will do whatever you want.”

“Good boy.”

Leaning to her left, she grabbed her panties and brought them to canlı casino within inches of my face. Turning them inside out, she showed me the light yellow and tanned stains, then with an evil grin, lowered them to my face until I had to inhale her scent, or suffocate. “What I want right now is for you to become familiar with my delicious aroma and my body and tell me how much you want me.”

Against my best efforts the more she rubbed the soiled panties over my nose and mouth, the more aroused I became. She turned to look at my cock again and was pleased that it was standing straight up.

“Good boy. Now I want you to lay right there while I go into my bedroom and return.”

What else could I do? Aside from being more turned on than I had been in years, I was scared to resist this young woman. I watched her massive ass jiggle and sway as she headed toward the bedroom. She returned, carrying a bottle of pink nail polish, then moved to the couch to sit with her legs spread out across its length. “I want you to get up here and hold my legs and polish my toenails.”

I had never done anything like that to any woman, but slowly I got to my feet and headed toward the couch. “Wait. First I need to be sure my toes are clean, so I want you to suck on every toe.”

I was disgusted but knew that resistance was futile, so I lowered my face to her awaiting feet and cleaned every inch with my lips and tongue. She moaned for 25 minutes, instructing me where to probe with my tongue, then was finally satisfied. I was then instructed to sit and begin with the polish.

She placed her heavy legs in my lap and I took the bottle of polish and slowly began to apply it, careful not to get any on her flesh. I had never paid any attention to anyone’s toes, but the more I concentrated and stared at her toes, the more stimulated I became. At the end of finishing her tenth toe, I once again had a full erection.

She eyed the completed job and wiggled her toes. “You did a good job. That’s a good boy. Now I want you to massage my legs while they dry, then we will be ready for some more fun.”

A little voice on my shoulder was screaming this isn’t right, and I knew that kaçak casino I couldn’t talk her out of it, or resist her, so I had to escape from her. Satisfied that her nails were dry, she removed her legs and that is when I leapt from the couch and tried to run to the bedroom. Big mistake. I could not believe how quick Amy was. She caught up to me before I could slam and lock the door, and easily pushed it open.

I backed up slowly with my hands outstretched. “Please Amy. You’re my step daughter. This has to stop.”

Ignoring me, she advanced with an angry look on her face. “You must not have learned your lesson earlier.”

She grabbed my arm and twisted it once again behind my back and threw me down on the bed. She flipped me to my back, then drew my legs up so that my bare ass was in the air. She roughly inserted two fingers into my asshole and began to thrust them in and out until tears filled my eyes and I was begging her to stop.

She finally removed her fingers and let my legs fall back to the bed, but then slowly moved up until her massive legs were straddling my head. She lowered her body until her dripping pussy came to rest on my mouth. My whole upper body and head were engulfed in 345 pounds of soft but strong adolescent flesh.

She rocked back and forth nearly suffocating me, but the scent and taste of this young Amazon was taking control of me. After licking and sucking for 15 minutes her pussy was dripping wet and she exploded in a massive orgasm.

My cock was rock hard and slowly she moved her giant body from my face, to take my dick into her warm wet pussy. She was incredibly tight as the lips of her virgin cunt sucked me in and she pumped harder and faster. With her arms pinning my chest to the mattress, she pumped me in and out, slowing, then speeding up until I thought I would die. “Please let me cum, I begged.”

She was enjoying the desire she raised in me, and also the total control she had over me as she bucked wildly. Perspiration covered our bodies as she continued to milk me, then neither one of us could hold out any longer and we came simultaneously.

I had never experienced a stronger orgasm in my whole life as I lay back, totally spent, trying to catch my breath and let my heart recover. I had no idea what the future between Amy and me would bring, but I knew one thing for certain: my 18 year old massive step daughter owned me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20