An Accidental Seduction

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Janet was at a loss for how to deal with her stepson, Billy.

It had been hard enough marrying his father when Billy was 16, but since he had turned 18 he had been practically insufferable.

Maybe it was because it was summer break; they were in the house together more than usual, and the heat of summer rarely brought out the best in people.

But she couldn’t let that be an excuse. Billy came and went at all hours, didn’t perform even minimal chores around the house, and he had let his schoolwork slip considerably.

Janet had tried talking to him responsibly as an adult; she had tried to punish him (but he had just laughed at her attempts to ground him); she had even tried talking to her husband, but he didn’t seem concerned, thinking it was simply a phase. Janet knew that he only felt this way because he didn’t have to deal with his son on a daily basis, as he traveled so much for business, but she was at a loss as to what to do.

On a remarkably normal weekday evening, an incident occurred that would change the relationship between Janet and Billy forever.

Billy was in the kitchen and had made a terrible mess preparing some food, and Janet arrived home from an afternoon playing tennis with some friends. After briefly saying “Hello,” to one another, they began arguing over the state of the kitchen. Both were worked up, and both had raised their voices.

Finally Billy said he was done and turned to leave, announcing that he was going out for the night and that there was nothing she could do to stop him. As he moved toward the door, Janet, in a bit of a rage, hurried after him, grabbed his shoulder and yanked it back toward her.

Janet was significantly smaller than Billy; she was about 5’6” and 125 pounds, and Billy was about 5’9” and 150, but Janet was extremely fit and much stronger than she realized (though obviously not as strong as Billy)

Anyway, as Billy was leaving, he was turning around the kitchen table, and the momentum of his turn combined with Janet’s tug as she yanked back on his shoulder caused him to slip and fall, twisting and eventually landing on his back.

Likewise, Janet’s forward motion was suddenly halted by Billy’s fall, so she fell also, landing on top of her stepson.

Janet quickly pulled her legs up to push herself up on her knees as Billy began to yell, “Get off of…”

He suddenly became silent while seemingly in the middle of his sentence, so Janet glanced down toward him to make sure he was alright.

She looked into his face and noticed that Billy appeared to be staring at something. Her eyes followed the direction of his, and she was shocked to notice that in all of the commotion, her tank top had been pulled down and one of her boobs was very, very close to revealing everything.

A decision that was made in the next half second changed the family dynamic forever.

Janet dropped her shoulder and allowed her top’s shoulder strap to slide down her toned arm. This revealed much more of her chest and even allowed her boob to pop out completely, though some of it was still covered by a white bra.

Janet was paying close attention to Billy and knew that he was entranced by the thought of what he might see. She also took a quick moment to check out their exact situation.

They were on the floor, one side against the kitchen table, and the other side was fairly open with the exception of a chair from the table that had been knocked a couple of feet away by the fall.

Janet was on top of Billy, straddling him casino oyna now, though she was positioned more on his thighs than his cock.

As Janet reached for that chair, presumably to pull herself up, Billy pulled his eyes away from Janet’s lovely C cup boobs and began to lift his head up. He was a bit put out when he noticed that Janet had pulled the chair over so that it was up against them and then dropped back down on him, with her hands holding his biceps against the floor.

Billy may not quite have figured out what was happening, but Janet knew exactly what she was doing. She had Billy now between two pieces of furniture so his only path to get up was to go right through her. Additionally, she knew that while she no match for Billy comparing strength to strength, she believed that she was strong enough to hold him there unless he fiercely fought, and she doubted he would do that.

“Billy, sweetie,” she uttered her first words since the fall, “Are you being a bad boy?”

“What?” he answered, “You knocked me down and fell on me.”

“Billy, you know that’s not what I’m talking about, sweetie,” she replied softly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now get off of me,” he stated.

Janet pushed her hands into his arms as she pulled herself up slightly, but any hope of escape that Billy briefly had flickered away as Janet stopped moving as her crotch now lined up with his.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about?” she restated his comment. “Ok, I’ll be more direct. You were looking at my tits; I was trying to give you a chance to take some responsibility and admit it, sweetie.”

Billy was thrown off guard. He had obviously been busted for looking, but he couldn’t figure out Janet’s reaction. Why was she smiling like she was, and why was she talking like this?

He decided that he should end this now and get out of this situation.

“Fine,” he admitted, “I glanced at your chest, but only because it just presented itself. Now, get up.”

He tried to push up, and, for the first time, realized the situation. He couldn’t quite get the leverage he needed to push her off of him, and with the table on one side and the chair on the other, he couldn’t easily move to either side.

“Oh, I see,” Janet smugly said, “You liked looking at my tits only because they presented themselves to you.”

She gave a slight, condescending nod and slowly moved one of her hands to the snap of the bra between her two boobs.

“Then please allow me to ‘Present’ them again, Billy,” she seductively stated as she unsnapped the latch and let her boobs come free.”

Billy couldn’t believe what was happening, but he still sensed that this was somehow wrong; he attempted resistance.

“What are you doing?” he exclaimed. “Get up!”

“Oh, Billy, you’re a big boy, aren’t you?” Janet teased, “Surely you can get up, that is, if you really want to.”

Billy froze and stared as Janet slowly traced her lips with her tongue and began gently and slowly rubbing her pussy against his cock, albeit through her panties and his pants.

Her dry humping was paying off as she could feel his cock getting harder and harder with each movement.

She sat up a bit more and leaned over him; she then took his wrists in her hands and moved them to her tits, allowing him to stroke and gently squeeze them.

Next, she pulled one of her tits up and leaned in toward it so that she could reach her nipple with her mouth and tongue. After a few slow licks and kisses, she placed Billy’s hand canlı casino back onto it.

“If you don’t like this, Billy,” she almost whispered, “Just push me off.”

She actually thought that he could probably do this, even though all he could use while in this position was his arm strength, but she was more certain that his little head was now doing his thinking for him.

Billy pulled his hand away and said, “No, I can’t.”

While admiring his determination, Janet was becoming more committed to breaking him.

“Can’t what, Billy?” she teased.

But when he opened his mouth to answer, Janet leaned down with a kiss. It started out lightly, like feathers on his lips, and then it became more as Janet’s tongue traced his lips and then, ever so gently, began exploring his mouth.

“Don’t you like me, Billy?” she asked as she pulled up for a moment, her blue eyes piercing directly into his.

“Of course, I mean, I think about this, but it’s wrong,” he answered.

Janet noted that he was verbally saying “No” but had actually given up all physical resistance. Additionally, had she heard that right? He said he thought about this?

Ignoring his comments about it being wrong, Janet went ahead and eased her bra completely off and began unbuttoning Billy’s shirt.

“You think about this, honey?” she asked while gently pushing his shirt down and leaning her chest against his.

“God, yes, ever since you moved in,” he answered. “You have no idea.”

Janet began nuzzling his neck with gentle kisses and an occasional light bite, which she could tell was having the intended result.

“But you’re so mean to me.” She whispered in his ear.

“I know,” he said, “I’m sorry; I just thought it would be easier to minimize time around you than to be with you having these thoughts.”

“When did it start?” She inquired, still mildly humping him and kissing his neck.

“I guess when we got the pool. It’s so hard watching you laying out.” He replied.

Janet now carefully unbuttoned his pants, and before he realized it, had slipped one of her hands inside and onto his cock. Janet sensed there was more to the story and was determined to get it out.

She began stroking slowly, “Hmm,” she said, “So big, Billy, I’ll bet your girlfriends love this cock.”

“Well, not really,” he whispered.

“What?” she mocked surprisingly. “Of course they would. Don’t lie to me.”

“No, I’m not lying,” he said, worried that he might upset her. “It’s just that I’m a virgin.”

Janet had suspected as much, and now that it was confirmed, she knew that she was in total control of the situation.

“Poor baby,” she teased some more, while slightly speeding up her strokes to keep him on the edge, “It must be so hard to just get hand jobs and blow jobs.”

“Actually, not even that,” he answered. “I haven’t had any of that.”

“Oh no, Billy, and you’re eighteen, honey, you need these things,” she explained.

She then pulled her hand out of his pants and let him watch her teasingly lick it before placing it back around his cock.

“How’s that feel, Billy?” she asked.

“Great,” he answered.

“I thought so, honey, I’ll take care of you.” She whispered.

“You normally do this yourself, I guess,” she commented, as if it was an afterthought.

She stopped the full strokes on his cock and began touching it all around with just her finger tips.

Frustratingly hard, he answered, “Yes, yes.”

“Where do you do this, baby, just in your room?” she kaçak casino wanted to know.

Her touches became very light during her questions, but they sped back up during his answers, so subconsciously, he began answering immediately and lost all control of trying not to give up certain information.

In a few moments, he had told her that he watched her by the pool and sometimes stayed up late, hoping she would walk to the kitchen in her gown.
Janet also learned that Billy loved seeing her dressed up, in a suit with stockings and heels.
She filed all of this information away for later use and mentally planned a shopping trip for the next day. She knew she had him and could exert more control later at her discretion, but she still thought she was missing out on something, something he still had managed not to tell her.

She pushed his pants down a few inches, as he squirmed a bit. But it was just a nervous squirm, Janet and Billy both knew that he wasn’t going anywhere.

She freed his cock completely and mounted him; rather than get nude herself, she just pushed her panties to the side and came down about an inch or two. She took in the tip of his cock but no more and began going up and down.

She could tell he was going crazy, but she had no intention of allowing him to finish quite yet.

After a few more motions, she said, “Billy, before I do this, I need to know that I can 100% trust you.”

“You can, you can,” he immediately responded, beginning to thrust into her.

She easily raised herself with each of his thrusts, keeping him just out of reach.

“I’m sure I can, Billy, but I need just a little proof; is that ok?” she sweetly asked, knowing full well that he would agree to anything right then.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he replied as Janet began giving him a little more of her. “What do you need?”

“Oh,” Janet moaned as she dropped all the way down, taking him fully in.

She gave two slow, full pumps, and said, “Just tell me one thing that you wish I didn’t need to know, Billy; one secret, I know you have one, right?”

She began her full pumps again, and as he gazed into her eyes, she nodded, to prod him along.

“I have a little peep hole in my room to your room, I watch you sometimes,” he mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

Janet couldn’t believe how wet this was making her and how turned on by this she was. She did realize, though, that his infatuation was even stronger than she had realized.

“Oh that’s fine, Billy, I don’t mind. I’m glad you appreciate me.” She said.

“Really?” Billy said.

“Of course, honey. I’ll try to do a little bit better giving you some special shows now that I know,” she told him.

“As long as you do certain things for me, that is,” she clarified.

“Anything,” he answered.

“No, not anything Billy, just the stuff around the house I ask you to do.” Janet told him while increasing her pumping.

“Yes,” was all he could manage as he was nearing full ecstasy.

As he finally exploded into her, Janet maintained her rhythm, milking him dry.

She knew that he was hers now; he just didn’t realize it, but he would, soon enough, she thought. He had given her enough information for her to use that she knew she could control him for a long, long time.

She finally got off of him and said, “Billy, you wore me out; I’m going to bed. Please clean the kitchen, and tomorrow I’ll have a surprise for you.”

She didn’t wait for a reply; she went upstairs, showered and went to bed. She slept in her sexiest nightgown, in case Billy peeked in, and slept soundly all night.

The next morning, she went downstairs to find an immaculately clean kitchen.

Janet smiled to herself as she made her plans for the day.

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