An Amulet for Michael

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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and is wholly the property of the author. Any resemblance to any individual living or dead is purely and completely coincidental, and is in no way reflective of reality. The occurrences described herein are, to the best of the author’s knowledge, completely within the realm of fantasy, and should be taken as such. If you are offended by homosexual sex and/or kink, or either is illegal within the jurisdiction where you hold residence, this is your only warning to leave now. Otherwise, take this for the fantasy it is, and enjoy.


I usually consider myself to be fairly normal, as gay men go. I’m average sized Irish-American immigrant, weighing just over 200 pounds (I’m using the Imperial system, in order to get used to it, though I much prefer the metric system), an even six feet tall, and ginger-haired over a good portion of my body, which is moderately muscled. I try to keep my body healthy through semi-regular exercise. Three times a week, at minimum, I spend about an hour working my ass off trying to keep the pizza, burger, and steak diet I tend to eat from going right to my belly. So far, it’s working.

But, even though I don’t look too bad, until recently, I found that my looks, at my current age of 37, were leaving me loveless. It seemed that being an average hairy gay man wasn’t doing anything for my love life. I did the usual things a gay man might do, the occasional bar-hop with a cadre of friends, the weekly brunch at the local hot-spot, chatting with all the other gays about what had happened that week, always a bit embarrassed that as usual, I had come empty-handed as it regarded lovers.

My love life being as stagnant as is was, it did not seem to harm my work life any. Back when I had turned twenty, I had been named the sole beneficiary of a particularly wealthy uncle who I had never met. This put me in control of a small but wealthy chain of department stores, if thirty branches can be considered a “small chain”. I had good income, and while I kept much of it for savings, I did treat myself fairly well, and gave a good deal to charity, usually to LGBT projects that needed support, with the sole requirement being that my name only would get put into the tax documents, and that all other credits would go to someone else.

So, you’d think that a moderately wealthy man in his early-middle ages could find someone to love quite easily. This was far from the truth, I found, and it hurt far deeper than I imagined it did. Looking back on it now, I can certainly see the truth.

Never being the kind to yield to the temptation of one-night stands or escort services, my only recourse was a combination of my right hand and (to my eye) beautifully filmed pornographic content via the Internet. I certainly was developing a “type”, it seemed. My eyes always went to the twink-like boys, those who seemed to love getting reamed out by a bigger man. My “type” developed into a younger man, no taller than five feet, five inches, one that could easily fit in my lap. My imaginative mind (or rather, cock) decided that I liked a slightly darker complexion, with an ambiguously Asian look. I will not lie. I was an Asiaphile, I realized, much to my consternation.

Here I am, a stereotypical white man of Irish heritage, wanting to have an Asian twink to call my own, to love, and take care of. I felt like such an utter fool. Here I was, yielding, I thought, to stereotypes of Asian men, when I myself hated stereotypes of those of us with red hair, Irish brogues, and a tendency to love the occasional drink. Once I realized this, I did my absolute best to squelch that desire, and continued to fail miserably in doing so, yet again harming my chances of finding love.

It was on one morning, I had decided to take a week off, just to relax and get away from the office for some time. On this morning, I had just awakened, showered, and was currently seated in only a pair of black trousers at the kitchen’s island, drinking my morning hot tea with milk and sugar, just enjoying not having to go to work. As I sat drinking, the doorbell rang, which was something I had not expected. I wondered who in the hell should be ringing me up at eight in the morning.

I stood, put my tea on the table, then headed to answer the door. At the door stood a man in a brown uniform, obviously from the shipping company. He held in his hand two things, a package and a small computer. “Sign here, sir,” he said. I signed his little computer, and took the package.

I had not been expecting a package at all, and that fact had me confused. “Who would send illegal bahis me a package?” I inspected the small package, and noticed no name or return address. There was an envelope fastened to the top of the small package, and I removed it, and opened it, expecting a packing list, as was usual for shipments, if they came from some company.

Contained within the envelope was not a packing list, but a letter.

“Hello, Michael! Buddy, I know you are lonely, and frankly, I see you every week at the brunch, and the way you hurt is evident, even if you do so well at hiding it. Now, I have taken certain measures to hide my identity, and if you wish to find out who I am, you’ll have to find that out on your own. However, know that what I am doing I do with care, wanting to end the hurt I see in your eyes every time I see you. Included in this package is a special device that comes from my family’s history. It has one purpose. It is designed to be worn by a person who seeks love.

The properties of the necklace are as follows: If you wear it, and you meet the person who is your destined, you will notice two things, the first being that your words are irresistible to your destined, and the second being that when you meet that person, until you stake your claim, that person will fill your mind, and that fact will mean that any work you do will not be done well. I recommend that if you find that person you stake your claim immediately. Another property of the device is that it takes into account your sexuality and your kinks, which means that if you are a natural dominant, your destined will likely be a natural submissive or switch, and thus a match. There are other properties that it has, that I am sure you will find useful and fun.

I could not use this, as a member of the family who created it can never use it. You can, however, and I wish you love and luck.


A friend”

I will not lie. I was certain that this was a trick. There was no way that this… device had such powers, that it would essentially give my what I wanted. But, I was also intrigued. After all, as it regarded my love-life, I had little to lose, and everything to gain. I was aware that it likely would do nothing, but I was done with being alone forever.

So, I opened the package, and removed the contents. I shook the package out, and an amulet slid out onto the table. It was a strange amulet, with two gems at the center, one red and the other green, cut and reassembled in such a way as to make a modified yin-yang symbol. This all was set in a black and silver metal frame, and hung from a black thread of a leather-like material.

I carefully picked up the amulet to inspect it closer, and as I did, I felt a power wash through me, as if the amulet were scanning me. It was a strange and unexpected rush. It even seemed to analyze my pleasure centers and brought up memory and even the heart of my sexuality, and scrutinized it with agonizing detail, but did so with such utter speed and efficiency, it was clear that the power here was not even close to something I could fathom.

That power surge had me realizing that whoever sent this knew what the hell they were yammering about, so I put the blasted thing on. Somehow I knew that it would assume a form that would be completely unnoticeable to anyone. I also knew it would not come off unless I consciously took it off. I grinned, because if what I had learned from the amulet was true, it gave me a form of mind-control, such that I could give a direct command, and my order would be followed, if the one commanded was male. Females too would respond, but I would have to couch the command in the form of a request. Upon receiving the command, the person so commanded would want to obey. I imagined that this power would come in handy.

And then, I remembered that today was the brunch, and I NEVER missed that. I took my time getting ready, dressing in a nice button-down and black pants over black boots, with a similarly black fedora. I was a few moments early, and so sat at a corner of the table so that I could see the denizens of the brunch sect swing in fashionably late. The usual drag-queens, twinks, chasers, and social butterflies were there, as were some, like myself, who genuinely liked the company of like-minded individuals.

I was about to dig into a dish of eggs Benedict, when suddenly, my mind seemed to hone in on one particular person. There, among the regulars, was a man who I had seen often, and even talked to, and considered a friend. His name was Kenshi, and he was everything that matched my fetish, half-Japanese, half-Korean, illegal bahis siteleri black hair, expressive eyes that had the stereotypical almond shape, and a beautiful smile and body. And he had a look of utter and complete horror on his face, as if he had done something utterly wrong.

True to the words of the letter, my mind was utterly focused on Kenshi, who, when he saw my eyes on him, suddenly had a look of utter fear on his face. Something pinged within my mind, and I realized that he had been the one to send me the amulet, not realizing that he might be the one that I might focus on. It was apparent that the amulet had chosen Kenshi as my Destined. That rather blew me away. The most handsome of our group and who should be looking out for my love life, but the one that the amulet chose.

I stepped over to Kenshi, and leaned in, and whispered in his ear, “Thank you for the gift, Kenshi. As requested, I hereby claim you as mine, to love, guide, protect, as I see fit.” I felt the power of the amulet reach out and wrap around both of us, binding us together. The amulet had done its primary work.

Kenshi shook a little bit, and leaned against me. He whispered, after a bit, “When I sent it, I… wasn’t even thinking about myself. I made it for you, with you in mind. The magic… was focused on your needs. I… didn’t know that I was what you needed… Master.”

That word was something I had not expected to come out of Kenshi’s mouth, but my soul seemed to accept it. I said, “Will you sit with me and share this brunch, then allow me to take you home?”

Kenshi straightened, and his face brightened, and he nodded. “Absolutely.”

I led him to the table, seating him beside my chair, and sitting down beside him. I could now give some attention to other people, and involve myself in conversations, but I was always aware, always cognizant of the needs of my Destined, dare I call him my mate. That was the only thing I could call this bond, a soul-mate type bond, where I could easily tell what he needed. I knew neither of us would be able to stay here long, so we both made our excuses two hours into the brunch, paid our parts of the bill, then I took him home to my flat.

The apartment or flat where I lived was not small, but was not the largest or most expensive. It was a two-bedroom with its own outdoor-yet-private jacuzzi style tub, where I often found myself after a hot, hard day. The flat was tastefully, if simply appointed, and it was comfortable, and pleasant.

It was to this apartment that I brought Kenshi. I took the time to show him around, because I had a feeling (at least I thought it was a feeling) that we could be here for a long time. Kenshi had a wide grin on his beautiful face, and he said, “Wow… This place is amazing. You own it?”

I nodded, then led him right to the bedroom, pushed him to the bed, and kissed him deeply. I then looked into his eyes, and said, “Kenshi, I… did not expect you to become mine, but I am not apologizing. I am thrilled it was you.”

Kenshi blushed, and nodded. “As am I, big guy. And frankly, if I don’t get these pants off of both of us, I think it’s gonna hurt. Besides, I am feeling the need to be stuffed.”

I grinned, and said, “And you will be, but on MY terms.”

A nod and gulp from him, and I returned to kissing him, trailing kisses down his body as I exposed each inch of skin, kissing each inch of skin I exposed, but skipping his cock completely, and focusing upon his arse. I kissed and caressed there, while his legs were over my shoulders, eliciting moans and gasps from his beautiful throat, while his hands scrabbled for purchase.

I lifted from my ministrations, and said, “Your hands are bound behind your head.” Instantly, it was as if powerful magnets had drawn his hands behind his head, and the almond-shaped eyes went wide as my destined realized that he could not move his hands. It was apparent that the amulet was doing its job, and quite well. Kenshi blushed, and a wide, yet soft smile bloomed on his face. By that smile, I knew I was in the right territory with my Destined mate.

Kenshi blushed deeper, and said, “There’s… another trait that I… failed to put into the amulet. When I made it, I added this trait: If you fuck me, while using another trait of the amulet, like you are doing now… it will complete a soul-mate bond. I will belong to you, and you to me. I’ll obey you, because I am your submissive, but in every other part of our lives, we will belong to each other, need each other, and love each other, and ONLY each other. If that’s what you want, then, keep canlı bahis siteleri up this path. Keep me tied while you are fucking me, and then the bond will fall into place.”

Something about his rant made everything in me decide to do just that. I grinned, and then growled lowly, “Oh, I intend to.” He gulped again, and lay back, letting me kiss and nibble. The sounds of his moans were like music to my ears, and served only to increase my desire for him.

I leaned over to the side table, and reached into the drawer, and pulled out a tube of lubricant, one I had bought a while ago, upon reading that it would be suitable for either masturbation or anal sex. I covered my finger in the stuff, then added some directly to his ass, and began the slow, gentle process of opening him up for penetration. I knew he had been with other men before me, and he had often said that he kept himself prepared, in case he went home with someone, but I figured preparation was best.

I took my time, massaging him, opening his hole, then once I had two fingers inside him, I curled them, and pressed against the walnut-sized bundle of nerves I found there, taking the time to massage it firmly, which had my lover moaning deeply, his body twisting and turning in the bed, as the pleasure seemed to overrun his senses.

I could no longer hold back, though, and had to be inside him. I carefully withdrew my fingers, and just as carefully replaced it with my cock which I quickly lubricated. Positioning myself for entry, I pushed into him slowly, carefully, not wishing to hurt him, as I was rather thick and longer than the average, according to what I have been told since.

I sank slowly into him, until my member was fully seated within his warm, moist body. I immediately began to pull back, and set up a slow, languid rhythm. I ordered, “You will only cum when you feel me cumming inside you.” He nodded, and I knew I could take my time. I simply maintained the speed, while my Destined lover’s body arched and twisted beneath me. I watched, rapt, as the agile, lithe form of my friend and now lover and mate seemed to experience miniature orgasm after miniature orgasm, but without cumming at all.

I did my best to force myself to maintain that speed, but soon, the warmth, the tightness had me losing control. I found myself moving faster and faster, and before long, I was absolutely pummeling his ass.

It was then I became aware that I was being controlled by the amulet as much as my love was. I felt the changes occurring, quite without any impetus from either me or Kenshi. I felt certain desires change. I felt the thought of ever loving or having sex with someone else become a sickening thing. I felt my fetishes focus not generally upon what I could do with Asian men, but on what I could with Kenshi. I felt everything in me change to be for him and him alone, and frankly, I could not have cared a whit.

Soon, I became aware of similar changes within Kenshi, because it seemed that what it did to one in this respect, it also did to the other. This was what Kenshi had meant by the fact that he would belong to me, and I to him. That knowledge pushed me over the edge rather powerfully, and I came quite without warning, filling Kenshi with my cum in several powerful gouts.

My world whited out, as I heard Kenshi give a mighty scream, and felt both of our bellies become covered in his hot cum. I fell unconscious on top of him, my world a swirl of black and white, only to wake up what must have been about ten minutes later, to hear the moans of my mate, my life, my love, still coming from him, as his cumming had somehow transformed into constant orgasms. I knew it would subside soon, but it was still amazing to watch as he seemed to orgasm again and again. I also knew that was what happened to the submissive when being fucked for the first time to create the bond, but I didn’t really know HOW I knew. It followed that this was the amulet telling me about this.

As predicted, Kenshi did indeed stop orgasming, but as a result, he was knocked out, and would likely be unconscious for a long while, likely till morning. So, I got up, got a warm, moist washcloth, and cleaned the both of us up, then climbed back into bed, and spooned behind him, and quickly fell asleep, with him in my arms.

The morning saw me waking up to what was, if I was honest, the first true blowjob I had ever had. I blew rather quickly, and my soulmate was the cause of it. He got up after I blew, and headed into the kitchen, hips swaying, and proceeded to make breakfast.

If this was the way having Kenshi for a soulmate was going to go, life would never be so lonely as it had been in the past. I took off the amulet, and put it in the box, then put it up in the closet. I knew I would not need it again. Kenshi was mine, and I was his. That was more than enough for me.

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