An Angel – A Devil Ch. 01

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It had started with a lads night out. The room was spinning when a girl, whom she said she was nineteen, asked me to dance. Beer in hand, I made my way to the dance floor with her pulling me by my free hand. The next hour passed with a blur. She continued to grind against me, my reactions extraordinarily slow compared to her movements.

She wrapped an arm around me. I remember coming out of my blur when I felt impossibly soft lips touch mine. A long, sleek tongue entered my mouth and danced around playfully. I finally realized what was happening and responded to her tongue by moving my own, only for me to be far too late so hers had already retreated. I ended up licking her lips. ‘Well done,’ I sarcastically told myself.

I felt something brush against the back of my arm, which informed me I held her thin waist. My best friend, whom I had agreed to go out with tonight, was dancing behind her, his arm wrapped around the front of her waist. Normally, I would take this as an intrusion, but tonight, I was far too gone to care, and besides, I wasn’t in any decent form tonight.

With vision matching swimming through murky water, a retreat from the dance floor was my best option. Besides, my best mate was having a troubled time, he absolutely needed a win.

Another hour must have passed. I found myself sitting on a stained sofa holding a glass. I raised it to my lips, Jack Daniels and coke, ‘when did I order that?’

I stared across the dance floor, looking for the girl who had come up to me. Although the dance floor was only half full, I knew I had no chance of recognizing her. I knew she was beautiful, but I couldn’t bring her face to my memory.

Changing tactics, I looked for my best mate. Instantly I saw him. His arm wrapped around a girl that brought flashbacks. ‘Wow,’ I mumbled to myself. She had long legs that led up to an extremely short skirt. Not much of a top contained a thin waist and a large chest. Struggling to remove my eyes from her chest, I fought my vision to her face. She was gorgeous. Her face was perfect. As she grinded against my mate, her long hair that looked naturally brown but had been tinted red danced in the air.

I felt a pang of jealously, something I wasn’t used to. I stared at her intently, the jealously growing in me all the time. She was grinding her ass against his crotch and flashes of memory hit me as I remembered her doing that to me. It was then she looked across the dance floor and saw me staring at her. I was unable to remove my eyes from her gaze. She smiled at me, a brilliant white smile and raised a finger, signaling me to go over.

I looked at my half full glass, decided I had had enough and made my way over to the dance floor.

An hour later, here we are. In a bedroom, the three of us.


She lay on top of me, her large breasts hitting my face every time she violently jerked back and forth. My cock felt like it was swimming in fluid. My balls were soaked from her. She cried out every time she retreated from me, her eyes clenched shut and then reopened as she moved above my face, and then shut again as she went back. Her mouth opened wide letting loose a high pitch whine.

I saw a pair of hands that were not mine wrapped tightly around her hips. I looked up and saw my mate John, behind her, doing her in the doggy position. It took me a second to realize she was already fucking me with her soaking pussy. No wonder it felt strange inside of her. I could feel a lump on the base of my cock that rose up and down behind her wall. John was fucking her ass in rhythm with her fucking me.

I was in heaven. This indescribably gorgeous girl was fucking my cock. Every now and then between thrusts she looked down at me with her large brown eyes and flashed a smile. Every time she did my cock twitched, parallel with her gaze.

I began to slide in and out of her far more easily than I wanted to. I had previously felt a single drip of her fluid running down my balls and on to the bed sheet. Now, as she increased the pace on my cock, forcing John to increase his own pace in her ass, she seemed to tremble every time her pussy fully wrapped around my entire cock. When she lifted herself up, what seemed like a constant fluid seemed to run down my balls. I felt a large wet patch form under me.

‘Oh, fucking hell!’ She screamed through gritted teeth. Her eyes clenched shut again, but this time, stayed tightly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shut, Her body jolted as though she were being electrocuted. ‘Fuck!’ She screamed loudly, throwing her head back. Her pussy walls closed in on my already throbbing cock and the tightness I needed arrived.

“Fuck me that’s tight!” My mate cheered from behind her. He was obviously having the time of his life.

She collapsed on top of me, I couldn’t help but look down and see her large breasts fold against my chest. This made my cock twitch and seem to swell impossibly larger inside of her.

I wrapped my arm around her back, and felt her covered in sweat. I lay still, unable to move with her trapping me underneath her. She soaked the front of my body with sweat, I loved every second of it.

As she lay on top of me, I felt her heartbeat drum madly. Her large breasts, I had no doubt would be the best ‘thing’ ever to touch my skin. My aching balls now felt like they were resting in a warm swimming pool, I had never known a girl cum so much.

It was almost peaceful, apart from John who never stopped fucking her ass. Every time he entered her, I felt the vibrations of his cock push hard against the thin wall that separated her pussy and her ass. I had to admit, it felt good. She was also pushed slightly upwards against me every time the end of his shaft met the rim of her asshole. Her breasts seemed to pleasure me all on their own as they rubbed against my body.

“Shit I’m going to cum!” John yelled. He gave her a hard last bang deep inside of her ass. I even felt her clench as he did. “Oh fuck, oh fuck.” John repeated over and over as he emptied his seed deep inside of her.

When he was finally finished, he pulled his sore looking cock out of her ass and collapsed at the end of the bed.

The girl raised her self off me so she stared deep into my eyes. “Can you do me a favor?” She asked in a quivering voice, her nipples feeling like electricity on my chest.

I would have done anything for her at that point, especially now my balls almost hurt they needed to cum so bad. “What?” I asked.

“Can you, now do me in the ass? I love the feeling when there’s cum already in me.”

Any other girl, I most likely would have declined immediately, her though, no chance.

I almost threw her up in the air as I tried to get behind her, my balls needing release.

She got back on all fours as I shoved John out of the way and put the tip of my cock against the rim of her ass. I pushed slowly, surprised at how easy it was to enter. I had only done anal once before, it had not gone well.

She groaned softly as I slid all the way into her, the last half of my cock sliding in easier than the first.

“Fuck me,” she said softly, leaning back as I entered her and pulling away as I exited. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. There was a squelching noise as Johns cum moved around inside of her ass as I fucked her. I grabbed her hips tightly and my own hips slapped her ass cheeks as I pounded her fast.

“Harder!” She yelled. She put her head against the pillow, and then did something I had never witnessed before. She widened her legs, and then kept going, until she was doing the splits. She obviously wanted me to go seriously deep. Her feet were hanging off both sides of the bed, her ass open wide to me. I just looked in amazement.

“Now!” She shouted through the pillow.

I closed my eyes, reached around her body and grabbed her breasts in each hand, although I did need bigger hands. I thrust forward at a medium pace, not wanting to go too far to cause her pain. Disappointingly, I reached the end off her ass with plenty of my cock to spare.

“Fuck sake harder,” she yelled again.

I was never good at taking orders off a woman, especially when it was their own safety I was worried for. This comment however, washed a white flash of anger over me for just a second – enough time to ram my hips forward at full thrust.

I felt a tightness I had never felt before. It felt like a tight fist had clenched the head of my cock. As her ass enveloped my entire cock in a split second, I heard a muffled scream in front of me – drowned out by her face being engulfed by the pillows.

I stopped, my cock far deep, maybe too deep in her ass. Time seemed to pause for a second. “Fuck me!” Another muffled scream arrived from the pillows.

I looked down as I fucked her. Her ass was taking my entire güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cock repeatedly. She slid her hand through her legs and started pumping two or three fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. It took mere seconds to feel her wetness as she bumped her hand against my own thigh.

That was it. “I’m going to cum,’ I panted.

“No,” she whimpered.

It was too late. My cum mixed with Johns deep, deep inside of her ass. I almost fell unconscious there and then. I leaned over her body as I continued to pump deep inside of her. The feeling was almost too much. I even had time to wonder if I would ever stop cumming.

After what seemed like an extravagantly long time, I pulled back, enjoying the sensation of her swollen ass massage my cock. I fell down next to her and looked at the gorgeous face staring back. I thought she might be disappointed, but she was smiling at me.

She sat up straight, up onto her knees. “I needed that,” she said, as a huge mass of cum exited her ass and left a thick trail down her cheeks and onto the bed sheets.

I just nodded like a fool, staring at her model figured body, wishing that tonight would never end.


That girl, everywhere. That girl surrounded me, behind, to the sides, in front of me, she was everywhere. I knew this was a dream. Had I dreamt the whole night? Either way, I didn’t want this dream to end.

The girl in front of me knelt down and took me in her mouth. The girls to the side of me massaged my balls and stroked my chest. While HER behind me stroked my back with her tongue.

“Shit!” I thought, bolting upright in bed. I felt myself cumming. Normally I would throw the covers off and run for the tissue. But this time, I looked around – the bed sheets be damned. I couldn’t see John or HER anywhere.

I collapsed back down on the pillow, thinking I would change the bed sheets today.

The bed sheets shot from my body, causing me to jump in surprise. There she was. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it had been a dream. But no. She was there, her lips tightly fastened around my throbbing member whilst she greedily sucked the last of my cum out of my cock.

I gazed down at her. Last night had been dark. Impossibly, she was even more beautiful in the light. Perfection.

She smiled at me, seeing my happy, surprised expression, her lips still fastened tightly, her tongue swirling the tip of my cock causing my back to arch subtly.

When I was truly spent. She folded her lips over my cock and leaned upwards into a kneeling position, her huge breasts staring at me so I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

She tapped me on the knee to get my attention. I tore myself away from her chest and looked up at her beautiful face. Still smiling, she opened her mouth revealing what I had given her. I couldn’t help but reciprocate the smile. She closed her mouth again and swallowed my seed, a look of enjoyment washed over her face.

“Well that’s breakfast,” she laughed, revealing her flawless smile. “I’m looking forward to brunch!”

“Uh, morning,” I said, still smiling.

She bent down and gave my cock one last suck and then jumped out of the bed.

“Where’s John?” I asked, not really caring but feeling like I should really know.

“He’s downstairs,” she replied. “Want me to fetch him?”

“No, thanks,” I said, suddenly realizing I was disappointed he was still here, a pang of jealously hitting me hard. “Did you uh, get, uh, breakfast from him too?”

“Of course!” She laughed. Searching on the floor for her clothes.

“Oh.” I said, jealously turning to anger. Why did I feel like this? I had no ownership over her. I had only met her the night before.

“Trust me,” she said as though she were reading my thoughts. “You couldn’t handle me on your own.”

The way she said that made me believe her, yet I still wished I could try.

“Breakfast is downstairs.” She said pulling on some tight fitting jeans that made her ass look irresistible.

“Breakfast? Wait!” I said aloud. “Are we at yours?”

“Of course,” she said turning to me puzzled, her breasts bouncing as she turned. “Where did you think we were?”

“No, I just. I don’t know. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it,” I admitted.

“Get downstairs and get some food in you,” she laughed, displaying her intoxicating smile yet again. “You will need your energy for today.”

Again, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I believed her.


“Hungry again?” She asked me and John as we sat around her very large and very expensive looking dining room table. How had I not known that we had gone to a strange house? It wasn’t even a house. It was a mansion!

Me and John looked at each other reading each others thoughts. Hell yes we were. Breakfast was large and plentiful, yet it had seemed to only last for half an hour before our stomachs rumbled again.

She came over to our seats with two large plates of bacon, eggs, and sausages. We immediately picked up our forks and begun tucking in to a well cooked brunch.

“I will be back in just a minute,” she said.

I almost asked where she was going in-between mouthfuls until she dived under the large table.

“Wow!” John coughed, almost choking on the mouthful he had tried to swallow.

The jealously hit me again. She was sucking him off. I hated him for it, yet I didn’t hate her? I knew it wasn’t rational. But that’s the way it was.

It didn’t take him long. He had put down his knife and fork while she worked on him and I knew he came when his chair jerked across the floor causing a loud screech.

I was angry. I knew I couldn’t have her for myself. I looked down at my plate and decided to finish up and then leave the house – or mansion – what ever it was.

I felt the zip undo on my jeans, I was determined not to cum – although as soon as I thought that I knew it sounded stupid.

I continued eating brunch as I felt her warm, soft lips start sucking my placid cock. Despite foolishly trying not to, I was hard in seconds. She started sucking slowly and only travelled shallow depths down my cock. Her tongue, however, felt like it swirled at a hundred miles per hour dancing across the tip, forcing uncontrollable spasms.

As a bit of bacon fell off my fork, I froze in pleasure. She sped up her blowjob. I couldn’t help but look down. In my lap that gorgeous face, with those large eyes stared up at me intently as those soft, large, luscious lips travelled at speed, up and down the shaft of my cock. Her mouth an O shape, she made a pop sound as she left my tip to get air. An adoring smile came at me as a, thick, long string of saliva stretched from my cock to her mouth. That face with that desire made me want, made me NEED to cum. She quickly dove her mouth back around my shaft.

Eventually she started taking me in deeper and deeper, until I felt her nose press against my pubic hair. She seemed to stay there for a long time. My cock felt like it had travelled a long way down her throat and I felt her neck muscles massage me, bringing the cumming sensation closer and closer.

A very short time later, she let out a soft hum, the vibrations causing my spasms to turn into a frenzy so that I dropped the knife and fork I was holding without even realizing.

“Shit,’ I said under my breath. A rather sore ejaculation travelled through me. I felt her neck muscles grapple my seed and swallow as soon as she could get it from me. I didn’t cum for long, I was spent from this morning.

A rather uncomfortable feeling followed as she continued to suck my fast shrinking dick. It seemed she was determined to completely drain me of fluid. I swore I felt her teeth graze me as she stopped sucking and left my cock hanging limp through my zip.

“Well,” she said as she climbed back from under the table. “There was a definite shortage from both of you compared to this morning.”

Shortage? That’s a strange way to put it.

“I hope we do better at dinner.”

John and I looked at each other, again reading each others minds. Dinner! This was heaven but. That last one was quite sore. I’m not sure I could handle another go at dinner. This girl was seemingly seeming more and more crazy every minute.

I wanted to say we had to leave, but If I did John would have her all to himself. And I would go through no end of discomfort to stop that happening.

As soon as I said that, for some reason. I did not believe me.

Thank-you to each one of you for reading my story. Of course constructive criticism is welcome. I enjoyed writing this story, and for my own hobby have already started writing chapter 2.

If there is an interest in this story, I shall have chapter 2 on this website shortly, if not then I shall continue writing for my own pleasure.

Very quickly, I would just like to say the very little description of characters – including the main character – was purposeful. I tried an unusual technique to try and bring the READER into the main characters role. I hope I was somewhat successful.

Again thank you all for reading!

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