An Hawaiian Vacation Surprise Ch. 04

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Notice: if you are underage, please don’t read this story. If you are easily offended by gratuitous sexual acts performed consenting adults, please don’t read this story. This story is entirely a work of fiction. Editing and Polishing are all thanks to RF-Fast. The bad grammar that remains is all mine.

After Stan and Ollie returned to their room from pleasuring both Alley and Denver they showered and slipped between the clean sheets of their own bed. Drifting peacefully off to sleep happy that they were finally alone. They promptly fell asleep.

The twins were startled awake.

“What the fuck? What are y’all doing in here?” Ollie asked.

“We couldn’t keep it from you two any longer. Alley and Denver has set you two up for failure.” Francis said.

“What are you talking about, Francis?” Stan asked.

“It all started with some comment Alley said Ollie made the other night at dinner.” Alex said.

“What the fuck did you say, sis?” Stan asked.

“Alley told us she mentioned she wanted to take a walk on the beach and she wanted the twins to escort her.” Francis added.

“Yes, and I said, “You are actin’ like you are ninety and are going to throw out a hip any minute.” Ollie said. “Momma, I didn’t mention her age, she broadcast that.”

“I feel like that is what set this whole thing in motion.” Alex said.

“Wait. So y’all mean to tell me all the wine was not really wine.” Stan said.

“The first bottle was but after that, they were all replaced with white grape juice. It was all for show.” Francis said.

“Denver kept taking the trash out to hide the grape juice from you two.” Alex said.

“He told us shit that made us pissed at everybody. I’m curious. Why did y’all go through with it?” Ollie probed

“Baby we could have stopped at any time. Y’all know right. We wanted it. The boys, they were really drunk. Ollie, you really tore that ass up.” Alex said. “Your torn panties were a nice touch by the way. Who’s cum? Stan’s?”

“Denver’s.” Ollie said with a smile. “He really had us worked up.” Ollie said.

“Stan, you said something before Alley took me away I wanted to address the first chance I got. You said, “Francis’ pussy was better”. That was after you just fucked me in the pussy. Is that true or were you ‘Just worked up’ as well?” Alex said.

Alex trailed a finger down Stan’s pecs, down his abs, along the shaft of his cock, and to the engorged tip.

“It looks like I need to come clean. Mom, I enjoyed fucking both of you. Francis’ pussy was so wet and warm. It seemed like her pussy was milking my cock as I was fucking her.” Stan confessed.

“Practice, lots and lots of practice.” Francis said while looking at her nails like she was bored.

“You have this movement you do. It was driving me wild, but I wasn’t about to admit it because of the things that Denver told us about y’all that had us so angry. We were taking twenty-six years of cheer and you telling Stan he wasn’t ‘man enough’ out on you.” Ollie said.

“Alex, if Stan is not man enough for you; I’ll fuck him any time.” Francis said.

“I think we need to check with Ollie first.” Alex said.

Alex, Francis, and Stan all looked at Ollie as if to ask if the four could have an orgasm each.

“Stan, I won’t tell you no if Mom or Aunt Francis wants some cock.” Ollie said.

“Good, I want some cock.” Francis said.

“Me too, Let me see the technique he was referring to with Francis first.” Alex said.

Francis positioned herself between Ollie and Stan and spread her legs wide. Stan’s cock sprang to the full seven inches. He stood on the side of the bed and inserted his cock’s full length to his balls and began to thrust inside Francis’ pussy. He held down her thighs midway between her knee and her pussy to get the maximum thrust.

“Aunt Francis I can feel you squeezing me, milking me, pulling me deeper inside your warm welcoming pussy. That feeling just makes me want to shoot a load deep in that pussy.” Stan said,

“With talk like that, I’m not going to stop you. As long as I get to cum too.” Francis said.

While Francis was distracted with that sentence her body began to orgasm. Which triggered Stan to start to pump her pussy full of cum.

As Francis’ convulsions subsided, Alex moved around to the same side of the bed.

“My turn.” Alex said.

Francis folded her long legs back together, and moved to the other side of the bed. Stan’s cum flowing out of her as she stood.

“He has a big load.” Ollie said.

“I see that.” Francis said.

Alex knelt and started to suck Stan’s cock hard again. She tasted Francis’ pussy on his cock and it made her pussy wet.

Ollie, and Francis watched Alex suck start Stan’s limp cock. She worked very quickly. Alex enjoyed sucking all the flavor of Francis’ pussy off Stan’s cock while he got fully erect. When Stan’s cock was fully engaged, Alex lay on the bed the same way that Francis did. Alex took Stan’s cock and inserted it inside her pussy and then casino oyna grabbed both ass cheeks and pulled him tightly inside her pussy. Within ten seconds Stan came deep inside Alex’s pussy.

She wrapped her legs and arms around his body whispering in his ear the entire time. When he finished pumping his load inside his mother. As he started to lift away from her she saw that he had tears in his eyes. She licked them away.

Stan began pumping his load deep inside his mother’s pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his body. Alex began whispering in his ear.

“Stan, I love you. I have always loved you. I won’t deny you anything ever again. You can have me whenever you want. It almost broke my heart you preferred my sister over me. You can fuck her if you must. She is acceptable, but she will never be me or Ollie. You will always come back to us. I have poured myself into Ollie all of her life because I wanted to create her for you and you for her. I want you to only have women in this family. Women whom I deem worthy.” Alex said.

As Stan slipped out of his mother, his ample load which he deposited deep inside her pussy; flowed out following his cock.

Stan tried to convince himself that he had his freedom. He tried to convince himself he now had more freedom than he had before he came on this vacation. His reasoning was, he had four women to fuck.

These women were aware of one another and were ok with him fucking each other. He was perfectly content with them fucking other people as well.

The more he looked at the three of then lying together on the bed, the more they melted together and formed a spider. Stan was caught in the web with no chance of escape ever. He was going to be cocooned and eaten. He realized his heart began to race just before everything went black.

Stan was awakened to his four lovers hovering over him. He was lying on the couch in the living area of the villa wearing only boxers.

“Stan, in my professional opinion, you are severely dehydrated. I’m prescribing plenty of water. Lay off the ladies for a day.” Trent said.

“Yes, let the rest of us have a shot at them.” Christian said.

“You just want to shoot another load in Ollie.” Alex said.

“What the fuck Ollie?” Christian said.

“You don’t even know the half of it. Trust me, she don’t mind.” Ollie reassured him.

“She’s right Chris I don’t mind. Only if Stan is ok. Are you fine with Chris and Ollie being alone Stan?” Alex asked.

Stan knew deep down that there was a right and a wrong answer to his mother’s question. He was tired of living by what his mother thought he should. He was going to decide what he wanted to decide.

“Doctor’s orders. I have to hydrate for a day. I have to lay off, for a day, but she doesn’t.” Stan said.

Ollie began to hop like a cheerleader and clap her hands very excitedly. She went into her and Stan’s bedroom changed into something sexy and active, got her phone, and left with Christian. She was recording a post for social media when she walked out the door.

“Well, Stan you know what to do. You have juice in the refrigerator, your Mom has volunteered to nurse you back to health. With a nurse as sexy as her you will spring back in no time, if you get my meaning.” Stan said with a grin.

“You hurry and bring him back to full strength because, before he passed out he was doing sexy shit to you Alex.” Francis said.

“Don’t worry I’ve got more for you too.” Stan said.

“Keep talking like that Mister and it will definitely get you places.” Francis said.

“Cool your jets, both of you. Looks like we need to separate you two for a while.” Trent said.

“That’s ok Trent, baby, you can get the benefits this time. Let’s go before we get left.” Francis said winking at Stan and Alex.

Alley and Denver left the bedroom stopping by to check on Stan before leaving.

“Take it from someone who had learned the hard way. When you expel lots of fluid, you have to load up with lots of fluid. Alex, force the liquid in him he’ll be okay in a day.” Denver said.

Alley kissed Stan on the lips and walked out the door.

“That fucking bitch!” Alex said through clenched teeth.

Alex closed her eyes took a deep calming breath. Opened her eyes and smiled down at Stan.

“Would you like something cool to drink baby?” Alex asked as calmly as if she were on a front porch sipping iced tea.

“Uh, sure, some juice please.” Stan focused on the white knuckle fists his mother had made while she tried to calm herself.

Alex very gracefully turned to walk into the kitchen. As she reached for the refrigerator handle she saw blood dripping from her palm. She opened both palms to reveal that there were eight tiny but bloody crescents in her palms. Her fingernails made these when they dug into the flesh when Alley kissed Stan. Alley was not on the approved list anymore and it was doubtful that she was going to return. They had their fun. Alley has gotten too big for her leather canlı casino miniskirt.

Bling “Stan should avoid Alley. I need help to see to it he and his cock feel same way I do. We will be ready for a party tonight. Go out of way to include Alley and Denver but they aren’t pulling any strings tonight. That’s my job.” To: Olliebaby; Francisco; Christian; Trentent.

“Here you go, Mister Man. You will need to get hydrated a little faster than planned.” Alex said with a smile. “I need you to be ready for action tonight baby. Mommas got you; and you don’t need to worry about a thing.” Alex said.

Alex laid Stan’s head in her lap while he drank his juice and water. She scanned social media making sure that he was always sipping something. He was going to be ready to fuck tonight. After all, this was her son and she was on a mission. She was driving the bus now.

The group in the SUV had gone to a Buddhist Temple on Oahu and done all of the tourist things to do there. They went to tour a four thousand acre ranch and saw where countless movies had been filmed. While they were riding on the tour. Ollie was elected to bring it up as to not draw suspicion.

“Alley, what do you say we have another party tonight?” Ollie asked.

“Stan won’t be able to participate.” Alley said.

“Alex is his nurse, and if I know Mom; he will able to participate and then some. You better fucking believe it.” Stan said from across the aisle.

Alley looked at Denver. Denver gave an “I don’t give a fuck” shrug.

“Let’s do it.” Alley said. “Let’s have another villa party”.

“Yeah! Woo Hoo!” Ollie exclaimed.

To Ollie’s surprise her woo hoo was answered by another only much louder from behind her. Apparently there were other cheerleaders on the tour. There seemed to be a high school competition in the Island somewhere.

Ollie had the cheerleaders worked up and going strong in just a few minutes. Alley was not amused by any of the cheer antics. Ollie spoke with the Cheer Captain, when the bus stopped at a site where some famous movie was filmed. Ollie talked the cheer team into performing something simple for everyone. They were happy to oblige. Everyone loved the performance. Everyone that is, except Alley.

“Alley, you really need to lighten the fuck up.” Denver said.

Denver saw that she was letting the whole sassy cheerleader thing get under her skin. Ollie had a way of making friends with anyone she met. She had over two hundred thousand followers on social media.

Denver felt that Alley needed to pump the breaks on the anger issues. She needed to deal with her feelings before Denver had to deal with them for her. If things went that far Alley would not like this punishment because it would reflect poorly on Denver. Which would mean he failed to sweep his fucking porch.

Alley was trying with every fiber of her being not to sail into Ollie during the estrogen polluted cheer-off that Ollie incited on the bus. Then fucking Denver was taking their side by telling her to cool her jets. Fuck him. Fuck her. She wanted to fuck Stan. Wait. It was not about cheer or Denver or any of that shit. It was jealousy. Alley realized she was jealous. That realization made her pussy wet. Alley had a jealous bone and it was erect at the moment. She was very excited.

“I apologize, Denver. I didn’t’ realize how irrational I was becoming.” Alley said.

Alley watched the cheer spectacle with new eyes. She no longer saw an estrogen fueled display of pussy power. She saw female bonding, female empowerment, and some high cheerleader kicks.

The bus driver eventually wrangled the cheerleaders back on the bus. Which was much easier than wrangling cats but still harder than the average tourist.

When the bus finished the tour. The cheerleaders gave the bus driver a very tasteful estrogen polluted, pussy empowerment, delivered with some higher cheerleader kicks. Led of course by Ollie. These girls picked this routine up in five minutes. Ollie explained it to the Captain in the bus. They practiced it a few times. Bam it was over. Looked polished to the untrained eye. Francis saw plenty of errors. Ollie would have too if she would have been watching the video that was posted to the cheer squad’s social media.

Ollie gave hugs all around, wished the girls the best of luck and started following them right away. She even posted a video with them all in it for her social media. Ollie made them instantly have triple the followers they had before.

Back to the task at hand. Alley and Denver in party town tonight. Somebody was going to get fucked and it was not who they thought it was. Ollie was very happy that momma was pulling strings.

Alex told Stan that every time she saw him without a bottle of water in his hand she was going to pop him on his dick. It took him half a dozen direct smacks to the cock before he realized she was serious about forcing him to drink water. Alex started to smack his cock without even looking up from her phone once.

“Momma, if kaçak casino you keep smacking me in the dick there is no way I’m going to be able to fuck tonight.” Stan complained.

“I was wondering when you were going to complain. Looks like I’m going to have to kiss it and make it better.” Alex purred.

Alex never let Stan put on any pants the entire day. He was still wearing boxers from when he first regained consciousness.

“Let me just get these out of the way.” Alex said as she ripped off his boxers.

Stan was visibly excited by the Alex’s show of force. His cock sprang up and slapped her in the chin.

“Looks like somebody is ready for action ahead of schedule. Let’s take this for a test run.” Alex said smiling.

Alex began to suck Stan’s cock and he wanted to instantly erupt in her mouth, her skills were phenomenal.

“Not so fast, you get to cum in my ass. Its’ just you and I. And this is what we are going to have as ‘our time’. Stan took his mother’s ass, and unlike the first time, there was no anger. He didn’t have any point to make. She made eye contact with him until he exploded inside her ass.

“Fill Momma’s ass baby, it belongs to you now Stan. You have made my ass your own and no one else can ever have it again.” Alex said glancing at her phone. “Go clean up, and put clothes on because it looks like they are five minutes away.”

Alex was changed and walking out of his room when the group walked in the door.

“Stan, so happy to see you up and around.” Ollie said as she hugged Stan and kissed him.

“Save me some of that too.” Francis said.

Francis kissed Stan full on the lips, put her arm around him, and pulled him away from the door into the family room.

“If we know Alex like we think we do, you have been hydrated far ahead of schedule.” Trent said.

“Bingo, I’ve been pissing more today than I have since we have been on this island.” Stan said.

“That means I have done my job as a nurse. I deserve my reward.” Alex said.

“Nursing is the least rewarding profession.” Christian said.

All the physicians in the room agreed. Everyone else suspected she was talking about the party as her reward. Only Stan and Alex knew what she was really talking about.

The party had officially began, the first thing to do would be eat. Tonight food would be involved as well as alcohol. Alex was not going to miss another reservation at the restaurant. Stan needed to get out, and so did she.

The group dressed for dinner and met in the living area with Alex in the center of the large floor to ceiling window that looked out on to the balcony and further out to the Pacific ocean with the sun almost touching the water on the horizon.

“Tonight we have reservations at the restaurant in the resort. I took the liberty of calling the resort grocery service to have them fully stock the bar for after dinner tonight. This is Thanksgiving week so I would like to like to give you my thanks for coming with me and my family on this vacation.” Alex said.

“Thank you Alex, for the moving and kind words. I want you Trent, Alex, Ollie, and Stan to know that we feel that you are as much our families as you are Alex and Trent’s. Francis and I are humbled to be part of this family.” Christian said.

“Alex, I realized something today that I need to apologize for, to you and to Ollie. I have been letting my emotions control my actions. That is inexcusable, I know but if either of you; hopefully both forgive me of my transgressions. I will be indebted to you.” Alley said.

Message transmitted….

Alex and Ollie both heard what Alley said. In southern lady speak, without alerting the men, Alley was confessing to letting jealousy cloud her judgement in the Denver plan.

Ollie glanced at Alex with a raised her eyebrow as if to say, “The call is yours to make.”

Alex mentally penciled Alley on the list of approved people for Stan and Ollie.

Denver was family and family was always on the list. In his case Alex would be forced to make an exception, this one time. Trent would have to understand.

Message received….

“Well, let’s all go to dinner.” Alex said.

Denver must learn that there is a punishment that must be carried out for turning on family. Who better to carry out this punishment than the least likely on Denver’s list? Ollie.

Alley would not be the person to carry out this particular punishment, she would take too much pleasure in doing so. Alley needed to earn a spot back on the list. Alex was pulling the strings. The string she wanted to pull was the string tied to her most faithful, most aggressive, and most dangerous weapon. Her carbon copy which just happened to be Ollie. Alex was going to turn Ollie lose on Denver for some payback that was overdue for his behavior toward the entire house last night

The family has been suffering with Denver’s temper tantrums for too many years to count. Christian and Trent suffered through them daily after their parents died in a plane crash. If Denver felt if he wasn’t controlling a situation then he must somehow cause a diversion to draw attention toward himself. He was never happy as a child unless he had complete control of everyone.

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