An Indispensable Woman Ch. 03

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Sorry for the delay in posting. A touch of the flu, then a bit of travel for work, and next thing you know a few weeks have gone by! Anyway, I’m happy to present the third chapter in what will likely be a five-chapter series. I really can’t thank my readers enough for the comments, votes and emails I’ve received – you’re all helping to make me a better writer and I’m truly grateful. As always, this is a story about fictional and consenting adults. Thank you again for reading.


A week later, Amara’s shoulder brace was coming off. It was good news; she’d be able to dress herself again, bathe herself, drive herself. And without the restrictive harness immobilizing her shoulder and forearm, she’d be able to sleep more comfortably. Great news all around.

But as Dani sat in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, part of her was dreading what would come next.

She sighed and tossed the fashion magazine back onto the table. Her concerns were petty. Awfully damn petty, to be resenting Amara’s speedy recovery. Dani knew that. Petty, and selfish, too. She’d known from the start her thing with Amara was a limited-time opportunity. A week, maybe two. Amara had been desperate and Dani had been able to step in and help out. It was foolish to even dream it could be more than that. Amara was rich, educated and high-class. Dani wasn’t any of those things.

And despite all that, Dani had let it get serious, developed feelings for Amara. Idiot! She knew what this was; knew how it ended. Why did she make the same mistakes over and over?

The door to the examination room opened and Dani stood up as Amara came out. Her arm was in an ordinary cloth sling now; no more torso strap. The brace on her wrist was gone too, replaced by a tensor bandage.

“You’re free,” Dani said and tried to force a smile.

Amara’s smile was bright and unrestrained. “Yes! And even this can come off when I’m in bed. The doctor told me I’m ahead of schedule; I’m apparently a fast healer.”

“That’s great news. How long till you’re pain-free?”

“If there are no setbacks? Another couple weeks at most. I’m going to have to start physio for the shoulder. She gave me the name of someone she recommends.”

Dani walked her out of the medical building and helped her settle into the passenger seat of the car.

“Shall we get Anne a little early? Mrs. Hannah’s going to be amazed,” Dani said after sliding into the driver’s seat. Amara nodded and Dani got them underway. They drove in silence for a few minutes.

“That reminds me, there’s something I wanted to discuss,” Amara said.

“Oh?” Dani braced herself for what she knew was coming.

“Well, now that I’m a bit more mobile I probably won’t need as much help. Showering and dressing will be a bit of a challenge, but I think I can handle it.”

“Makes sense.”

“I won’t be taking up so much of your time…”

“I guess not,” Dani said, trying to keep the disappointment out of her voice. Time to pack her stuff and move out. But hey, it had been a good week – that counted for something, right?

“So I was wondering, what would you think about looking after Anne during the day?”

“Wait…what?” Dani glanced sideways at the other woman.

Amara smiled apologetically. “I know she can be a handful sometimes, but she really likes you and I trust you, so…” she let the thought hang out there.

“But…I mean…there’s already Mrs. Hannah.”

“But she’s going to Greece for two months so I’ll be scrambling for child care anyway. I figured since you’re already living with us it kind of makes sense.”

“Yeah…I suppose it does.”

“Look, I know childcare is hard work. I’m not asking you to do it for free. I’m thinking…maybe an extra hundred a week?”

“Seven hundred bucks a week?” Dani was incredulous.

“Well, you do all the housework, and as I said, Anne can be a handful at times. I’m paying two-fifty a week for Hannah as it is, so an extra hundred to you seems like a bargain. How do you feel about it?”

Dani lapsed into silence. How DID she feel about it? Was it stupid to stay with Amara in some weird half-maid, half-lover arrangement; to keep deluding herself into thinking it might turn into something more? Or was it stupid to turn down seven-hundred dollars a week – almost double what she was earning before she met Amara?

“If it’s the money, please don’t be shy about saying so. I know I’m asking for a lot of your time; evenings, weekends. You’ve probably got friends who are wondering where you ran off to this week,” Amara said. “If you need some time off we could work the schedule a bit…”

Dani sighed. “No, the money’s good, schedule’s fine. I guess I’m wondering how you see things…you know…between us.” She tried to keep her guard up. She’d put the question out there and there was no telling how it would be received.

“Well…” Amara said, then paused. Sugar-coating the response, or just getting her thoughts in order?

“I mean, I like how things are going. I like it a lot. canlı bahis You’re a good one to have in charge. I really like having someone I can rely on. It feels good to be able to put myself in your hands,” Amara said. “Does any of that make sense?”

Dani nodded, trying to decipher the message and decide if she should be encouraged or disappointed. She must have been silent for too long because Amara felt the need to continue.

“I trust you. I need you. You’re my own personal miracle-worker!”

Dani could hear the warmth in Amara’s voice. The honesty. Amara wasn’t bullshitting her – Dani appreciated that a lot. And the money WAS good. Better than good, really. Anne was a cute kid; easy to get along with, and smart, too. The guest room was comfortable. She had real power; Amara had put Dani in charge. There was no rational reason to refuse the job.

But there was another side to consider and Dani knew better than to ignore it. The kissing. The gentle caresses. Shy smiles and knowing winks. Discreet pats on the bum. Warm hugs. Hand-holding.

Not when Anne was around – Amara had made it clear that stuff was off limits until she decided what she wanted to tell her daughter about it – but when the kid was in a different room things were getting touchy-feely for sure.

And when Anne was in bed, it all went to the next level. Dani figured Amara would want to take it slow but the other woman was an enthusiastic – if inexperienced – lover. Amara was eager to explore and to be explored. She’d said she was puzzled by her newfound feelings but not scared of them. Dani was her first female lover. That fact had become important to Dani, something she treasured.

Something she was eager to preserve. Something she wanted to build on.

“So we keep the same agreement we decided last week – all of it – and I keep Anne during the day?” Dani said at last. She knew from experience long silences made Amara uncomfortable.

“Absolutely. I’m completely good with that.”

“Seven hundred is a lot of money. To be honest, I feel kind of guilty taking that much. I mean, you could-“

“If you tell me AGAIN I could hire a service for less than that, I’ll scream,” Amara said, the tease in her voice obvious. “And seven hundred a week doesn’t come close to what you’re worth.”

Dani smiled. “Okay, let’s do it.”

“Anne’s going to be thrilled,” Amara said, reaching over and resting her bandaged hand on Dani’s thigh.


“So…dumb question…what exactly do you do?” Dani asked as she stirred the simmering spaghetti sauce. “I mean, I know you’re the vice-president of human resources, but what do you actually during the day?”

She figured since she’d be staying with Amara for the foreseeable future – now as a babysitter as well as a maid – she ought to start laying the foundation of a real relationship. If it wasn’t just a one-week gig like she’d assumed, maybe there was a chance for something deeper? If so, relating to Amara’s career was a good place to start.

Amara lowered her magazine and gave a wry smile.

“I thought work was strictly off limits after five-thirty. Doesn’t that include talking about work?”

“Oh, right.” Dani said, then filled a pot with water and set it on the stove top. It had been her own idea to cut Amara’s workday off at five-thirty. Couldn’t very well complain about it now.

“Okay, here’s question for you,” Amara said after a few moments of silence. “Say you’re the boss. It comes to your attention that an employee has called in sick on Monday for six of the past eight weeks. Only on Monday.”

“Heh. Hangover, probably.”

“Could be, but you don’t know for sure. What do you do?”

“Tell him to cut the crap and come to work on Monday like everyone else,” Dani said.

“And if his behaviour doesn’t change?”

“Bye bye.”

“But if you fire him, he could sue you for wrongful dismissal. The union could grieve it or even take you to court. Other employees would notice the harsh treatment and get resentful. Plus, if you fire him you’ve got to find someone else out there with his skill set, hire them, get them trained. That can take months, and in the meantime you’re short-staffed and the work isn’t getting done.”

“Huh. Never thought about that.”

“But more than that, what if the employee WASN’T hung over, but there was something else going on? What if his son had leukemia? What if his wife had died and he was having trouble coping? What if he was battling depression, maybe even suicidal thoughts? Maybe there was some sort of disability that you weren’t aware of. Maybe that’s why he was missing time at work.”

“It’s your job to sort all that out?”

“That, plus a hundred other things.”

“So…you’re a problem-solver.”

“I try. I like to think I’m in the business of helping people,” Amara said.

“You must be popular at work.”

“That depends. It’s also my job to fire people, so it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.”

“Where did you learn how to do all that stuff?”

“College, for starters. bahis siteleri But I learned most of it on the job. Seventeen long years, and I’ve got the gray hairs to show for it.” Amara chuckled and Dani smiled.

Dani was quiet as she dumped stiff noodles into the now-boiling water, then went to the cupboard for the dishes to set the table.

“Why did you want to know?” Amara asked.

Dani shrugged. “I’m interested in you. I want to know more about you. Personal stuff.”

Amara took Dani’s hand as she set the plates down and gave it a brief squeeze. Dani looked down and found the other woman’s eyes warm and welcoming. Amara was pretty in addition to being successful, smart and professional.

Dani wondered again how long she’d be able to hold the interest of someone like her.


Dani had finished her shower and was slouched on the leather couch in the den waiting for Amara to finish hers; the first time in a week they’d showered separately. Dani passed the time with a game on her phone. Anne was fast asleep and there was a pretty good show on TV. Not a bad way to spend Friday night.

“What do you think?” Amara said, standing in the doorway.

Dani looked up from her phone and almost gasped. Amara wore a sheer, scarlet nightie that fell to mid-thigh. The top was cut low and the material taken in under the bust; the fabric seemed to cling to Amara’s large breasts. It shimmered like silk as Amara walked slowly into the room. Her gait drew attention to the matching three-inch strappy heels. She was dressed to kill.

“Wow…you look…amazing.”

“I’ve put on a few pounds since I last wore it.”

“Doesn’t show.”

“That’s kind of you,” Amara said with a shy smile, then stopped in front of Dani and turned a slow circle. Dani was tempted to reach out and touch but didn’t want to spoil the effect. Amara was mouth-watering from every angle.

“Really sexy.”

“I have a few more, but this is my favourite. I love the colour,” Amara said.

Dani could only nod her agreement. It was a moment before she found her voice again.

“What’s the occasion?”

“Payback,” Amara said.

“For what?”

Amara slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of Dani’s place on the couch and looked up at her with intense, brown eyes. A light blush crept over Amara’s cheeks and the shy smile remained. Dani felt warm; that sexy blush did it to her every time.

“Everything, Dani.” Amara took Dani’s ankle and raised it to her mouth, then kissed the arch of her bare foot; a slow, hot, loving kiss. All the while her eyes remained locked on Dani’s.

The sight of Amara on her knees in her sexy nightie, the feel of the kiss, the warmth of her gaze – it made Dani’s heart hammer and body tingle. She sat, transfixed, as Amara’s lips came to rest on her big toe, then gasped as her tongue darted out to taste it.

“Payback for the night I was having trouble sleeping and you massaged my feet until I drifted off,” Amara whispered, then took the toe in her mouth and sucked it for a moment before kissing her ankle. Dani was lost in her eyes, enthralled by what was happening.

“For the night Anne threw up in the bath, and you cleaned Anne and the bathtub without a word of reproach or complaint.” The lips traveled higher, to her shin, the side of her calf, her knee. Dani spread her legs to accommodate and in doing so was reminded that she hadn’t worn panties under her nightshirt.

“For calling around the city to find the best price on eavestrough cleaning after I’d mentioned in passing I was thinking of having it done.” Amara pressed one kiss to her inner thigh; her lips felt hot on the soft, sensitive skin there.

Dani was open-mouthed and breathing heavily. “All…part of the job.”

Amara shook her head, eyes still locked on to Dani’s. “None of that was part of the job. They were gifts, wonderful gifts, and each one meant so much to me.” Amara pushed the nightshirt up so she could deliver a kiss to Dani’s upper thigh, her breath hot, so close to her sex.

And then she drew back, still kneeling, and looked up at Dani.

“So tonight is my gift for you. Tell me what you want. Anything.”

For a moment Dani couldn’t speak, couldn’t think. The sight of the beautiful, sensual woman in front of her scattered her thoughts and made it hard to focus. Her own arousal was high; she could feel the throbbing between her legs, the heat of the flush on her skin.

What did she want? To freeze this moment. To burn it into her memory. To exist in a universe where she and Amara would be together like this for eternity.

“Do the other foot,” Dani whispered. She couldn’t look away from Amara’s eyes.

“Mmm. Yes, ma’am,” she said with a mischievous smile, and a moment later Dani’s toe was in her mouth, bathed in wet heat.

Dani didn’t move as Amara kissed and licked her way from her foot to her knee, then higher to her thighs. Amara pressed her lips to Dani’s belly and Dani felt her pussy clench in response. She spread her thighs wider in invitation, bahis şirketleri but Amara slowly, deliberately returned to her knees in front of the couch.

Dani could see the flush on Amara’s skin, a deep pink blush from her cheeks to the tops of her breasts. The other woman wore a sly smile but her eyes burned with naked desire.

“What next?” Amara winked.

The tease! Dani wanted to throw Amara onto the floor and bury her tongue in her mouth but restrained herself. There was no hurry; they had all night. And two could play this game…

“Stand up,” Dani said, barely audible.

Amara slowly rose to her feet and looked down at Dani.

“Anything I want?” Dani asked, giving a wicked half-smile of her own.

Amara nodded.

“Dance for me, Amara. Nice and slow.”

Amara’s eyes widened at the request and she hesitated, but only for a moment. She started to sway, just her hips at first, then her shoulders, then bending her knees slightly. Her body took on a smooth, subtle, graceful rhythm, her gaze fixed on the younger woman.

Dani’s mouth was open and she stared at the vision in front of her. She’d never been so captivated, so aroused. She’d never wanted anyone with the same reckless, desperate lust she felt at that moment for Amara.

“You like?” Amara asked, then slowly slid her palms over her breasts and down the length of the nightie.

“Jesus,” Dani whispered. She could hear her own heart thundering in her chest.

Amara grabbed the hem of the nightie and raised it, exposing the tops of her thighs as she continued to groove to imaginary music. She danced a slow circle, the hem held high enough for the lower swells of her cheeks to peek out. Then she was facing Dani again, heating her with her lusty, brown eyes.

“Join me,” Amara said as the dance continued.

As though in a trance Dani stood and stepped forward into Amara’s waiting arms. The other woman’s hands came around to the small of Dani’s back, hugging her tight as she continued to sway enticingly. Dani copied the motion, her hands on Amara’s wide hips. They clung to each other for a few moments.

“Hmm. No good,” Amara said, then stepped back and shimmied the nightie up and over her head – no easy task given she couldn’t move her right arm very well. Soon she was naked; gloriously, voluptuously, beautifully naked but for her heels. “Off,” she said, pointing to Dani’s night shirt.

In moments, Dani was naked, too. And then they were pressed against each other again – warm, soft skin and yielding flesh as they moved slowly together.

They held each other for several minutes. Dani never wanted to let go; didn’t want to do anything to interrupt the moment.

Amara put her lips close to Dani’s ear.

“I want you,” she whispered.

Dani could only moan quietly as a shiver coursed down her spine and her arousal surged higher. Amara took Dani’s hand in her own and guided it between her legs. Dani caressed Amara’s sex, slid her middle finger easily between her labia and found her dripping wet.

“You did this to me, Dani. I don’t know how, but you did.”

Dani’s couldn’t keep her fingers still, stroking them up and down through the wet folds, briefly teasing Amara’s engorged clitoris, then sliding two fingers knuckle-deep into her pussy. Amara’s hot breath panting into Dani’s ear was driving her half-mad with desire.

“Tell me what you want,” Amara breathed. “Anything you say, just name it.”

“You. All of you. Everything.” Dani couldn’t form thoughts, consumed by a powerful lust. She kissed Amara and their tongues touched. Her fingers worked Amara’s clit in circles.

“I want that. I want to do everything for you.”

“Lie down,” Dani said, then stepped back.

Amara stretched out on the couch on her back. Dani stood over her and for a moment could only look down in wonder. This woman – this smart, sexy, successful woman – lay naked and wanton and eager for anything Dani could name. It was like a dream.

Dani straddled Amara’s head, careful not to jostle her sore shoulder with her leg, then slowly lowered her hips so her pussy touched Amara’s chin. She found the other woman’s eager, brown eyes with her own.

Amara didn’t need to be told; her tongue sampled Dani’s wetness, then swiped over her hard, pink clit. Dani was so keyed up that she nearly lost it right away but she took a shuddering breath and fought for control. She wanted to draw it out, savour the feelings for longer.

“You learn fast,” Dani said. Had it only been a week ago that the other woman had tasted her for the first time?

“I want it to be good for you.”

“Keep looking at me. I want to see your eyes.”

Dani lightly pinched her own nipples as she lost herself in Amara’s gaze. When the tongue on her clit threatened to trigger a much-too-early climax, Dani lifted her hips out of reach, loving the way Amara moaned and panted and licked her lips, loving the grateful groan when Dani again lowered her wet pussy into range.

Soon the need for release outweighed the desire to draw things out. Dani grabbed a fistful of Amara’s hair and gave a firm tug, pulling Amara’s face more forcefully into her sex. The other woman got the message and lapped with long, rapid strokes of her tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20