An object for the night

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I waited outside his door nervously, I rarely went on grindr hookups but this guy, what he wanted to do really excited me. I had put on my black leather collar as he had asked me to, and also had a black thong on under my skinny jeans. He had also asked that I looked to the floor, kept my head down submissively for when he opened the door, of course I obeyed. I stared at the plain welcome mat for what seemed like hours until he finally opened his front door.

He hooked a finger around the ring of my collar and tugged, beckoning me inside. I stepped in and he closed the door, then he gently slipped a bondage hood with a hole only for my mouth onto my head and zipped it shut. What had excited me about this hookup was that I would be deprived, not just of my sight, but of my right to speak or move on my own, I was just to be an object, even my safe signal was non verbal.

I knew what to do next without instruction, I had memorized what he wanted me to do during the whole hookup, that way there would be no verbal interaction, further cementing my place as an object. I stripped off my white t-shirt and skinny jeans, leaving me in just my thong. I felt his warm breath over my smooth, pale skin as he looked me over. I felt a rough hand brush my nipple, my thigh, and footsteps as he moved to grope my ass hard, my cock was stiffening the whole time as this stranger felt me up. He seemed to notice and grabbed the front of my thong, squeezing my cock and balls, only for a second, and it left me wanting more. My skin where he had touched me tingled as I heard him attach a chain leash to my collar.

A gentle, yet firm tug of the leash bahis firmaları let me now that he wanted me to follow him. And I did without question, I was just an object after all. He lead me up the stairs into what I can assume was his bedroom and a hand on my shoulder pushed me down to my knees. My cock twitched in anticipation as I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I could hear him undoing a belt and then a pair of trousers coming down and being placed in the floor. Just a second later something thick and meaty slapped my tongue, he must have had a semi already. I dutifully licked at his cock and then took it in my mouth, taking in the musky but clean taste. There was a pinch of saltiness to it which told me precum was leaking out and I sucked on him more, savouring every morsel of taste and texture.

He was hardening in my mouth as I felt his big hand on the back of my leather covered head. He pushed my mouth onto his cock in a rhythm, quickly bobbing back and forth, taking his cock down my throat. I was glad then that I hardly had a gag reflex. He kept fucking my mouth for some time, making me take his cock balls deep in my mouth, I was instinctively drooling the whole time as he got harder and harder. He eventually pulled out and slapped my covered face with his huge cock.

I kept my mouth open as he coaxed me up to my feet with a tug of the leash, he then turned me around and pushed me onto the bed. I flopped down on the soft sheets and adjusted myself for comfort as I heard the cling of a belt buckle. There was a moment of silence, but it felt like hours with my sense of sight impaired like this, and then with kaçak iddaa a loud smack and an explosion of stinging heat his belt impacted with my ass. He waited a moment and then whipped me again, the sting wasn’t as intense this time but I could feel it coursing through my whole body. He kept doing this until it reached 10 strikes, with each one the time between grew shorter. I heard him discard the belt onto the bed next to me. My ass was red hot, so much so that his hand felt cold as he stroked my ass cheeks.

He moved the string of my thong to the side, exposing my tight hole. I felt a shudder of excitement take over me as he did this. I felt a cold wet finger enter my ass as he lubed me up. I could feel the way it made circling motions so all of my ass was lubed. He pulled his finger out and I felt like my ass was completely emptied. It would be filled soon though as his cock slowly pushed in. I bit the sheets so as not to make a noise as he pushed in deeper and deeper. It felt like I was being torn open, molded into his toy to use. Before long the only thing separating his balls and mine was the fabric of my thong, which kept my cock and balls covered but left my ass exposed. His hips began slapping against my ass as he pounded me harder, his weight pressing onto me as he had me pinned down, totally submissive and open to use.

I felt his cock moving in and out of me as he used my ass like a fleshlight. My prostate being pounded with each thrust, pushing me closer and closer to an anal orgasm. The sensation was so intense that my body was quivering under him. In my hood my head was getting hotter and hotter. In fact my entire kaçak bahis body was feeling hot with the heat of pleasure. I was drooling uncontrollably on the sheets and being pinned down meant that my lips were getting wetter and wetter since the drool had nowhere to go. Eventually the pounding on my prostate got too much and I bit down on the sheets again as I felt my cock spasm in my thong. Next thing I knew I was cumming heavily into the fabric, making my cock and balls sticky with my own cum. My ass tightened during my orgasm, clenching at his cock making it feel all the bigger. He fucked me even harder at this point, taking advantage of my orgasm to cum himself, deep in my ass. He grunted and held me down stronger than before as he unloaded his warm cum inside me, it soothed the inside of my ass, which at this point had been fucked until it was sore.

He got off of me and pulled me by the leash down to my knees. I opened my mouth obediently as he placed his softening, cum covered cock in my mouth. Using me to clean his cum off of him. I eagerly sucked off all the cum and swallowed it, it tasted very salty and the whole experience left me in a trance.

I then heard him get dressed again before he tugged on my leash, making me crawl back down the stairs to near the front door. He let me sit and blindly find my clothes to get dressed in. Once I was dressed again he tugged on the leash for me to stand up. I heard his front door open and his hand on my shoulder guided me just outside his house, I felt the cold night air again as it cooled me down. Then he unclipped my leash and unzipped the bondage hood and lifted it off of my head, giving me back my sight. I took in the view of the street I had walked down to get here as I heard the front door close. I walked home with a mess in my underwear, silently hoping he would message me to arrange this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20