An Unexpected Night Of Passion

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I wait for you to arrive home from work, I have such an evening planned for you!! I know that you have had a rough day and are not in the mood to fool around but none the less I want to surprise you.

I hear you arrive, you think it is strange that there are no lights on in the house. You come in and hear music softly playing in the background, you know immediately what I have in mind. You call out to me but I don’t answer. You call out again as you walk through the house, still I don’t answer, then I appear from the bedroom wearing just a robe, You start to say that you are not in the mood, but I interrupt you and say that I know and your bath is waiting.

You approach the bathroom and see that it is lit with scented candles, the tub is filled with your favorite bubble bath, and there is a note saying just to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself. You disrobe from your work attire and slip into the bubble bath. The water is warm and soothing, feeling pleasant as it surrounds your body with its warmth. you start to relax a bit, then you hear a soft knock at the door. You invite me in and see that i have a bottle of your favorite wine and two wine glasses.

I kneel down beside the tub and pour the wine for us to share and hand you yours. I tell you that this is your night and I want you just to relax and take pleasure in things to follow. You start to say again that you are not feeling that way, but I interrupt your thought with a kiss. I then take a sip from my glass as you do the same.

We talk about the things that have happened in our day as I place a towel behind your neck as a pillow. You smile at me and I sense that you are starting to relax. I reach into the water and find your foot and begin a gentle but firm massage. You are starting to wonder just what I have in store for you on this night. I begin to move my hands slowly and firmly up your calf using long smooth strokes I reach your thigh and continue in the same fashion. I tend to your other leg now and give it the same attention as the other. I then ask you to sit forward a bit and allow me to give you a neck and back massage.

You agree as I start to trace your neckline in gentle, flowing strokes with my fingers. I move outward casino oyna to your shoulders using my thumbs to knead your tired muscles. I proceed to make long sweeping strokes down your back, massaging from your spine outward. I can feel you relaxing and the tension start to leave your body. I continue the massage for awhile, then i help you to lie back in the tub once again.

I place my hand softly upon your cheek, look into your eyes, and lean in to kiss you. We kiss for what seems like eternity, I break from your lips, and look into your eyes and tee that you want things to continue. I slowly start to caress you from your neck to your beautiful breasts. I lightly run my fingers, tracing their shape from top to bottom, coming ever so close to the nipple but never touching. I feel your breathing start to increase, your eyes close, your nipples begin to stand out. I take each nipple between my fingers, gently rolling and twisting, a faint moan escapes your lips.

I lean in to take them into my hot mouth sucking and gently biting first one then the other. I slide my hand down your stomach, your legs open to my advances. I stop at the top of your mound, your eyes open and lock onto mine with wanton desire, you whisper for me not to stop. I slide my hand further down and brush against your slit, you moan softly, and thrust your hips gently forward encouraging me to proceed. I part your outer lips with my finger, you whimper slightly, as I slide my finger deeper into your sex, your breathing is increasing, mixed with moans and sighs of desire. I begin to finger you slowly, your hips begin to rock and meet my every thrust.

My free hand is caressing your breasts and nipples, my thumb brushes your clit as I slide another finger in. I finger you faster and rub your clit in a circular motion, you begin to thrust back and thrash about. I pick up the pace a bit more and find your g spot, you moan loudly. I keep on with my finger thrusting and clitoral stimulation, I feel your walls clamp around my fingers, as you orgasm you moan and scream for me never to stop. Your orgasm starts to subside and I kiss you, letting our tongues intertwine and dance. I ask you if you are ready to go to the bedroom, you pull my mouth to yours canlı casino giving me the answer. I help you up, take a towel and dry you off, and lead you to the bedroom.

I sweep your beautiful body into my arms and begin to kiss you passionately. I gently lay you back onto the bed never breaking from your lips. Your arms wrap around me, going under the robe, caressing my back, pulling me tightly to you. You push the robe from my shoulders and I remove it completely. I lean back down and leave a trail of kisses starting with your forehead, eye lids, cheeks, tracing your jaw line, nibbling on your earlobe. I venture down your neck, using my lips and tongue, I suckle each nipple and blow softly on them. I continue venturing down and dart my tongue into your navel, I feel you breathing deeply and hear you moan with pleasure. I plant kisses down your right leg all the way to your toes, lifting your leg I work my way to the back of your knee and to the inner thigh. I come so close to your pussy that you can feel m hot breath. I tease your left inner thigh as you thrust your pelvis towards me, telling me that you have had enough teasing.

Parting your outer lips with my tongue, you gasp and moan, I can taste your luscious wetness, I push my tongue deeper into you feeling you clamp around my tongue trying to pull me in deeper. I tongue you for a few moments and drag my tongue down to your sweet rosebud, flattening my tongue I lick all the way up your slit being careful not to touch your clit just yet. Your hands are pulling at your breasts as I thrust a finger deeply into your sex, your clit is looking me in the eye, begging for some attention. You reach down and pull my mouth to your aching clit, I wrap my lips around it, flicking my tongue as I slide another finger into you. Your hips rock to meet my every thrust, your fingers run through my hair pulling me tighter to you. You begin to moan and scream as I finger you faster, suck your clit hard and flick my tongue across its tip. Your hips buck off the bed, your pussy walls clamp around my fingers, your juices soak my fingers and face, as an orgasm ripples through your body. I slowly remove my fingers and lap up as much of your sweet nectar as I can. Moving up I plant sweet kaçak casino kisses until I reach your lips, we kiss and you taste your sweet juices.

I look deeply into your eyes, a look of desire, lust, and passion is what you see. You know that I am turned on and hotter than ever before, you whisper into my ear that you want to take care of me. You roll us over and take control. You kiss me briefly before making your slow, tantalizing descent. You start with my neck kissing, sucking, and biting, you want to leave your mark which you know I so richly enjoy.

You then make your way down kissing my chest, gently sucking my nipple, as you reach down and wrap your fingers around my rock hard cock, you stroke it slow and gentle. You kiss your way down further, your mouth is now just inches away from my quivering member, I can feel your hot breath and begin to breath harder. You take the head of my cock into your mouth, sending a warm chill up my spine and through my entire body. Slowly you begin to suck my cock, taking me deeper each time, your hand wraps around my nuts, squeezing ever so gently. You take my cock from your mouth and stroke my shaft with your hand, you then take my nuts one at a time into your mouth bathing them. Your hand is replaced with your hot mouth. I begin to moan and thrust my hips, your pace increases, you know that I won’t last long like this.

You decide that you don’t want me to cum just yet, so you take my cock from your mouth, I moan not wanting you to stop. Still stroking me I see that you are moving up and now straddling me. You are still so wet that I slide into you easily. we both moan in pleasure. You begin to ride me, I thrust to meet you every time. My hands find your breasts and play with your nipples, you lean down, I alternately begin to suck and gently bite each nipple. Our pace is increasing as we slam into one another, my fingers find your love button, I start to rub your clit swiftly back and fourth.

You start to moan loudly and I know that you are close yet again, I continue my assault on your clit as you begin to cum. Your pussy clamps around me like a vise, it is to much for me, I moan, grunt, and I shoot my load deep inside of you as you collapse on top of me. We start to come back to reality, we kiss, whisper sweet nothings to each other and drift off to sleep in each others arms. We know that there will be many more pleasure filled nights like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20