An Unexpected Pleasure

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I met Tina when she was just a little girl. I was dating her mother and thought she was a cute little kid. After the wedding, there was definitely an “adjustment period.” Her biological father was nowhere to be found, so I was creating a new role as opposed to filling an existing one.

Our relationship was very good until the beginning of junior high. As any parent can tell you, junior high can turn the best kid into an alien. After assorted trips to the principal’s office for minor behavioral issues, my wife and I consulted a counselor about Tina’s behavior. She assured us that what we were experiencing was very common and our Tina would start to return to normalcy after high school started.

The counselor was right on the money. High school started and Tina became her old self. We were distant, but friendly.

Everything moved along just fine until the beginning of her senior year – just a few weeks after her 18th birthday. Tina was a cheerleader and their practice was held everyday before school. She would get up a good 2 hours before my wife and I had to get moving. One morning, Tina had her radio playing loud enough to let her hear the music over the sound of her blow dyer. The clamor woke me up. I was groggy and a bit pissed and marched towards her bathroom to tell her to turn down the music. I was certainly unprepared for what I saw.

To provide just a bit of background, Tina had evolved from a cute little girl amsterdam shemale into a lovely young woman. She was blessed with her mother’s good looks and beautiful skin. Her body was that of a gymnast’s – very toned and firm. Great legs and what I used to call a “cute fanny.” I have never been attracted to younger women and my appreciation for Tina’s beauty was void of any sexuality at all. She was simply a beautiful young woman with a lovely physique.

Now back to the story.

When I rounded the corner into her bathroom, she was sitting on the counter blow drying her hair. My immediate reaction was to stammer an apology and back out of the room. However, I got a glimpse of her mostly-naked body. She was wearing a pair of white Soffee shorts and nothing else. Between the whir of the blow dryer and the blaring music, she did not notice my presence. I backed slowly into a spare bedroom that was across the hall from the open bathroom door. I was mesmerized by what I saw. She was absolutely beautiful. Her deeply tanned skin provided an alluring contrast to the white shorts and her creamy white breasts. Her breasts…..holy shit, what a great pair of tits. Not big and sloppy like her mother’s, but perky and full – perfect nipples that the cool morning air made erect enough to have me instinctively grab my cock.

This can’t be happening! Last night I went to bed down the hall from a pain-in-the-ass teenager. This morning I wake rotterdam shemale up under the same roof with a fucking goddess!

She turned off the blow dryer and turned down the radio. She probably sensed that she was making too much noise. I was able to duck into a closet that sill afforded an unobstructed view of Tina while providing enough cover to avoid being detected. She climbed off of the counter and went into her room – out of my line of site. I was afraid that the show was over – that she would bolt out the door to cheerleading practice. I decided to stay hidden in the closet until she left – then I would go back to my room and fuck my wife with total abandon.

Then I saw something that just about made my cock explode without even stroking it. Tina came back in the bathroom with her shorts in one hand and her bra in the other. At first, I thought she was naked, but after I studied her magnificent tits for a while my eyes wandered down to see a thin strip of material wrapping around her hip – a white thong. She turned to close the shower curtain, which provided me with a view I will remember until the day I die.

Her “cute little fanny” had grown into the most incredible ass I had ever seen. I’m sure that if I had thought of her in a sexual way prior to this day, I would have recognized what an unbelievable ass she had – it’s not like she went to sleep the night before with a lame ass and woke up with the work blog shemale of art. Words fail me in trying to describe Tina’s butt. The perfect heart shape, the musculature. But it was her skin that put it over the top. Her perfect skin. No routine on the stairmaster or trips to a plastic surgeon can give a person that soft, almost luminescent skin.

By now my hard on was raging and begging for relief, but I felt a tremendous sense of guilt about the lust that was taking control of my body. And then she turned around. Her makeup was perfect. Her hair just right. Her tits were begging to be sucked. The site of her panties put me over the edge. They were white and almost transparent. I could tell she kept herself groomed, but there was clearly a nice patch of pubic hair. The combination of her beauty, the textures of her skin and panties, her gorgeous tits and phenomenal ass were too much for me to take. Her mother may be taking a high hard one for round two, but round one couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled down my shorts and started jacking off. How the hell am I going to reconcile this in my mind? Whacking my cock while hiding in a closet staring at my 18-year-old step-daughter in her see-thru thong. I can’t believe that she didn’t hear me as I shot my load – surely the biggest load of my life.

As I stood there with my spent dick in my hand, I watched her wiggle into her “spankies” (bloomers that cheerleaders wear under their skirts), harness her tits in a sports bra and slide into her cheerleading outfit. She grabbed her bag and went out the door just like she did every morning – the same thing she did the day before. But our lives would never be the same.

More to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20