Anal Patrol

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One night, I was driving my Ford in an empty highway. I was so eager to arrive at my destination that I was going really fast, way past the speed limit. Suddenly, I heard a siren and saw a patrol car right behind me. When I turned around and looked back, the policeman gave me a signal to pull over. I obeyed, cursing my damn luck.

When he approached my vehicle, he asked for my license and registration. I gave him the appropriate papers but he ordered me to step out of the car. I was a little bit worried because we were alone in the middle of nowhere and he was a well-built, black guy. It was summertime, so I was wearing just a pair of tennis shorts and no underwear.

“Spread your legs and bend over the hood!” he shouted.

Once again, I followed his orders without asking why. Then, he pulled out his truncheon and started rubbing it against my ass. When it reached my asshole, I said:

“Is this all you got, officer?”

“Shut up!” he said and with an abrupt move he grabbed my neck and forced me to kneel before him. He pulled down his pants and took out a massive, black cock.

“Suck my dick, boy!” he yelled.

He didn’t have to ask me twice. I took his tool in my mouth right away, sucking as hard as I could. I licked his cockhead and his balls. He was canlı bahis having the time of his life, fucking my mouth. As I deep-throated his cock, I squeezed his balls, so as to make him even hornier. A few moments later, he pulled his rod out of my mouth and ordered me to turn around. As I bent over once more, he pulled down my shorts and started jerking off at the sight of my bare ass.

“I’m gonna fuck you real good and you’re gonna beg for more!” he said.

I grabbed my cheeks and spread them wide open, in order to tease him. That was the last straw for him. With a violent move, he pushed his shaft against my tight hole.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” I screamed.

His big cock was stretching me out and his balls slapped loudly against my butt. In a frenzy of lust, he began to slap my ass really hard as he fucked me. I urged him not to stop.

“Go, motherfucker, go! Give me all you got! Harder, harder!”

The policeman had thrust every inch of his large dick inside my ass. When I realized that he was about to cum I yelled:

“Cum on my ass!”

With a loud howl, he shot his load on my ass. When he was through, he slapped my ass with his cock, three or four times. I could feel his hot cum on my asshole.

I thought that my nocturnal adventure was over but bahis siteleri the policeman had other plans. He went to his car and activated the CB radio. I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Ten minutes later, a police van arrived out of the blue. Two black officers came out and ordered me to get inside the back of the van. They closed the doors and began undressing themselves. I knew what was about to happen and I was really excited. I was already naked and I looked at their large cocks. The patrol officer drove off; he was really exhausted.

This time, they didn’t have to give me any orders. I grabbed both their shafts and started sucking them by turns. They were surprised and erected at the same time. Suddenly, one of them got down on his knees and grabbed my ass. It was time for some back door action. I kept sucking the other man’s rod, as his colleague rubbed his cock on my ass. I was eager to be fucked again, so I said:

“What are you waiting for? Shove your huge cock up my ass!”

The black stallion thrust his tool inside me all at once. I relaxed for a moment and then I squeezed his dick in my asshole. He really liked that. As he started pushing his cock in and out of my ass, I screamed:

“Faster! Deeper!”

Realizing that the other cop wanted a piece of my ass, bahis şirketleri I suggested that we changed positions. Now, the buttfucker was in my mouth and the other guy was fucking my ass lying on the floor. As I mounted his rod, I moaned with pleasure, ruthlessly sucking the other man’s cock and rubbing his balls.

After a while, we changed positions for one final time. The first cop kept fucking my mouth, while the other had got up from the floor and was pounding my tight hole doggy-style. Each man had developed a powerful rhythm. One of them was fucking my ass, shoving his shaft deeper and deeper; the other was fucking my mouth with his balls slapping against my chin. When they told me that they were about to cum, I said:

“Cum inside my wet mouth! Spread your hot cream inside my ass!”

Simultaneously, they pulled out of my mouth and my ass and started jerking off. Soon, I would be full of cum. The guy in front of me screamed:

“Open your mouth!”

I obeyed and, a few seconds later, he shoved his rod inside my mouth and filled it with his hot fluid. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking him. Soon afterwards, the other man shouted:

“Stretch your asshole, here I cum!”

Instantly, he spread my cheeks and pushed his cock inside me with a violent thrust, filling my ass with his cum. His tool exploded inside me and I felt his cum burning my asshole.

In the end, we were all very tired and satiated. Another “hard” day was over for the “Anal Patrol!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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