And Then The Door Opened Pt. 02

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This is the second installment of a series of very short stories that share a common cast (usually) and theme, more like a series of vignettes than one story. I’ve repeated the first chapter to set the stage then skipped to the new material. If you’re familiar with this story go ahead and skip Chapter I.

Things in my life have changed, and I find I no longer have the time or really the interest to keep this series going on anything like a regular basis, so I invite anyone to take it up and provide more installments. Please leave the general arrangement as it is now, with the same four players in their roles so that the segments will all work together. Feel free to keep the same title too so people can find it all.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Ch I

Things couldn’t have been any better, it was Friday afternoon, I had just slipped a big butt plug up my ass, and was grinding a super heavy duty vibrating massager against my crotch — I was desperate for the release of a good screaming cum and didn’t have a hope in hell of getting one. In other words I was in heaven — a leather collar was padlocked around my neck with the collar chained to the headboard of the oversize king water bed with just enough slack to let me roll from side to side as I struggled to reach my orgasm.. My stainless steel chastity belt was locked on and it’s key was on the dresser across the room (the collar key of course was just barely within my reach for when I was exhausted), and I was just starting to climb the peak of sexual frustration caused by a week’s abstinence followed by an expected several hours working like hell to achieve an unattainable climax. I’m a slave to sexual frustration I guess, but damn I enjoy the scene I create. Then I heard the front door of the loft open.

OK, so this may need some stage setting — I’m Cindy, a 20-something blond with some distinctly odd sexual drives. I live with Kathy and Sid in a sort of 2000’s version of a 60’s commune — we all sleep together in the aforementioned water bed in a studio loft and we couple in pairs or as a threesome as the mood strikes us. I’m openly bi-sexual and Kathy isn’t adverse to girl-on-girl sex either although she prefers to control it, which is fine with me since I’m also sexually submissive but try to hide the degree of my submissiveness from my two roommates, although Kathy may suspect more than she lets on.

Anyway since the loft is laid out as a studio there was no point in trying to hide, but being human I still dropped the buzzing vibrator (it now seemed deafening) and reached for the key, which in my panic I knocked off the bed and completely out of reach. There wasn’t much to do but blush and try to remember that we were all adults and I wasn’t doing anything that hurt anyone else.

Kathy came in followed by Sid (what in the HELL were they doing off work this early?), stopped and stared for a minute then together slowly walked over and looked down at the bed. “Damn if that old biddy across the street wasn’t right when she said she saw somebody struggling on the bed last month”; he said (I glanced out the window and yes, there was a window visible but the nosey bitch would have to have used binoculars).

They stood beside the bed for what was becoming a very long look, and I was about to say something (I had no idea what) when it was my turn to have wide eyes. Kathy lifted the massager and began to systematically run it over my steel clad mound. Watching me squirm she smiled and said to Sid “She really does want to give up control.”

Her next statement was a simple question, but it changed my life; “Shall we take it?”

Sid nodded numbly, and Kathy asked where the key to the belt was. I said nothing but she followed my glance and walked over to where the belt’s key lay. Taking it up she fingered it and then slipped it’s silver chain over her head. I felt a tremor of fear and a stronger one of passion run up my spine. They must have seen it in my eyes, for again there was that smile, this time from both of them. Like hungry tigers looking at their intended prey.

If you’re new to this story you may want to see chapters II & III which are in part 1.


My nipples had healed from the piercings, and the chain between the rings excited me constantly instead of bothering me. Life was better than I had ever imagined it, I was used as a sex toy and kept constantly sexually frustrated (one memorable night Sid tied me spread eagled, took the chastity belt off and then fucked me to climax just as Kathy slapped a chloroformed rag over my face so while I felt myself go “over the top” I was out before I could really cum and get the satisfaction I needed, I loved the way my roommates made my life exactly the torment I wanted it to be.)

On Thursday I was told to be ready to be away for the weekend, and given a list of personal toiletries to pack. There were not clothes listed so packing didn’t take long. It wasn’t necessary to tell me to be home promptly after work since I always was. I was no longer in charge of my personal life.

Friday after work when I arrived home I was told to wear my bahis firmaları heavy chain collar and sandals, and be ready to leave immediately. I finished in the bathroom, and gathered my personal items and waited. I heard Sid behind me, and then a hood was placed over my head and secured at my neck. He then pulled my arms behind me and attached leather cuffs to hold them there. I felt a lead being clipped to my collar and the door open. “All clear”; Kathy said and I was led out into the corridor wearing my sandals, chastity belt, collar and hood — I was so turned on my knees shook. Down the elevator we rode, and from the cool damp air when the doors opened I judged us to be in the garage level. I heard male voices — other tenants perhaps — but they stopped in mid sentence as we left the elevator and I was led to a car. “Well” I thought; “at least they couldn’t recognize me in the hood.”

We drove for about an hour, it felt like we got on the Interstate but I couldn’t tell which one or in what direction. Now and then a truck horn blew close by and I knew I was giving some lonely driver an interesting show. Leaving the freeway we drove on what felt and sounded like secondary roads for a short while and then I heard the car crunching on a gravel road.

After the usual parking maneuvering we stopped and the motor was shut off. I heard both front doors open, then the back door opened and I felt cool air on my left. A hand took my leash and I followed it out the door and was led about 30 paces when Kathy told me that we were approaching steps upward. I thanked her and felt for them, negotiating them without too much trouble. We crossed a wooden floor, perhaps a porch, and stopped. I heard what sounded like a large iron door knocker being struck and we waited.

A door opened, judging from the sound it was a large and probably heavy door. Three voices, muted by the hood and unintelligible since they were presumably talking to each other and not addressing their remarks towards me (after all, I was only an object, do you spend much time talking to a chair or a table?) After a few moments I was led forward and since the breeze stopped and the flooring felt more like carpet I judged that I was inside a building. More unintelligible conversation followed, then suddenly I felt a hand tugging on the chain connecting my nipple rings. Fortunately I didn’t jerk away, not that I would expect to be punished but because even though the piercings had been gradually stretched to 8 gage it still could have been painful for me if whoever had the chain did not release it. I heard a male voice say “Yes, these should do;” presumably he was facing me when he spoke since I doubt he was wasting his breath talking to me.

I was led further and then felt a snap being fastened to my collar. Footsteps receded from my hearing and upon cautiously walking around I discovered my collar was apparently chained to a post or column of some kind which, strange as it may seem seemed to be in a bathroom of some sort — at least there was a cold (porcelain?) object of about the right size and shape to be a toilet. I stood for a while, but whether it was minutes or more nearly an hour I couldn’t say, until I heard a door open and a voice instructed me to relieve myself. I managed to seat myself and to my considerable relief peed, but being unable to use my hands to clean myself afterwards I didn’t shit.

The door opened again, and the toilet was flushed. I felt my collar being unsnapped from the chain which held me to the post and I was pulled some distance — we didn’t stop to open any doors so we may have been in the same room. The hand on my collar forced my head down until my upper body was almost parallel to the floor and my collar was again secured to a chain, this time probably connected to the floor. I felt a hand on my ass and my first thought was I hope they don’t fuck me too hard since I don’t have anything to lean on to steady myself (yes, I was that turned on I wanted something, and even a buttfucking even though it never makes me cum would have helped). The hand spread my cheeks while another well lubricated finger probed my asshole. Then instead of mounting me I felt what seemed to be a medium sized dildo entering my channel. It was pushed well up me — and I did my best to push back because I wanted any kind of stimulation I could get. I heard pumping and felt the tip expanding inside me. About the time the light came on in my sex fogged brain the water started coming out of it and filling me, I was getting en enema, and judging by how snug the inflated bulb fit my ass I was going to get a pretty thorough one. My arms were also released while I was being filled, so I could brace them on my knees and be more comfortable.

While I was being filled I heard my keeper moving around and then felt the familiar sensation of a woman’s breast pushed against my lips — so my keeper was a she and wanted some attention too! I sucked eagerly and lavished my tongue’s attention on her hardening nipple until I heard a low continuous moaning. I didn’t even notice how full my back end was getting, all my attention went kaçak iddaa to what my tongue was up to. Fortunately my enema was shut off safely. With a sigh the nipple was withdrawn from my mouth and I felt the dildo, or the hoses connected to it, being manipulated. The pressure was relieved and my bowels emptied through what must have been a drain hose. The flow into me began again. Another nipple was presented to my mouth and again I sucked and teased for all I was worth until I was full. This time I was left full for a while before I was flushed out. In all I was cleaned about five times, each time with a longer wait to drain. Then she did something unusual to me. It felt like she left both the fill and drain lines open at the same time and warm water was filling me and I was emptying out at the same time. It was actually a very pleasant relaxing feeling, but like all good things it ended. Then there was one more warm flush and when it drained I could smell a pleasant oily smell.

“That was a natural lubricating oil derived from the, then she said the name of a plant I’d never heard of. Don’t worry, it’s safe and your body will absorb any excess after the night is over;” she said. My hood was removed and I found I was in a large tiled room with shower hoses and various enema and douching equipment, plus a good supply of rings in the ceiling, floor, and walls. Some of them had chains like the one I was fastened with. Before I saw my handler another hood was tightened onto my head. This one felt strange, like the front of it was heavier than it should be, and it had a large cut out for my mouth and jaw. A penis shaped gag was strapped into my mouth, and again I was led away.

After traveling a fair distance we stopped, and again my handler spoke; “Will you be more comfortable standing barefoot or in your sandals? Nod once for barefoot, twice for sandals.” I nodded once and was told to remove them. Blindly I fumbled them off and felt a hand taking them from me. I was maneuvered forward slightly, and felt a tap inside my lower legs, just the way an animal trainer uses his whip to correct the position of an animal. Obediently I spread my legs, and then felt hands on one ankle urging me to slide my foot forward. I did, and was guided slowly by the hands into contact with some kind of curved edge, like half a circle. This was repeated and then I felt and heard a bar being moved into position behind my legs and I realized I had been placed standing in leg stocks which held my legs fairly wide open. More taps and then guiding hands bent me forward until my back was parallel to the floor and placed my neck and hands into another stock, where I was also secured. I felt a slight tug on my hood and a male voice told me to close my eyes since it might be too bright. Obediently I did so, and then thru my eyelids say a glow. “You can open them whenever you’re comfortable;” the same voice said. Doing so I found I was looking at a sharp color video of myself being placed into the stocks. The view flipped between looking down from the front, side, rear, and then an overall view of a large room lavishly decorated in a rather baroque style (“1900’s whore house” is how I categorized it, but it was a beautiful and tastefully done room) “There’s about a five minute delay built in;” the woman (who I now saw was an attractive young redhead dressed in a jump suit that looked like scarlet latex) said; “we don’t like you to know what, or who, is coming next.”

There was a tugging on my nipple rings that settled into a steady pull, and just as she said a while later I saw a tray containing three baskets and a single flower in a small vase being hung from my chest. On this screen I couldn’t tell what was in the baskets, but visions of the cigarette girl’s in night clubs with their trays came to mind.

I was left alone until I felt hands on my ass, and a pressure on my tits. Then there were some noises I couldn’t identify, and the familiar feeling of a cock knocking at my back door. As it slid in on the screen I saw Sid and Kathy approaching me, and as the fucking continued the delayed video unfolded and I watched Sid fondle me, remove his dick from his pants, take something from the basket and … That was it, the basket held rubbers! Anyway, you can figure the rest — he put it on and started fucking me. I’d been turned on by the bizarre setting long before this, now I was dying for a cum. Needless to say I know butt fucking never put me over the top, but it didn’t stop me from wishing for it, or needing it. In a minute Sid grunted and shot his load. I felt him withdraw, and again pressure on my tits, then nothing. After waiting for the video to show me him pulling out of my ass and removing the condom and dropping it in the middle basket Sid explained that I was one of the attractions of a party. I was here to be butt fucked and to suck cock and eat pussy. There were condoms in one basket, and latex dams for ladies to use between my mouth and their pussies in the other, and that somebody would be keeping an eye on me at all times to be sure that nobody skipped using them. Then silence and after watching him talk to me kaçak bahis on the video I saw them walk away to get a drink.

Nothing much happened for a while except that the serving staff moved around the room apparently getting ready for a party. Then something touched my belt, and a moment later I felt an intense vibrating as if someone was using a vibrator on it. I was already unbelievable hot and my pussy dripping from the corn holing I’d gotten and this new stimulation was driving me out of my mind with need and frustration (and was I enjoying it)! Five minutes later I watched with as much of my attention as I could divert from this incessant stimulation while the video showed me Kathy coming up behind me and attaching a magnetic (or something, I don’t know but it stuck) vibrator to my chastity where it covered my most sensitive areas.

While I was watching that I felt a tug on my tits, and then something familiar yet unfamiliar pressing on my face. It took a minute to recognize but it was a cunt covered in thin latex, one of those dams Sid told me about, and I was to service Kathy (or probably Kathy anyway, I’d know in five minutes who I was eating). I worked her slit vigorously and used a swirling sucking action on her clit that I knew Kathy loved. Sounds coming thru my hood indicated I was doing quite well when her crotch bucked against my face as she came hard. I was close, but never going to climax myself and going not too slowly out of my mind with passion and need. She pulled away and just as I felt a mouth kiss mine the video showed me a drop dead gorgeous little Asian girl who proceeded to present her twat to my face. About the time I saw her cum and Kathy bend to kiss me I felt another tug on my tits and shortly thereafter another dick was poking at my asshole.

He shot his load rather quickly and then things quieted down for a while. From the video I could see that my latest partner (if that’s the word when I’m a very willing but technically non-consensual participant) was a stranger. The room was filling up, and my ass and mouth were being kept busy servicing people who I didn’t know. I was getting so turned on that I could feel pussy juice running down my thighs (and I only wished that this was back in the pre-AIDs days when that could have been mixed with strangers cum and my face covered in pussy juice, but those times are gone and won’t ever be back). I was still thoroughly enjoying the very strange scene I was in, and my need for a release of my sexual tension was higher than I’d ever experienced.

I can’t remember, much less describe all the times I was used that night, so you’ll have to be content with just some of the ones that stand out in my mind. For example……..

The couple who came to me and while he mounted me from the rear she pushed her pussy and then her ass into my face to be eaten. After she came (he had not yet) he pulled out and after another tug on my tits signaled he’d changed rubbers he entered my mouth to be sucked while another dick entered my ass and stroked into me. Well I’d been in group sex before so this was just an incredible turn one, especially the part about not being asked if I wanted to fuck but just being, well, raped. I loved it. The cock in my mouth still hadn’t shot when it pulled out and after a moment the thrusting in my ass took on a new rhythm and got harder. But when the video finally showed me that the second dick in that episode was the woman I’d just eaten out wearing a strap on, and after her man pulled out of me he removed his condom and entered her from behind and fucked them both to a climax while she was still fucking my ass I was as near to climaxing as I ever had since I was locked into my belt.

There was the couple I think of as the extra value meal — it was a pair of hermaphrodites if you can believe it! I won’t go into detail since you can read made up stories that are probably better in any major men’s magazine, but those two people used me in an unbelievable number of different combinations of who did what and with which and to whom. It was one of the most exciting (and therefore wonderfully frustrating) sexual experiences I’d ever been in.

Then there was the lady who used her hand in my ass while I sucked her man. I’ve been fisted before in both holes (not at once though thank you) but she didn’t go that far, just stroking in and out gently and tickling around my ass. It was more sensuous than sexual and I loved it.

Another couple were more kinky than usual. A rather heavy black couple played with me. All I felt was a very large dick fucking my ass, but while he was still pumping me the video got around to showing me the scene. They walked up to me normally, but then she handcuffed his hands behind his back, got his tool out of his pants and stroked him hard, put a condom on him and guided his dick into me where he fucked with a savage intensity. When he came his thrusting was incredibly hard and he grunted once very loudly. His hard on quickly left him and he withdrew his cock. As the video continued after they left I saw that his woman had moved behind him and was actually pushing his ass forward as he fucked me and when he finally shot she kneed him hard squarely in the balls! No wonder his cock went limp so fast and I’m amazed all he did was grunt and not scream. That memory still turns me on.

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