Andre Finds Love Pt. 03

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See chapter 2 where my father-in-law fucks me while my wife is away on our honeymoon with her black lover.

For those of you who wanted to know what happened to joanie in the final chapter of “It Could Be Worse”, the mystery is solved.


Part 3:

Tomorrow, I thought to myself happily. Lee Anne will be back tomorrow.

And her black lover, Leshaun.

I looked forward to hearing of their adventures. I wanted to share mine with her. I wanted to tell her how happy I am that her parents had accepted me 100%, and included me in their lives. I wanted to bury my face in Lee’s well fucked pussy and lap my cares away.

One more night alone.

There’s the doorbell.

I quickly don a robe over the panties I’m wearing. Another surprise for Lee. After my father-in-law fucked me, Lee’s mom and dad convinced me that I was more than a mere cuckold. I was also a sissy.

“Sissies wear panties”, mom had told me. She gave me my first pair. I’d bought several more after tossing my male underpants out.

No more tightie whities for me. No more boxers. They’re for real men. And they don’t feel as good on me as do my panties.

My robe secured, I open the door.

Dad, (my father-in-law) was there with a large black man and a petite white woman.

“I told you I’d fuck you in front of strangers, son.” He had a gleam in his eyes.

The black man pushed the two of them into my house. “Get me a beer, boi.”

“Uh, er, yes sir” I stammered, surprised by the sudden take-over. “Anyone else?”

“I’m driving” dad said. “None for me, thanks.”

“How about you ma’am?” I ask the lady.

She ignores me.

I scurry off to get the bull his beer.

Returning, I hand the black gentleman his beer and survey the scene. Dad has removed his coat, shirt, and trousers. Wearing nothing but a smile and a hard-on, he’s kneeling at the feet of the black man busily removing his shoes and socks.

The lady has removed her jacket and she is stunning. She’s no Lee Anne, but I can appreciate her sexiness all the same.

Her hair is jet black, long, and curly. It falls to her shoulders like an ebony waterfall. Her make-up is impeccably done, dark eyes, and painted lips, all a bit slutty.

Black men like white wives to look slutty.

She’s wearing a leopard print blouse, unbuttoned nearly to her naval, over a black mini-skirt. 4″ heels complete her clothing. Her breasts are perky and I guess them to be 32 D’s.

I notice her jewelry. She is wearing a wedding band, backed by a huge diamond engagement ring. Around her neck is a silver chain with a big spade pendant hanging over her cleavage. There’s a bracelet on her left ankle.

She radiates sex appeal.

“Go on bitch”, the negro tells her. “I ain’t got all night.” He’s standing as dad helps him out of his pants. Once freed of it’s confinement, his huge cock swings menacingly.

It will be a foot long when that monster gets hard, I think to myself. My dick twitches.

“Lose the robe bitch boi.” the black man is addressing me.

“Yes sir.” I waste no time dropping the robe on my easy chair. I’m a little embarrassed. I’m wearing only my new red panties, a bikini with a single, little white bow at the waist band. My dick, now hard is visible through the thin nylon.

No one seems surprised.

I see the lady removing her clothing slowly, sexy. Turning her back to the huge negro, she drops her skirt. Her panties are also leopard print. She bends over and sways her nice round ass at her man, looking back at him through her legs. She unbuttoned the two or three remaining buttons on her blouse and let it fall.

Her bra is black.

I admire her body, and her sense of style.

The black man shakes his cock at my kneeling father-in-law. Dad opens wide and sucks in as much of the large soft cock as he could manage. His eyes are closed and I can tell he’s enjoying the bliss that only comes from having a superior black cock in his mouth.

I can hear him softly humming around that cock.

I envy him.

Dad’s holding the bull’s balls in one hand and his big black ass in the other. He suckles and nurses that cock to life. There is no other sound but his slurping and sucking.

The atmosphere is electric. My dick is leaking, making a wet spot on my panty.

That monster cock has risen to it’s full glory. I was right. It’s nearly a foot long, and as round as a beer can. It’s easily the largest cock I’ve ever seen.

I wanted to serve it. I wanted it to command me. I want to slavishly suck that cock, to worship it’s power.

That was not to be.


I saw the negro slap my father-in-law hard enough that he fell away from that cock and landed on his cute round rump.

“Where da bedroom at?” He’s taken the white woman by the wrist and is starring at me.

“This way sir” I say leading them up the stairs to my king sized bed. Dad hurried up behind them and joined us in the bedroom.

The black man casually swung the white woman with enough force bahis firmaları that she wound up on the bed. She still had on her panties and bra. She looked so inviting, sitting up, leaning back on my pillow.

She watched her huge nigger as he joined her. They lay side by side, her hand jacking his cock. One leg flat, the other cocked up, her other hand caressed her pussy through her underwear. She was contemplating dad and I.

Finally she spoke. “My husband is not feeling well tonight. I wanted my black man, and I wanted a cuckold. I called Beverly and asked if I could borrow paul. She recommended that her cuck bring us here. She said paul had something he wanted to show us. So what’s it gonna be paul?”

“Ma’am” dad started. Bev told me how much you enjoyed it when your cuckold played with other cucks. You enjoyed watching them engage in gay sex with each other.”

“This is Andre, or as Bev calls him, Andrea. You can tell by his attire, he’s a sissy. If it pleases you and Sir, I’d like to fuck him while you watch.” Dad’s face is red but he’s not blushing. It’s where that large black man slapped him.

My face is red. I can’t say no to dad. He’s a nurturing, caring man. I want to please him but am ashamed to give him my boi pussy in front of complete strangers.

Still, my dick is hard, remembering the first and only time I gave him my ass. I can feel the wetness my gland secretes on my ass.

“My pussy is wet for him” I think to myself.

Dad’s waiting for their answer. His baby dick is throbbing. Pre-cum has formed at the tip.

“Go ahead, give us a show.” Her negro wants to see me fucked. “It better be good too.” He warns us.

Dad reaches for my hand. I give it to him. He twirls me once around in a dance move. I end up in his arms. He has both hands on my pantied ass. He grinds his dick against mine and kisses me.

I kiss him back and massage his ass with one hand while the other goes behind his head, holding him close. We grind our dicks together as we tongue kiss each other. My ass gets wetter.

I’m getting into this.

Dad’s hand reaches beneath my panties, cupping and kneading my firm buttocks. He inserts a finger in me. I’m being finger fucked in front of these two strangers. I realize what he told me was true. He will fuck me in front of others.

Something clicked in my head. A button is pushed. I don’t know what it is, but suddenly I want to be used. I want to be humiliated. I want to debase myself in front of these strangers, my superiors.

I’m enjoying the depravity of it.

I turn in dad’s arms, my butt now firmly pressing against his dick. I reach between us and guide his dick between my ass cheeks and push back against it. He’s kissing my neck and rubbing my chest, pinching my nipples. Our hairless bodies break out in a sweat. We’re hot for each other. Lust has taken over our thin white bodies.

Suddenly dad takes control. He pushes me to the bed, up near the negro’s cock. He bends me over and pushes my face down into that black crotch. I instinctively open my mouth and take the cock in me.

Dad is pulling my panties down to my ankles. I remove one foot and spread my legs. He’s going to fuck me doggie style. Like I’m a bitch in heat. I give the best blow job I could. I’m trying to get to those big black balls. The bull spreads his legs and his hand on the back of my head, he pushes me into his nuts.

I feel the dick enter my ass. I inhale sharply as dad rams it home. I feel his balls rub mine and know he’s fully penetrated me.

I howl and growl. “Oh my god, dad. Oh dear God. Fuck me, fuck me like a whore. Use me. Fuck me. Oh my God, uh, uh.”

“Shut up and get back on dat cock boi.” I’d almost forgotten my primary role here.

I’m fucking back at dad and try to match that rhythm on the cock I’m slobbering over.

For his part, dad is fucking me like crazy. I can feel his humping and hunching, his hands holding my hips for support.

Mouth full of wonderful black cock. Ass filled with a white dick. I’m in heaven.

“Fuck that faggot!” The lady is getting into it. “Use his ass. Fuck that cock sucker hard.”

She’s removed her panties and is fingering herself, watching “the show”.

I loved it. Her words turned me on. The humiliation is liberating. I gagged, trying to get his whole cock in my throat. I’ve covered his crotch in slobber and spit. I hold his nuts, cradling them softly. I want what’s in them. I want this black man’s cum in my belly. I want dad’s dick to pulse and throb his weak seed up my ass.

I want the world to see what a slut I’ve become. I want them all to see me taking cock and dick. I want people to know I serve blacks. I want them to see me in my sissy panties, groveling at the feet of a superior nigger, any nigger.

I want this large black man to use me, to beat me. To put me in me my place.

I want him to reduce me to a sniveling, crying, sissy. I want him to make me his.

I know what to do. I remember my mother-in-law calling Jerome a nigger in the heat of passion. He hit her for kaçak iddaa it.

“Give me your cum, you fucking nigger. Feed your white cock sucker.”

That did it. He knocked the shit out of me, almost making me lose contact with his magnificent cock.


He hits me again. It’s what I want. It’s what dad says white bois like us are good for. He continues to slap the shit out of me. I almost forget dad’s dick in me.

He slaps me silly as I dive for his cock. I gag, I moan, I suck. Sex has never been so intense for me. I fuck wildly back at dad. I know he’s close. I can feel his tempo increase. He’s slamming his dick into me faster and faster.

I hear three people heaping verbal abuse at us, at me. My black master is humping my face. He holds my head in place and pushes me down. His cock has entered my throat. I feel it pulse. He’s feeding me his cum. He shoots his nut directly into my stomach. He pulls back so I can taste him. I hear dad calling me a mother fucking faggot as he empties his balls in my ass. I’m being filled at both ends at once.

I cum. Without touching my dick, I shoot my seed against the side of my bed. Spurt after spurt, I come, groaning and moaning and slobbering on that black cock. Swallowing as much of his wonderful cum, as I could.

I love it. I love pleasing white dicks and black cocks. I love their insults. I love that a strange woman has watched me debase myself. I love being a cum dump. A receptacle for their lust.

Dad pulls out but I continue to work the cock with my mouth. I nurse it as it softens, sucking the last of it’s offering. Sated and coming down from my lust fueled haze, I stay bent over, my head in the crotch of this wonderful nigger, lapping and kissing his cock.

“Gimme a belt” the black man tells dad.

My father-in-law looks at me questioningly. “In the closet” I tell him.

I know what’s coming. I want this too. Dad brings my belt to our black master. He takes my arm swinging up and off the bed. Still bent over I look up at the woman.

She’s watching intently. Her breath is ragged.

Smack! He’s hit my ass hard. I yelp. Smack. I settle in for what I’ve deserved. What I’ve earned.

He beats me for what seems like an eternity. I’m crying. I shake my ass at him. I want his punishment. I’m in a daze.

I’m lost in my spanking. The pain has turned to pleasure. My dick hardens again. I fall onto the bed from my waist up. I’m hunching my ass, fucking the sheet as he continues his assault.

The beating has stopped and yet I’m still humping my sheet. Groaning again, I spurt my seed onto my bed.

My god but that was good. So fucking good.

Weak, I slide to the floor at the feet of this big man. I’m groveling now. Still sobbing, I grasp his ankles and begin to kiss his feet.

“Thank you. Thank you sir. Thank you for beating this white boi. Thank you for taking your time and effort to give me the punishment I deserved.”

I have no shame. I have no pride. What little I had, this big negro beat out of me.

And I am truly grateful.

I’ve found balance.

“Jesus Christ” the lady smirks. “What a fucking douche bag. I’ve never seen anything like it. Jesus Christ. A fucking homo masochist.”

She thinks she’s insulting me but her words only add to the eroticism. I gave myself to this big black stranger. The entire experience awoke something in me. Something new. Twisted, yes, but something very powerful. A driving force made me want to submit totally, to completely give myself to this black god.

The beating I received is proof that he took owner ship of my pitiful, sissy ass.

The negro pushes me away with his foot. A perfect ending.

“Suck me hard bitch.” He’s joined her on the bed. “Time for some pussy.”

I look sheepishly at dad. His dick is spent. He beams at me. He’s helped me realize my future, my purpose.

“Nice, very nicely done. You’ve grown.” Dad is proud of me.

He helps me to my feet. “Pull that up or take it off”, he gestures to my panty still hanging from one ankle. “You don’t want to trip and hurt yourself.”

I pull it back on. Why not? They’re mine.

My ass and thighs burn from my beating. My dick is sore from over use and sheet burn.

We watch the white wife suck her lover hard. She mounts him. Dad, ever helpful, moved in and steadies the huge cock as she lowers herself on it.

Dad and I kneel at the foot of the bed, watching that black cock penetrate her petite white body.

Her hairless cunt widens, easily taking his length and girth. She leans into him, kissing him as she raises and lowers her cunt, slowly fucking. Her asshole winks at us on each motion. His large black hands hold her white ass. The contrast is sexy.

Their fucking is beautiful. It’s confirmation of the way life should be; black men fucking white women.

I feel like I’m in church.

It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed a black on white coupling. But the more I see it, the more special it becomes to me.

I reach for dad’s nut sack and tenderly kaçak bahis caress him as we watch. I know he won’t get hard again but I want to show my appreciation for his including me in this intimacy. For training me.

We watch silently, reverently. She cums again and again. His cock is shiny with her juices. Her cunt has a little foam at where they are joined.

“Take my black cock you fucking whore.” Her negro is enjoying his fuck. “Whose pussy is this? Who owns your lily white ass, slut?”

“You do. You own my pussy Daddy. It’s yours. I’m yours. I’m your whore. Fuck me. Oh god I’m cumming again. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your married white bitch.”

I take notice that they aren’t cursing and swearing too much at each other, or calling each other vile names. That’s Jerome’s and my mother-in-law’s forte.

Her head is back, her mouth gapes open. She rides her man’s cock, lost in their fuck.

I see the black man arch his back. His large hands tighten on her ass. He grunts his nut into his bitch. He tells her he hopes he makes a baby in her whoring cunt. He utters more slights designed to belittle her, bring her deeper into her submission to him.

This is a real man.

Dad and I watch the spectacle unfold, thankful to witness the beauty and splendor of black balls pumping their seed into a white woman.

The black man spread his legs and placed his feet flat on the bed. This action exposed his nut sack to us. Dad, timing it perfectly, moved in, and with his nose nearly in the woman’s ass, began lapping at the big, black balls.

I can see dad’s tight asshole as he kneels into that black crotch. I know he’ll never let me fuck him, but one day, god willing, I’ll be able to stick my dick into someone.


The lady taps dad on his head. He moves back and turns, lying face up. She backs off her nigger and squats over dad’s face. Dad holds her ass and plants his face deep in her pussy. I can hear faint sucking and swallowing as he eats the load of cum from her.

She grinds her cunt hard against my father-in-law’s mouth and groans out one more orgasm. Cleaned and satiated, she leaves him to roll next to her black man. She has her face on his chest, gently tonguing at his nipple.

All that remains is for some one to clean their combined fuck from that big, black, shiny, delicious looking cock.

My mouth waters. I stand fast.

Damn it. Dad has rolled back to his stomach and crawled up to the other side of the big negro. He has head the man’s stomach, giving him complete access to that cock.

Dad’s little white hand pulls the loose fore skin back and he takes the dark mushroom head between his lips. His other hand gently cups and caresses the black ball sack.

Dad’s eyes are closed and I know the pleasure he’s getting from his actions. That black cock in his sucking mouth brings him peace. He has found his place for the moment, and savors it.

I envied him again.

Finally satisfied with his work, dad sits up and winks at me, licking his lips.

Almost as quickly as he took command of my house, the black man dressed and directed his white bitch to leave me her leopard panties. “A present for da sissy,” he called it, gesturing to me.

She just dropped them on the floor, not saying a word.

I gladly accepted my gift.

Dad dressed and they left.

I never learned their names. He was “Sir” to dad and I. And to “Sir”, she was merely “bitch” and “whore”.

I brought the panty the generous black man gave me to my nose and sniffed the still damp gusset.

I could smell her desire, her pussy.

I haven’t eaten a cum filled pussy in two weeks.

Lee Anne will be home tomorrow.

The next afternoon I’m excitedly waiting for them to appear. Lee and Leshaun’s flight has landed. Passengers are de-planning.

I see them. I hold my hand up, signaling to them.

Lee looks radiant. She’s got a nice rich tan. She and Leshaun are holding hands like two love birds. That big handsome black man. I remember his allowing me to suck his cock before he fucked my brand new bride.

God they looked so good together.

Without releasing Leshaun’s hand, Lee gives me a peck on the cheek. Leshaun ignores me.

“Hi honey”, I smile widely. “How was your trip?”

“I wish it never ended” Lee told me.

That was it.

I take Leshaun’s carry-on and follow them to the arriving baggage collection point.

Lee’s big wide ass looks barely contained in the red, tight short skirt she’s wearing. I love that ass. The skirt comes just below her ass cheeks by an inch or two. There is no panty line. I’m sure she’s wearing a thong.

I notice her hair is more blonde. From the sun I wonder?

Their luggage is on the carrousel.

“Grab our bags Andre,” Leshaun has finally spoken to me.

“Yes sir.” happy to be acknowledged.

I follow them out, struggling with two large suit cases and Leshaun’s carry-on. He’s leading my wife with his hand on her ass. I’m sure he’s doing that for my benefit. His big black hand paws at Lee’s ass. Her skirt rises a little, giving me a peek at her exposed cheeks.

At curb side, I put their luggage down and run to retrieve my car from short term parking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20