Andrea Takes Over Ch. 03

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My wife and Mistress had decided to get in contact with Debra the owner of the sex shop and friend as she had mentioned to me and had not seen in years.

“Rob dear I spoke with Debra and she offered to come over with some equipment I´m interested in, so you will both meet, she is interested to know who I married that made me change life so many years ago. It has been a long time since we last saw each other, the last time when we decided to marry.” Andrea said.

“That´s a long time.” I said.

“Yes it is, when she knew that I was heading to a vanilla life, we parted different ways. Now that I´m back we are going to catch up. So I want my slave, that being you to behave as you should, I do not have to remind you to do as ordered, if by any chance you have doubts you are to keep them to yourself, once we are alone I’ll let you spill them out.” Andrea said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

The door bell rang, Andrea knowing that it´s Debra, ordered me to open for her. Me naked excepting for a leather thong that covered my parts.

“Good afternoon.” I said and offered entry to Debra.

“Good afternoon slave.” Debra said and walked in sensually with a sexy pvc outfit and high heels. She is beautiful, appealing, radiant, I tried to hide my infatuation, but Andrea knew that I would get geared up, most men fell at her feet, so there was nothing to get bothered about from her side.

“Can we talk freely Andrea in front of your slave?” Debra asked.

“Oh yes we can, but for your comfort, I´ll settle that possible inconvenience for you now.” Andrea told her and made me follow her to the bedroom.

“What´s wrong Mistress?” I asked.

“Nothing, just that Debra takes time to accept a new person in her life including slaves. So in order to satisfy my guest, I´m putting earplugs in you and a hood.”

“Please, no.” I pleaded.

“What?” Andrea said nearly jumping on me.

“Sorry, Mistress.” I said and looked down.

“Are you to obey me?” Andrea

“Yes, Mistress.” I said.

“I love you Rob my slave.” With that said the earplugs went in, then the hood with nose and eye and mouth openings. I could hear nothing unless spoken to in a very loud voice. Ball gag, leather cuffs hooked up with my hands behind my back, leather knee pads, collar and leash.

“Can you hear me?” Andrea said in a very loud voice, I nodded, “Can you hear me now?” Andrea said in a normal voice, I just remained there waiting. I felt a tug and followed her to the living room.

Debra was sitting in the sofa and I saw her speaking to Andrea, but could not hear a thing. I was made to sit at Andrea´s feet on the carpet. I was in complete silence, every now and then I looked up and see them speaking and put my head down. I needed to get to the bathroom.

“Mmm, mmm.” I said and looked up to Mistress and signaled my need, the best I could.

“I saw her mouth move and point with her finger for me to go.” I got up slowly since my hands were not there to help me up.

“Slave.” canlı bahis I heard from Andrea, I turned she got hold of the leash and led the way, when I got to the bathroom, she lifted the lid of the loo and felt her hand holding my penis and signaled to start, which I did. When I finished I felt a hand spanking me, I had not noticed Debra there.

“Ahmm.” I said, and she carried on spanking. She then stopped and I was taken to the living room again. Andrea got hold of my collar and made me kneel in front of Debra who had her legs open with her pussy at full view for me. The ball gag was removed and the hood lifted to get the earplugs off, then it went back on.

“Slave I want you to service our guest in the best possible way.” Andrea said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said, not bad being a slave after all I thought and went down to business. Debra let me work on her freely, every now and then I felt her hand slowly touching my head. Soon a twitch in her leg advised me that she was getting there. Smoothly and sensually I eat her knowing that I might not get another chance, enjoying every moment and I guessed she was also as she had her first, so I followed playing in and out with my tongue in such a way that her legs closed my head into her pussy not letting me go back and she came again, her erected clit showed how hot she was and again, again and again in a succession of orgasms and she is not a noisy woman, just “Mm, mm, mm.” then her legs just dropped as if she had fainted, but no it was satisfaction. The softness of her skin if it were materiel it would be satin, or silk maybe. I licked and cleaned her for her own juices, when finished there I kissed and licked her thighs, kissing her feet as I finished.

“Andrea this is something I never done when serviced, but I will this time, please excuse me for what I´m going to do.” Debra said and lifted my face up and kissed me deeply, then let me go back to my position.

“Debra what was that for, it is his job to service you well.” Andrea said.

“This is something your slave should not hear, but then again I know you are training him well. I have never been serviced as today, that I why I kissed your slave in appreciation to you Andrea, thank you for this gift to me.” Debra said. She decided to get herself dressed up again and they carried on speaking of the shop and other stuff. I was ordered to stay at Andrea’s feet.

“Andrea it´s time to go. I brought you a couple of things you had mentioned that are of interest and that is my gift to you, dear. Maybe we can have some other time together, I enjoyed your company and if you ever drop your slave let me know.” Debra said.

“Wow that is a first time, at least that I know of.” Andrea said.

“It is also for me, never had something like it.” Debra said. They looked at each other with a deep understanding, no words were exchanged and hugged. I was lost in what had just happened.

“Slave, you do obey your Mistress or I´ll be over to discipline you and you will not like it.” Debra said.

“Yes bahis siteleri Mistress Debra.” I said confused. Andrea accompanied Debra to the door kissed good bye and she left.

“Come over slave.” Andrea said and let me go from the cuffs,

“What now Mistress.” I asked.

“Slave come here on my lap now.” Andrea said as she sat on the sofa and got rid of the leather thong I had on, now on her lap she started spanking me, slowly at first then it went hard until I was whimpering. She then stopped and let me get off her.

“Why?” I asked and saw her with tears in her eyes.

“Because you are beautiful, Rob, it´s difficult to explain, you moved a lot of stuff in me and not to say what you did to Debra.” Andrea said still weeping. Still utterly confused I waited in silence.

“When you could not hear, Debra told me a lot of her past, when we lost contact with each other. She married a man who was her slave, and he passed away. Later she married another but he did not work out. She came across another man whose not into bdsm, but since he is such a good human being she settled with him. He does know and allows her bdsm escapades as part of a mutual understanding, but it is never the same as having your own at home. Today a lot of stuff that she felt gone was brought up and released by your outstanding kind and well intentioned service to her, giving her a very warm feeling. She felt you put your heart in it, she told me at the door before leaving. I’m proud of you slave.” Andrea said finally.

“Thank you Mistress, you did say to obey you.” I said.

“You have made her and me very happy.” Andrea said.

To change subject, I asked, “What did she bring over?”

“Come and see.” Andrea invited me, as she opened a number of dildoes, feel doe’s and ropes.

“Hmm, inserting toys , which will make you submit further dear. Oh yes, ropes for tight bondage and shibari which you will also get acquainted with.” Andrea said.

“It never ends, does it?” I said.

“No darling, now get my boots and stockings off.” Andrea said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“Suck my toes and lick the underside of them after that.” Andrea ordered.

“Yes Mistress.” I said and sucked her feet in a loving way then licked the underside.

“Good slave, you have earned your day, but I need you horny so today there´s no orgasm for you.” Andrea said.

“If you say so Mistress, but could you change your mind for me, please?” I asked.

“No slave.” Andrea said.

“But it’s frustrating.” I said.

“Do you want to be flogged?” Andrea said.

“Not if I have a choice Mistress.” I said.

“Now you understand that you are my property and that life will be always about me and serving me and I see you are starting to love it.” Andrea said.

“You do not give much of a choice Mistress and I understand that you will carry on shaping me up.” I said.

“You are very right in your assumption. Come here and suck my finger.” I did, “You see, that is the way I want, bahis şirketleri you subservient.” Andrea said, “Enough.” and with Andrea´s order I stopped, “I love you slave, you are mine for ever, you deserve a kiss.” Andrea said.

“Yes Mistress.” and I kissed her softly.

“Would you like to try some of the toys?” Andrea asked.

“No I’d prefer not to.” I said.

“And if I let you orgasm?” Andrea asked.

“Is it an offer or you are playing me?” I asked.

“I have not decided yet, depending on your answer to me now.” Andrea said.

“Then no.” I answered.

“It was an offer, sincerely, but there’s no way I can prove it to you.” Andrea said.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked.

“It is a way of training you. In the future you will be going whatever I tell you to. Now and I know you will understand, you tend to look for a way out of choices, you questioning me, etc.,am I right?” Andrea asked.

“Yes you are right.” I said.

“As I train you, in time of course, questions, choices, etc., will start to erode, how, just by getting tired of not getting what you want, but what I want. The second phase, will be getting your mind and body accustomed to my ways and you being comfortable with them, that will take long, with the third phase you will cherish what I like as if it were your own choice or need.” Andrea said.

“Do not know if I´ll ever get to that stage with you.” I said.

“Don’t worry you will, it’s time and patience and since I dominate you, it will just happen. Remember this it is futile resisting me, I own you. Say it to me now.” Andrea ordered.

“You own me.” I said.

“Now you say it because I force you to, mark my words, you’ll believe it as if it came from deep inside you.” Andrea said.

“Even though we have been married long and we lived differently before, in two months more you will be lost without my direction and will not want to have another type of life other, to the one we have now.” Andrea said.

“Are you sure?” i asked.

“Yes my love, you want and need me dominating your every aspect in life. You can feel what I’m saying as much as you feel the water on your skin when you shower,” Andrea said.

“I don’t think that much of what you have said.” I said.

“Oh, slave let’s stop the fooling around, go get me the latex gloves and the lube, now.” Andrea said changing the tone of voice and her face.

“Yes Mistress.”I said not wanting to but knowing that it could have consequences for me if I push it more. I got the elements and handed them to her.

“Kneel and put your backside facing me, now.” she said putting the gloves on.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“Now relax.” as cold lube was put on my ass and she probed with a finger until it all went in, she got it out and the same was done with two fingers.

“Uhh.” I said as she played and three fingers withdrew.

“So, do I dominate you or not?” she said and three fingers were trying to go in deep into me.

“Ahh, yes, yes you do, please stop.” I said pleading her to stop.

“Ok slave, again understand that I own you.” she said and stopped.

“Yes, you own me Mistress.” I said.

“Good my love, that is the way it is.” Andrea said.

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