Andy and Samantha Ch. 02

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Andy sat up as the alarm clock buzzed. He didn’t see Sam anywhere, but heard her singing in the kitchen. Tool, very nice. He clicked off the alarm and last night ran through his head. He sat a moment, smiling a little, hoping that she didn’t regret it. The way she acted, he doubted she would, but it was possible. He got up and went across the hall to his room and grabbed some clothes for after his shower.

He stepped out of the bathroom, shaved and combed for work. He stepped into the living area and saw Sam, dressed and ready to leave, eating a bowl of cereal.

“I heard you singing. You sing when pouring cereal?” He chuckled.

She pointed to the counter instead of talking through a mouthful of frosted flakes. He saw a paper plate with a couple grilled cheese sandwiches.

“Holy crap, thanks. How, uh, how did you grill them? We don’t have any pans.” He asked, walking to the counter.

“No, but there was an old pizza pan in the back of one of the cupboards. Gotta run, class starts soon. See you at lunch?” She said, putting her bowl in the sink and running the water.

“I’ll be here. If not, I’ll call.” He said. She stood on her toes and gave him a quick kiss before skipping out the door. He stood there a moment, smiling to himself.

“Guess she doesn’t regret it all that much.” He said to the empty apartment.

Andy had a hard time concentrating at work. At least the place had run smoothly while he was away. Kyle was good at his job, and seen to it that the shop did everything right without supervision. Andy figured that as soon as he picked up a promotion, that Kyle would replace him. He breezed through most of his small backlog of paperwork before lunch, and decided to take it a little early. Kyle asked if he was feeling okay, as Andy almost never left early. Andy just told him he was trying to finish shit up with the move. Kyle nodded and said okay.

On his way to the apartment, Andy stopped and bought a cheap set of pans. That ought to hold them until the weekend. He lugged the heavy box through the door and set it down on the counter. He had just put the last one away when Sam came in. He looked up and smiled. She returned the smile and closed the door to skip over to him. They stood a moment, just staring at each other. Andy reached up and ran his finger along her cheek, down her nose, and along the bottom of her bottom lip. She closed her eyes as he did, and when his finger reached the middle of her lip she turned her head down a bit and kissed his finger.

He moved his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her close, kissing her. Her arms wrapped around him and she pressed against him hard, touching him with as much of her body as she could. When they finally broke the kiss, she had one leg wrapped behind one of his, pulling him to her tightly.

“Hi.” He whispered.

“Hi.” She answered, with just the slightest blush.

They broke apart and walked to her bedroom, holding hands and staring at each other. Andy couldn’t believe his little sister, the do-good book worm, turned out to be such a beautiful young woman and that she would want to be with a scarred, asshole, former druggie like him. Sammy couldn’t believe that her brother, finally cleaned up and staying out of trouble would want a scrawny, college girl, nerd like her.

She guided him to the bed and pushed him to sit. She knelt in front of him and ran her hand up his thigh to his crotch.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I just wanted you to know that.” She said quietly as her hands undid his pants. When his cock slipped free and bounced out she caught it with her mouth, her eyes never leaving his. She tried to smile a bit around his head, but soon gave up on it and started bobbing up and down. She took a little more in with each down stroke, finding that she absolutely loved the taste of him in her mouth. She could taste the drops of precum that formed on the end, and at the top of each stroke she slid her tongue across his tip, getting a groan out of him and the taste of his semen out of his dick. Soon she had worked most of his shaft into her mouth, so that when she was all the way down all that could be seen of his tattoo was ‘Ra’. His head was already pushing down into her throat, and she couldn’t get any more without gagging, so she settled for that, knowing that in the near future she would have plenty of practice and would soon be able to swallow his whole cock.

Andy brushed her hair back, holding it out of the way for her. He didn’t think he would last long looking into the eyes of this hottie as she slurped and sucked on his dick. He told her he was about to come and she just sped up, her hand wrapped around what her mouth couldn’t reach, her other hand caressing and tugging on his balls. It was only a few seconds later when he shot his first spurt straight down her throat. She took it like a champ. He could hear and feel her gag a little but her tongue and mouth never slowed. She swallowed the rest as it came, barely managing to keep up with his dick’s spurts. casino oyna After his last twitch and spurt, she stopped her bobbing and simply ran her tongue up and down and all around, cleaning every last little drop of cum she could find. When she finally released his dick from her mouth, he laid back on the bed with a groan. She crawled up and lay on top of him, resting her head on his chest.

“How and the hell am I supposed to match that in your pussy?” He asked, still breathing a bit hard.

“Just give it your best shot I guess. Whatever you do down there, I’m sure I’ll like it.” She said cheerfully.

“Yes ma’am.” He replied before rolling her onto her back.

She giggled as his fingers trailed across her stomach and popped the button on her shorts. He pulled her zipper down slowly, watching her face. He tugged on the shorts and she lifted, letting them be tossed to the floor. He ran his hands up her thighs slowly, enjoying the texture. When his hands reached her panties he let his thumbs slide up and down on either side of her slit, using gentle pressure on the thin cotton barrier. He found that she was rather wet by the time his hands got there. She moaned as he sped up, applying more pressure. He stopped to hook his fingers into the waistband and pulled the panties off, Sam lifting again. He sat staring a moment, his fingers trailing lightly up and down, and smiled. Those damned frogs. He was pretty sure he would always get a kick out of them. Sam moaned loudly as his tongue pressed against the bottom of her slit, just below her hole. He slowly licked upward, sliding his tongue from side to side as he did. It tasted far better than he had hoped. It was something he wanted to taste often. He hadn’t realized his eyes were closed until he opened them and saw Sammy staring at him, her face relaxed and smiling. He gave her a quick wink and ran his tongue back down, a little quicker this time, and began swirling his tongue in circles as he went up and down a few times, paying close attention to her face as he did, wanting to know what areas really got her going. Armed with this new knowledge, he went to work in earnest. His tongue flicked, licked, and probed, exploring every nook and cranny of her nook and cranny. When she was breathing heavily and her hips were rocking back and forward into his face, he worked two fingers in, and began to swirl and curl them while his mouth settled over her clit. She was panting as he curled his tongue into a tube around her clit and twitched it side to side quickly, vibrating the hell out of it. She began hollering ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s as his fingers sped up and his tongue flicked up and down. He felt her clamp down on his fingers tightly and a gush of fluid as she screamed his name, her hips bucking wildly. He kept up as she rode out the orgasm, slowing as her hips slowed. When he sat back and let his fingers slide out of her dripping hole, she was gasping for breath.

He settled himself next to her on the bed and ran his hand across her stomach, rubbing lightly. She turned to him and grabbed his head pulling him to her for a long, passionate kiss. When she finally broke away, she stared into his eyes, their noses touching lightly.

“Will that work?” He asked quietly, smiling.

“Yes, that will work. I want you to do that a lot. Like, a lot a lot.” She answered, smiling herself.

“Glad you liked it kid.”

After they had cleaned up and dressed again, they ate a couple cold sandwiches, enjoying the quiet.

“So, how are we going to do this? We can’t exactly tell the neighbors that were brother and sister when we talk to them. I’m sure they heard us today, and I’m sure they will hear us again.” Sammy asked as they gathered their stuff to leave.

“Well, let’s figure that out tonight. I’m sure we can find a way to handle this.” He answered.

She nodded and gave him a long, soft kiss.

“I gotta get back to school. See you tonight.” She said and skipped out the door.

He straightened his tie and left shortly afterward, his mind already working over how everything would work out. Not easy, that was for sure, but he thought that they could manage.

Sam was already there when he got back. He stepped in to her singing Got the Time, and judging by her jazzy tone it was the original. Nice. He walked over to see what she was cooking.

“Pork chops? Awesome. I’m starving.” He said, giving her a quick kiss and a pat on her ass.

“How was your afternoon? I know I could hardly think. I almost fell asleep in both of my classes, I kept thinking about lunch and then my mind would wander and then I’d be snapping my head back up.” She was giggling a little as she said it.

“I wasn’t falling asleep, but I was a bit, uh, preoccupied I guess you would say. Got a bit of paperwork to catch up on tomorrow.” He said, grabbing a couple beers out of the fridge.

“So I was thinking. What are we going to do with the spare bedroom? Office for you, like dad has?” She asked, fixing plates.

“I’d thought about that canlı casino when I was thinking about whether or not to take the place. I think I’d like to keep work at work. Did you have any ideas for it?” He asked, opening her beer for her as they went to sit on her, well, their bed.

“I dunno. I was thinking like a studio kinda thing. I started painting last year, and I think I’d like to get back into it. I wouldn’t take up much room; there would be plenty of space left over. If something like that would be alright?” She said, looking hopeful.

“I think that would be nice. I could set up my guitar on one side, your, what, easel? Paint cans? Brushes I guess, on the other?” He said, not sure what all a painters’ studio entailed.

Sam giggled and shook her head. She tried to imagine herself in a splattered smock, holding her thumb out from behind an easeled canvas, painting the parking lot just outside the window.

“No. I usually just sat on a folding chair in the garage, put the canvas on a box or something and leaned it against the wall. All my paint tubes are in a little tackle box. I used an old tea saucer with a chip in it for a palette. Nothing fancy.”

“I think we can do a little better than a box and dishes for gear. When we go shopping this weekend, let’s go to wherever you get painting supplies as well and get you a nice set of stuff to paint. I’d like to see some of your work, if it’s alright. It’s not like, unicorns farting rainbows or anything is it?” he said, finishing his meal.

She giggled again, her face blushing madly.

“No rainbow farts, but I did paint a unicorn once. It was in third grade for arts and crafts. I paint other stuff now. Landscapes, psychedelic stuff, some abstract kind of stuff with a lot of fractals. Nothing renaissance or Rembrandt or anything.” She said, staring at her plate and smiling a bit.

“Cool. You could Michelangelo some stuff to hang on the walls.” He said, taking her plate to the sink. When he came back, Sam was laying on the bed, her shorts unbuttoned, and her shirt and bra gone. She smiled as he looked at her. She cupped one of her tits and pinched the nipple lightly, blushing again. Andy walked over to the bed, pulling off his shirt as he did. Sam sat up and ran her hands across this chest and stomach, tracing her fingers over old scars and tattoos.

“How did you get these?” She asked, her fingers exploring a couple old slashes on his ribs and a puckered circle just above his navel.

“That spot is from a potato gun exploding. The plastic post set on the valve for a trigger stabbed in. almost two inches deep. Those lines were from bringing a roll quarters to a knife fight.” He answered, smiling at the memories.

“A roll of quarters? What were the quarters for?” She asked, her hands still roaming, looking up at him with a frown.

“Wrap a roll of quarters in electrical tape and hold it in your fist for a fist pack and you can fuck someone up. Not as effective when the other guy has a Bowie knife, but still pretty effective when it connects.” He explained, tracing his fingers down her cheek, smiling when she turned to kiss his fingers.

“What about this?” She asked, pointing to the ragged purple tear across his sternum.

“Crack head tried to rob me. Stabbed me in the shoulder, grabbed my coke, and ran.” He said, pointing at the indented line on his left shoulder, “I chased him down. He went over a barbed wire fence, so I did too. The top strand was loose, and caught on my shirt. It tugged when I went to climb and tripped me up. I kinda slid back down, and the barbs tore the shit out me.”

“So much pain.” She whispered, looking at the scars.

“Nah. Stupidity, yeah, lots of that. But a lot of this stuff was fun.” He said, sitting next to her and running his hands up and down her unblemished sides, so unlike his.

“You wouldn’t do that stuff again, though, would you?” She asked, her voice quiet and serious. Though she was still blushing a bit, she held his eyes as she asked.

“Are you kidding? Hell no. Even if I didn’t get to be with you I wouldn’t do that shit again. As it is, I couldn’t do those things and risk losing you. I feel like I’ve been given a big thing here. A beautiful, smart woman that I love to death, and a chance at a normal life without the constant threat of being crippled or killed. Are you kidding? Risk that? No way in hell.” He answered, taking her face in his hands and staring intensely into her eyes, making sure she understood in no uncertain terms what he was telling her. She smiled and pulled him in for a kiss. The kiss started fairly light and calm, but quickly spiraled into a hard, lustful kind of kiss that soon left them breathing heavy.

Sam undid Andy’s fly and pulled his dick out, stroking it gently. After a moment he stood and stripped his pants and underwear quickly before going back to Sam. He kissed her, pushing her gently onto her back as he did. She went willingly, her arms wrapped around his neck. She lifted her hips when his hands went to her kaçak casino shorts, and she was quickly naked as well, her shorts and panties tossed absently to the floor.

Sam broke their kiss and put a hand on Andy’s chest and looked at him a second.

“Andy? I love you. I have for a while.” She said quietly, her face looking a little scared and shy, her dark brown eyes wide innocent.

“I love you too, Sam. You know that. And I always will.” Andy said, smiling a little. He loved it when she looked like that, all cute and innocent.

She smiled and pulled him down to her, kissing him again and wrapping her legs around his waist. She felt his head nudge against her pussy and she tilted her hips for him. She gasped as he slid in, and moaned as he ground against her, working his dick as deep as he could. He soon began a slow, steady pace, digging deep and staying there a moment before pulling out a bit and grinding in again. She whimpered as he did, digging her fingernails into his shoulder blades, not really worrying about hurting him. She knew he could stand more pain than her short fingernails could inflict. As it was, Andy loved the feeling of her nails. He had always liked it when women scratched and bit little during sex. And now that the woman was Sam and the sex wasn’t just sex but love, it drove him even crazier. His pace picked up as Sam’s whimpers began to run together and turn to a low moan. Her thrusts up against him began to pick up strength, slamming him into her. She was all but panting as he began to really drive into her, pulling out further and further with each go to get more power.

He felt her thighs tightening spasmodically and her pussy tighten like a warm vise. He picked up even more speed for a moment before he himself came, both of them gasping and losing rhythm. He gave one more heavy thrust before stopping deep inside. They both lay there, panting and kissing lightly, smiling at each other.

“We need to do this a lot. Like a few times a day. The only other guys I’ve slept with didn’t do much. I like this. This is what sex is supposed to be like.” Sam said as she caught her breath.

“I don’t know what I’m doing that’s special, but I’ll try to keep doing it.”

“It’s all special. And even if it wasn’t, it still would be because it’s with you.” She said, blushing again.

“Well, I’ll try not to disappoint.” He said, rolling off her. They lay there for a while, Andy on his back, arm around Sam’s shoulders. Sam had her leg and arm draped across Andy, kissing and nibbling at his chest.

Saturday morning they went into town to shop. Andy had a fair bit of money saved up, and made enough that the bills each month would be easily paid, so they had quite a bit of leeway for shopping. They started at the nearest furniture gallery and picked out a nice, soft couch and a small coffee table to go with it. They held hands the entire time, with Sam leaning against Andy’s arm. They felt like a couple, like any other couple looking to fill their new home. With the receipt for the couch and table in hand and the order placed for delivery the next day, they went to look for smaller stuff like lamps and whatnot. After they had Andy’s truck bed loaded a bit with various items Sam directed Andy to the small art supply store where she bought her painting supplies. Andy insisted that get a full size easel and several pre-stretched canvases of various sizes already stapled to wood backings, ready for paint. She bought a few new brushes and a couple tubes of paint, and a couple small bottles of turpentine. Andy had asked the clerk who rang them up if they sold thin cigarettes and berets, earning a light elbow into his ribs from a madly blushing Sam.

Sam got a call from their mother in the afternoon, when they were grabbing some groceries. Mom and dad wanted to visit and check the place out in the morning. Sam agreed and talked for a bit before saying goodbye and telling Andy that their parents were coming over in the morning. Andy paused a second.

“I’ll need a bed. For when they come over. If they see just the one bed,” He trailed off.

“Shit. I didn’t even think about that. Well, we can pull your mattress from leaning against the wall onto the floor and put a set of sheets on it. We can just store it in the closet in the spare room after that. Would that work do you think?” Sam asked, starting to wonder about how this situation would pop again in the future, in what circumstances.

“It should. Mom will probably just be happy to see me using a mattress, bedframe or not. It’s things like this that we will have to be careful about. We’ll have to be a bit careful about what we say and how we act as well. Crap, this is gonna be a bit difficult.” Andy said, staring at the floor as he thought, speaking mostly to himself. When he looked up at Sam and saw she looked worried he quickly smiled and pulled her into his arms, holding her close and rubbing her back.

“Hey, relax. We can do this. I don’t see why we couldn’t. One day of acting like just brother and sister while mom and dad are there, and then back to what we are now when they leave. Yeah, hiding it is a bit inconvenient, but to me that’s a very small price to pay.” He said, giving her a light kiss after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20