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Foreword: This story is a sequel to my last story, “Janice”. It stands alone but might make more sense if you read the other story first. As usual all characters and events are fictitious and all characters are aged 18 or over. It covers many themes but lesbian sex seemed the most appropriate category. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to let me know what you think via comments or email.


“Her name is Anika.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Janice had drifted off in a mild erotic reverie.

“I said her name is Anika,” the student exchange administrator repeated. “She’s from the Netherlands. She’s 20 and in her third year of an undergraduate degree in sociology.”

“Oh, okay.” Janice smiled and tried to concentrate. She’d become distracted on hearing that the young woman was a lesbian and wanted that to be known to any potential host.

“She’ll be here for the usual six month exchange. Is that satisfactory?”

“Oh yes,” Janice replied. “It was great hosting my first student. He was a wonderful young man.” Janice let her mind wander back to Patrick, the young Kenyan student who had been her first boarder, and ultimately her lover. She shivered slightly as another erotic ripple worked through her body.

“Lovely,” continued the administrator. “Here’s her application and resume. She’ll be here in two weeks for orientation and placement. Does that give you enough time to prepare?”

“Oh yes, absolutely. I’ll look forward to meeting her.” Janice took the proffered documents and then took her leave.

In the car she opened the folder to examine the photograph that was included. Anika was quite pretty and actually looked younger than 20, with short blonde hair cut in a boyish style. Janice wished she could see more but the mug shot gave away nothing of Anika’s body. She sighed, closed the folder and stared for a few minutes across the campus car park. Janice wondered at her response to the advice that Anika was a lesbian. She couldn’t deny the sexual charge that went through her. She’d assumed her next boarder would be male, like Patrick, so why was it such a pleasant surprise to discover it would be a female?

Her late in life surge in sexuality was no doubt responsible, she mused. Her lusty relationship with Patrick had only fuelled her soaring libido, a hunger previously satisfied by masturbation and online pornography. And since his return to Kenya she had once again resorted to erotic videos and stories to quench her sexual thirst. Her tastes had expanded over time till there was very little on offer that she didn’t find arousing – including bi-sexual and lesbian clips. She often found herself masturbating to scenes involving only women. Janice especially liked the ones that showed older women seducing – or being seduced by – younger women and teenagers. No doubt it was those experiences that had triggered the pleasure centres in her brain on hearing about Anika. In her imagination the young Dutch student would be petite with tiny but perfectly formed breasts, slim legs and a peachy bottom. Janice felt her pussy tingle and decided she’d better get home where she could do something about it.


As soon as she arrived home she stalked Anika on social media. Her profile wasn’t hard to find but, frustratingly, she had the security settings locked down so tight that Janice could learn almost nothing more about her. However, she was able to view several profile pictures, one of which was a wide shot that showed Anika in gym gear. It didn’t disappoint. Her prospective student-boarder seemed about average height and was deliciously slim.

One other photo was a cheek-to-cheek selfie with another young woman, dark-haired, wearing glasses. Both were laughing. Girlfriend? Janice wondered. Partner? Maybe even wife? Janice had no idea how lesbian couples referred to one another these days – what was acceptable or what might be presumed.

In fact Janice really knew nothing at all about lesbian lifestyles – except that the gifs and videos she viewed left her hot and needy and had increasingly occupied her fantasies as she used her fingers and her toys to drive herself to toe-curling orgasms.

Janice laughed ruefully at herself. There was probably very little chance that those fantasies could become reality with Anika. Why would such a lovely girl even be interested in, let alone attracted to, a 58-year-old woman?

But still the itch persisted. Janice had thought exactly the same about Patrick and he’d proven to be intensely interested in her – to the point where he willingly filled all of her holes with his energetic cock – and induced multiple orgasms that ripped through her body leaving her sated and fulfilled in ways she’d never thought possible. Janice so loved being desired.

She shivered and closed Anika’s profile page, then quickly switched to her favourite porn site. She stripped while the page loaded, then settled onto her bed naked for a delightful time watching a lesbian threesome involving a submissive older woman and two, more dominant canlı bahis girls. Yummy.


When she finally arrived, Anika turned out to be almost everything Janice had hoped for.

She was indeed very pretty with her short blonde hair and blue eyes. She was lightly tanned with a cute, tight body, petite breasts and tiny nipples that drove Janice to distraction as they strained against the tight t-shirts that Anika habitually wore. She was also a good humoured and lively girl – young woman, really – but Janice couldn’t help thinking of someone so comparatively young and slim as a girl. Anika’s English was almost flawless, with only a slight but charming Dutch accent. She took a real interest in Janice, genuinely sympathising with her over the death of her husband – whose pictures still littered the old but comfortable house. Anika willingly shared stories of her own life and family in the Netherlands – though never mentioned any sort of partner – and after just a week in each other’s company the older woman and the younger grew quite comfortable together.

So it was almost everything Janice could have wished for: the only thing missing was any hint of sexual interest on Anika’s side. This disappointed Janice because her desire for Anika was growing by the day. As the spring days grew warmer the girl tended to wear skimpy clothes and often flitted between rooms in just her underwear. In a bid to spark some erotic interest Janice began appearing at breakfast dressed only in her long sleeping T and panties. Having her heavy breasts moving freely under the thin cotton always made her nipples hard but Anika didn’t even seem to notice.

One evening at dinner she tried somewhat clumsily to raise the subject of sex with Anika, asking: “So –um – do you have a girl… um, I mean, someone special back home?” Janice blushed at her own ineptitude. It was the first time Anika’s sexuality had been raised openly between them. But Anika merely glanced at Janice searchingly for a moment then replied with easy confidence.

“Oh yes. I have a girlfriend – Tammy – but she’s English and lives in Brighton now.”

“Oh, I see,” said Janice. “Have you – um – been together long?”

“About a year. She came on exchange to my university in Amsterdam. We shared a flat at first and then we became a couple. When I came here she went back to England.”

“Oh, I see. So do you think you’ll – you know – get back together again – as – well as a couple?” Janice finished lamely.

Anika laughed and reached across the table to give Janice’s hand a brief squeeze: “It’s okay, Janice. You can ask about our relationship. And yes, I hope we will get back together when I go back to Europe. Tammy is great. But,” she shrugged, “who knows what can happen when you are far apart.”

“You must miss her?”

Anika sighed and rolled her eyes: “Yes – I do!” She didn’t elaborate and didn’t seem inclined to take the conversation further so, disappointed, Janice let it drop.

Since Anika’s arrival Janice had resisted the guilty habit she’d acquired with Patrick of peeking through the bathroom keyhole when he showered – but eventually, one evening, she succumbed to her desires and stole quietly to the bathroom door when the shower had been running for a good few minutes. What she saw only heightened her sexual longing for Anika. The young woman was quite exquisite – standing under the stream of hot water, letting it glide down over her lithe body as she swayed gently from side to side. Her body was toned without an ounce of fat anywhere. Her trim waist flared slightly to gently rounded hips. Her tummy was taut and flat. Her legs were straight with shapely calves. But Janice’s attention quickly focussed on the delectable young breasts, enticingly paler than her surrounding tanned skin, and the equally pale triangle between her smooth thighs. Janice could distinguish nothing of Anika’s pussy under the flowing water but she was clearly trimmed or shaven, with just a tiny oval of hair on her mons.

Janice’s voyeurism made her own body respond. She slipped a hand under her loose top to pull down one bra cup and caress her full, firm breast and pinch the nipple. Her other hand slipped between her legs to press the seam of her jeans against her swollen cunt lips. She had to stifle a moan as she watched Anika begin to wash herself, using a lathered sponge to cleanse her body. The soapy sponge lingered only briefly at her breasts and between her legs. But Janice was treated to a heart-stopping view of Anika’s tight bottom when she turned and bent to wash her calves and feet. The glistening water ran down the shadowy cleft, highlighting her tiny rosebud and dainty pussy lips, peeking back at Janice from between her slightly spread legs.

Janice again had to stifle a moan of burning lust and slipped her hand down the front of her jeans and panties to plunge two fingers into her sodden gash. She fingered herself deeply as she watched Anika complete her shower, then escaped to her bedroom, closing the door and stripping out of her jeans, bahis siteleri so she could spread her legs wantonly on the bed and vigorously finger fuck herself to an orgasm – a consuming climax that made her bite her lower lip and lift her hips off the bed.


By the end of Anika’s second week in residence Janice had all but given up hope of any sexual activity with her young boarder. She seemed just too innocent – even asexual – and Janice was resigned to the fact that Anika was not the least interested in some frumpy middle-aged woman.

Then, one Saturday morning, she made a surprising – and thrilling – discovery.

Anika had rushed from the house, running late to join some University excursion. So Janice took the opportunity to clean her boarder’s room. As she was dusting the desk she bumped the mouse attached to the laptop and the screen flickered to life. She wouldn’t have paid much attention except that when she glanced at the screen she noticed her own name. It appeared to be in an online chat window. She knew she shouldn’t pry but curiosity got the better of her. She slid onto the chair in front of the laptop and eagerly started to read.

Anika: Her name is Janice

Tammy: What she like

Anika: Really great so welcoming and friendly she’s a widow

Tammy: Oooh really how old

Anika: Not sure about 50 i guess

Janice felt a small thrill at this – she must indeed look a decade younger than her age, as many had told her before.

Tammy: Is she hot lol

Anika: Well actually – you know our fantasy of finding and seducing a mature straight woman

Tammy: Yes yes yes!!

Anika: She could so be the one! She’s gorgeous

Tammy: OH FUCK YES!! What does she look like

Anika: Nice looks for her age, average build – not skinny not fat – nice ass but

OMG she has fantastic breasts O

Tammy: Breasts?? Come on girl I’m trying to get off here!

Anika: LOL ok – fantastic tits – double Ds at least

Tammy: Oooh so hot!! Are you frigging yourself too

Anika: Can’t – Janice is in the house and I’m running late for an excursion

Tammy: Do her tits sag

Anika: Of course – but in the sexiest way. They are really firm with big stiff nipples – she often goes braless about the house

Tammy: OMG she wants you!!

Anika: No way. She’s probably straight as they come – she was married for so long

Tammy: But you want her don’t you!

Anika: OMG yes I’d so like to get her naked

Tammy: That’s it – you have to try to seduce her – I insist!!

Anika: Lol – wouldn’t you be jealous?

Tammy: No way slag – I’m totally fucking over you!

Anika: Bitch

Tammy: Cow

Anika: WHORE

Tammy: SLUT

Anika: MANHOLE!!

Tammy: I love you.

Anika: I love you too. Shit gotta go bye xxxx

Janice’s excitement had escalated rapidly as she read what was clearly meant to be a private exchange. She read it again – and again – feeling euphoric. She wanted to scroll up and read the whole chat but dared not touch the mouse again in case she left some evidence. She stood watching the display until the screensaver kicked in again – then finished cleaning the room. But she couldn’t get the sexy words out of her head. Knowing the girl desired her made Janice’s own desires go through the roof. The problem was how to encourage Anika without seeming to. From the chat it seemed Anika’s fantasy was to be the seducer. Janice spent the rest of the day in a happy erotic haze, feverishly thinking of ways she might encourage Anika to act on her desires. She’d made no definite plan by the time Anika returned from her excursion except for a firm intention to put temptation in Anika’s way.

After dinner that night they were sitting at each end of the couch watching the television – Anika dressed only in her shorty pyjamas, allowing Janice teasing glimpses of a taut side boob and the shadows of her nipples through the thin material – when Janice had an idea. As the plan formulated in her head she felt her pulse rate quicken and her pussy begin to moisten. After considering for a few minutes she rose and stretched, making her bra-less breasts lift and push against the material of her T-shirt, then announced casually:

“Mmm, it’s been a long day. I think I’ll take a bath.”

Anika glanced up at Janice and smiled, her gaze lingering a second too long on Janice’s thrusting breasts. “Ok – enjoy,” she replied. Was that a slight flush Janice detected on Anika’s pretty face?

Once she had the hot water running in the big claw-foot tub Janice added some aromatic bath salts then removed her towels from the bathroom and dropped them on her bed. She returned to the bathroom, closed the door and stripped, dumping all her clothes in the laundry hamper. Her body was tingling in anticipation of what she had planned and, as the tub filled, she massaged her breasts and teased her nipples, then ran one hand between her legs, parting her pussy lips and stroking the wetness. She felt on the verge bahis şirketleri of a climax but deliberately stopped, wanting to leave her body in a state of high arousal.

She slipped into the tub, stopping the water flow just below the level of her breasts. The bath salts had foamed up nicely in a thick surface layer and she slid lower in the tub letting the hot water soothe her excited body. She washed quickly and thoroughly paying particular attention to her breasts, enjoying the slick feel of her hands as they massaged the flesh. She spent several minutes just teasing her nipples, ensuring they were swollen, red and stiff and enjoying the erotic sparks that shot to her pussy. Then taking a deep breath she called out:


Her heart pounded as she waited for a response, which came after just a few seconds from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Did you call Janice?”

“Yes I did. I’m sorry but I seem to have left my towels in the bedroom. Would you be an angel and get them for me?”

After the briefest of pauses Anika replied: “Oh, sure.” Janice sat up straight in the tub, rinsed the lather from her breasts, gave her nipples one last tweak then modestly covered her breasts with her hands.

When Anika knocked timidly at the door she called: “Come in dear, it’s okay.” Anika opened the door and peered in before entering holding the two towels in front of her. She stopped just inside the door and couldn’t prevent her eyes from dipping to the fleshy mounds of Janice’s breasts bulging under the pressure of her hands.

“Oh thank you. I’m sorry about this,” said Janice, trying to sound as casual as her taut nerves would allow. “I hope you don’t mind?”

“Oh – n-no. Um – where should I put them?”

“Oh just pass them to me,” said Janice reaching out for the towels with one hand, letting one full, firm breast bounce free and into open view. The hungry look that suffused Anika’s face sent another erotic surge through Janice’s body. She couldn’t believe how aroused it made her feel to expose herself to this beautiful young woman. Anika stepped forward, offering the towels, and trying – but failing – to keep her eyes on Janice’s face. Janice released her other breast to take the towels in both hands and drape them over the edge of the bath. Both of her lush tits with their hard and swollen nipples were now exposed to Anika’s gaze as Janice fussed unnecessarily with the towels. “Thank you dear,” said Janice, covering her breasts again with her hands and squeezing the flesh slightly. “It’s so good to have another woman in the house. I couldn’t have asked my last student to do this for me.” She giggled and pulled a face.

“Oh, that’s okay,” said Anika, more composed now and clearly enjoying the view. She stood awkwardly for a moment then turned to leave.

“Actually,” said Janice. “Could I ask you to do one more favour for me?”

“Of course,” replied Anika, swallowing.

Janice reached out and took a loofah from the other end of the tub and held it out.

“Would you mind scrubbing my back? I’m sorry to ask but my husband used to do it for me before he got ill – and it’s been years since I’ve had a really good back scrub.”

Anika smiled at Janice warmly. “Of course I will. It’s the least I can do – you’ve been so kind to me.” She knelt by the bathtub and dipped the loofah into the water. Janice brought her knees up and leaned forward, deliberately pressing her breasts against her thighs, making the pale globes bulge provocatively. “Mmmm, oh that feels sooo good,” purred Janice as Anika moved the loofah over her excited flesh. Anika worked the stiff sponge over Janice’s shoulders and then down her back, dipping it beneath the water to scrub her lower back and her hips, eliciting frequent sounds of pleasure from the older woman. After a slight hesitation, the sponge travelled up her left side and Janice felt the brief but tantalising sensation of Anika’s fingers against the side swell of her breast. Anika then leaned right over the tub to do the same on the right side. Her touch sent a renewed erotic tingle through Janice’s body.

After a few more minutes of gentle but firm scrubbing, Anika wrung out the loofah, placed it behind the taps and sat back on her heels.

“How’s that?” she asked smiling at Janice.

“Oh that feels wonderful,” enthused Janice. She lowered her knees and with a contented sigh she placed her hands behind her head and arched her back, stretching her shoulders and lifting her breasts well clear of the water giving Anika her best view yet of the luscious mounds. “Thank you so much, my dear.” Janice smiled at her and noticed that Anika’s pyjama top was wet where she’d leaned across the edge of the tub. The thin material was almost transparent and Janice could see a clear outline of Anika’s nipples, tiny but aroused. Anika saw the direction of her gaze and looked down. She reflexively covered her breasts with her hands and stood.

“Um – okay then,” she mumbled and left the bathroom with one final glance at Janice’s beautiful breasts. Janice watched her trim bottom disappear out the door and breathed out in a huge sigh, letting the intense sexual tension drain from her body. Oh my god, she thought, that was so goddamn hot!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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