Animosity Ch. 01

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This story concerns my mother and I. We had always been a kind of dysfunctional family, me my mother and my father. Mom and Dad were still married but Dad was rarely around, leaving Mom to pretty much do whatever (and whoever) she liked.

Somewhere along the line Mom and I developed a deep resentment for each other, I saw her as only caring about her cheating on Dad and she saw me as a burden, getting in the way of her sluttiness and, as I heavily suspected, her business.

Yet we continued to live side by side, trying to ignore our disliking towards each other.

However, after a while, Mom started to display her horny side that she’d shown to so many men to me. For example, on our ‘good days’ when we would almost get along, she would start to flirt with me.

One time, when we were sitting at the table together, and I could almost bring myself to like her, I noticed she was starting to play footsie with me. Sliding her foot up my leg, I decided to return the gesture, quite enjoying being able to do this with such a sexy woman.

Which brings me to the way Mom looks, if she wasn’t my mother and the state of our relationship didnt exist, I would definitly want her. Mom’s legs with very smooth and she had pretty thick thighs which I took great pleasure in thinking about under the table. Times like these were rare so I made sure I savoured the moment. Mom was wearing a bath robe, and as we made idle chat, she started to pull it aside, showing her cleavage to me. This actually made me hard, for the first time ever I was allowing myself to be turned on by my mother.

I was hoping we could spend the night in together but no such luck, Mom went out to some guy’s house. My anger at her returned but, thanks to the events of the morning, I directed my anger in a sexual sense. Jerking off many times that night imagining I was fucking her. The next day Mom waltzed in while I was sitting on the couch watching TV. She came and sat next to me.

“Watcha watching?” she asked

I mumbled a reply, but by this time my eyes were set squarely on her. She was wearing stockings, a tight lycra miniskirt and a very tight green croptop showing lots of cleavage. Usually I would’nt have taken any notice of this, dismissing her as a slut, but I was intruiged.

“Damn her,” I thought “she’s deliberately got me thinking of her in a sexual way to torment me!”

That didnt stop me sliding closer to her, however, until our bodies were touching and our legs pressed against each other.

“So what did you get up to last night?” I asked her

“Err..” she said “what do you want to hear?”

“The truth?” I replied

“I fucked casino siteleri someone, ok?” she said “Is that what you wanted to hear”

“Kind of,” I probed “Mom, why do you have sex with so many guys?”

“Well who would you rather I had sex with?” she asked “My invisible husband…. or you?”

“Me?” this came as quite a shock

“Yeah, would you rather I had sex with you?”

“Err” Mom was facing me now, I noticed how skimpy her top was, only just covering her nipples.


“Yes,” I said “I would rather you had sex with me.” I put my hand on her thigh “Have you got what you wanted? You’ve complicated things.”

“You actually want your own mother?”

“Yes, does that suprise you? I would have thought you’d have guessed while you flashed your boobs at me at the dinner table! Speaking of showing your boobs…” Both our eyes fell down to Mom’s scandalously revealing top.

“The reason I did that…” Mom said “Was because it is the only way we can be close, I knew you’d like my body so I thought I’d share it with you. Perhaps then you’d let me fuck who I want to.”

“So how far are you willing to go?” I asked

Mom pondered for a Moment before saying “You wanna play with my tits for a while?”

So there I sat on the coach, massaging Mom’s breasts, occasionally trying to grab myself a kiss but she kept pulling back whenever I tried.

And so it came to pass that Mom and I were sitting on the couch together kissing, with her top off and me groping her tits. Until we heard the front door open that is.

“Shit that must be your father.” Mom said, quickly covering herself up

“Goddamnit!” My Dad had picked the worst time to pop in, I was at least hoping Mom could assuage my raging hardon.

Mom rushed into the hall where she greeted Dad with a kissing embrace, I stood halfway through the door watching them, watching Dad’s hand trail down to Mom’s ass where he lifted up her skirt and started feeling her ass over her panties, despite the fact his own son could see this. I guess Dad used to love to show Mom off whenever he was with her, and would try and make anyone, even his son jealous of his trophy. It worked to a certain extent. As I watched his hand feeling her ass I felt annoyed that, given a bit more time, that may have been me in that position. I toyed with the idea that he was giving me this display to perhaps evoke some desires in me to fuck Mom, to get her off his back. But this was wishful thinking on my part trying to justify not only a desire to fuck my own mother but my shallowness at wanting to be so close to someone I disliked so much. Eventually, they broke apart.

“I’m canlı casino going upstairs now.” he said

“Okay hun,” Mom replied “I’ll just be a sec”

Dad disappeared upstairs and Mom walked over to me

“Enjoy that little voyeur session?” she asked “I’ll ask you not to try and perv when I fuck him, I won’t allow you your little thrills.”

“Why not?” I asked “Don’t you think we have some unfinished business?”

“Hehe, that was unlucky for you” she giggled “I think I’ll let your father finish me off, I have wife duties to attend to.” She winked, made a kissy face then spun around and headed for the stairs.

“Wait,” I said “What about your motherly duties?”

she turned around

“That depends how you define motherly duties?”

“Ok,” I said “Tomorrow, when Dad’s gone we’ll discuss what constitutes motherly duties, alright?”

“Okay” she said, and went upstairs to fuck Dad.

Dad had sex with Mom that night, and left in the morning as I knew he would. Although Mom explicitly told me not to get off on them having sex, I did so anyway. My bedroom being right next to hers I can hear everything that goes on, and always have done. Despite this blessing I’d never actually jerked off over the sound of Mom fucking someone till now, for once in my life I actually envied Dad.

After Dad had exited the house, I found Mom lying in bed.

“Shouldn’t you be up?” I asked her

“Why?” she replied “What’s wrong with the bed to discuss our little arrangement?”

“Well,” I walked over to the bed anyway “this is the place you fucked Dad less than 8 hours ago” I climbed in

“You heard us eh?” Mom was wearing a fairly tight tshirt and panties

“Everything, how could I not? The walls are so thin. It sounded like a lot of fun.”

“Did you imagine it was you on top of me?”

“Yes.” I edged closer to her under the blankets

“So you wanna fuck me, huh?”

“More than anything else in the world” I kissed her

“I don’t believe you.” she replied

“Let me up it this way,” I said, placing both hands on her chest and feeling most pleased that she was letting me “I don’t like you Mom, well, that’s not true, I like the way you look… alot. Hell, I love you in that sense, and seeing as this is the only way we can love each other…”

“I see.” she said, my hands were starting to move faster on her breasts. She sat up slightly.

“Would you pay to have sex with me?” she asked, removing her top.

“I, I guess.” I said to the breasts in front of me

“So now you see!” she said “Now you see what it’s like for me! You can’t condemn what I do kaçak casino now…”

“I don’t condemn it,” I stopped her “I guess I just want you to myself” I started sliding down her panties.

“Ok.” she gasped as I positioned myself between her legs.

“Y’know,” she said as she pulled my pants down “This doesnt change anything between us, you’re using me…”

“Of course not.” I placed my cock on her pussy lips.

“I hate you.” she said, looking into my eyes as I penetrated my own mother.

Sliding my hard cock into my mother’s welcoming pussy was the strangest thing I’ve ever done, the strangeness was not unpleasant, it was tinged with thrill and taboo. Time seemed to slow down as I brought my lips to hers before sliding out and thrusting down again. Despite her faults in the past, I felt very greatful to Mom for allowing me to derive such pleasure from her body, she seemed to be gaining something out of it too. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. With every thrust I made she moaned a little louder. Through the veil of exstacy I attempted to place my tongue in her mouth, trying to part her closed lips. My left hand found itself on top of hers, stretched out on the bed, our hands closed around each other as my right hand caressed her large breasts beneath my chest. As the initial shock of this incestuous act lifted I started to pump her harder, causing the bed to rock and Mom to throw her hands around me and kiss me, uniting us in two parts of our bodies. This would be the second time I’d made out with her, I still enjoyed the feeling of our tongues rubbing against each other in her mouth. We stayed in this embrace throughout the morning until finally I shot my load into her pussy beneath the sun breaking through her bedroom window.

We lay, gasping on the bed together.

“Err,” I said finally “We never got round to discussing the terms. We got kind of distracted he he”

“What, the ‘I get to fuck my Mom whenever I want’ terms?”

“No, the ‘me and Mom have sex now and again’ terms?”

“When’s now and again?”

“Well, let’s say… twice a week at least?”

“hmm” she thought “ok I can live with that”

“And, seeing as this seems to be a good solution to our differences, how about we fuck whenever we’re mad at each other?”

“I suppose that sounds sensible”

“And when we’re feeling nice towards each other?”

“Then I guess it’ll happen anyway,” she smiled “Anway, I’m gonna get changed”

Mom pulled herself out of bed, covering herself up with the blanket.

“Why so shy?” I asked “We just had sex!”

“We’re not lovers,” she replied “it’s just an arrangement, now I’d like some privacy. You’ll see this,” she showed my her partly exposed breasts “two times a week, isn’t that enough?”

I went back into my own room and thought in disbelief about what had just happened.

To be continued…

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