Anna, My Girlfriend

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Author’s note: It was almost one of those most classic situations you will ever read about in many of these erotic stories available on the Internet – even so – I certainly hope that at least a few of everyone who’s reading this will enjoy this story at least half as much as I did when I first experienced it. If you don’t like this short story, then it’s probably because I’ve been sleeping through most of the many English-classes in school, and to put it in slightly different words, the writing is very poor. I apologize. Anyway, don’t forget to give comments, telling me what I’m doing wrong etc. Since I’m only 18 I haven’t got the real skills and there’s a lot of things I need to learn. I know.

If someone is interested to help me with my writing, please contact me…

One more thing, I just have to say that watching my girlfriend doing something so ‘dramatically’ as picking up something from the ground is one of the most fantastic views I’m absolutely convinced that my eyes ever will have the chance to see, even if I one day can fulfil my dream of becoming an astronaut, being able to wander around on the moon, looking down at earth… Anyway, especially when she’s wearing jeans, preferably one of those tightest pair of jeans she’s ever bought, it always offers a wonderful sight. Her shapely ass is so sexy and perfect it would even make a Greek guy who make sculptures for a living, so jealous he would never be the same. Well, I’m sure you got the picture.

Part 1

It was in the evening of a boring Sunday in late October 2004, when my girlfriend and I was out walking in the city park, challenging the cold wind with our new warming clothes.

In Sweden, at least where I live, that time of the year, the evenings tend to be very dark, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri especially before all of the snow has arrived. Right then the ground was covered with old, yellow leafs. The sky was dark, although filled with distant stars shining everywhere.

When we came to an bench, we decided to sit down for a short while. Neither of us had said a word for a few minutes and everything that surrounded us seemed so quiet.

“Can I ask you something?” she suddenly asked, breaking the silence.


“Do you love me?”

Her question was everything but expected and as her face looked very seriously I knew she meant what she said, but I didn’t know what she really meant, even though I had heard every word.

“Why do you need me to answer such an obvious question?”

“Just simply because I’ve never, not even once, heard you say that you love me.”

“You don’t feel like I love you?”

“I know you love me,” she said, placing her hand over mine, “there’s no question about it. It’s just that I’ve never heard you say those three words. I use them quite often. But you never do.”

“Ok,” I said, a bit uncertain. “Do you want me to say them right know?”

“Yes. I mean. No. You can say them when you feel like it.” With that, she withdraw her hand from mine and once again, this time very awkward, silence filled the air around us.

Some people use the phrase ‘I love you’, all the time, it seems, but I don’t. These words means so much more to me. I knew that she meant much to me as well, and those words shouldn’t have been something that should have been able to even come up in this sort of conversation, but they did, and I didn’t know why. “Can we go home now? I’m cold.”

“I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri know something that can warm you up.”

“What?” she asked, even though it was obvious she thought she knew what I meant.

“A cup of hot, warm chocolate,” I said, grinning.


“What did you think I was referring to?”

“Nothing,” she answered, almost blushing.

I smiled as I looked at her when she was trying to act all innocent, as if she hadn’t been thinking about sex. It was cute, as always.

After the short walk home, we soon ended up in the sofa in her small apartment, drinking chocolate as we were watching TV. There wasn’t really anything on so we decided to watch an movie instead. Her collection of DVD’s is amazing. She got all kinds of movies. In alphabetical order for some reason. Including some porno, which she keeps hidden in a box. Something that surprised me a bit, was that she’d started this small porno collection even before we met.

“Why don’t we watch one of those?” I said, pointing at the box that was placed on the top shelf.

She turned around, looked at me, then at box. “You want to watch porno?”

“I’m a guy, how can you blame me? Especially since there’s standing such an sexy female right in front of me. How would I be able to think about anything but sex?”

“Which one of them would you prefer?”

“Surprise me.”

“We can watch this one,” she said, holding up one of the most pornographic movies in her secret collection. It had almost not dialogue, other than one of the longest lines that one of the blonde-haired actresses uses when she’s being fucked by some guy who delivers pizzas, which is: ‘oh, fuck me hard’. The cover actually shows this particular blonde, güvenilir bahis şirketleri wearing absolutely nothing, and the Swedish title is ‘Lolitans dagbok‘. ‘Lolita’s diary‘, in English. “We have never been able to see how this one ends. I wonder why?”

“I have no idea,” I said, even though I certainly knew why.

“Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that this movie has more scenes featuring analsex than any other of these movies,” she said, as of matter of fact.

“I honestly don’t know.”

“Do you consider me a bit boring since I’ve never let you do that to me?” she asked, as she stood up and bent over, placing the DVD in the player. “I mean, fuck me in the ass?”

“You‘re not boring,” I said, watching her wiggle her butt in front of me. “It’s just stupid male fantasy.”

“So, you wouldn’t want do try it even if I said I was actually prepared to do it?”

I hesitated. “Is this some sort of test taken from one of your different magazines? To see how much of an pervert I am? If I enjoy degrading women?”

“No,” she said, simply and almost a bit offended as she went to pull the drapes. “I was just wondering if you… I mean, it can‘t be that bad. Some people, I mean, women, actually enjoys it.”

“Is this a dream coming true or are you kidding me?”

“It’s not a dream,” she said with an smile as she came back and sat down next to me in the sofa, “and I’m certainly not just kidding you. Honestly. Do you want try it?”

I thought about it for a few seconds. It was one of my fantasies, that’s for sure, and if she was prepared to try, why would I lie and say that I wouldn’t like to try it?

“Do you mean, right know?”

“Well, I guess so. Can’t we watch the movie first?”

“For inspiration?”

“As well as getting me in the right mood, of course.”

“If you’re not sure you want to do it, then we’re not going to.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure. We‘ll watch this movie first though. To the end. At least we should try. Then we‘ll run into the bedroom. Ok?”

End of Part 2

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