Annisa Ch. 01

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Annisa stood beneath the showerhead with ribbons of hot water running from her fingertips. Her mind overflowed with thoughts and she sought sanctity in the steamy stall. The water twisted down her body and disappeared down the drain with a gurgle. Annisa hoped it would wash away the haze and leave behind clarity. With this in mind, she focused on grooming herself for the approaching evening.

Scents of hibiscus and rose hips curled around her. Her long fingers worked through her hair, massaging her scalp and slightly pulling her tresses. She tilted her head back and the water filtered away all traces of shampoo, leaving her hair in wet waves down her back.

She closed her eyes and her hands moved over her body, lathering and caressing each inch of skin. She grazed her breast and the nipple became irresistibly hard, begging to be noticed. Her index finger moved in slow circles over her soap slick areola. She purposefully dodged the nucleus of sensation and every nerve of it ached. A soft moan came from within her when she gave in and pinched and rolled the nipple between her thumb and finger. A gentle tug of the small hoop that ran through it brought on a louder moan. The nipple grew more erect and its partner did the same. Both hands worked over her breasts now. She squeezed and pulled her pink buds until they were puffy and pulsed with pleasure.

Her hands moved down over her stomach, hips, and ass and here they lingered for a moment before she took on the chore of shaving her legs. She spread her cheeks and turned her ass toward the spray. The water pelted her backside and ran down her crack making her shiver. One finger roamed and teased her asshole and she groaned as it found its way inside her. She thrust her finger in and out and worked herself up to a loud, “Oh!” before she abandoned the ass play for the task at hand.

She sat down on the seat inside the shower and worked the shave gel into a frothy cream from her ankles all the way up to the apex where her legs met her torso.

The razor glided in long strides over her muscular legs. She exercised caution to avoid nicking her tricky knees and ankles. The only thing she wanted to remain was skin disguised as satin.

Now, the final thing was to ensure that the sweet spot between her legs was as smooth as the rest of her body. Annisa had experimented with how she groomed her pubic hair. She had been au natural. She had left it neatly trimmed. She had removed all of it with the exception of a small strip. But none of these options was as aesthetically pleasing to her as being bald.

She spread her legs and removed what stubble was there. The act of shaving down there always excited her, but today she wasn’t sure if it was the act or anticipation that provoked her. casino oyna She felt a flush of heat in her groin as her hand and razor moved over the delicate area. Her clitoris pushed out from its hood, but she resisted the urge to play, at least for now.

Every part of her was immaculately clean now except for her thoughts. No amount of water was going to purify them.

Annisa stepped out onto the bath rug and wrapped herself tightly in a white towel.

She leaned over and wrapped another towel, turban style around her head. She gathered her lotion, make-up bag, and a few other essentials and went into the bedroom to begin phase two of the date night process.

She had acquired a very dark tan that summer from being outdoors and supplemental sessions at the tanning bed, so she only needed minimal foundation and concealer. Annisa considered her deep-set, green eyes her best facial feature and she focused most of her attention on them. Her brows were already perfectly groomed in a thin arch. She swept a silvery shadow over her brow bone and used varying shades of charcoal to create a smoky, sultry look. She finished her eyes with a bit of black liner, winged at the corners, and a couple coats of black mascara that made her lush lashes appear even longer.

She rarely wore lipstick. She was blessed with full lips that looked perfect with just a touch of gloss to keep them supple and enhance their pigmentation.

She took a large sable brush and dusted bronzing powder over her face and décolletage, and that added just the right amount of sexy shimmer.

She pulled the towel from her head and shook down her semi-dry hair. After a disappointing short hair cut, she had let it grow over the last couple of years. Now the longest layer fell just below her shoulder blades. Carefully she combed out the snarls and tangles and worked product through it.

On most days she didn’t bother with the hair dryer, she either pulled it up into a ponytail or let it dry in its unruly manner. Tonight was a different manner. She divided her hair into sections and set to work straightening it. When she was finished, the time devoted to the whole process was well worth it. It had beautiful volume and the shorter layers framed her face perfectly. The honey highlights looked hot mixed in with her darker brown tresses.

Annisa looked with approval at the reflection sitting across from her. She was growing very eager for the evening. Once again she felt the little flame travel down from her chest to her slit and she longed to be touched.

She was still holding the round barreled brush she had used to style her hair. Her fingertips rubbed the textured handle as she was reminded that, in a pinch, it provided a pretty pleasing sensation. Smirking, canlı casino she laid it aside and went over to the closet to retrieve the outfit she had put together the night before.

The skirt was black and short, of course. Her legs couldn’t be considered long, but they had a great shape and she wanted to show them off. She decided to forego pantyhose since it was late July and the heat would make them unbearable. After great debate about whether she should also skip it, she pulled on a black lace thong.

The top was a halter with swirls of aqua and black. It was a perfect choice for her because it hugged her ample breasts and revealed her well-defined shoulders and back. She tied the halter strap and stopped once again to admire the way she looked. She had to admit she cleaned up very nicely.

She took her perfume and dabbed it onto all of her pulse points, her throat, wrists, behind the knee and all those other spots she wished to be consumed not only by her fragrance, but also by his kisses.

She placed the bottle back on the dresser and allowed her mind to be overtaken by sexual longing. It had been nearly two years since she had seen him, and she had been startled when he contacted her again. They had never been intimate, but the wondering thought of what it would be like always possessed her. Perhaps, tonight would put an end to the wondering, but until then all she could do was imagine.

Annisa craved to feel his touch and his breath on her skin. She closed her eyes and dreamed of what euphoria it would be to have his lips falling like soft rain on her.

She cupped her breasts in her hands and pressed them together creating a deep ravine of cleavage. Although she couldn’t feel them through her bra, Annisa knew that her nipples had once again grown erect at the mere thought of his grasp.

She sat on the edge of the bed and her excitement grew as her hands traveled beneath the skirt along her inner thighs. The sheer thought of his hands replacing hers was enough to make her quiver.

Annisa rubbed her clit lightly through her panties. The lace created wonderful friction as she increased the pace and pressure of her touch. She bit her bottom lip and said, “Mmm.”

Her wetness increased and she could feel it soak through the fabric onto her fingertips. Annisa stroked her hard clit with abandonment and her labia swelled with lust. Her breath was rapid and she ached to be penetrated. She pulled her panties aside and pushed in a finger, then two. It felt incredible. Her cunt was dripping and so hot. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and saw her moisture glistening on them. She couldn’t resist taking a lick. She had an incredible oral fetish and all she could think of was how divine it would be to lick kaçak casino her cum from his cock after he had been fucking her.

She went to the bedside table and removed a couple of her favorite toys.

Annisa lay on the bed and exposed her pussy. She took out a vibrator and turned it onto its lowest speed and teased the length of her slit. She refrained from inserting it, and placed it on her clit. Her back arched as the sensation moved through her. She increased the speed and felt her orgasm growing closer, but she would not allow herself to get off so soon.

She moved the vibrator to the entrance of her sweet spot and let it slowly slide in. Her pussy was greedy for pleasure and engulfed the small toy. Annisa angled it toward her G-spot and felt the familiar tremble of release. Just as she was about to cum, she plucked the vibe from its spot and left herself aching.

She traded the rather small vibe for a rather large dildo. She applied just a little bit of lubricant to the end. She didn’t need much because her own juices were already running down the crack of her ass. Annisa took the cock and plunged it into her. She gasped as her hole stretched to accommodate the invader. It was a tight fit, but it felt sensational. She fucked herself, slowly at first, then building up to a frantic pace.

Her cunt made sloppy sounds and Annisa cried out as she slammed the dildo in and out. She was desperate to reach climax. There was one way she knew that would make her cum hard and fast. With one hand she assaulted her clit, as she continued to bang herself with the toy. She took the cock deep in her snatch and the thought of him burying his own cock in her was enough to send her over the threshold.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she called out as her whole body tightened. Her free hand clawed the sheets while Annisa rode wave after wave of a sensational orgasm. Her cum saturated her hand as she screwed herself through every last tremble. Bliss. It was nothing but bliss.

The clock chimed and brought her back to the present. She had 20 minutes before he would be there to pick her up. She abandoned her toys and scrambled to adjust her clothes.

She had cum so violently that she soaked the skirt and thong she had on. She was forced to make a quick switch.

She put on a black satin G-string and slipped into her favorite black pants. They were low-rise and had a slight flare at the leg. She checked her ass in the mirror. It looked awesomely curvy and tempting. Plus, if he was lucky he might get a glimpse of the sexy surprise that was underneath.

Her feet slipped into a pair of black, open-toed heels that made her legs appear longer.

She had almost forgotten her earrings and snapped the silver hoops on.

Annisa smiled. Her cheeks had a natural flush that made her even more attractive. “He will never guess why,” she thought.

She grabbed her purse and stepped into the kitchen for a drink and waited still wet between her legs.

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