Anniversary Gifts

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My wife is 5’10” 210lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. She’s chubby, ok she’s fat, but I love the way she looks. For our anniversary this year we decided to fulfill each others wildest fantasy no matter what. She doesn’t know I’m into wam or that I’ve been saving up for this.

“What is your fantasy you want fulfilled,” she asks.

“I want to make you into the most erotic anniversary cake ever.”

“Um, ok? I don’t get it.”

“Saturday morning you are going to go to Sam’s Erotic Bake shop and you’ll see. I’ve already made the appointment. You’ll be there all day and then you will meet up, I mean be delivered, to me at a hotel. I think you’ll really enjoy my fantasy.”

“Well, we agreed we’d doing anything the other person asked, so I guess I’m in.”

Saturday morning arrived and Sarah nervously headed off to the erotic bake shop. “What could he have possibly planned for a cake that I’d be gone all day? And what did he mean by “be delivered”?

Little did she know what I had in store for her. They haven’t ever done what I requested, but I paid a hefty sum for them to fulfill my fantasy. I planned this with the bake shop over the past week. They have specific instructions on what to do and how I wanted my “cake” to look and taste.

Sarah arrived at the bake shop and went in. She said, “Hi!, I’m here to pick up an anniversary cake.”

“You must be Sarah. Glad to meet you! I’m the Owner, Sam. Unfortunately the “cake” isn’t ready yet. Matter of fact, the most important ingredient just arrived. The cake is going to take all day to make so you better make yourself comfortable.” Sam could hardly contain his smile.

“I have nothing planned for the rest of the day, is there a place for me to wait until the cake is done?” Sarah asked.

“Actually, you can help us make the cake. Just come on through to the back and into the kitchen.” As soon as Sarah walked back into the kitchen an employee hung a sign up on the door saying: Closed for a special occasion. In the kitchen her five employees, all women. I had requested only women were to do this.

“You must be Sarah!” They said at the same time.

“We have been looking forward to this cake. It’s the most erotic cake we have ever done,” said Sam. “We’ve never had a request like this before and this will be a first for us.”

“May I ask what makes this cake so special?” said Sarah.

“You don’t know? Well, what makes it so special is the main ingredient, the cake itself.”

“What is the the cake? White, Chocolate chip, Rasberry, Funfetti?, asked Sarah

“The cake is…YOU! We are going to decorate you as an erotic anniversary cake. And then we are going to deliver you to your husband so he can have cake for dessert.”

Sarah almost died of humiliation right there. She couldn’t believe she was going to be THE CAKE! The employees took Sarah to get washed so she would be a clean cake. They shaved her hairy pussy so they would have a smooth surface to smear frosting on. Sarah was led to a table with a cardboard cake base on it that was exactly her size. They then placed a layer of cake on top of that and told Sarah to lay down flat on it. Sarah could believe she was actually going through with this. The five women all grabbed their buckets full of white butter cream frosting and started to spread it all over Sarah’s naked body. They completely covered her hair and the only things visible on her face was her eyes and her nose unplugged so she could breath. Sarah felt heavy from all the frosting and was getting all tingly. After they smoothed out all the frosting on her body, they employees went and grabbed their tubes of colored frosting. Per my instructions they grave Sarah new frosting hair that looked like a rainbow colored clown wig. They then gave her new frosting eyebrows and big frosting red lips. Working their way down to her breast, they made bigger tits using frosting and gave her big frosting nipples. Next they moved to her feet and legs and made frosting fishnet stockings. They then put on her feet red colored fudge shoes. Next was Sarah’s pussy. It was dripping wet from the humiliation of what was happening to her and how hot it was making her. Each employee grabbed a different cake filling. One at a time each employee squirted a different filling into her pussy. There was chocolate, raspberry, lemon, cherry, and caramel filling her pussy until it couldn’t take anymore. She was then told that she had to hold the filling inside of her until it was time for dessert that night. Next they gave her big frosting pussy lips and a clit. They then finished piping the rest of her body with frosting. Lastly, they wrote on her arms fantasy fulfilled and wrote on her belly eat me with an arrow pointing her her pussy.

Just then a photo of her was snapped and Sarah realized the whole think was being filmed as well. Next she was told not to make a sound until she was delivered. A big box cover came down over her and she felt herself be picked up and driven away.

The delivery van arrived at the hotel. Sarah felt the van stop and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her being lifted onto a cart. A giant cake box was rolled through the middle of the hotel. Sarah heard people ask if there was a special occasion going on at the hotel and was told yes, and this is a very special cake. She heard the bakery employees mention what a big cake she was and how they had to use almost all of their frosting because she was so fat. Sarah was getting so turned on at the thought of her being rolled through the middle of a hotel in a cake box decorated as an erotic cake being delivered to her husband. She almost came right there but he pussy was filled with filling and she had to hold it in. Then she heard a door knock.

“Cake delivery!” the employee said.

“Come on in,” I said. “That looks like a big cake, I hope I can eat it all.”

“It’s been prepared as you ordered. And here is the extras you requested. Enjoy your cake!”

Sarah heard the door close.

“I can’t wait to see what you look like. Sarah, I bet you look as good as I dreamed you would.” I took off the cake box cover and saw my wife laying there decorated as the most erotic anniversary cake ever. I took out my camera and started snapping pictures so I can look at them anytime I want.

“Hope you don’t mind me taking pictures of you for prosperity. I’ve also got a video camera all setup to record everything tonight. You look delicious!”

I took off my clothes and my cock was already hard. I bent over and told her I loved her. I got up on the table she was on and straddled her face. I slowly inserted my cock past her red frosting lips and into her mouth. I slowly started to fuck her mouth and she started to suck me.

“This cake gives good head, ” I said as I looked into the video camera. I pulled out of her mouth before I came, I wanted to wait.

“So how does it feels to be an erotic cake?” I asked her.

“It felt really gross at first to be covered from head to toe in frosting. After awhile I got so horny, especially after they gave me these huge frosting tits. I almost went nuts when they filled my pussy with cake filling and gave me huge pink frosting pussy lips and a frosting clit. And then pictures were taken of me as a cake. I felt so humiliated and turned on at the same time. I can only imagine what I look like. I want to cum so bad, but I still have all the filling in my pussy and I was told I could let any out until I was delivered to you.”

I pulled up a chair next to the table Sarah was lying on. I sat down and was looking at her pussy right in front of my face. “When I say so, I want you to release all the filling in your pussy, ok?”

“God, I can’t wait!”

I started to lick the frosting from her pussy. I slowly started to tongue the inside of her. I could taste all the sweetness of the frosting and the different fillings mixed with her pussy juice. I could tell she was ready to blow. “Honey, I want you to release your cake filling.” My mouth and face were flooded with cake filling and pussy juice. I was in heaven, I finally was having my ultimate fantasy fulfilled of eating my wife out as a cake. I couldn’t take it anymore and jumped on top of my wife and started fucking her like crazy. I became covered in frosting. We both came almost immediately.

“I have another surprise for you,” I said to my exhausted frosting covered wife. “What would cake be without ice cream?” I picked her up and took her to the hotel room’s bathtub. Inside of it was sitting the extras the bakery gave me. The tub was filled with half melted vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Besides the tube was sundae toppings and a gallon pail of half melted ice cream, but I wouldn’t let her see what kind until the right moment.

“Get in the tub on you hands and knees,” I told her. Frosting covered Sarah slowly climbed into the tub. Now that she was on her hands and knees covered in frosting in a tube filled with melted ice cream I decided it was time to add some toppings. I slowly poured chocolate syrup on her head and then slowly worked my way down her back and finished by pouring chocolate down the crack of her big ass.

“Honey, what’s your favorite ice cream topping?”

“Caramel of course! God, please say you have got caramel too! I hope there’s lots of it!” For someone that doesn’t know about wam and hated getting a little whipped cream on her when having sex a long time ago, she sure is enjoying getting covered in food now. I dumped a 5 gallon bucket of caramel all over her.

“How does that feel?” I asked her as I zoomed in the camera on her face.

“This feels totally amazing! I can’t believe of kinky and fun this is!”

I next topped her off with whipped cream, some sprinkles, and a bunch of cherries that I placed on her head. “I almost forgot, a sundae wouldn’t be complete without some banana.” I then stuck a banana slowly in her ass and then unpeeled it up to her crack. I zoomed out with the camera to get the whole picture of her. I placed a sign along the tub that said: güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri A Sarah Sundae. I took a few more pictures of her and then hopped in the tub with her and started to fuck her doggy style. I always loves getting it in that position. She was in such pleasure she shoved her face down into the melted ice cream at the bottom of the tub. I could tell that she was about to cum so I grabbed the one bucket of ice cream that was sitting there. A moment later her body shock as she came. At the same time a dumped the bucket of ice cream on her.

“What the hell, this ice cream is blue?”

“Yep, Blue Moon!” She looked a site now covered in blue ice cream. I made her turn around and suck me until I filled her mouth with my cream. We then got cleaned up and headed to bed exhausted.

“So what did you think of my fantasy honey?”

“I thought it was strange at first, but then I got so turned on by what was happening to me. I think I really enjoy having things done to me and not having any control. I guess it’s something I didn’t know about myself. I think this just changed what I want my fantasy wish to be.”

“So, what about your fantasy wish?”

“You know how I always call myself a pig after I overeat and when I go and eat a ton of snack food or chocolate?”

“Yeah, you always eat so well all week to try to lose weight, but then you always go way off track and just eat everything in sight one night.”

“Well, after what I experienced today, I really see how much I really love food. How great it is to not only eat a lot of food but be covered in it too. And how much I get off being humiliated by food. Honey, my fantasy is to be what I always call myself. I want to be a food filled and covered pig.”

“Are you sure? You normally have such a high self esteem. Why do you want to be a pig?”

“Because, I want to be something I was wanted to be but have been fighting it my entire life. I love food like a pig does, I ‘m big, and I apparently love to be humiliated. Why not live as a pig for a day!”

“Ok, just making sure this is what you really want.”

“God, yes! Can we do it next Saturday?”

“Sure, and I know just the place. My grandparent’s farm that no one uses since they live in the nursing home now. It’s perfect, we can do things outside because there’s no one around for miles, it gives us room to do whatever you want, and it even has an old pig sty.”

“That’s sounds like a plan. We should go shopping at Sam’s Club and get supplies during the week and then leave Friday after work, so I can be a pig first thing Saturday morning. I love you honey.”

“I love you too.”

We both drifted off to sleep. The next morning back at home we started planning what was going to happen next Saturday. I could see Sarah was getting excited just planning what was going to happen. Her hands kept drifting down to her crotch and at some point I thought I saw a wet spot on her shorts.

“So what should we get?” I asked her.

“Everything! Sweet, savory, slimey, chunky, smelly, I want to get some of everything, as much as we can fit in our car. We should get some little pools so I can wallow in them. The farm has that old tub that the cows used to drink out of right? I want you to fill it with a mystery substance for me.”

“Ok. We should do a little shopping each day so it doesn’t look weird.”

“Good point!”

Each night after work we went shopping and got a little bit at a time. When we went to Sam’s Club Sarah almost looked crazed, wanting to fill our carts with everything she saw. She wanted sour cream, cottage cheese, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, yogurt, refried beans, pizzas, ketchup, mustard, egg salads, tuna salads, sausages, fruit loops, oatmeal, the list went on and on. This was going to be some weekend. One night I went by myself and bought container after bulk container of nacho cheese to fill the cow tub with. I also went online and bought a complete outfit for Sarah to wear on Saturday that she didn’t know about.

Friday came, and it was almost time for Sarah to leave work. “If only my friends and coworkers knew what I’m going to be doing tomorrow”, she thought. She was getting all worked up just thinking about it. She had a hard time concentrating on work. Just before she was going to leave there was a delivery for her. It was some flowers and a stuffed animal pig.

“What’s that for,” her coworkers asked.

“It’s just something from my husband for our anniversary.”

After we got home we packed up the car and headed to the farm. On the way to the farm she stated that she couldn’t wait to be a pig and wallow in food.

“Starting Saturday morning, I only want to be called pig, piggy, or sow. If you can think of anymore names to call me use them. I know you love me so it won’t hurt my feelings what you call me. Also, we bought what I wanted, but you get to decide how to use it. Like I said I get really turned on when I have no control over what is being done to me,” Sarah said

We arrived güvenilir bahis şirketleri at the farm and unpacked. I told Sarah to stay in the house the rest of the night so I could setup everything for the next day. I filled the cow tub almost to the top, 3 feet deep tub filled with nacho cheese. I then preceded to set everything else up for the next day. I came back into the house and we crawled into bed together both looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday morning arrived. It was a beautiful day to fulfill a wife’s fantasy about being a pig.

“Honey, I mean, Mrs. Piggy, wake up.”

“Alright, this is going to be an experience. I’m so nervous and turn on about about I’m going to do. If my parents knew that there normal daughter was going to be a pig today and wanted to be a pig because it was her fantasy they’d die. Well, let’s do this!”

“I’m going to go downstairs and make breakfast while you put this on and nothing else. A pig wouldn’t be a pig without pig ears, a pig nose and a pig tail,” I said.

“Wow, I never thought of getting these. This pig tail is a butt plug? The only thing that’s been in there was that banana you shoved in there last week. I hope it fits me.”

“Oh, it “fits” you alright!” I went and started to make breakfast, pancakes, oatmeal, and some sausage. I had a different breakfast for my piggie already made. Sarah came walking through the door wearing only what I gave her chubbiness swaying with every step. I took some pictures of her which really started to get her worked up.

“Does piggy want some breakfast?”

“Oh yes!”

I pulled down my boxers and put iced donuts around my hard cock. “Here you go!”

Sarah got down on her knees and started to eat the iced donuts off my cock.

“I can’t wait to watch myself doing this later on,” Sarah said. She must have saw the video camera setup. After all the donuts were gone and her face was covered in donut icing I told her lay on the kitchen table.

As she is laying there, I put pancakes on her huge tits and then one over her still hairless pussy, after she was shaved the week before to be a cake. I then started putting sausages one by one into her pussy until no more fit. After that I start pouring syrup all over tits and pussy. “That’s what I call a BIG breakfast!” I take my time eating the pancakes off of her and the sausages from inside of her. She noticed the oatmeal that I made.

“You don’t like oatmeal,” she said.

“But you do.” I dumped a pot full of lumpy oatmeal all over her. “How does that taste?”

“It’s lumpy and getting cold, it feels great though.”

“I want you to get up and head outside so I can hose you off like a pig.”

Sarah covered in sticky syrup and oatmeal headed outside where I hosed down her entire body. Since we had awhile before lunch I thought I’d walk the piggy around the farm. What a site it was, my wife, naked, dressed as a pig walking around a farm still a little sticky from the syrup and with lumps of oatmeal still clinging to her. We then walked into the barn. It was pretty run down from years of neglect about it still had some of the milking equipment and tank in it.

“Man this place smells,” she said.

“It smells like farm animals,” I said. “You know a pig is a farm animal and you smell nothing like one. I think you should roll around in the barn until you smell like a pig.”

“Your right, I need to not only look like a pig, but smell like one too.” Sarah started to roll around on the dirty ground and in the old hay that was there. While I grabbed the buckets of food that I had hidden there. Since this was a cow barn I thought it fitting to use dairy products.

“Honey, you know someday when I get pregnant and my tits need milking, You could take me here and milk me with the milking machine. It looks very interesting.”

“Piggy, could you sit in the manure trough.” I was actually pretty clean because cows hadn’t been there in at least a decade. She sat there in the trough as I brought over the first bucket, it was butter. I then smeared butter all over her head and body. Next was cream cheese which I covered her in as well. Next I dumped a bucket of cottage cheese over her and sprayed her with whipped cream.

“All dairy products! What no milk?” she asked.

I grabbed the hose fro the milk tank and turned on the nozzle.

“Honey, the hose is making weird noises, ” Sarah said. Just then curled milk shot out of the hose and covered Sarah. ” I absolutely reek! I love it!” She certainly now smelled like a pig. The last step is to have her act like a pig.

We walked out of the barn and over to the old pig sty.

I freshly watered it is it was nice and muddy.

“Get in pig!” Sarah slowly stepped into the muddy sty. ” You look the part and smell the part, now you have to act the part.”

“I know, I get to wallow in mud!” Sarah said excitedly. She got down on all fours and started rolling around in the mud. I went to get her food so she could have her lunch out of the food trough.

“Oink! Oink! Oink!” I heard her saying as I came around the corner. She was really being a pig! I watched with camera rolling as my wife dressed as a pig rolled around in a muddy pig sty covering herself from head to toe in mud. She then laid down in the mud and started fingering herself. “Does the pig like her muddy sty?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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