Another Day

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It was early afternoon when I woke up in my dark room. I loved having graduated now that school had started back up and I still had no real responsibility. I sat up in the bed and checked my phone seeing the few messages from friends. I stirred in the bed feeling the morning wood rubbing against my boxers. I unlocked my phone and quickly logged onto a porn website and browsed through. I thought of looking up something foot related but I saw that it was eleven forty five, and decided to save any masturbation for something better. I pulled myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom observing myself in the mirror.

My light blonde hair stuck up in every direction wildly, my eyes were a light blue grey mix, and my skin was pale. I’m a bit shorter than average and skinny with light muscles and my penis stuck out erect from my boxers at roughly three and a half inches or so. I turned on the shower and climbed in letting the warm water run over me as I stroked my penis with no thought. I stopped myself from getting carried away and quickly washed myself with soap and ran the shampoo through my hair.

I dried myself off quickly and wrapped the towel around my waist. The house was empty and I enjoyed not having to care about what I was wearing. Walking around the house wearing so little turned me on. My parents were at their own respective job and my sister was at school finishing her senior year. I opened to door to my sister’s room and closed it behind me as I walked in. I hate to admit it, but I have an attraction to my sister. Maybe the attraction comes from how wrong the feelings are, or just the taboo nature of it all.

My sister, Mia, is around my height, a year younger than me at eighteen, with smooth pale skin, golden blonde hair that waved down past her shoulders, and blue eyes that shined brightly. She had a nice body style from her years of cheer leading, and impressive C cup breasts. As uncomfortable as it is to admit I have a large attraction to her feet as well. They were a size five, small, petite with high arches, short cute round toes, and what looked like soft skin. I took a picture off her dresser of her and her equally attractive cheerleader friends as they posed on a beach. I rubbed my thumb over the photo of her and all her skin on show along with her cute feet partially hidden in the sand. I got to my knees holding the picture and looked to the door to find a pair of leather flip casino oyna flops laid against the wall next to it. I grabbed them and brought them up to my nose and smelled the scent of her feet on them as I looked at the marks from her toes and her soles that were left imprinted.

I ran my tongue on the shoe savoring the flavor. I dropped the towel from around my waist bringing out my erection as I stroked it, looking at the picture of Mia as I held her shoes against my face as I licked them wildly. My hand pumped as I pictured her actual feet pressed to my face. I clenched my leg muscles as I grew closer to orgasm. I felt the warm cum flow inside me as I enjoyed the feeling of an approaching orgasm. I braced myself to cum into the towel I bought when I sound took me out of it.

“Max, what the fuck?” I recognized the voice and I winced as my heart beat in my chest at an alarming rate. I scurried to turn around to face the speaker and cover myself up with my towel, dropping her shoes. Mia stood over me looking down with her hands on her hips angrily. She was wearing a cropped tank top and denim shorts with a pair of white converses. I stared at her silent like a deer in the headlights as she repeated herself. “Max. What. The. Fuck?” she said putting pronunciation on each word and a pause between them.

“Mia, I don’t, please don’t, I just…” I looked for the words as my face burned red. I started to stand holding my towel at my waist but Mia grabbed my shoulder pushing me back down.

“Don’t get up!” She said at me angrily. “What the fuck were you doing with, with those?” she pointed at her wet shoes. I opened my mouth to explain but nothing was able to come out. She looked down at her shoes and back at me and pointed to her feet.

“Really?” she asked pointing at her feet. I shrugged my shoulders having no idea what to say. She burst out laughing, the last thing I expected her to do. “Are you fucking serious?” she asked and I nodded. She laughed again as she pointed under the towel. “Let me see your dick.” She said in a commanding voice.

“W-what?” I asked surprised as she looked at me like I was an idiot.

“Let me see your dick. It can’t be as small as I think is.” She said in between chuckles. I looked down at the towel awkwardly shuffling on my knees as they grew sore.

“Mia I have no idea-” She cut me off.

“Now, or I’ll tell mom and Dad. You think they wouldn’t canlı casino kick you out?” She told me with a menacing tone in her voice. My hands shook as I removed the towel from my waist as my penis stuck out. Mia laughed at it as I awkwardly sat while she laughed at my penis.

“That’s adorable!” she said as she clapped her hands together. “I can’t believe it looks like that!” I watched her laugh as her breasts jiggled along.

“What are you even doing here?” I asked her looking at the time.

“It’s an early release you jackass!” she said in between her laughter. I squirmed around more as my knees grew even more sore and my face burned a bright red.

“Can I just go?” I asked.

“Do you really have a thing for feet?” she asked me ignoring my question. I didn’t imagine my face burning more, but it did. She continued on “That’s just gross.” She laughed as she leaned over and untied her shoes and took them off so she stood in her socks. I stared at her feet wide eyed as I tried to imagine what she was going to do next. She peeled of her socks that stuck to her sweaty feet and tossed one to me and it landed in my lap. I held it up trying to picture what she wanted me to do with the socks.

“Smell them. C’mon you pussy, it’s what you want to do.” She said reading my mind. I brought up the sock to my hand as it shook and I deeply inhaled the scent. It was a sweet odor and the sock felt damp. I licked the sweat from it, unable to help myself. Mia laughed as noticed the pre cum that dripped from the head of my penis. I looked at Mia’s small feet that were painted a light shade of pink as she wiggled her toes. I brought up my face to look her in the eyes. She put her foot on my chest and felt my heartbeat. She wiggled her toes again as she brought them up to my chin.

“Lay down.” She told me. I did as I was told and I laid on my back as Mia walked up lifting her foot up and rested the sole directly onto my face. I embraced the sweet smell as I ran my tongue on her soft sweet soles wildly divulging into my wildest fantasies. Mia giggled as I licked her feet bringing in the sweat and playing with the creases. She brought her toes down my face and rubbed my lips with her big toe. It played on my lips as she pushed it in and it entered my wet mouth. She pushed in the next two toes as well as they sat in my mouth. She played with them inside as I ran my tongue over her slick nails.

I kaçak casino savored the taste as I worked on licking in between her toes enjoying the taste. She rubbed her now wet feet on my face. I continued licking as her feet ran all around my face as the scent intoxicated me. As she pulled her feet of my face I realized she was now in her bra and she stepped off pulling off her shorts, tossing them to the side. She pulled off her bra and her breasts sprung free.

She laid with her legs on either side of my torso as her breasts hung above me. I put my hands on her soft back and I brought her down to me as she kissed me playing with my tongue using hers. I pushed her off and grabbed her breasts and licked around her nipples as they grew harder and I began to suck on them while I ran my hands all along the soft nape of her back.

Mia moaned as I brought my hands up to run my fingers through her soft blonde hair. She pulled her breasts out from my mouth and pushed herself off of me and removed her panties and laid back on me, her wet vagina pressed against my stomach. She dragged it up me and placed it over my face as a drop of juice dripped on my lips. She lowered herself on my face, sitting on it as I felt her vagina engulf me as I worked on licking her hard clitoris as she continues to grind on me and I sucked at it. Mia shook as she reached her own orgasm and brought her vagina off of my face and brought it down to my now solid penis.

She used her own hand to position it properly as she worked her way down it. Her wet vagina closed around my penis with a squelch as she bounced herself up and down it. My penis worked its way in and out as the warm wetness of it pushed me into a quick orgasm. Warm sticky cum pumped hard, shooting inside of my sister. I shook myself as Mia panted laying on my chest as my penis grew softer while inside of her. I panted to as we looked at each other and she kissed me again and got off of me.

“Get out.” Mia told me as she sat on her carpet as my own cum and her personal juice leaked out onto her carpet. I walked to the door feeling relieved at the amazing orgasm I experienced. I stretched my arms out and arched my back as I made my way back to my own room. “Max.” She called out to me and I stopped and turned around. She held up her flip flops and tossed each one to me individually. “For next time.” She explained to me. “Don’t go in my room without asking again.” She told me sternly. I looked at her shoes picturing the scent and flavor of her actual feet. A thought crossed my mind and I turned back to Mia and called out.

“Wait, you agree you won’t tell Mom or Dad right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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