Another Five Minutes

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Another five minutes..

She was curled up on top of the bed where she’d wearily dropped onto it , her knees drawn up to her chest almost like the foetus position, her arms hugging the bed cover almost embracing herself with them. ‘Wake me in an hour’ she’d said to him.

It almost seemed a shame to wake her, he just watched her for a moment; he moved closer to her, listening to her soft breathing, watching the rhythmical rise and fall of her chest, he studied her form, her hair; dark, slightly tangled, falling to her neck barely visible, her gently curving back leading down to her bottom, prominently displayed due to the way she lay almost hanging off the edge of the bed, her thighs, drawn up to her chest almost, those early years at ballet school meant she was still supple.

Tony began to stroke her arm, he didn’t want to shock her, he’d smiled to himself, he’d once thought crashing one of his old drum cymbals was a good idea to wake her up, the look she gave him and the silence for the rest of the day said otherwise.

She began to stir, opening her eyes she smiled, raising canlı bahis her head she sighed and put her head back down on the pillow, she was awake but not eager to move.

Tony softly traced his hands around her shoulders and back, around to her waist and back up again, as he reached towards her shoulder again she raised her arm slightly, the form of her right breast now available to him, he gently stroked it, the thin fabric of her night shirt allowing it’s softness to be explored, her nipple, initially soft began to harden

“mmmmm”, Ratesha’s sighs responded to his caresses, her eyes still closed. Brushing her hair to one side he kissed her gently on the cheek, she reached up to stroke his head then hugged the bed covers close too her again

his hands moved down to her lower back, running along her thigh and then to the lower back again, his hands felt the shape of her bottom, gripping it lightly at random intervals, each grip resulting in a slightly louder sigh from Ratesha, she lay there totally aware but willing for him to continue exploring.

Sliding her nightshirt bahis siteleri up Tony exposed the flesh of her rear, continually stroking and kneading the soft preachy texture. With her knees drawn up her pussy was exposed and evident, he drew a line along it with his finger, her lips separating with ease, Ratesha squirmed and sighed at his soft delicate touch

Still caressing her bottom he slid one finger inside her sacred space, Ratesha’s responsive moans showing Tony her approval, he slowly and almost silently pulled his shorts down, his penis wholly erect, he continued to please her, every so often tracing her wetness from his fingers to the tip of his penis. Tony eased a second finger in, the sensation now making her writhe, her hips and bottom now pushing towards the source of her pleasure

In almost the same move Tony eased his fingers out and replaced them with the tip of his penis, Ratesha’s eyes, now open were focused on Tony’s – a warm smile on her face

He eased in and out of her, the only contact between them was his hardness penetrating her, his hands were free from bahis şirketleri her body it was just him inside her. Tony held back from penetrating her fully, his thighs not even touching her bottom, the only sensation for both of them the penetration with no other contact to distract them from it.

The rhythm was consistent, Ratesha’s eyes closed again, absorbing the sensation feeling each deliberate and purposeful stroke Tony made. His pattern changed, he grasped the top of her hips and began to thrust to his full depth now, pulling her hips towards him each stroke, with her knees still tucked up he was easily achieving full depth each stroke, bringing the tip of his penis on the verge of exiting before sliding back inside her velvety pussy

With no real build up Tony let out a moan as his orgasm arrived, the groan of each thrust being copied almost by Ratesha, her eyes watching his reactions, her satisfaction I his release. Tony’s strokes gradually faded, his ecstasy beginning to fade, he leant over and kissed her cheek again

Ratesha smiled and sighed then closed her eyes and drew the cover up to her chest again tucking her knees in a little tighter “another five minutes she murmured”

“I’ll go and make some proper tea then shall I?” Tony suggested

“mmm” came the response

Tony xx

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20