Another Infidelity

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I’d been sitting at home pretending to watch TV while I drank the night away. It wasn’t really me at my best.

I’ll admit it, I was pissed off. Susan’s husband was on a business trip all week, and I had been really looking forward to several nights of uninterrupted, uninhibited, sex with her. Just the thought of not having to hurry before he got off work, of having her spend the entire night, of being able to really lay back and explore some of our fantasies had me on edge ever since she mentioned the trip. I’d gone shopping for new clothes, some new toys, done a little work I my bedroom just in case we needed the odd anchor for some ropes….. I was so ready for this week.

Then “she” decided to come into town.

“She” was Katie, an old friend and occasional lover of Susan’s. The two of them had met before Susan was married, quickly become friends with benefits, and had stayed such even after the wedding and Katie’s move to New York. Susan had told me all about the two of them, but it hadn’t really meant anything to me. At least up till the day she arrived.

I admit, at that moment I was incredibly jealous. I couldn’t stand the thought that she’d decided to come home for a visit and was certain to be spending part of that in Susan’s bed, a place I’d fully planned on claiming. I didn’t want to part with even a moment of our time so the two of them could share it. Susan kept promising me that we’d still get to be together this week, but it wasn’t making me feel any better.

It was bad enough that they had a longer history together. What really had me worked up though was how Katie looked and that nagging feeling I didn’t stack up at all in comparison. I don’t have more than the normal share of hang ups about my appearance, I’ve got a very pretty face and an attractive, if slender, body…but Katie..oh my god.

Katie could have been carved by an artist, or perhaps more accurately, drawn by a comic book illustrator. She was almost as tall as Susan, but where my lover made you think of lithe cat-like athleticism, Katie made you think of a blonde Wonder Woman. I hated her for it. Breasts that full and heavy shouldn’t be that firm and high (and oh yes Susan had been happy to confirm they were natural), and no one with legs and an ass so perfectly shaped had any business with a waist that waspish. A thick mane of golden hair and deep blue eyes just completed the look. With Katie around I felt like a twelve year old trying to compete in the Miss America contest.

So, as I said I was angry, drunk and very, very frustrated. I realized that half the show had gone by without me noticing, as well as most of a bottle of brandy. I drained the last of it away and decided to give up and go to bed.

I went up to my bed room, pausing only long enough to toss my clothes on the floor. “Screw it,” I figured “not like anyone was going to be here to complain about a messy room.” I killed the lights and slumped down onto my bed.

Sleep didn’t come quickly. I kept thinking about how much I wanted Susan to be there with me. I tossed and turned for good half an hour torn between being angry at her and being very horny. I decided that I couldn’t do anything about the former, but I might just be able to get some sleep by solving the latter.

I slid out of bed and opened a small wooden chest I kept on one of the nightstands. I sorted through the toys before settling on a vibrating egg. It was one of the purchases I’d made for this week. I’d had visions of her tied down, the egg whirring away inside her as I teased and tormented the rest of her body. Since those ideas seemed shot, it might as well take care of me.

I tossed the blankets aside and lay back down. I started by running my nails across my chest, drawing little red lines on the skin of my small breasts. I let them dig in as I circled and cupped my globes, enjoying the sharp sensation. I took hold of the rings I wore in my nipples, twisting and tugging just like Susan always did. I kept that up for several moments, hovering at the fine edge of pain until I felt wetness trickle down my thighs.

I reached down with one hand and pulled myself open. With the other I slid the egg past my lips, feeling the smooth plastic like a cool stone inside me. I flipped the power switch on, leaving it at the lowest setting, just a slow rhythmic thrum pulsing against my walls. One hand returned to my nipples while I started to run the other across my stomach and thighs, soft caresses to contrast with the delicious roughness I was inflicting on my breasts.

After a few moments of this I turned up the power on the egg. The motion became a hard trembling inside me. I tugged on the cord, readjusting the egg so that it pressed against my most sensitive spots. I took my clit between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing it in time to the egg’s vibrations.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine my sweet Susan lying between my spread legs. I pictured her hands upon me, dreamed of the feel of her hair brushing my thighs, her warm breath falling on my canlı bahis lips. I moaned as I conjured up memories of the little encouragements she’d whisper to me. For a brief time it was a perfect moment of pleasure and desire.

But then my mind decided to play games. In my imagination it wasn’t my legs draped across her shoulders, but those damn perfect tanned limbs of Katie. Try as I might I couldn’t stop picturing the two of them wrapped up together, my Susan’s lips on her skin, my lover losing herself with that blonde bitch.

I found myself crying at the thought, the near certainty that even as I lay touching myself, those two were in full sport in Susan’s bed. Yet, despite the ache of jealousy those thoughts brought with them, I couldn’t bring myself to stop masturbating. I shoved my hand against my clit, pulled on my piercings until I screamed, bit down hard on my lip, all the while imagining my lover giving everything to my rival. In mind’s eye I saw them now, bodies pressed tight, breasts rubbing together, grinding their pussies on the other’s leg, kissing deeply. I responded by thrusting two fingers into my shrine, driving the egg deeper. I pictured that look on Susan’s face that she has just as she climaxes. I slapped the palm of my hand down hard on my pussy until my lips throbbed in pain. I could hear her calling out Katie’s name instead of mine, then gasping out “I love you” her voice harsh from orgasm.

The last thought sent me over the edge as my increasing rough, almost a parody of, masturbation reached its end. Tears streaming down my face, my skin on fire, my breathe coming in great sobs, my pussy flooded with pleasure. I yanked the egg out of me and tossed it aside. Still crying I turned and hugged one of my pillows, trembling in my mixture of release and disgust with myself.

I drifted off to sleep shortly there after, any dreams thankfully silenced by exhaustion and alcohol.

I woke to feel a pair lips brush mine, then a tongue slipping into my mouth, fingers in my hair and a warm body settling next to me. I opened my eyes to see Susan illuminated in the moonlight spilling through my window. She was dressed simply, a T-shirt I’d given her a few months back, and a pair of faded jeans, both clinging to her lithe form.

“Hi hun” she said as she broke off the kiss. “I told you I’d be here.” She smiled at me, her face all aglow and looking so beautiful. Her thick brown hair was tangled, rumpled, a clear hint of what she’d been up to.

“Where’s she at?” I said, too tired to guard my words.

“Katie’s back at my place.” A faintly worried look flashed across her face as she spoke.

“Let me guess, sleeping in your bed?” I knew there was too much bitterness to my voice, knew I might be making a huge mistake, but I didn’t stop. “Did you fuck her before coming here?”

Her eyes flashed for a second, the worry fled from her expression and I thought she was going to yell at me. Instead she took a deep breath and said quite softly, “Yes she is and yes we had sex tonight. You knew that was going to happen.”

I must have given a short sob. Her face now carried a look of deep concern. She kissed me once again and then put a finger to my lips.

“I had sex with Katie, just like she and I always do. That was the problem, hun, it was just like it always was.”

Before I could say anything she leaned in and locked my gaze with hers. “The trouble is you’ve changed me.” Her voice was still soft, but it was starting to pick up that husky edge she sometimes gets when excited.

“Sex with Katie is all smiles and soft caresses, which is great, but you’ve taught me to need so much more.” She continued. “It’s not enough now; I need you and all the things you’ve shown me.”

I wanted to yell at her, to ask why she had even been with the bitch then, but before I could get the words out she’d planted a hard kiss on my lips.

She stretched herself out on top of my body, almost crushing me against the mattress. Her kiss was savage; I felt my lip tear open again at the place where I’d bitten it earlier. I tasted my blood on her lips and tongue. She shifted her weight, pinning my legs as she grabbed my wrists. She pulled them up above my head and I felt cool metal snap shut on them. She’d obviously taken the handcuff out of my toy box.

She pulled her mouth from mine, a hungry, wolf like expression on her face. “You’ve made me a very dangerous girl hun.”

She climbed off me and took hold of my left leg. I struggled a little, but she’s always been stronger than me. She pushed my knee up to my chest, and then straddled my other leg. She started to grind into me, the denim of her jeans scraping against my thigh and painfully rubbing my lips. I gasped in shock, which just made her already frightening smile grow wider.

She shoved the fingers of her free hand into my mouth, driving them over my tongue, making me gag and choke. She moved them in and out of my lips until they were coated in saliva. Then she trailed her hand down my neck, over my breasts, bahis siteleri along the plane of my stomach. She moved her leg away from my pussy, exposing me to the cool air.

“I hope you’re ready hun.” she said, her voice eager, almost cruel. “It’s time for me to get what I need from you.”

With that she pressed the tips of her fingers to my pussy lips, forcing them apart. She had her fingertips bunched together, her hand turned sideways. I knew what she’d intended to do and a shiver of fear ran through me. Once when talking about our fantasies I’d mentioned wondering what it would feel like to be fisted by those long lovely fingers of hers. It was clear she was going to try and satisfy that curiosity.

Her fingers wriggled against me, opening me, thrusting her way in. There was a searing flash of pain as her fingertips speared my pussy. I shrieked, my heart pounding, and I tried to pull away. She leaned into me, using her weight against my lifted leg, pinning me in place.

I sputtered out “Crimson”. That was our safe word. She didn’t seem to notice. “Crimson!” I said with more force.

She just twisted her fingers from side to side and started applying more pressure. I looked up at her. Her eyes were narrowed, a look of utter focus on her face.

“Damn it stop! I’m not kidding,” I screamed at her, kicking and bucking for all my might.

She reacted by taking hold of my ankle and forcing my foot up past my head. She lay down on top of me again, her face just inches from mine. The new position of my legs pulled on my pussy, sending a new spasm of pain from the intrusion of her fingers.

“Hush.” she said softly, gently as though we were just cuddling close. Her lips danced over mine. “You’ve been begging me to just take you one night, right? Asking me to be the one in charge. Well that’s going to be tonight.” She kissed me again. “You know you want this, you know you can trust me, so stop fighting it.”

I found myself relaxing some at her words, the fear fading. I was angry at her, but this was Susan, I loved her, needed her, trusted her. “Yes” I whispered.

Her mouth moved to just below my jaw where she bit me. She just started gnawing and nipping at my skin working her way down to the base of my neck. I purred in response. Even though she wasn’t at all gentle with her bites it served to calm me. This was the Susan I expected, this was safe. At the very least the thrill of her teeth started to turn my resistance into complicity.

As her mouth pulled new pleasures from my skin, she returned to the drive on my pussy. She continued her technique of small twists and forceful advance. She managed to slide in to just past her first knuckles. The sensation was better than before, but it still felt like a flaming brand was torching my insides.

“Please. Get something” I gasped between quick intakes of breath. I could feel myself starting to spasm, each contraction a new spike of hurt sweeping through me.

She let lose of my ankle, leaned off of me and reached for the nightstand. I saw her open a bottle and bring into down between my legs. She squeezed it, letting the cool lube run over her fingers and bathe the aching opening of my shrine. I shuddered as it touched me, the wetness soothing the torment.

She withdrew her fingers from me, only to then use her index finger and thumb to pull me open, exposing my breeched lips She pushed the tip of the bottle to them then gave it another squirt, allowing the jelly to flow inside me. The lube seemed like ice on my enflamed walls, the contrast brought a rush of relief and a low moan to my lips.

She immediately began to work her first two fingers in and out of me. Between the lubrication and the stretching I’d already had, she found me very accommodating this time. She twisted her fingers inside me, corkscrewing as she moved them. She turned her hand, curling them up around my pubic bone. I looked up and caught Susan’s eye. She stared down at me, smiled wickedly and started pulling my pelvis up.

Her fingers hooked inside me, pushed hard on my g spot as she lifted my hips from the mattress. She laid her thumb across my clit, her hand clamping around my pubic arch. As she lifted her hand higher, the pressure on my pussy’s most tender points was overwhelming. I arched my back, trying to take of the some of the strain. Susan just pulled me up higher. It felt like bolts of electricity were searing their way across her hand, burning and thrilling me at the same time. In seconds I was whimpering and sobbing for her to stop.

At last she let me sink back to the mattress. Before I could find any relief she had forced a third finger inside me. This time there was only a relentless rhythm of in and out strokes. She took no care to be gentle; her fingers stabbed at me repeatedly, forcing me open, her nails pricking at my insides. I found myself lying limp, almost dazed by the overwhelming feelings.

She pulled me back to attention by bringing her mouth to my pussy. I felt her tongue lap over my hood, bahis şirketleri warm soft and wet. Now I was the one trying to lift my hips, to better feel the joys her licks created. I mewed like a happy kitten.

This attention to my sweetness only served to relax me more, allowing her greater freedom inside me. She switched from a simple pistoning to moving her fingers from side to side, churning me from within. I could feel her pinky starting to poke at my opening and knew she was about to try again to fill me.

She lifted her head from my pussy and knelt between my spread legs. She smiled once more before a very serious look settled on her face. Her fingers left me and I felt sadly empty. In that brief, still moment I ached for her touch, even missed the pain that tonight had so far held.

She was gazing down at me, her skin shining under the silver moonlight, pale blue eyes even more ghostly than normal. She pulled off her shirt and I gloried at the sight of her breasts, nipples sharply pointed in excitement. I took in the sight of her, from the delicate line of her jaw, the slender curve of her ribcage, the tautness of her stomach disappearing below the waistline of her jeans. All my earlier anger, all my sense of dread, vanished as I basked in the sight of this incredible woman, this person I loved and desired more than anything. All I wanted in that moment was to give her anything she demanded.

“I love you hun, don’t forget that.” Her voice was a husky purr. “I’m going to hurt you now, but you’ll be happy soon.”

With that she again cupped her fingers, making a tight wedge of her right hand. She held it up for me to see, soft light glinting off the mixture of lubricant and my own nectar. I trembled, took a deep breath to calm myself and tried to spread my legs wider.

This time the tips of her fingers passed into me without trouble. A few quick twists from side to side and she had buried herself to the second set of knuckles. There was still a sense of pressure, and dull deep warmth, but none of the earlier anguish.

She held there for a moment, making no moves, just letting me limber up and accept her. She kept staring at me, watching every twitch of my face. Once she was satisfied I was ready she spoke. “Here we go.”

She thrust forward in a slow deliberate manner; none of the quick force of before, just an unrelenting advance. I felt my inner lips part around her, felt my walls distort as her hand filled me. The pain returned, climbing in heat, raging in fierceness, but accompanied by a vast sense of desire.

Then came a fast, almost terrible moment. The widest part of her hand entered me, moved past my clenching opening. I was spread as far as I’d ever been. It felt like something exploded inside me, a wave of hurt so bad that thought I might black out. I screamed my voice shrill and cracking.

The wave passed, slipping away as surely as her hand finished sliding into me. My abused lips settled around her wrist. As the pain faded to an echoing ache it became like a base line running under the melody of pleasure that was quickly overtaking it. I was still gasping for breath, but already my panting was tinged with lust rather than suffering.

She turned her hand inside me until it angled up to fill me. I felt her curl her fingers, one more burst of sharpness as she made a fist inside me. They distended me as they completed their arc back to her palm. Another sound escaped my lips, not a scream, not a moan, but something low and primal.

I was full, fuller than I could have imagined. Her hand inside me made tonight’s earlier game with the egg seem like nothing. It was incomparable. No toy, no touch, nothing that had ever entered me had ever taken me so utterly. It was as though she had become a part of me, taking away the space where once my pussy had been. It sounds stupid to say, but it was completion, as though everything had been made whole at that moment.

She paused, making no motion, doing nothing else for what seemed an eternity. I lay there slowly regaining my breath, my body filled with small tremors as my walls flexed around her. I felt need starting to rise in me, a desire for her to keep going, to drive me even further along this amazing new path of sensation.

She slowly leaned forward, at last taking care t avoid any jarring or forced movements. Her mouth settled on my breast, enveloping my nipple. She suckled at me, tender and careful. Her tongue joined in this wet caress, moving over the tip, flipping the ring back and forth. Around and around her tongue twirled as she sucked at me. I could feel her breasts against my stomach, her nipples like little burning coals against my skin. She reached up to place the fingers of her free hand to my mouth. I started to lick them, matching what she was doing to my nipples.

She started to move inside me. Her hand remained in place, but I could feel her shifting her fingers, loosening her first, closing it again, rolling her fingers against one another. It became a slow beat, thrumming away. With every little motion sparks seemed to expand from her hand, moving through me like a set of waves lapping at a beech. I just settled into the rhythm, my eyes closed and my body drifting away on the pleasure.

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