Another Stripper Story…

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Another Stripper Story – A Special Party

While I truly enjoy my job stripping in a gentleman’s club, I love even more to be touched and fondled by strangers. Any opportunity that I have to get a stranger to touch me just drives me crazy. That’s why when one of the customers of the club asked me to do a private show for him, I eagerly agreed. Knowing what might happen at the show got me turned on, and I kept pressing him for details of the event.

He was opening a motorcycle shop and hosting a big party with lots of his biker friends. He wanted me to do a private show for some of his special customers, and had set up a special room in the back of the shop. We agreed on terms and conditions, and I marked the date on my calendar. We sealed the deal with a wonderful evening of sex and alcohol, and I was even beginning to have feelings for my new biker friend, Dave.

The morning of the show, I took special care with my shower, shaved everything smooth, except for a little “racing stripe” of blond pussy hair. I packed several outfits in my bag, and drove over to the shop. Dave let me in, and we shared a deep kiss. He checked out my outfits and approved. “You look so hot,” he said, “I can’t believe you’re doing this for me.”

“You know I love this kind of thing.” I replied. “I’m anxious to get started.”

“How about if we take a few pictures, first.” Dave said. “I brought my camera. I’d love to get some shots of you on these Harley’s.”

“Yeah, sure,” I agreed. “Bikini, topless, what?”

“All of the above!”

We had some fun taking some sexy photos on the bikes. Before we were finished, some of the guys who were invited to the party started showing up. When they walked in, I was topless, leaning back on one of the bikes, legs spread wide apart, with just a tiny scrap of a bikini bottom covering my crotch. Apparently I was the surprise entertainment for the afternoon, and they just stood and stared. I loved it! With an audience, I really showed off for the camera, touching myself, licking my nipples, but I didn’t want to reveal everything before the show. So I kept the bikini bottoms on – even so, those last few shots were great.

I changed my outfit for the opening. Dave and I agreed I should wear my leather bra top with the nipples open, black thigh-high leather boots, and a pair of tiny leather shorts – so short and tight, my butt cheeks peeked out in the back. For the first part of the opening, I would just be serving beer, mingling with guests, posing for photos, and being “friendly.”

I had a great time talking to the guests, all men, and serving them beers. Occasionally someone would pinch my nipples or slap my bottom, and of course, this just made me hot and wet. A few of the guys posed with me for pictures. For these, I removed my top, so they could cover my tits with their hands. Cute pictures.

As the time for the show approached, I went into the back room and got my outfits together. I was planning a regular strip show, which would wind up totally nude. Of course, I would also offer lap dances, to anyone who was bold enough. The guys began coming into the room where a makeshift stage had been set up. There were some chairs and room for standing as well. The music started and I began to dance.

For this first routine, I had on a red leather outfit with lots of zippers. Slowly I removed the top and shook my tits in the closest guy’s face. Rubbing my nipples all over his cheeks and mouth until he opened his mouth and sucked. I threw my head back and moaned, slowly backing away. Next came the skirt, sliding down my thighs and over my calves and off. Now in just my red leather thong, I completed the first song. As the second song began, I eased the thong down my thighs, revealing my bare pussy. I danced around a little – coming close to the guys, but not close enough to touch – not yet. I did some of my nasty poses, squatting down with my knees spread wide open, ass cheeks resting on my heels. In this pose, my pussy lips opened slightly showing my moist pink inner folds. I stroked myself and licked casino siteleri my fingers. Some of the guys groaned.

Next I lay back on the floor of the stage and lifted my legs up off the floor, up and back over my head. In this position, the guys got a great view of my pussy and asshole. I stroked myself, paying particular attention to the puckering rosebud of my asshole. I inserted a fingertip and rubbed all around the outside. By this time I was so wet and my cunt was throbbing. I continued dancing around getting closer and closer to the guys at the edge of the stage. Next I sat down right on the edge of the stage and placed my booted feet on one guys’ shoulders. He was staring right at my pussy. I stroked my slit, up and down, letting my fingers penetrate the folds and get really wet. I offered my wet fingers to the guy and he eagerly sucked them.

“I want to suck on more than fingers.” The guy next to him said.

“Yeah, yeah. Let me lick that kitty.” Said another one of the guys. I was getting so turned on. I was game for their suggestions, but wondered what Dave would think. Could he handle all that – or did he really want me to do all his friends that afternoon. I decided to test him and find out. After all, if we were to get together, he would have to accept me and all the wild stuff I love to do. Right?

I scooted down the stage to another one of the guys. I opened my knees wide apart and leaned back. Was he shy? No! He leaned right over, and licked my slit. I moaned and threw my head back. I grabbed the back of his head and held him in place, his face buried in my pussy.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way!” I yelled out, laughing.

I enjoyed the tonguing of a few more of the guys, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dave, looking angry, and moving toward me.

“Oh no you don’t,” he said, and hauled me up to my feet. “I think I need to teach you a lesson.” He pulled me with him toward the back of the stage, I looked over my shoulder at the faces of the guys who were watching the show. Some of them were grinning, even laughing, at Dave’s show of force. I was a little embarrassed, wondering what Dave was going to do. After all, we agreed to this type of show. He pushed me up against the back wall of the stage, facing the rest of the room. I was strangely excited, beginning to have an idea what Dave just might be planning for me. It was then I noticed the hooks and rope attached above me on the wall. Before I knew what was happening, Dave had my hands tied over my head, the right one pulled up toward the right corner of the ceiling, the left one in the opposite corner.

“What do you think, Ang? Who’s in control now?” He whispered, his face close to mine. I barely had time to respond before his mouth came down over mine, his tongue probing my lips apart. His hands covered my breasts, squeezing, and tugging and pulling on my nipples. I groaned against his mouth. All I could think about was my throbbing clit. I barely heard the catcalls and shouts of the guys who were watching us. Gradually it began to sink in.

“Come on, Dave. Let us get some of that too.”

“Yeah. We paid our share.”

“Ok guys, she’s all yours!” Dave announced. “Oh, yeah, one more thing” he said to me softly. “I promised them I’d tie your feet apart, too. Is that OK?” I shivered with a new excitement, strangely mixed with fear, and nodded. He proceeded to tie my ankles spread wide apart to some hooks that had been previously installed in the baseboard.

“Isn’t she gorgeous?” Dave exclaimed, his hands lightly stroking my breasts and belly. His fingers gradually moved lower, stroking my pussy, lightly teasing the tiny thatch of hair I left just over my slit, and sliding down over my lips. He teased the folds, stroking more deeply, slipping his fingers into my wet, juicy cunt, finally rubbing over my swollen clit. I moaned and pressed against his hand.

“No, sweetie, save that for my buddies.” I could only moan in agreement. I could hardly believe how cool he was being. The first guy approached a little timidly and started canlı casino by stroking my breasts, and pulling on my nipples. I was so anxious for him to get to my pussy, I moaned and caught the eye of the guy who was standing behind him, sort of waiting his turn. I smiled and nodded my head a little. He got the message and came right over closer. He wasted no time getting down on his knees licking my inner thighs. As his mouth got higher and higher, the first guy’s fingers finally reached my cunt and began stroking. I rocked against his hand, and his fingers soon were inside me. The second guy’s mouth working its way up my thigh, now reached my pussy and as his tongue flicked over my clit, I melted into my first orgasm. My legs felt like liquid, and I wished I could lay or at least sit down. He continued his oral assault on my little knob, as the waves of my orgasm racked through me.

Dave must have gone out into the other room, because one of the other guys, sensing my discomfort, untied me, and gently eased me onto the floor. He gently began kissing me, and stroking my breasts and belly, as he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. As soon as I saw his beautiful 8” tool, I moaned and reached for it, opening my legs wider to take him in. Slowly he eased into my sopping pussy, and began pumping in and out. Everyone was quiet, and it seemed like we were moving in slow motion. The sensations of his penis in my vagina were all I could focus on. I didn’t even feel the hard, cold floor beneath me. We began kissing very passionately, and even though I had never met this guy before, it felt like we were truly making love. I ran my hands up under his shirt, felt his chest, his shoulders, and around to his back. I reached lower, and stroked his balls, and around his hips and clutched his ass. We continued stroking each others’ depths, and I reached around his ass, and lightly scraped my nails along his crack. I gently probed his asshole, and felt him moan, and buck, before he emptied himself into me. We continued to kiss like lovers, reluctant to let each other go. I gently broke away and slowly kissed down his body, opening the buttons on his shirt as I moved lower. He closed his eyes and sighed, and I heard some grunts and groans from the onlookers. As my head moved lower, I felt hands on my butt, and wiggled it around a bit as encouragement. As I took my lovers cock into my mouth, I felt my asscheeks being probed and separated by rough hands. As one guy must have been forcing my asscheeks apart, someone else was penetrating my asshole with a finger – or, no, something else. Something not much larger than a finger, but cold and wet with lubricant. Suddenly it began humming and vibrating, and my ass just sort of sucked it in. It felt incredible, and I could feel another orgasm beginning to throb. I licked and sucked my lovers cock, enjoying the vibrator in my ass, and then I felt another large cock penetrate my vagina. I was so wet with semen and my own cum juices, it slipped right in, and stayed there, not moving. The vibrations just continued to build, and I bucked against his belly, feeling the incredible pressure in my ass and cunt. As I sucked and licked, I reached up and fingered his balls and the sweet spot right behind them, I felt the stirrings of his orgasm from deep in his balls and sucked deeper and harder. He squirted deep in my throat, and I continued sucking and licking every last drop.

Suddenly I was grabbed and forced down on my back again, as yet another guy climbed on and slammed his cock into me. He forced my legs up over my head, so he could go deeper, and I grunted with pleasure. I felt so used and slutty, I knew this was a day I wouldn’t soon forget. Three more guys fucked me while I was down on my back, and the vibrator was still up my ass. Wow! What an amazing sensation.

Another guy wanted me on all fours, so I flipped over on my hands and presenting my ass high in the air. But I was surprised when instead of feeling his cock pressing against me, I felt his mouth, licking and lapping my slit, and sucking against my asshole. He sucked kaçak casino the vibrator right out of my butt and put it aside. And just as quickly, replaced the vibrator with his cock, slamming it in my ass over and over. As he fucked my asshole, another guy, got down on his back and slipped his head in underneath me, and placed his hands on my hips and pulled my pussy down on his face. He tongued my slit, and probed deeper, tongue-fucking me, then flicked his tongue over my clit. He closed his lips over the tiny bud, and sucked gently, and flicked with his tongue. I quickly came to another earth-shattering orgasm, Before I could recover, I was being taken again from the rear, and another cock was forced between my lips. I eagerly sucked and bucked, enjoying more semen being pumped into me from both ends.

When I had taken care of all the guys who had been invited to the special party, we took some nude photos. I posed with cocks in my mouth, my ass, and my pussy. I posed sitting on faces, and riding cocks. Soon after, the guys left, and Dave and I were finally alone. After all this, I was exhausted. I had been having sex for several hours, and I needed to rest. Dave led me to yet another back room where there was a cot and helped me lay down on the cool sheets, removed my boots, and began massaging my feet.

“Angelina, you were awesome. I have never been so turned on watching you. That was incredible, and now I just want to eat all that cum and juices out of your pussy.” But I was already nodding off. The alcohol and sex had wiped me out.

“OK, babe, I’ll let you get some rest.” Dave said and flipped off the light, leaving me alone.

The next thing I remember was hearing his voice waking me up and saying he had one more surprise for me. I smiled and reached for him without opening my eyes. Instead, I felt lips on my pussy, and a tongue gently probing.

“Mmmm.” I was beginning to wake up now, and was ready to make love with Dave. The licking was so gentle and soft, I reached down for Dave’s head, and to my surprise, found long silky hair – it wasn’t Dave. I opened my eyes and looked into the eyes of a beautiful, sexy woman. Now I was really turned on. I had only had one other bisexual experience, and it was such a exciting high.

“Hi, I’m Genna, a friend of Dave’s. When I saw your pictures, I told him I thought you were gorgeous, and I wanted to do you. I hope you don’t mind. I just want to eat you out, you don’t even have to do me. Just lie back and enjoy.”

“Sure, yeah. Why not?” I replied. I wondered where Dave was – would he get off watching us? I sort of hoped so. Seemed like he should enjoy the surprise, too. Genna’s breath was warm on my pussy and I lifted my hips to meet her mouth. She was an expert pussy-licker, and she went to town on me. Her tongue probed my slit, and seemed to go so deep into my vagina, I could actually feel her wiggle it inside me. She pressed her face into my crotch and sucked on my clit, flicking it with her tongue, and tonguing my slit. She licked my asshole, and tongue-fucked my butt. I could feel another orgasm starting, but wanted to hold off. I pulled her up to me, and kissed her deeply.

We sucked on each others tongues, and nibbled and bit on lips. I rolled her over so I could get on top, and reversed positions, needing desperately to taste her. I pushed her thighs apart and buried my face in her muskiness. I probed her lips apart with my fingers and tongued her clit. She moaned and bucked against my face. I lapped her juices, licking her from front to back. I lifted her hips to gain access to the backdoor, and tongued her asshole, enjoying the taste and smell of that private place. I couldn’t get enough of her, just wanted to bury my face in her muff. My whole face was wet with her juices, and I lapped and licked, sucking on her lips and clit. She was soon shaking with an orgasm, moaning and calling my name. Her coming pushed me over the edge, and I rocked with my own orgasm. We collapsed against each other, and fell back to sleep.

When we woke later, in each other’s arms, Dave was there, just smiling at us. “Angelina, I hope you won’t be mad at me,” he started saying. “But I videotaped everything today.” Mad? Why on earth would he think I would be mad? I couldn’t think of anything better!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20