Aphrodite’s Shell Ch. 03

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Story till now: Marky was invited by his girlfriend Lolita Kwon, and her mother Dominique Kwon, on an erotic cruise ship. Although apprehensive about being on a giant boat for several weeks surrounded by thousands of horny vacationers, Marky has decided he must go to protect Loli from her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Black, and his sadistic girlfriend, Sophia Underland. Marky went with his sexually dominant mother and lesbian sister to buy a new swimsuit, which resulted in him being forced to purchase and wear a revealing thong.


Marky Day: a loser twenty year old college freshmen with low self-esteem despite somewhat good looks and an athletic build. Caucasian, skinny, brown hair.

Samantha Day: Marky’s very experienced mother. Large breasts, wide hips, long curly brown hair, typical milf.

Sadie Day: Marky’s popular tomboy sister, twenty-five years old. tall and long legged, large breasts, short brown bobbed hair

Lolita Kwon: Marky’s cute, spunky, and loveable Korean-American girlfriend. Nineteen years old. Tan skin, large dark eyes, and short black hair with long bangs.

Dominique Kwon: Lolita’s dangerous, Amazonian mother. Possibly a former gangster. Long black hair, cold eyes, many scars, and tattoos of dragons and naked women on her arms.

Marcus Black: Marky’s estranged childhood friend, Lolita’s ex-boyfriend, and current varsity quarterback. Twenty-two year old African-American.

Sophia Underland: Marcus’s current girlfriend and incredibly wealthy heiress, rumored to be sadistic and evil beyond imagining. Twenty-one years old. Long silver hair, ivory skin, and orgasmic body.


“Blue slug bug!” my sister yelled before bringing her fist down on my crotch. Again. For the twentieth fucking time. My cock and balls were really starting to hurt, and I knew we’d still be in the car for another hour. Ever since we were kids we’d play this stupid game (at her insistence) that every time one of us spotted a Volkswagen beetle we’d call it out and then punch the other. Thing was, my sister was way better at spotting these than me, and when she punched me it was always in the exact same place. My cock. She liked the way I reacted.

“Green slug bug!”

WHACK!. I gasped for air and held my bruised, swollen nuts. I couldn’t believe there would be two so close to each other. We had already been on the road for a hour and we had come across and abnormal number of those fucking Volkswagens.

“Mom,” I whined. “Can’t you tell Sadie to stop hitting me.”

“No,” my mom responded. I could see her smirking in the rearview mirror. “I think it’s funny. Maybe you should stop being such a little bitch and spot one first.”

“Yeah Marky, stop being such a little bitch,” my sister laughed at me. “Tell you what, if you spot one I’ll let you punch me right in my cunt. I won’t even flinch like you do.” As she said this she lifted her leg. to give me a good view of her crotch. She wasn’t wearing much. It was crazy hot out and we were on our way to the beach to board a cruise ship anyway, a cruise ship that catered to nudists, perverts, and sexfiends.

My sister was wearing the swimsuit she had stolen from the shopping mall the other day. It was a microscopically small green thong bikini, but over it she wore a very thin white button up shirt that she had tied into a not just under her cleavage, and a pair of daisy dukes that were cut so short they were practically a thong themselves. On her head she was wearing a pair of big hipster sunglasses and on her feet she was wearing platform sandals. She looked good to say the least.

I was also dressed quite scantily, which was not by my own design. I wanted to wear a pair of pants but my mother made me take them off before we got in the car. She said that she wanted me to show off the thong she had stolen for me. The thong was much more revealing than the one I had worn the other day. This one was black and was really just a small triangle with three very small pieces of floss. The triangle was so small that either side of my nutsack peaked out and the very top of my cock’s base showed above. I didn’t have much pubic hair but was little there had been had gotten shaved off at my mother’s command. “I shave my pussy, you should shave yours,” was what she told me in the bath last night. The only other thing I had on was a small t-shirt.

Luckily we didn’t see any more Volkswagens for a while. My sister got bored looking for them and instead pulled out an erotic novel she had been reading. As she flipped through the pages I saw her other hand slide down the front of her cut-off jeans. This was typical for my sister. This was actually typical for everyone I knew. The world had become very liberal in regards to sex in the last several years. Graphic pornographic films were starting to be shown on even basic cable, nudism was commonly accepted, and there were no longer any laws against sex or masturbation in public. Clothing stores started marketing sexier and sexier clothes to both women güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and men. At college orientation I watched some of the football players, including Marcus, receiving blowjobs from some of the female faculty . . . in the quad of all places! Incest was no longer taboo and shunned, but kids at college were actually bragging about how hot their parents were. Girls compared their fathers’ cock sizes and boys each said their mother gave the best blowjobs. The reverse was also true, and parents were bragging about what sexpots their children were. A girl’s eighteenth birthday was now traditionally regarded as the first day she got to get fucked by daddy.

This sex cruise I was forced to bring my family on, the Aphrodite’s Shell, seemed to be just one more escalation of the world’s increasing obsession with constant and graphic sexual acceptance. I guess I was a little at odds with this world. My sister said I was a late bloomer, my mother said I was a faggot (meaning ‘weak’ more than ‘gay’), but I just didn’t like having my body and sex-life being something public for everyone to examine. Only Loli understood me. It never bothered her that I wouldn’t fuck her at the park like all the other couples, or take her to the porno theaters, or let her strip at parties. She said she liked me being shy. That it made me unique.

“Alright we’re here,” my mother said as she pulled into the open air parking lot at the beach. “Sadie, stop fingering yourself help Mark with the bags.

“Just a second mom,” Sadie said between gasps. “I’m almost about to cum . . . mmmhh.”

“Well hurry up before I come back there and fuck you myself!”

“Almost, almost, almost . . . .” my sister had already pushed down her daisy dukes and thong to her ankles. She was sitting with her long legs spread wide, her head rolling back over the car seat. Her hand was a blur over her pussy mound. ” . . . . THERE!!!” And with a violent explosion from my sister’s pussy she came. She leaked a lot during her orgasms, just like mom. She squealed and laughed, before settling down and moaning in pleasure, ending her orgasm by twisting her nipples through her shirt.

By now the car was stopped on my mother was outside of it. She opened my sister’s door to hurry her up. “You were only using your hand, did you really have to squeal like a Asian virgin getting a black cock up her ass?”

My sister giggled at my mom as she licked all of the cum off her fingers. “I’ve gotten really good at making pussies pop, especially my own. Maybe we should share a cabin so I can show you.”

My mom frowned, not wanting to encourage my sister’s lesbianism. “Maybe after you’ve gotten some cock I’ll let you have dessert. Besides, I don’t need your help. I’ve forgotten more things about pussy than you’ll ever learn.”

“Then maybe you should teach me a thing or two,” my sister responded lustfully, giving mom her sexiest look.

Mom didn’t respond verbally, but she did take Sadie’s hand away from her mouth, and then mom finished licking the rest of the cum off. “Get the bags.” Then mom walked away, carrying nothing.

“You heard her, pencil-dick,” Sadie said to me, laughing and bouncing out of the car. “Get the bags.”

Too exhausted and sweaty to argue, I got out and went to the trunk to get as many bags as I could carry, still feeling awkward about being in a busy parking lot in nothing by a t-shirt and a thong. Normally my mother and sister packed a lot, but for this cruise they wouldn’t be needing much, just several pairs of very small swimsuits (most of which we stole from the mall with that lesbian’s credit card) lingerie, and some select sex toys. We also brought our laptops but other than that there wasn’t much. The pamphlet for the sex cruise had said that things like condoms, lubricant, and even drugs like ecstasy and aphrodisiacs would be included on the trip.

Still, the bags were enough that it took both arms and every ounce of my feeble strength to lift them. As I worked my way away from the car I saw my sister standing with her back to me. Good lord her ass looked amazing. The jeans shorts she was wearing were cut so short that most of her perfect ass was exposed. Above her shorts both sides of her tiny green thong were visible, riding up her waist. She was taller than me, the top of my head only reached her chin, and the way she stood up straight with her perky breasts out made her same the embodiment of sexual confidence.

She turned around, smiling, and too late I realized it was her devilish smile.


Her knee came up and smashed my balls into my hip. It happened so fast that I didn’t even feel it at first, but when I did feel it the pain was unbelievable. I dropped the all of the bags and fell on my ass, cupping my balls with both hands. “What,” I gasped in pain, “what was that for?”

My sister just smiled down at me like a hungry cat over a wounded bird. “Blue slug bug.” She pointed her thumb over her shoulder. There in the parking lot güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri were five Volkswagen beetles all parked in a row. A blue one. A green once. A white one. A red one. And a black one.

“Oh, God no.”

SMACK! “Green slug bug,” she said as she kicked my balls even though my hand were covering them. I moved my injured hands by instinct and regretted it.

THUD! “White slug bug.” My sister laughed as she kicked me again. This time the tip of her platform shoe struck my left nut, sending whizzing around my nutsack like a gold ball.

She then grabbed both of my legs and lifted them up, putting me on the back of my neck and raising my ass off the ground by a few feet. I cried out for mercy but my sister just laughed. Instead of kicking me this time she just stepped on my balls. The force of her pulling my legs added to the force of her stepping on my balls and cock. I thought my legs were going to pop out of their sockets. I screamed.

“Red slug bug,” she giggled.

She let go of my legs. I landed on my ass a second time, hurting it against the parking lot’s burning pavement. I looked up and saw her standing over me. She was balancing on one foot, her other leg was stretched upward, perfectly straight, and perpendicular to the ground, so that her whole skinny body looked like a straight line. It was actually a beautiful pose. My sister had been a ballerina since she was young, and worked as a yoga instructor. Unfortunate, she was also a prize winning kick boxer.

“Black slug bug,” she said in a smooth, evil voice. She brought down her foot like a meteor. I thought time was slowing down as her heel came at me. When it finally contacted with my balls it was all over. I felt a shockwave of pain go throughout my entire body. The ground under me cracked. Even a few car alarms went off from the impact.

As I lay there, foaming at the mouth from the pain, and sure I had just lost a nut, I saw my sister’s beautiful super model face lean down over me, blocking out the sun. She gave me a sexy look, and then blew me a kiss. “Goodnight, little bitch.” And then I blacked out.


When I woke up my balls still hurt, but nowhere near as bad as before. I did a quick check to make sure both my balls were there and my cock wasn’t broken. Everything felt ok. Not great, but ok. The swelling wasn’t as bad is it had thought it would be.

“My, my, my,” a strange woman’s voice said to me. “Only conscience for a few seconds and already masturbating again. You must by a horny little boy slut. Well don’t beat that little boy cock too much, you might hurt yourself again.”

“Hurt myself?” I didn’t do this to myself. I looked at the woman who had spoken. She was a nurse. No! She was the fucking sexiest nurse I had ever seen. She was tall, long legged, and had the biggest pair of tits I had ever seen on a girl with her body type. Her ass popped out like a seat. This woman redefined curvy. She was white and she had died her long spiky hair a bright neon blue, which matched her dark blue lipstick and blue eyeliner. Even her nurse’s uniform was blue, which was a very tight piece of transparent latex that looked like something a dominatrix would wear. Her ass, tits, and firm stomach were all on perfect display.

“Ouch!” I whined as my cock became erect. A full five inches. My erection hurt.

“The injuries to your little balls were pretty serious. If we had been living a decade ago I probably would have had to remove both of your testicles, but with modern medical technology you should be back to tip-top shape in a couple hours.”

I knew that was true. My understanding of history was pretty good. Medical technology had become pretty advanced. These days a doctor could reattach a severed limp to perfect condition, or even grow a new one if need be (although that was way more expensive). Breast implants had become so cheap and easy that any girl could get them the day shey turned eighteen, as many did. There were even ways to make your penis grow twice as big, and stay erect for hours, but those were pretty expensive. I think it was because of this that my sister and mother were so violent when they played with me. A broken bone or ruptured testicle could be fixed in a matter of minutes, so there was no reason not to play rough.

“Where am I?” I asked. “Who are you?”

“I am Nurse Nixxy. I work here aboard the Aphrodite’s Shell.”

“The cruise, I’m here?”

“We only set sail about an hour ago. You haven’t missed much. Your sister brought you here after you hurt yourself masturbating.” Nurse Nixxy suppressed an evil little laugh as she looked at my cock.

I ignored the lie my sister had told Nixxy. “Where is my family? Do you know what my room number is?”

“I don’t know where your mommy and sissy are, little boy, probably getting fucked by bigger men than you. Your sister was so horny I could smell her cunt. Your room is number 69, on the VIP deck.”

“VIP deck?”

“Yes. Sounds güvenilir bahis şirketleri like a good room. I can’t wait to see it. Your sister invited me over for a little pussy time. I think I’ll take up her offer too, not every day you get to fuck a hot bitch like that in a VIP suite.” Nurse Nixxy turned away from my and began moving towards another room. “You can leave now, I have more important things to do than deal with some little boy who can’t let go of his own little dick.”

Well that was rude, I thought. I got up to follow her instead of leaving. I am not sure why, but the bitch pissed my off, and maybe I could get one more look at that juicy ass of hers. When I looked into the other room my cock sprang to full attention, hurting me a lot actually, but I managed to not cry out.

Nixxy was unzipping the front of her nurse uniform, puffing out her large breasts as she did so. Her tits were amazing. The hovered in a way that defied gravity and her nipples were extremely pointy. Her nipples were also painted blue, and the rest of her body was covered in provocative tattoos. As she let the uniform fall to the ground she stood there in nothing but a black latex thong, black latex gloves, and black latex boots. Her hands rested on her hips, and over her ass was a tramp stamp with gothic letters that read ‘FUCK ME DADDY.’

“Bitch,” a man’s voice came from inside the room. “Get on your fucking knees and put this cock in your mouth, before I come over there and smack the blue shit out of you.”

Nurse Nixxy complied, getting on her hands and knees and crawling over to her master’s voice. I watched her arch back up, she grabbed her own tits, and then the wet popping sounds of cock-sucking filled the room.

I leaned in further to see who this dominant male was. He was standing by a bed, totally naked. He was white but very tan, and he had a few tattoos. What I noticed immediately were his muscles. He looked like he could have been a superhero with those muscles, which I guess made up for the fact that his brown hair was thinning. I saw Nixxy sucking his cock, and from the looks of things it was so big that she needed to use both hands and her breasts to work it.

I saw a second pair of legs wrap around the man’s stomach. There was a woman behind him sitting on the bed, another nurse. She had short blonde hair the covered a lot of her face and her outfit was different. Whereas Nixxy’s outfit was made of blue and black latex, this one was made of white and yellow lacey lingerie.

The blonde nurse purred. “Well Doctor Dick, what’s your prognosis?”

“Well, once this worthless whore manages to take a semen sample down her fucking throat I’m going to bend you over and give you a big injection right up your tight little ass. How does that sound, you stupid slut?”

The blonde nurse whimpered, but was obviously wet. “But I’m scared Doctor. I don’t like getting injections, and your needle is so very big.”

“So? You think I give a shit about what you think you want? I’ll hold you down and make you take every inch of my cock, slut. And when you think you can’t take any more I’ll really start fucking you. You need it. My cock is the only cure for your sickness.”

“I’m sick?”

“Of course you’re sick, you dumb bimbo. This bitch sucking my cock is sick. Every woman on this boat is sick. They’re sick with arousal. They’re sick with longing. They’re sick with hunger. My cock is the only cure.”

Well that was a little egotistical, I thought. It’s not as if this one guy is going to fuck every woman on the ship. The Aphrodite’s Shell had 6,000 passengers and almost 2,000 crew. This guy wasn’t even the only doctor onboard. But maybe it was his arrogance that made him attractive to these girls. I mean, Nixxy was sucking his cock like she was in love with it, even while he was threatening to beat her. And he had not said a single nice thing to the other nurse who was still eagerly waiting her turn for sex.

“Hey faggot,” the doctor called out to me.

Oh Shit! I had been spotted.

“What are you spying at? Are you spying at this bitch’s tattooed ass, or are you staring at my giant cock?” The doctor asked with and arrogant smirk.

Actually I was staring at his cock. Nixxy had gone down to lick his balls so I could see the whole thing. It was a monster! It must have been nine or ten inches long, and it was as thick as one of Nixxy’s arms. The thing looked like it had been carved out of wood, like it had been erect for his whole life. For some reason I imagined him masturbating with sandpaper and fucking rocks with it, like he could use it as a jackhammer.

“Yeah, you’re staring at my cock,” the doctor had caught me. “So are you going to crawl over here and suck it or am I going to have to come over there and rip that ass open?”

With a loud pop Nixxy stopped sucking on his balls. “Wait,” she said. “You want to fuck him? But he’s just a little punk. Are you gay or something?”

The doctor’s smile disappeared, and he looked down at Nixxy like he had just stepped in dog shit. He raised his hand and brought it down like a thunderbolt, open hand slapping her across the face. She feel to the ground with a violent thump, her curvy body jiggling from the impact. She looked up with a terrified, yet aroused expression. Her lip was bleeding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20