Apollo Country Club Ch. 02

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*** Beau takes his old friend Archie to the next phase of the country club treatment. The lounge is a very pleasurable place for staff and club members. ***


While we were showering, Archie was still speechless. Oh how I wanted to stand behind him and rub his body with my hands from his chest down to his lovely manhood. It would not be the first time for us to do this either. But I did not want his body to be in over shock and held back. That did not stop me from thinking of what to do to him. The shower can be much more steamy than this.

There were other members in the shower at the time too. I could not help to envy the older gentleman down a few stalls behind us quietly enjoying one another. He would stand there looking noble and refined. The younger lad would be on his knees kissing his jewels and then some. Archie did not notice this till we were leaving and passed by them. He was taking in the shock quietly.

I let Archie know that nobody under the age of 20 is allowed to step foot on the estate. None of the members are under the age of 21 with most between the ages of 30 to 50. All the staff are at least 20 so the club members do not need to worry about being with anyone under aged. There is a good mix of the younger and older members to cater to the more well to do clientele.

“This is the lounge area for club members. On the other side of that door is for those who enjoy a good cigar.”

“Quite nice with the wood floors and walls. The leather seats look very comfortable.”

“They are indeed. Sit.”

“Welcome, gentlemen. May I offer you a drink, Sir?”

“Yes. I will have a glass of Merlot please.”

“How about you, Mr. Ashdown-Poynter?”

“I will have the same. Thank you.”

“These are the staff members who stay in the lounge only. They always wear the short, thin, silky, navy robes with the cushy slippers on with the club’s emblem on them. You can see the outline of their body without it being see through.

Go ahead. Pick one of these young lads standing against the wall waiting to service the club members.”


“There has to be one that catches your eye.”

“I… Umm…”

“No need to be shy, Archie. They know what we are here for and they will be happy to please us fully. I would like the third one to the right. How about you?”

“I will go for the one that is second to the left. He looks young enough.”

“Good. Dayton, come here and give me friend a warm welcome. Kinsey, come here and give me a good salute.”

“Good day, Sir. I am Dayton. Please let me know what you like or dislike so I can pleasure you better.”

“Umm… I will do that.”

“Do not be nervous, Archie. Dayton, this is my old friend Archie Sorin-Alden. Go ahead and make him feel comfortable.”

“Yes, Sir. Lean back and relax Mr. Alden. I will be gentle.”

Dayton would open Archie’s robe a bit and slowly put his mouth around his manhood. Kinsey was already on his knees covering my softness. There was a mix of shock and pleasure on Archie’s face. His arms were on the seat, but I knew he wanted to put his hands on Dayton’s head. I had held Kinsey’s head to show Archie it was alright to do that.

“Go ahead, Archie. You can hold his head in place as you like.”

Dayton was quick to reach Archie’s hands slowly and brought them to his head.

“Good boy, Dayton. Savor his manhood well. Relax, Archie. free spin He wants to please you well. Ooooohhh… Kinsey, you naughty boy. Oooohhh… Mmm… You are always eager for my warm juices. Oooohhh…”

“Oooohh… I am close to my relief. Aaaahhh… Mmmm…”

“Release your juices in his mouth, Archie. Unless you prefer to let it be on his face or else where. If you want him to swallow your juices, let him know.”

“Ooooohhh… I … I …”

“You can do what ever you like with your juices, old chap.”

“I am about to let it all out in your mouth. Oooohhh… AAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

As soon as Archie was relieved, the fellow across from him did the same. Oh how exciting that was for me. I was ready to burst myself. But Kinsey knew me well. He knew when I was close to that and would bring my hand down to feel his hardness or stand up to let me see it hidden behind his short robe.

“Stand up, Kinsey. Open your robe to show my friend how aroused you are. Look at you, stiff as can be. After I unload my juices into your mouth, you know what to do.”

“Yes, Sir. It will be my pleasure.”

Archie saw me relieve myself into Kinsey’s mouth. He knew to swallow every drop of it. That was a nice tip to him. If I would relieve myself any where else, he would think he did a bad job or that I am having a bad day.

“Oooohhh… Well done, Kinsey. Well done as usual.”

“Thank you, Sir for your generosity. Am I allowed to relieve myself yet, Sir?”

“No. Soften yourself. You know what to do.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He got up from his knees and would walk to the cabinet to put on his ring and bring another one over for me to tighten in place. One ring would be held in place with a slim belt. The belt holds the ring around his manhood in place and a slender door for his back door as well. He would turn around to let me put a condom on it and then push it into his back door any way I like. This means I can push it in quickly or slowly. How I love the sound of him moaning when I push it in all the way.

“You are ready. Now kneel and savor me some more with your robe open.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Archie, what would you like Dayton to do for you?”

“I am not sure. What is he allowed to do?”

“It is more about what do you want him to do so you can relieve yourself again?”

“I would like to watch you first, if you do not mind.”

“No. Not at all. Kinsey, savor me.”

Not another word, Kinsey would savor all of my softness for his enjoyment as well as mine. In order to give Archie and idea of what club members were allowed to do, I signal another young lad to me with a ring on his manhood as well as his soft sack of jewels the same as Kinsey. As Kinsey would savor my hardness, I would play with the other one standing next to me with his robe open and hands behind his back.

“What is your name, young lad?”

“I am Lenny, Sir. They call me Long Legs Lenny.”

“I see you are tall and your third leg is long too. Now stiffen that for me like you mean business.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Ooooohhh… Mmmm… Yes. Good boy. Ooooohhh… You are enjoying the view, I see.”

“Ummm… Yes.”

“Dayton, savor his manhood some more.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”


“Oh yes… Ahhh… Look at you, Lenny. Such a fine, stiff piece you have there. Kinsey, if you are stiff bonus veren siteler then stand up.”

Kinsey got up to show how stiff he was. I would grab his manhood making him moan. Then told him to kiss Lenny’s stiffness and lick the tip. It made Lenny go wild. He would moan uncontrollably.

“You like that, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. Ooooohh… Mmm… Oh I want to let it all out, Sir. Aaahhh… Mmm…”

“Not so fast. I want you to earn your relief. Lenny, lay on the floor. Kinsey, go on top of him so he can savor your hardness.”

I was quite aroused looking at how hard Archie was and the two, young lads on the floor savoring one another. They would moan and moan. I knew they were ready for relief, but I would not give them such a treat yet. I kneel beside them to play with their stiffness to tease them even more.

“Lenny, get into position. You too, Kinsey.”

They both got on their hands and knees aching for relief. Then I would motion for Archie to kneel next to me. He would be in front of Lenny as I would let Kinsey savor me some more.

“Nice and easy on my friend, Lenny. Show him how much you want his hard manhood in your back door. Ooooohhh… Stay stiff if you know what is good for you, Kinsey.”

“Ooooohh… Lenny. Ooooohhh… Mmm…”

“Dayton, get that slender tool now.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I would put a condom on that tool and slid it his back door. Then told him to be in the same position in between Kinsey and Lenny.

“If you are ready to let it out, Archie then do so any where you please. It would be considered a nice gesture to relieve yourself in their back doors.”

Archie would get up, quickly put on a condom and then removed the tool from Lenny’s back door before slowly going in making them both moan in pleasure. As Archie pounds Lenny’s tight spot, I would put on a condom and thrust myself into Kinsey after removing the tool.

“AAAAHHH!! Ooohh… Mmm…”

“I know you like that, Kinsey. Now relief me well.”

Kinsey would being to buck for my relief as Archie looks over. Then he would stop and told Lenny to do the same. We were all moaning in pleasure. I could see Dayton stiff and feeling left out.

“You will get your fill, Dayton. Ooooohhh… AAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Oooohh… Mmmm…”

I give Kinsey a good slap on his soft cheek to let him know that he can stop. Then I would reach to grab his hardness and stroke it. This made him moan some more. Then Archie finally relieved himself.

“Do not pull out yet, Archie. Dayton, put a condom on Lenny and get underneath him.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Lenny, you know what to do. Fill his tiny spot.”

“Ooohh… Yes, Sir.”

“Dayton, stay in place till you are ready to fill Lenny’s back door to relieve yourself.”

“Yes, Sir. Ooooohhh…”

Once Dayton was ready to go in Lenny, Archie had pulled out. Dayton went in and then I had removed the ring from Kinsey and told him to go in Dayton’s tight spot.

“Now Kinsey, you can relieve yourself in Dayton’s back door.”

“Ooohh… Yes, Sir. Ooooohhh…”

Once Dayton and Kinsey were relieved, I then removed the ring from Lenny.

“Now pick the spot you want to fill, Lenny.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Lenny chose to go into Dayton’s back door and made him buck for his relief. Archie would sit there limp and wet watching all the intensity. Once Lenny was relieved, deneme bonusu veren siteler I had dismissed them to clean up.

“I am sure you have an idea of what is allowed here, Archie. You can have them pleasure one another or they can all pleasure you without hesitation.”

“This could not be free.”

“No. The membership fee is £100 a year along with buying a minimum of 24 bottles of wine a year to make the account books look proper for the price of fine wine.”

“That is not a small sum.”

“No, it is not. This is why much of the club members own a business, of high society or of a very well paid profession.”

“Is there a limit of how often we can visit?”

“No. You can come here any day you like. If there are special requests for later hours or other needs, you can arrange it with the managers.”

“What does it cost for you to bring in a special guest?”

“It is based on the specific guest’s visit. Their first time is free. Each time after that would cost the club member £2.”

“That is a hefty price for one visit.”

“Yes, this is why the membership would be worth it.”

“I would have to think about that for a bit.”

“Would you like to think about it over another round with the young lads, in the hot pool or shower?”

“Ooooohh… It would take more than a day for me to consider. I would like another quick shower though.”

“Then let us go to the shower room again.”

As we walk back to the showers, I motion for the two, young fellows waiting aside the shower hall to come with us. Then told Archie that they will do the rest of the work for us as we stand under the shower.

“Oooohh… This is nice.”

“Yes, indeed it is. They can do more than that too if you want them to.”



I turn off my shower after the young lad was finished cleaning me and moved over to Archie’s stall where his lad was done cleaning him.

“Both of you savor our manhoods.”

They were quick to kneel and thank us. How good it felt to have the warm shower against our backs as the warm mouth around the jewels.

“Oooohh… Beau… Mmm… Oooohh…”

“Hold the head in place and fill them unless you want to relief else where on the body.”

“Mmm… Oooohh… Stand up. Oooh oooh oohh… AAAAAHHHHH!!”

Archie had unloaded a large amount of his juices onto the fellow’s limp manhood. I was close to relieving myself in this lad’s mouth.

“Savor my juices. Ooooohhh…. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Oooohhh… Mmm… Thank you.”

I would signal them to leave and then turn to face the shower to clean up with Archie. After cleaning ourselves up, we would walk over to the wall to grab a towel to dry off.

“Are you ready to go back to the lounge or would you like to dip in the hot pool some more?”

“The lounge is such a wonderful place. Part of me wants to make the most of this visit. Another part of me feels a bit awkward to let strangers be so intimate with me.”

“Do not worry about that, old chap. Relax and enjoy yourself. You can sit at the lounge as long as you like until you are ready for some more attention.”

“I would like another drink before that happens again.”

“Come, we shall have another drink. We can watch the other members enjoy themselves.”

As we walk back to the lounge, I knew that Archie was enjoying himself. It is as if a young boy went into a candy shop and had loads of candy in one sitting. It was intense for him and yet pleasurable. I was ready to give another staff member a stiff one, but also thought of doing the same to Archie.

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