Are You Ready for Some Football!

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The evening certainly didn’t start out the way that I had hoped. I was supposed to watch the Monday Night Football game with a buddy at a local sports bar just it was just ten minutes before kick-off when I got a call from him saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it. I was pissed but I headed off to the sports bar by myself anyway. I pulled up to the front of the bar and could see that the line leading outside of the place was at least fifty people long. The game had already started and I wasn’t even in the place yet!

Eventually, I walked into the tastefully decorated bar and I saw two familiar faces. Sheila and Debbie were sitting at a table talking. These two extremely attractive women worked for the same company that I did but in a separate department but my job brought me into contact with them every once in a while. I had intended not to bother them. I wasn’t in the greatest mood and I figured that they could just as well do without my constant drooling over them if I imposed. Strangely enough though, it was Sheila that flagged me down and invited me to sit with them. We had a few drinks and very pleasant conversation.

It was nice to get to know these women in a more informal setting. We talked about lots of things, including the usual “my-boss-is-worse-than-your-boss” bashing and other mandatory company bitching. We even got into more personal complaints about all of our past and present relationships. The talk migrated to the always entertaining discussion about how insensitive men can be to women and how women can’t seem to understand men. They treated me like I had been appointed to represent the male gender as a whole. Several time Sheila would begin a topic like, “You’re a nice guy. Tell me why nice guys…….” We had lots of laughs while the game droned on.

I suppose it was the loosening influence of the drinks but the conversation eventually turned a bit more risque. I got the feeling that both Sheila and Debbie were saying things to impress me with the idea that they are two modern “liberated” women. Liberated or not, I still got the impression that these “thirty-something” women missed something about what it was like to date ten to fifteen years ago. I sure did. Over the course of the next hour and additional drinks, Debbie revealed that while she enjoys here relationships with men, there is something quite special about her relationship with Sheila. Sheila echoed that sentiment by stating that while their general preference was heterosexual, they did have a very enjoyable intimate relationship with each other.

Midway through the fourth quarter, the small crowd at the bar was getting a bit more boisterous. Debbie suggested that we all leave and go to their apartment to watch a movie on TV. Needless to say, that was fine by me. Although I had no serious thoughts that this evening would actually lead to much, spending more time with them in a quieter setting was definitely my preference. As we waked out into the cool dark parking lot, I could smell the beautiful scent of each of their perfumes. I walked them to their cars that were parked side by side. Debbie got into her car and started the engine. I held the door open for Sheila but before she got in, she turned to me, moved closer, and whispered in my ear, “I don’t want to watch TV tonight.”

I was surprised that I heard her say anything at all because while she spoke in soft whispering tones, she firmly rubbed her open hand up and down the length of my cock easily discernible at the crotch of my well fitting jeans. As an added treat, she noisily ran her long fingernail up the brass zipper. The ratcheting reverberations were practically enough to generate an orgasm for me right there. Even considering my gift for under-estimating most situations, I couldn’t help from indulging myself with the thought that I actually may get to experience what could be the sexual event of a lifetime.

Once inside their impeccably decorated apartment, we began as she had suggested. We turned the TV on and began watching some unremarkable movie. I sat on the couch between the two lovely women and really tried to concentrate on the boring movie. Sheila had no such intent and within minutes, cuddled next to me and held onto my arm. Sheila once again placed her sweet smelling face next to my ear and quite unabashedly whispered, “I watch you a lot at work. I really like you and I REEEEEALLY want you to make love to me.” There is no way that I can describe the way she said the word “really”.

I turned my head and passionately kissed her on the lips. Instantly our tongues began playing lover’s games. Sheila’s hand undid one button of my shirt and began rubbing my lightly haired chest. My own hand cupped her delightful breast with its hard nipple in obvious evidence. It wasn’t casino oyna long before I unbuttoned her blouse, undid the front bra clasp and lovingly caressed her breasts and nipples directly. Her very hard breathing assured me that she was enjoying my touch. At almost the identical moment, our hands slipped down between each other’s legs. I had no trouble feeling her hot passion that raged beneath the tightly stretched denim. She firmly slid the palm of her hand up and down my erect cock still trapped in my pants.

Sheila was definitely controlling the pace of things. She slipped down off of the sofa and knelt on the floor between my legs. Looking me straight into the eyes, she removed her blouse, exposing her significant breasts to my full view. Without saying a word, she undid my pants and took them down to my ankles. My eight inches of aroused manhood stood at complete attention before her face. A huge drop of clear precum pressed out of the engorged head and slid in a thick rivulet down my shaft. Starting at my balls, Sheila took one long slow lick up. She intercepted the precum and continued until her tongue was playing with the still secreting tip.

Sheila paused only to say, “It has been a very long time since I sucked a cock. I am going to really enjoy this.” She opened her wet mouth and took me in. Her tongue lapped and slid about my shaft as it made its way deeper and deeper into her mouth sending tingles up and down my spine.

While Sheila began her talented efforts to excite me, I looked over at Debbie. She too had given up all hope of watching the movie and had decided to join in. Her blouse was completely unbuttoned but not removed. She wore no bra and was very busy rubbing her petite breasts and tugging hard at her erect nipples.

“I really like watching Sheila give blow jobs”, she announced while she got up from the sofa. “She puts on an especially good show when guys come in her mouth.”

Those words barely penetrated my ears before we almost had the opportunity to verify that claim.

While Sheila was licking and slobbering all over my cock, coating it and her face with warm saliva and precum, Debbie stood and removed the rest of her clothes. She stood before me and my eyes were rigidly focused on her completely tan and very athletically trimmed body. She lifted one leg and placed it way up on one arm of the sofa. Her limber legs were remarkably spread open giving me a magnificent view of her pussy. Her protruding lips were easily visible through the neatly trimmed and wetted wisps of fine brown pubic hair. Debbie began to play with herself with the obvious intentions of arousing us both. Both hands slowly made their way down across her firm breasts to between her spread legs. She used her two index fingers to separate her delicate lips, fully exposing the moist inner pick recesses of her ready pussy.

“Mmmmm”, she cooed. “I can’t wait to have that fat juicy cock slide way up into me. It will feel so good when it is deep inside me.”

I watched her clench down internally and saw her inner tissues close. Right before my eyes, a drop of Debbie’s sexual juices formed and dangled from her pussy lips. Eventually it dripped down her inner thigh in a long clear drop. Again I almost burst into orgasm since I had never before been treated to such a sight.

“Oh God”, Debbie gasped. “I am so fucking WET! Look.” She began sliding her fingers all around her shaved pussy, coating them with her juices. “Do you what to taste me, Ryan?”, she offered. “Do you want to suck my pussy juices from my fingers?”

As Sheila attended to my aching cock, I did likewise to Debbie’s soaked fingers. I eagerly sucked them into my mouth, savoring the rich slippery taste and texture of Debbie’s juices.

Sheila stopped sucking my dick. It popped from her talented mouth and laid swollen, red, pulsating, and wet on my abdomen. She stood up and as she began removing all of her clothes, she said, “Tell her what you want. She really gets off on doing what men want. Go ahead. You can tell me what to do too if you want to.”

I didn’t say anything until she stood completely naked before me, letting me see her blonde hair teasing her shoulders, her ample and firm breasts fully exposed with their taught and erect nipples, and the almost invisible wisps of blonde hair between her legs.

“Ok”, I began. “I want you to sit on my cock and I want Debbie to masturbate while we fuck.”

Neither woman said a word but began to do exactly as I had requested. Sheila straddled my legs and lifted up my dick. She used the crown to part her cunt lips. She moved the tip around a bit, sliding it through her own juices until we were both covered. Then she used her fingers to part her lips, sat down and slid me completely in. Her tight pussy canlı casino embraced my length as if it were a custom made glove. Immediately, she began to move up and down. The wet squishy sounds made it obvious that we were both going to enjoy this very much.

There was no hesitation on Debbie’s part either. Her well experienced fingers knew exactly what to do in order to please their master. One hand went to her petite breasts and began massaging and tugging at the nipples. Two fingers of the other hand alternated between slipping deep into her pussy and rubbing the retrieved wetness around her very erect and visible clitoris. With her legs spread wide, I especially enjoyed to view of the inner folds of her dripping pussy clutching to her fingers whenever she thrust them in and out.

“I am so fucking hot!”, Debbie exclaimed her eyes were riveted on Sheila and me. “It looks so good to see your hard cock slide in and out of Sheila’s cunt. Oh look how wet she is. Your dick is dripping in her cunt juice. Oh God! I’m going to come!”

Her hand was now busy rubbing her clitoris with ever increasing speed. Her breathing was extremely erratic. I took my hand and pressed two fingers deep into her pussy while she began working herself to orgasm. She was indeed very wet. Many times I took my soaked fingers and smeared the slippery juices all over Debbie’s breasts and on her own lips. With her orgasm almost upon her and with my hand deep in her cunt and her fingers frantically rubbing her clitoris, Sheila reached over and drew Debbie to her. She began kissing her breasts and on the mouth. I knew that Sheila was tasting her lover’s pussy juices and I moaned with pleasure at the thought.

“Oh you like that?” Sheila said to me. “You like the idea of me licking Debbie’s pussy juice from her. Well I do too”, she said as she resumed her pumping. “How about if I eat her pussy directly. How would you like to see me stick my tongue as deep as I can right into her dripping cunt? How would you like to see me use my tongue on her clit to make her soak my face with her hot cum?”

That was too much for Debbie. “OH MY GOD!”, she screamed. She began quivering as she stood beside us. “I’m COMING!”, she yelled and come she did. My fingers were pressed deep inside her when I felt her pussy muscles tightened like a vise around them. They twitched and spasmed with lightning speed as her orgasm raged on. Her pussy sputtered her sweetly aromatic cum all over my fingers and hand. There was no dry area anywhere between her legs. I took my dripping hand and offered it two the two kissing ladies. Without hesitation they licked and sucked Debbie’s slippery cum from my fingers.

Sheila started moaning as her humping of my cock got faster and faster. She was still kissing Debbie when my orgasm started. “He’s coming Debbie”, I heard her whisper to her friend. “Oh he’s coming right now! I can FEEELLL it. Mmmmmmm. I can feel his hot cum spurting deep into my pussy Debbie. Mmmm. It is so hot inside me!”

I had never experienced anything like this. My orgasm was as great as it could ever have. As it began to subside, Sheila looked right into Debbie’s eyes and said, “Debbie. He’s almost finished. His hard cock is almost finished filling my pussy with his hot sticky cum but I haven’t come yet. I want to come too. You have to make me come Debbie. You have to do it! When Ryan is all finished and his cock is gone, YOU have to make me come by licking my pussy. PLEEEESE!!!”

Debbie was feverishly kissing Sheila’s face all the time she was being instructed. She was definitely aroused by what she was being asked to do. Sheila’s breathless descriptions continued. “When he is all done, I want you to lick my cunt. Mmmm. I want you to stick your tongue deep into me and lick through all of his hot cum. Get your face all wet and then lick my pussy until I come!”

All this talk just made my orgasm that much longer and complete. I felt my cum leak from Sheila’s pussy and begin to coat my balls in its warmth. I also knew that a great amount still remained deep inside her. Quickly, Sheila got up off of me and laid down on the floor. Debbie fell between her friend’s legs and waited for her friend to get ready. Sheila lifted her knees and spread her legs, fully exposing her pussy. It was completely wet. Her pussy remained opened from the stretching it had just received. Sploches of my cum dotted her lips and a milky white pool of my creamy sperm could be seen deep inside her cunt.

Debbie looked at me, smiled and asked, “What do you want me to do now?”

I immediately responded, “Do what Sheila asked you to. Eat my cum from deep inside her pussy. Lick it from her cunt and make her come.”

Debbie was indeed a “show woman”. With cum now oozing from Sheila’s pussy, Debbie kaçak casino extended her tongue and moved between her friend’s legs. In plain view, she lapped her friend’s cunt opening in one long stroke from bottom to top. Again she turned her face to me, her tongue still extended, my cum sliding from its center and then dangling from the tip.

“Like this?” she rhetorically asked as best she could. I nodded my approval.

She smiled and resumed her attentions but with increased ferocity. Her face dove down and her tongue plunged into the gooey depths of Sheila’s well fucked cunt. Debbie’s tongue swirled through the sticky mess until I could see my cum smeared all over Sheila’s pussy. Debbie then concentrated on the well lubricate clitoris.

I looked at my cock. I was still reasonably firm and with no reduction in its length. It was all slick with Sheila’s cum. I could smell it. My own cum slowly oozed from the head. I walked around and stood with a foot on either side of Sheila’s head. I looked down and Sheila looked up at me. My cock was the only thing that interrupted our vision. Her face showed the signs that she was close to orgasm. I stood motionless. My still oozing cock finally released a long strand of its remaining cum and it fell on Sheila’s cheek below me. It slipped in a streak down one side of her face.

“I’m coming”, she announced to me softly. “Debbie’s tongue has your hot cum all over it. She got it from inside my filled cunt and is using it on my clit to make me come. I want it on my tongue too. Come here and put that hard dick in my mouth. I want to lick the cum from it. Fuck my mouth with your cock and come again. I REALLY want to feel your cock spurt cum inside my mouth like you did in my pussy. I want to feel it hot and thick on my tongue.”

She said the word “really” just like she had said it in the parking lot.

I dropped to my knees. My wet balls rested on her forehead. My cock laid against her face, smearing it with her own cum. She licked the shaft and said, “Mmmmm. I like that. I like tasting my cum from a man’s dick. I especially like licking it after he has fucked my pussy and come inside me like you did. Give it to me Ryan. Stick your cock, all covered in my cum and yours, deep into my mouth!”

I leaned forward and rocked my hips. Sheila opened her mouth wide and in went the head of my cock. Like before, her tongue swirled around the oozing head and instantly excited me to another full erection. She hummed and moaned while her expert lips and tongue sucked and licked the sheath of male and female ejaculate that surrounded my shaft. Debbie’s talented work on Sheila’s eager pussy paid off in a thunderous orgasm. Her head jerked a bit with each orgasmic spasm. My cock, plunged deep into her mouth and resting at the back of her throat, received such wonderful stimulation from the coming woman.

When Sheila’s orgasm fainted away, Debbie slid up her friends body until her face was at Sheila’s breasts. There wasn’t a single square inch of Debbie’s face that wasn’t covered in wetness. The thicker and grayer streaks across her face where the retrieved remnants of my cum.

With sticky lips and coated teeth, Debbie said, “Go on Ryan. That’s it. Fuck Sheila’s mouth with your cock! Fuck her naughty mouth. It looks so good. Are you going to come yet? I want to see that! I want to be this close and see you fill her bad mouth with you hot steamy cum.”

I was on the brink again. There was no turning back. The base of my scrotum swelled and although it would not be as voluminous as the first, my second orgasm began.

“That’s it Ryan. YES! Come in her mouth! Sheila”, she shouted. “Open your mouth. Yes. Like that. Stick out that naughty tongue. Oh yes. I see it! He’s coming! His white creamy cum is spurting out of his dick and covering your tongue! His hot cum is sliding down your tongue going into your mouth! Mmmmm. I know it tastes GOOD! I know how Ryan’s cum tastes. I can still taste it. I can still smell it on my face right along with your cum! That’s it. MORE! Oh yes! I love seeing it slowly spurt out of his dick. I also loved eating his hot cum out of your cunt too! It tastes so good with your cum when my tongue is pressed way up inside your hot cunt!

I was spent. I had no more. I moved off of Sheila, her mouth still wide open and half filled with milky semen. Debbie quickly moved to take my place. I watched her tongue extend and slip deep into Sheila’s mouth and plunge below the level of the cum that remained unswallowed. She lapped at it like a cat laps at a saucer of milk. With each lick, half of the cum was drawn into Debbie’s mouth and the other half fell back onto Sheila’s face. Debbie then kissed her roommate hard on the lips. I watched my cum seep from between their lips while their tongue made inefficient attempts to exchange my seed between their mouth.

When it was all over, the two women turned and smiled at me with cum covered mouths. That image is indelibly etched into my brain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20