Arm Wrestling: Men vs Women

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Hello, there. My name is Monica Jameson. I’m a big black woman and I am damn proud of it. I stand five feet eleven inches tall and I weigh 230 pounds. I’m a chunky girl with jet-black skin and I am not ashamed of it one bit. My body is thick and curvy, and I have a hell of an ass. Big, black and shaped like a heart. That’s me. I’ve got a story to tell you. It’s about my old habit of playing power games. I just love to challenge people, both men and women, at what they do best. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but it’s always something to see.

There’s this guy named Chuck Jackson whom I sort of have my eyes on. He’s a six-foot-two, 240-pound, kind of handsome black man. He’s the head of the crew at Madison Constructions, this construction company that I work for. I got into the construction business right out of high school because it’s what I knew. I am twenty years old and although I have an Associate’s degree in Business, I can’t imagine working in an office. I like doing construction work. I like working side by side with sweaty men.

Yes, Chuck is this really macho guy who thinks he’s all that. He’s the head of the crew and works closely with the architects. The dude went to Boston College on an athletic scholarship and had an MBA. He’s always bragging about his intelligence and his skills. He’s big and strong and we all know he’s smart but sometimes the dude can be too much. He gets on my nerves sometimes. One day, I saw him and a bunch of the men seating together at Burger King during our break. Chuck was arm wrestling against Hector, a big Latin guy from our crew. Chuck was a strong guy, they were both strong men. Chuck won over Hector and got up, showing everybody that he was top dog.

A white man seated inside BK challenged Chuck to an arm wrestling match. The guy’s name was Kyle and he was an off-duty police officer. He was big and tall, with red hair and pale green eyes. The two of them sat down and went at it. I watched. Chuck was so arrogant. I hoped this dude would beat him. Unfortunately, he didn’t. Chuck won again. He was still bragging when Brenda, one of the few women among our crew walked in. Brenda is a big and tall blonde woman from Sweden. She looks like a bodybuilder. One of our male crew members dared her to arm wrestle against him. Brenda declined. The guy scoffed. Something about his attitude pissed off Brenda for she accepted his challenge.

They sat down and arm-wrestled. It was touch and go for a while but the guy won. I was pissed. Men are so arrogant sometimes. Brenda shrugged it off and asked for a rematch. In the rematch, she beat the dude. He was shocked and seriously pissed. Brenda smiled. The dude got up, swore like a sailor and walked bahis firmaları away. Chuck looked at Brenda. He smirked. He challenged her. She declined. He stood in her way and asked her if she was a scared of him or something. I couldn’t believe this fool’s attitude. I wish Brenda would deck the motherfucker. She accepted his challenge. Chuck beat Brenda with ease, got up and walked away, proud as a peacock.

We went back to work and I walked with Brenda. She was smiling. I couldn’t figure out why. She told me that she used to win arm wrestling contests against both women and men all the time as a teenager in Sweden but she didn’t practice for a long time. We talked and she told me more about her story. I was looking at a woman who had finished second place in a men’s arm wrestling competition. She had lost to Christopher Patrick, some Irish contender who was visiting Sweden at the time of the contest. I had an idea. I would train with Brenda to get tough enough to put Chuck in his place. Brenda declined. I insisted. She finally relented.

Brenda and I began hanging out together. We practiced arm wrestling moves together all the time. She was a tough arm wrestler. I was big and strong but not very experienced. She taught me the tricks of the trade. There was a lot more to arm wrestling than simply brawn. You had to outsmart your opponent before you could outperform him. You couldn’t always out-muscle them, not if the man or woman you were competing against was larger or stronger than you. Technique could triumph over brute strength sometimes. Sometimes. For weeks we practiced, until I felt confident enough to take on Chuck.

I approached him one time when he was eating his lunch, alone in a very dark corner of this street where we were working. I challenged him to an arm wrestling match. Chuck looked me up and down and did the last thing I expected of him. He flat out refused to arm wrestle me. I was surprised and more than a little angry. This man thought that he was superior to all the women and men in the world. I wanted to avenge Brenda’s loss to this brute. I wanted to beat him at his own game. And now he was refusing to face me? I didn’t think so!

I asked him why he wouldn’t face me and he told me that he had a bit of an anger problem and that he had been seeing a shrink to help him deal with it. I was surprised. Chuck was a macho and arrogant bastard. I was sure that he wouldn’t think of being an angry black man twenty-four-seven as a problem. He was an inconsiderate prick. I wanted to take him on. He told me that in a moment of anger, he almost hurt his little brother Jason, a high school football player who looked up to him. Chuck didn’t want to hurt the people kaçak iddaa he loved when he flipped out.

I looked at him. Part of me understood why he would see a shrink. He didn’t want to lose his temper and hurt people he cared about. I got that. I still didn’t get why he wouldn’t arm wrestle me. I wanted to take him on. I felt ready. I wanted to provoke him. So I raised my hand to slap him. I didn’t even get to his face. Chuck saw my hand coming and reacted faster than I’d ever seen a man react. He grabbed my hand, twisted it behind my back and shoved me against a wall. My heart thundered in my chest. I had gone too far. What was he going to do to me?

Chuck held my arm behind my back and cussed me out. He was calling me a bitch and an arrogant whore for daring to raise a hand against him. I apologized and asked him to let go of my arm before he broke it. He was a lot stronger than I was, in spite of our somewhat similar sizes. Chuck didn’t listen. I felt his hand on my body. Without letting go of me, he was touching my ass. I felt his rough hand grab my butt cheeks. In spite of the situation, or maybe because of it, I found myself incredibly turned on.

Chuck somehow knew this. He was laughing and calling me an arrogant bitch for trying to hit him. He told me he was going to make my bitchy ass pay. I asked him what he was going to do. He said he was going to fuck me. When I heard these words, so many things went through my head. I couldn’t believe that I was turned on. I had come to fight this man and he had beaten me. Now, he had up against a wall and had my arm twisted behind me. I was in no position to even think about sex right now. I had to fear for my life. He was strong enough to break every bone in my body and there would be nothing I could to stop him.

I was turned on. I could feel a wetness begin between my legs. Chuck said he was going to fuck me. He was going to make me his bitch and give me the fucking I deserved. I didn’t say anything but I pushed back against him, rubbing my big black ass against his groin. He gripped my arm tighter and I winced in pain. He pulled my pants down and saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He laughed and smacked my ass. I winced. The dude had rough hands. He pinched my butt cheeks and spread them roughly with his hand. I pushed back against him and this time he didn’t hit my ass.

I felt my ass cheeks being spread open roughly by his big hand and I felt something hard press into my back door. Chuck slid one of his thick fingers into my asshole. I gasped. His fingers were huge. He fucked my ass with his fingers. After a short while, I felt something bigger press against my asshole. It was his big black dick. I shuddered kaçak bahis in fear. I was also wet with excitement. Chuck pressed his mouth to my ear and he asked me if I wanted him inside me. I didn’t say anything. He said he’d let me go if I didn’t want to do anything with him. I thought about how hot this man made me. Every time I saw him, I wanted to get rough with him. It was because I secretly desired him. I wanted him to fuck me. So I told him. I confessed that I had been secretly lusting after him. He laughed and then he entered me.

When Chuck’s long and thick black cock entered my asshole, I felt like I was being split in half. He let go of my arm and I pressed my arms against the wall for support. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me, shoving his big dick inside my asshole. I was determined not to scream as he pounded my ass. He thrust into me with all his might. Hard and fast. I had never been fucked like this before. Heck, I had never been fucked in the ass before, not by a dick anyway. I’ve played with dildos and sometimes carrots and shoved them up my pussy and sometimes in my asshole but never have I had anything that big inside my tight little hole. Chuck was pounding my asshole like a man possessed. He fucked me, hard. I felt his huge tool stretching my hole. He was going deeper than ever. That’s when I screamed.

I screamed like a woman possessed as Chuck drilled his cock into my ass like a miner looking for gold. I felt like I was being split in half. My ass clenched around Chuck’s big cock and that’s when it happened. Chuck came inside me. His big black cock spat cum deep inside my asshole. I screamed louder than ever before and Chuck joined me as he experienced one hell of an orgasm. He held me and I hugged the wall for support. I was ready to fall. He remained inside me for several moments, then he pulled out.

I turned around and looked at Chuck. He wasn’t smiling. He wasn’t joking. His face was calm and almost serene. Slowly, he nodded at me and pulled his pants back up. I looked down at my pants, which were at my ankles. I slowly pulled them back up. I smiled and told him he was the best fuck I’d ever had. Chuck nodded and walked out of dark alley. A few moments later, I went back to work. I didn’t tell anyone about what happened. I’d gone to arm wrestle the macho man and tried to beat him at his own game. I ended up getting fucked. Literally. Man, I still get wet just from thinking about it.

At work, Charles didn’t treat me any differently. He was still joking with everybody and beating every man or woman who challenged him at arm wrestling. I watched him every day, walking around, proud as a peacock. A strong black man who didn’t take crap from anybody. I can’t stop thinking about his rough ways and that fantastic dick of his. Maybe one of these days I’ll go bother him again just so he could fuck me. Think it could happen again? It was the best sex I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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