Artist and Model

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Thank you for your wonderful response to my first two stories. “Looking for Mr. Wells” and “My Cross Country Adventure”. This story finds me getting involved in another unusual relationship, this time with an older gentlemen.


Chapter 1. Locker room flirting.

It was all I could do to keep from getting aroused in an obvious way. I was already plenty excited as the man watched me towel off in the locker room, and I fought to keep from having what would have been a very embarrassing erection in plain view of one and all.

Fortunately, there was no one else in the locker room at the gym except myself and the mystery man, who was a middle aged gentleman I had noticed quite frequently while working out. I remembered him for a few reasons, the main one being that it seemed whenever I happened to look in his direction, he was looking at me.

A second reason was that, despite his thinning scalp, the rest of his body was absolutely covered with hair. Thick black hair from the neck down, a rich pelt that I found extremely attractive despite the fact that the man attached to it was likely close to three times my age. He was shorter than I was, and had a very trim and slender body.

The other reason was that no matter what time I arrived or how long I worked out, when it came time to take a shower, there he was. He was usually playing around with things in his locker while I undressed, and when I emerged from the showers he would be dressed and buffing his shoes.

I found this all fascinating, although what I really wanted to do was to check him out in the showers like he was doing to me, but he never did take one. This forced me to use my imagination, but I didn’t let that stand in the way of letting him look all he wanted, since it was a lot of hard work that had turned me from a roly poly kid into a guy with a decent body.

It was my body that I assumed got the gentlemen’s attention, and I admit that a body like mine wasn’t something you saw every day. At 5’10” and about 165 pounds, I had packed a little muscle on my previously soft body. Nothing all that exceptional mind you, and not the feature that merited any attention I got.

I had begun shaving all of my body hair a few months earlier, but not because of any weightlifting competition or anything. I had long been embarrassed by the pitiful amount of body hair I had been blessed with during my teenage years anyway, and had finally decided to make myself fully smooth.

It was no big deal to do, as I had but a wisp of hair under my arms, a very modest tuft above my genitals, and a few stray hairs on the insides of my lower legs. Barely a minute and I was smooth as a baby. Shaving also made my penis look larger as well.

I say that with tongue firmly in cheek, since my dick is only a couple of inches long limp, and about twice that when fully aroused. Sadly, there is no thickness to speak of to made up for the lack of length either, so no amount of groundskeeping would make me look even so much as average.

This had led to a great deal of fear and shame during my school years, as I spent my time trying to get girls and then trying not to let them see how shortchanged I was. It was fortunate in a way that I had very few chances to humiliate myself.

The previous summer, as I hitchhiked across the country to get to college, I had been picked up by an elderly gentleman who introduced me to a whole new way of life. He treated me like a man, and taught me so much during the course of that evening that I still can’t believe it.

When school started I had gotten into a relationship with Doc, a graduate student who also gave me confidence in myself, and allowed me to learn some more. That relationship had ended a month ago, and now I was very single and very confused.

I was still attracted to girls, but these two experiences with men had been incredible, so I was torn between these two worlds. Was it possible to feel this way? Being 18 in 1975 and far from home were not the best conditions in which to figure these things out.

One thing I had figured out was that somehow over the past few months I had become an exhibitionist of sorts, which was really strange considering how exceptionally modest I had always been in the past. Now here I was drying my hair with the towel, and letting my little tool wiggle around brazenly in front of my anonymous audience.

Chapter 2. Anonymous no longer.

After dressing I gathered my things and headed out into the brisk evening air. Standing outside, to my surprise, was my voyeuristically inclined gentleman admirer, and when I stepped outside he approached me.

“Hello,” the man said as his eyes darted around nervously. “I hope you will forgive my being so forward, but I couldn’t help noticing you as you worked out. You come here rather often, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I try to make it in a few times a week, Mister ….”

“Anthony, I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” he said while extending his hand. “Anthony will be fine.”

“Okay Anthony, I’m Timmy. Tim,” I said canlı bahis correcting myself.

“Very nice to meet you, Tim,” Anthony said. “I’m sure that you’re a busy fellow, but I wanted to ask you whether you would be interested in doing some modeling. You see, I do some sketching from time to time, and I thought that you might want to model, seeing as you have such a well developed body.”

Oh brother! You’re an artist, and I’m well developed, I thought to myself. I thought the whole thing absurd and just wished he would come right out and say what was on his mind. I knew what he wanted and I was ready to say yes, but instead I played the game.

“Modeling? Me?” I asked in surprise. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Not really much to it,” Anthony said. “All you need to do is be able to stand still for an extended period of time. I’m sure that a young man such as yourself could handle that.”

“I guess.”

“Oh, and it would be nude, of course,” Anythony added matter-of-factly. “But I assume you realized that.”

“Oh, uh… yeah. Of course.”

“Student, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’m a freshman.”

“High school or college?”

“College,” I said rather sharply.

“Sorry. Meant no offense,” Anthony quickly added. “You have a very young appearance. Then I take it that you are 18?”


“Splendid!” Anythony exclaimed, and within a couple of minutes we had made an appointment for me to come by his place to be a model. Timmy Wells, a model?

Chapter 3. Anthony’s place.

Anthony’s ‘place’ was a condo in an expensive downtown neighborhood, and was on the top floor of a five story building. He buzzed me up when I arrived on time on Saturday evening, and to say I was surprised at seeing the lavish apartment was an understatement.

I was a student, living mostly on ramen noodles and happy hour munchies from bars, but just because I couldn’t afford nice didn’t mean I didn’t recognize it when I saw it. This Anthony was doing quite alright for himself, and after he greeted me warmly at the door and made me a drink, he brought me over to the picture window for a stunning look at the view.

“This is incredible!” I gushed as I sipped the vodka and tonic Anthony had given me, looking over the rim of the glass at the city in twilight.

“Yes, things do look a lot nicer from up here,” Anthony said, and I had to admire the black satin robe that he was wearing, a stylish and elegant number that covered him from neck to toe.

I pulled my eyes away from the window to look around the immediate area, and noticed that there were numerous pictures on the walls. To my amazement, it dawned on me that this Anthony was really an artist, and while it probably wasn’t his main source of income, to my untrained eye the work looked very professional.

It also dawned on me that while there were several drawings of landscapes and bowls of fruit, the primary subjects were men. Naked men, drawn with incredible clarity, and I then realized that there was a good chance that I was going to end up on the wall too. The thought both thrilled and terrified me.

“Care for another drink before we get started, Timmy?” Anthony asked, and I eagerly accepted in hopes my nerves would settle down.

Finally, it was time for me to strip down and prepare for my first and probably last modeling session. I got naked under the careful watch of Anthony, who took my clothes from me as I disrobed and folded them neatly before setting them aside.

There I stood under a bank of bright lights, totally naked and scared. I had initially feared that I would get a hard-on, but I was so nervous that instead of being aroused my little dick was shyly shrinking up even worse than usual.

“Here’s what I want to try first,” Anthony said as he positioned me with my hands clasped behind my head with my right leg a little in front of my left.

“Perfect!” Anthony exclaimed as he repositioned my arms just so. “It gets hot under these lights, so if you feel faint or anything just let me know. I’ll get comfortable myself too, if you don’t mind.”

Anthony shrugged off his robe as he walked away, and underneath it he was only wearing black satin shorts. Although I had seen him dressed pretty much the same way at the gym before, the sight of Anthony’s hairy body got my heart pounding a little bit. Even his back was coated with a mat of black hair, and I thought about whether it was soft or coarse to the touch as he went to his easel.

Standing still for an extended period doesn’t seem like a tough thing to do, but after about ten minutes my muscles started to ache and sweat began trickling down my body. Anthony came over and handed me a towel a couple of times, and after what seemed like forever he announced that the session was over.

As I went over behind his easel, I saw what he had done, and was startled at how much it really did look like me, and complimented him on his work. He was even generous about my unit, blessing me with a little more than was actually there, I thought. bahis siteleri Artistic license and all that. I reached for my pile of clothes as Anthony handed me a drink.

“You don’t have to go just yet, do you Timmy?” Anthony asked. “I like to make sure my models are well taken care of, and I know how much your muscles must ache right about now.”

4. My first massage.

Anthony brought me into another room, where there was a massage table set up, and motioned for me to hop on. I climbed aboard and reclined on my back as directed, while Anthony brought over a bottle of oil.

“You seem like a Mandarin kind of man,” Anthony said. “Or do you have another preference?”

“Uh, I don’t know,” I said. “I’ve never had a massage before.”

“Really?” Anthony exclaimed. “That’s wonderful! Just relax and enjoy.”

Anthony began at my feet and then gradually worked up to my calves, expertly kneading and rubbing them, and the soreness melted away as he worked.

“How does that feel Timmy?” Anthony asked.

“Amazing!” I had to admit. “No wonder people get massages.”

“They’re as much fun to give as they are to get,” Anthony responded.

“You’re really a talented artist,” I said as Anthony worked his way up to my thighs, and my hamstrings began to quiver while Anthony dug into them.

“Why thank you,” Anthony said. “When you first arrived, it seemed like you might have thought that I wanted you to model just as a ruse to get you up here and seduce you.”

“Yeah, I guess that had crossed my mind,” I confessed as Anthony’s hands massaged my inner thighs as he worked toward my buttocks, and I felt my dick get hard as he went higher.

“That wouldn’t be nice,” Anthony said. “I much prefer to sketch my models first and then seduce them.”

I gasped as Anthony’s hand slid between the cheeks of my ass and worked up and down the crack.

“Does that shock you?” Anthony asked. “Would you rather leave?”

“No,” I said as my voice broke, and then I gasped again as Anthony gently slid an oiled finger into my bottom.

“Good,” Anthony said. “I was hoping you’d say that. God, what an incredible ass you have Timmy. I must do a drawing of you from the rear.”

Anthony’s finger worked lazily around inside of me for not nearly long enough before he worked up my back.

“I always watch you when you work out at the gym,” Anthony said while kneading my shoulder blades. “Also in the locker room.”

“I know.”

“What did you think of that?”

“I liked you looking at me.”

“Roll over Timmy,” Anthony said, and when I did, my little pecker was pointing straight up.

“You should have said something to me,” Anthony said as he went down to the other end and began rubbing the fronts of my calves, his eyes fixed on my quivering erection.

“Shy,” I admitted. “I was always hoping you would take a shower so I could see all of you.”

“Oh I couldn’t do that,” Anthony said. “Taking a shower in a situation like that would be too awkward.”

“I used to feel that way too,” I said, and my heart skipped a beat when I realized that Anthony must be a little shortchanged down below like me. That explains why he was ashamed to take a shower, and that also excited me, since the only two men I had been with were far better endowed than I was, and that had caused me considerable shame at first.

“Oh, that’s not what I mean,” Anthony said. “I just have a tendency to get very aroused in the presence of other men, and that can be most humiliating. If I were to have taken off my clothes while I was watching you dry off, for example, you might have been offended if you weren’t interested in that sort of thing. I’m very aroused right now, as a matter of fact.”

“You are?” I asked.

Anthony came to the side of the table and dropped his satin boxers, revealing a jockstrap underneath that had an huge bulge in them that was pointing down and between his legs.

“I wasn’t sure that you were attracted to me,” Anthony said. “Now that it seems that you are, I very much want you to see all of me.”

“I’m very attracted to hairy men,” I confessed, and watched as Anthony peeled off the jockstrap and stood back up.

I did a double take as I saw Anthony’s cock, which was indeed aroused just as promised. Incredibly long, it bobbed lazily in front of him, brown and thickly veined. It was shaped like a missile; quite thick at the base and tapering down until ending with a long cone-shaped head.

“God, you’re huge,” I said as I reached over to grab it, but Anthony stepped back as I did.

“Like what you see? You seem to be very excited by the sight of a hairy man with a big cock, am I right Timmy?” Anthony asked.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“It just wouldn’t do to be seen walking around the locker room in this state, now would it?” Anthony asked. “I have a hunch I wouldn’t be very welcome there after that.”

“Depends on who the person was that saw it,” I offered. “I sure wouldn’t object.”

“I’m glad that I have what you want,” Anthony bahis şirketleri said as he slid his hands all around my groin while avoiding my dick. “Because you really turn me on.”

Anthony gracefully hopped up on the table like a gymnast, straddling my thighs as his cock swayed near mine. He took his staff in hand and touched the underside of my dick with the tip of his member while the outside of my thighs rubbed against Anthony’s hairy legs.

The stark contrast of colors was exciting in itself, with Anthony’s dark tan against my pale white skin tone, and I watched wordlessly as Anthony rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the underside of mine, causing a bead of cum to appear on the tip of mine.

“I love it when a man starts dripping,” Anthony said as he roughly rubbed the tips of our dicks together. “You like the feel of my cock against yours?”

I nodded briskly as the familiar feeling of inadequacy washed over me, looking at how pitful my little dick looked beside Anthony’s cock, which had to be at least double the length and width of my own. Strangely, the feeling was accompanied by a sense that this excited me in some way, and I didn’t really mind this being acknowledged by my partners, as long as they weren’t insulting about it.

“Are you naturally hairless?” Anthony asked as he leaned over me. “You feel so incredibly smooth to the touch.”

“Just about,” I admitted. “I shave the little I do have.”

Anthony sucked on my nipples before sliding his mouth over for a pass through my smooth armpits, and his slick tongue made my body shudder as he licked.

“God, you’re so sexy like this! You look amazing this way. I love your dick too,” Anthony said. “Every time I would see you naked in the locker room I wanted to go over and suck it.”

“It’s so small that it’s embarrassing,” I admitted.

“I adore it,” Anthony said as he dragged his genitals over mine. “I’ll bet it works just fine too.”


“Had enough teasing?” Anthony asked. “Want me to wrap my lips around your dick?”


“I want to feel you shoot your load in my mouth Timmy,” Anthony said, and with that said he bowed his head and slid his legs slowly down my stem until his mouth had all of me in him, and my nut sack was holding his chin.

With Anthony’s hands reaching beneath me and clenching my buttocks, he began sucking my dick, although his lips never strayed from the base of my member. Instead he just sucked using his mouth to try and gulp me down his throat in some way while his tongue swabbed the underside of my dick.

I put my hands on Anthony’s hairy shoulders, and found the softness of the fur as surprising as it was arousing, and I was gripping him hard when I felt the rush of semen being sucked out of me. Anthony gulped it down as fast as I could produce it, and he kept on inhaling me until I was limp in his mouth.

“Why don’t we go get more comfortable?” Anthony suggested as he climbed off the table and helped me get down.

5. Anthony’s bedroom.

Anthony brought me into his bedroom, which was as elegant and as tastefully decorated as the rest of the place. There was soft lighting behind the headboard of his large bed, where I knew I was going to end up soon.

“What do you think?” Anthony said, as he led me over to the side of the bed.

I came up behind Anthony and put my arms around him, and my body shivered at the feel of his incredibly hirsute body against my smooth skin. Kissing his neck, my hands slid up and down his furry chest, squeezing his nipples through the thick mat of hair and making Anthony writhe under my touch.

“Mmmmm – that feels so nice,” Anthony said. “Do what you want to me.”

I came around Anthony and sucked on his nipples and nibbled his chest while feeling his hardness arched against my stomach. I worked my way under his arm and licked and chewed the delicately scented armpit, which was overflowing with the same silky soft hair that coated the rest of him.

About the only part of Anthony that wasn’t covered with fur was what I was being guided down to, and when I knelt before Anthony’s prodigious member, I noticed that he had shaved his pendulous scrotum as well as the area around the base of his cock, which made his already impressive package look even larger.

“Show me how much you like it,” Anthony said as I grabbed his throbbing cock in my fists and took the head into my mouth, sliding up and down the sleek tool. My fists twisted and churned around the shaft while I sucked him, and as I adapted to his size, I took my one hand off and reached around and grabbed his firm ass cheek while my mouth slid further down the shaft.

“That’s it Timmy,” Anthony said as he held the back of my head and gently coaxed it further down him. “Can you take it all?”

“No,” I gasped as I pulled my mouth off of him for a second. “Want to so bad – but you’re way too big.”

I had taken at least half of his cock, but I knew that I could never take all of him down my throat, even with the sleek shape of his weapon. He knew it too, but I sensed he liked hearing me say it.

“Take all of it you can Timmy,” Anthony said. “That’s it – you’re so good. You know where I’m going to stick it in a little while? Your ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20