Ashley and Mia Ch. 00: Prelude

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I can’t believe summer is going to be over in a week. I sigh as I get out of my car and walk in to the auditorium for a mandatory new student orientation. I’m a transfer student and don’t know anyone yet so I pick a random empty seat towards the back. I thought no one would bother me but I was wrong. I’m looking down at my phone and I feel someone sit down in the chair next to me.

“Hi. My name’s Brad. I hate how we are forced to go to these stupid orientations.”

I look up into the face of a young, attractive, blue-eyed man. “Hey, I’m Mia. Yeah these things are kind of pointless.” I reply.

“So are you a transfer student?” he asks.

“Yeah I am. What about you?”

“Yep, I’m gonna be a senior this year. What year are you?” Brad asks

“I’m a junior this year. I can’t wait to be done.” I answer.

Some prestigious looking man walks on to the stage and asks everyone to quiet down, thus ending my conversation with Brad. The orientation ended after 5 long boring hours. While walking to my car I hear a voice calling hey Mia wait up. I turn around and see Brad running after me.

“I’m having a house warming party tomorrow night if you are interested in coming. My younger sister, Ashley, has been going here since her freshman year and we are renting an apartment together. She is going to invite some people and help me get adjusted to the new school. I figured since you are a transfer student as well you might want to come, but hey if not that’s totally cool… I know what you are thinking getting an apartment with your younger sister is kind of weird, but me and Ash have a good relationship and it just works for us.” Brad rambles.

House parties, or in this case apartment parties, aren’t really my thing, but Brad seems like a really nice guy and it would be good to meet other students. “Yeah sure that sounds like fun.” I tell him.

“Really? Awesome! How about we exchange numbers and I’ll text you all the info later today?” He says excitedly.

“Ok, sounds good to me.” We finish typing our numbers in each other’s phones and then part ways.


I finish unpacking my last box into my dorm room and plop on my bed. ‘Ping’ my phone lights up. I check it and it’s a text from Brad. It reads: “I’m really excited to see you later tonight, just to remind you it’s apartment

4 on the second floor.” I text him back: “Cool, thanks for the reminder ? should I bring anything?” A few moments later my phone goes off again, “Nope just your pretty face. I’ve got everything else covered.” I smile at my phone, “Ok I’ll see you at 9.”


I walk up the stairs and knock on the

4 door. Brad opens the door. “I’m so glad you made it. I hope you found it ok.”

I step inside, about 5 people have already arrived and have drinks in their hands. “Nope, no trouble at all.”

“Excellent.” he says. “Mia, I would like you to meet my sister Ashley. This is the pretty lady I was telling you about Ash.”

My breath catches in my throat and I blush; Ashley is stunning and when her ice blue eyes meet mine I feel like she can read my mind, so I quickly try to distract my thoughts away from how beautiful I think she is. She holds her hand out to me.

“Nice to meet you.” she says while raising an eyebrow at me. Holy shit maybe she actually can read canlı bahis my thoughts.

I shake her hand, “it’s nice to meet you too.”

“Well Brad you weren’t kidding when you said she is pretty.” Ashley says. She gives me a quick smile, revealing blinding white perfectly straight teeth. “How about we get you a drink?” All three of us walk into the kitchen and join the rest of the group. Ashley hands me and Brad a beer. I drink it down pretty fast to try to ease my nerves a little.

A few more people arrive, “well it looks like everyone is here so how about some shots?” Brad asks. He pours everyone a shot of Patron. We cheers and everyone knocks it back. The alcohol burns as it slides down my throat. Before I know it Brad hands me another shot and I slam it back. We play a couple rounds of beer pong and I realize I’ve hit my limit and sit the next round out. I feel Ashley’s eyes on me the whole night. I’m sitting on the couch when Brad comes over asking if I want to go bar hopping with the rest of the gang. I politely tell him I think I’ve had too much already and should probably relax and sober up.

“I can take care of her Brad, and if she needs to she can always crash in my room.” Ashley says.

“Ok, is that ok with you Mia? I don’t want you to feel like I’m ditching you.” Brad says.

“That’s totally fine. Don’t worry about me. Go out and have a good time.” I smile at him. Brad hugs me goodbye.

“Why don’t you go lay down in my room, it’s the second door on the right down the hall.” Ashley says. A bed does sound pretty nice right now so I take her up on her offer. Shortly after, Ashley walks in with a glass of water. “Here you should probably drink this.”

“Thanks.” I say while I take the glass from her hands. The cold water helps make the room stop spinning.

“Better?” she asks.

“Yeah a little bit.” I reply.

She lies down on the bed next to me so that we are touching, even though there is plenty of room on her queen size bed. I lie on my back and look up at the ceiling. I feel her hand lightly touch my face and I look over at her. Those blue eyes make me freeze every time I meet them. “I’m not one to take advantage of a drunk girl, so please stop me if you don’t want this.” she says. A puzzled look appears on my face. I have no clue what she is talking about, then her hand cups my chin and she pulls my face towards hers. She kisses me very lightly on the lips. She pulls away and looks at me waiting for my reaction. My head is spinning again, but not from the alcohol this time. I don’t know what to do or say. That kiss sent shockwaves through me. I was both aroused and panicking. She leans in for another kiss, this time I am much more prepared and actually kiss her back. She moves her hand and places it against my neck holding me to her; I mirror her movement and do the same to her.

“I’m assuming your kissing means you are ok with this?” she asks.

“Well I’ve never been with a girl before…” I confess.

“How about this, we take things slow, I’ll lead and if at any point you want to stop you just tell me and I will stop, sound good?” I nod. She gives me another quick kiss on the lips before nuzzling into my neck. She places three kisses down my neck and then kisses along my collarbone. I shiver and she smiles at me. She nibbles and licks my earlobe bahis siteleri and I feel her hand slip under my shirt. She caresses my stomach up and down; goose bumps rise wherever her fingers touch me. Her hand reaches my bra and she squeezes my breast. I squirm wanting more skin to skin contact. On cue she tells me to sit up and she slips my shirt over my head.

“Wow you have quite the body. I could tell you keep yourself in shape but damn…” she says. She pulls my bra cups down, releasing my boobs so they can get some very much needed attention. She takes her time and keeps teasing me by running her hands up and down my sides and stomach. Then by drawing circles around my nipples getting closer and closer but never actually touching them. She stops, unhooks my bra, and yanks it off of me. Apparently she was getting just as impatient as I was. I’m now half naked in front of her.

“This isn’t fair. I want to see you too.” I say. She gives me a big smile and pulls her shirt off. She unhooks her bra and lets the straps fall off her shoulders. She teases me by holding the cups to her amazing looking tits for a few minutes before completely discarding her bra. I stare at her chest my mouth agape. She laughs. I reach out wanting those amazing boobs in my hands.

“No no you first.” She says. I pout and her mouth finds mine. She pushes her tongue into my mouth and then allows me to do the same back to her. She gives my tongue a gentle nip and her hands are on my chest again. She kisses my neck while her fingers rub back and forth across my nipples. I softly moan and I can feel myself getting wet. Soon her mouth is going from boob to boob, licking, sucking, and biting my nipples.

“Those jeans must be getting uncomfortable. I know mine are.” she says. She climbs off the bed and pulls her jeans off revealing her completely shaved pussy. She looks at my face, “I don’t like wearing underwear.” she explains. She unbuttons my jeans and pulls them off. I’m glad I decided to wear my hot pink lace boyshorts, at least they are somewhat sexy. “Flip over I wanna see that ass.” I obey. She licks up my back starting from right above my butt up to my shoulders, then she kisses her way back down. I grind myself into the bed. “I want to feel your tight bare ass” she tells me while pulling my boyshorts off. Her hands knead and massage my ass. She spreads my ass slightly, I know she can see how wet I am. Her fingers keep getting closer to my pussy as she continues grabbing and playing with my ass. She rolls me back over onto my back. I need her to touch me; my clit is swollen and throbbing.

Ashley kisses each one of my abs and then my hip bones causing me to arch my back. I feel her grab my legs and pull them apart. I’m too turned on to be embarrassed that I am on display for her to see. Although I am glad I did take the time to trim and shave my hair into a nice landing strip. She kisses my pussy mound and my hips buck. I look at her and she stares right back at me and licks her lips. I watch as she sticks her tongue out and barely touches my clit with it. She maintains eye contact the whole time as she repeats this process several times. She stops and kisses my thighs and licks around my pussy.

“You are such a tease.” I groan.

“I know.” She says with a devilish look in her eye and she runs her thumb across bahis şirketleri my clit. I moan, happy to finally get some harder contact on my clit. Her thumb is replaced by her mouth. She uses her tongue to trace circles on my clit. She switches from sucking my clit into her mouth to lightly flicking her tongue across it. The different sensations are driving me crazy and bringing me close to the edge. Soon she settles on just running her tongue up and down my clit. She quickens her pace and I grip the sheets on the bed. My moans are uncontrollable. My body is tensing up, and the edge is getting closer and closer but I can’t fall over it.

Ashley pauses for a moment and says, “Come for me Mia. I want you to cum in my mouth.” That is my undoing, my body spasms and my orgasm hits hard. Ashley waits until I recover before licking the juice from my pussy. My body jumps slightly every time her tongue comes into contact with my clit. She lies on top of me and kisses me long and hard. “You taste good.” I smile and blush. I want to touch her and pay her back the amazing orgasm she just gave me, but I don’t know to go about it. She senses my apprehension.

“Don’t worry, just let me use your body and I can get off.” I don’t really understand what she means, but she takes my right leg and lifts it up and straddles my other leg and pubic bone. She starts to grind against me and now I understand what she was talking about. I could feel her wetness against me. Watching her grind on me and feeling how wet she was getting was turning me on like crazy. I grab her right boob with my left hand and start squeezing it. She moaned and sped up her humping movements. Her thigh would occasionally rub against my clit causing me to moan along with her. She reached her hand down and pinched my nipple. She was starting to moan louder and more frequently. I grabbed her hips and pushed and pulled them encouraging her to grind me harder and faster. “Oh god, I’m going to come all over your leg and pussy.” She said in between moans. She trembled while she came. I kept my hold on her hips and helped her ride out the aftershocks of her orgasm. She lifts herself off of me, leaving behind a little trail of cum. She kisses me on the forehead, cheek, and then the lips.

“I’ll grab you some pjs and you can sleep in here. I don’t think it would be good if Brad discovered us naked together in bed. He doesn’t exactly know I’m into girls. It’s really late and I know you are tired so you shouldn’t be driving. I’ll text Brad and tell him you are staying over.” she says. She tosses me a tank top and some sweats. I put them on while she texts Brad and puts on an oversized t-shirt. She and I climb into bed and we sleep back to back.


I wake up the next morning with a slight headache. Ashley isn’t in her room. I walk out into the kitchen to grab some water.

“Good morning.” Brad says smiling at me.

I smile back. “Morning. Where is Ashley?” I ask.

“She’s at the gym.” He answers. “Umm I know this is weird timing but would you maybe want to go out sometime?”

I was really confused about what happened with Ashley last night, but Brad was a really sweet guy and I was attracted to him. “Sure.” I give him a smile. He smiles back. “I think I’m going to head home now. Thanks for inviting me over and letting me spend the night. And can you tell Ashley thanks for me?”

“You’re welcome and will do.” he says.


Brad and I had been dating a week before I saw Ashley again. I couldn’t help but admit that I missed her.

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