Assing About with Alec

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“Have you looked at yourself lately, I mean really looked at yourself Alex?

“I would rather look at you” I said to Alec.

“Seriously though Alex, lift your mind out of my jeans for a moment and listen to me.”

I had absolutely no idea of what he was on about so I challenged him and put on my serious face.

“You have a great figure Alex, but you are spoiling it the way you dress. You could do so much more for yourself.”

“You’re not going off me are you Alec?, you’ve never mentioned it before. In fact you always say how good I look in torn jeans and how you can’t wait to get me home alone.”

“Your mind is going there again Alex, underneath your belt!”

“So!? No harm in that. You always like what is underneath.”

“You are impossible, why can’t you just listen to me sometimes, Alex?”

“Go on then, say what you have to.”

“Short shorts” said Alec. “The ones which will really show your bum off… They are the in- thing, nice and tight fitting. Not like those awful baggy jeans which make it look as though you have huge hanging balls like vine tomatoes.”

“Get with it; lots of guys wear them now.”

“Not guys like us.”

“Like you, you mean Alec!”

“Excuse me for breathing; I am only saying what I think. Let me buy you pair for your birthday – with a matching polo shirt.”

“If you must.”

But I knew he would no matter how much I grumbled and moaned. He’d made his mind up. He was always a little possessive in many ways, especially when we were making hay. But then I guess I wanted him that way. I have always thrilled at the thought of being a toy boy. I guess with Alec being the senior by about seven years I liked the idea of going with an older guy. He always served me well even though perhaps sometimes, he was a little too serious and didn’t always seem to appreciate my dirty jokes, but he was a great lover so I could go along with that.

I guess I thought I would eventually get him around my way of thinking, never to take life too seriously and enjoy every day as it come and take every opportunity on offer.

If I hadn’t offered myself to Alex we would never of been lovers because he would never have made the move. And yet I knew he fancied me that was obvious. The way he stared at me and those eyes, it always shows in the eyes, the lust that lays behind. All he wanted is the touch and his inhibitions were set free. All those pent up feelings trapped in the groin, not good for man or beast, but a beast has no problem, they just copulate all the time. But us – society has made us unnatural in many ways.

It was simply the touch that canlı bahis started it all off, when I closed to him in the cinema watching a Bond movie. We had got to that buddy stage, going out together. There was I hoping he would have made a move or some sort of suggestion after our second date. This was out third and there was me thinking it was high time one of us declared their intentions.

So I touched him. Meaning I closed to him and accidentally on purpose let my hand drop into his crotch. “Oh, dear I am, sorry!” I said. But either Alec was gone with the film or he had no objection. So I kept it there, my right hand buried in his groin and the rest is history. He liked it, I liked it so it was late all systems go, when we both realized our deep passion for each other was like a raving volcano waiting t erupt., And when it did Alex was well and truly wedged tight into my rectum and we were well and truly lovers full stop, or period as the Americans say.

So when Alec presented me with the tight shorts and shirt to match, it was no surprise. I guess with the summer coming, it was a good time to dump the well-worn jeans. And yet we both enjoyed many a time with me in those jeans with the rear zip. All that sniffing that Alec loves, the way he comes up behind. nudges my spine to prompt me to bend over, and the gorgeous feel of a beautifully erect cock in your jeans, that is how Alec always liked it, and it didn’t take long to unzip me and work his stiffness between my ass, gradually prizing me open wide enough for him to fuck me.

That was always nice. But now I was throwing those jeans away, the jeans with the zip at the bag, so enticing!

“Time moves on Alex. You are so romantic but I have the hots for you wearing these now so don’t keep me waiting else Freddy will have something to say” (Freddy being the name we call his love machine, that gorgeous length of seven and half inch splendor he loves to share with me.)

So out with the old and in with the new. Down to my red thong it was easy to slip on the new pair of short, shorts and then I realized what Alex was about in buying me those. The cut of the latex material accentuated and separated my hind in a way I know Alec loves, because sometimes he ties my buttocks with red stretch ribbon when we are building to a fuck, in a way which pronounces the separation of the crevice between. It is something so special and I do like, the way Alec just loves to experiment to get the very best of me. It is divine and he makes me feel whole and wanted.

So I go down stairs and show him. He is sitting in my lounge. We still live apart but maybe we shall live bahis siteleri together soon. I stand there feeling like a fashion model. He tells me what he wants me to do, to swirl, pause and bend a little when I am facing away from him. I know he is weighing up my behind, now who’s mind is below the belt!

I tell him and he flushes. Of course I know what he is thinking and I love it.

“Come here you slut!” he commands and we both know what that expression means. There is me standing before him, he still sat on the leather clad settee I bought for us to shag on. It has nice thick arm rests which are ideal for one of Alec’s favorite fucking positions, me bent over, ass up and ready, my head almost touching the carpet as I wait for his perusal, when I can be ass, balls and cock for him. That is so nice and right from the word go, when he begins to sniff, tease and suck me everywhere I feel a million dollars, I feel as like I am in my special world of ecstasy, enjoying him enjoying me. And I’m thinking, all this started because I had made the first move.

Now something is fresh and new, the jeans gone, worn and done with, all that rubbing, teasing and sniffing they have seen their last days. Now I am in tight short shorts, how Alec wanted and he starts to sniff me, like he always does. It is always the start of something that has become so quintessentially Alec and IK know he will be sending me to heaven on earth, his face beginning to burn in my rear, his hand moving to the front as he sniffs and licks me through my shorts, and feels my hardening cock.

“Alex, you look great – the jeans were good in their time but now we have you in something new and so very tempting.” He feels me again through my shorts, teases the rim upwards with his fingers and I feel the divine sensation of fingers feathering cock, balls and asshole, the stroking, the squeezing and soon the quintessential sucking. I do so love it. And I love it more because it is Alec doing it with his usual fervor and desire that drives me insane, wanting me to yearn for his fuck, prompting me to cry out for it – and then more teasing, he can be quite cruel but the end product is worth it; knowing he will have his meat first, all the foreplay. Until he can’t bear to wait any longer. That is what I like about older guys, they know how to make a good thing last so by the time you have it, you are well and ready, knowing that anything goes. That is how I feel with Alec.

Whatever he wants of me I do. If he asked me to suck ass I would. That is how much I think of him, but for the latter he is the ass sucker and I am the receiver and he does it beautifully.

He bahis şirketleri loves to finger me around and around, stretching and opening my hole, he puts things up me so very slowly, concentrating on every move as he wiggles and penetrates with his favorite anal vibrator I love to feel so much. And that’s not all because with the vibrator buzzing inside he lets me taste his cock, gently maneuvering it deep inside as I give him the stiff jerking he likes. Something which took me a little time to perfect, it was all about getting the jerking movement right but with him working out my ass, the fervour grew and it came easy to jerk him off as I sucked and tasted him.

I can tell you there is absolutely nothing better and more intimate and sensual than sharing our credentials in such a way.

He spits on my asshole when he dislodges the vibrator but somehow the burring goes on inside me, and when he fingers me again, he stretches me wide and inserts his warm tongue inside and IO feel; then ecstasy of that. It feel heaven and by that time I am really dying for it.

“Tell me then, Alex” he yells.

“I want to hear you tell me just how much you want my fuck up your tight ass!” “Please, please fuck me now, please Alec!”

“That is not what I want to hear and you know it!” He slaps my ass three times cruelly and I feel the sting Then he gives me a deeper frigging with two fingers stuck up me.

“I want you fucking big prick fucking my asshole” I yelled hoping that is what he wanted to hear. Or was that dirty sounding enough. I knew by now that when aroused Alec can be very dirty but he relents and presents his throbbing orifice to my ass, easing my cheeks apart and gradually he slips easily the bulk into me, working it until it is right up inside and his balls are bouncing against my ass as he begins to give me the fuck I crave for. and because he has well-greased and prepared me his cock slips in and out of me like a piston engine and at last we have lift off.

He makes it last even though I am severely throbbing to cum, and I know I can’t do that until he wanks me, which he usually does when he is nearly ready to cum. He pauses occasionally and grasps my thighs in good stead, like he is an animal pronouncing his authority and I am at his mercy.

But to feel that throb inside me is so very soothing and heavenly and I feel I shall want him there forever more.

And when the fucking is done he has me in the shower again. This time with my short shorts back on and getting very wet. This is the signal for a new fresh wet fuck as he squeezes the excess water from my crotch and feels me up again.

It is not long before I am there again, fully ripened for a second round and I shall be all ass for him again, bent over the shower stool.

And he will make me dirty again I know it. But I adore him for all that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20