Au Natural Island Lovers

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There is my taxi. It usually only takes about 20 minutes for them to arrive, but today it seemed to stretch on unmercifully. My stomach was bunched up in little knots and I had to keep wiping my palms on my yellow Capri pants that I knew showed off my firm, round ass just perfectly. They were my favourite pair … shaped to fit a woman with my type of curves, tapered with lace almost at the top of my calf, with a tiny ivory bow — the accent just enough to remind men that a sensuous woman was inside these pants. Over my new Victoria’s Secret lingerie I wore a vibrant blue satin wrap – my full breasts showed enough cleavage to make the driver nervous as he helped me with my bags. My red hair was tied with a satin ribbon and the curls bounced as I leaned back in the seat and felt my cell phone vibrate in my bra. One long, one short. It’s a text message from him. He’s waiting for me.

After parking at “Departures” the driver hopped out to give me a hand with my bags. I couldn’t help but notice his strong biceps that seemed to ripple beneath his short-sleeved work shirt as he hefted up my two larger bags with ease and placed them on a cart for me. His scent was spicy and sensually musky. His black hair slicked with gel, his youth obviously taken for granted — could I even remember that far back? 43 suddenly felt so old, but the more I remembered the confusion at that tender age; 43 suddenly felt great! “What I could do with that youth, and my mature mind!” I wondered. I smiled as I took my carry-on and luggage cart to the terminal. For the first time in my life, I was going to be completely free for ten whole days!

My mind was a jumble of thoughts and ideas, making me warm, making me shiver as the plane began to roll down the acres of cement that would take us to the right strip carrying me to Jamaica, and into the arms of the man I had loved for so long. I was a bundle of nerves, my fingers reaching up to smooth the loose curls of my highlighted hair, my green eyes staring out the window as my suddenly insignificant home in rural Canada quickly sped away. As the plane took off into the air and my stomach flew right up into my throat, my nerves seemed to dissipate some. My fingers unclenched as I took a deep breath and accepted the decisions that I had made that got me here, and to this point in my life.

I was going to finally smell him, taste him, kiss him, and caress him. The wait was over and there was no turning back.

When I received my ticket from him two months ago to Couples Resort in Ocho Rios, I immediately went online to see what it was all about. My clit hardened as I read about the resort, thoughts of Montego Bay and fantasies of being in paradise; with the man I had only felt and tasted through internet and phone lines for over a year. My warped sexual upbringing had led me to a life of confusion and abuse. A failed marriage loomed in my recent past, and the time I spent exploring with George taught me to love myself, and respect all we are given as humans, including our bodies. I was finally accepting my body and the bodies of others in all their naked wonder. The resort is famous for its own private “Au Natural” island 200 yards off shore. An extremely romantic resort restricted to couples only! No children. No exceptions. No Kidding! Their promise warmed my thighs.

Over the next few weeks I started to feel the powdery white sand beach awaiting our footprints. The fresh-water pool overlooking the sea waiting to refresh us. This vacation will be all about us. About being together as a couple and the simple ways we can please each other. Feeding each other, dancing, holding hands. Naked and free. Unashamed. Proud that we love each other. Unafraid to show it.

As the plane taxis down the runway I close my eyes and picture the romantic destination of my dreams. When I open them I realize you’re already there. Waiting for me. Cock hard.

“Are you as scared as me George?” I ask out loud. The passenger beside me looks at me sweetly, and seems to understand.

I finally see paradise. Just like the ad promises, the resort emerges majestically from the cliffs of Jamaica’s emerald mountains. George’s eyes are emerald like these mountains, and soon I will see them. My own eyes tear up as I shiver casino siteleri inside, so ready for his touch. Longing for his breath on my skin.

The resort shuttle takes me and my belongings to the “Hibiscus Cottage”. Oh George went all out. This is the one nestled behind a sculpted hedge of Bougainvillea and situated cliff side overlooking the Caribbean Sea. I remember being online at work, drooling over the private outdoor Jacuzzi, spacious living room, large master bedroom and a bathroom suite with walk-in shower and Jacuzzi tub for two. It was bigger than my condominium! I knock on the door, and as my knuckles strike the wood, my knees get weak.

George opens the door and a tear rolls down his face as his smile broadens, so deep. His skin glows with tan and his scent draws me to him like a magnet. He directs the helper to take my bags to the bedroom and he takes my hand, and walks me over to the glass doors leading to the deck. My heels click on the blue tiles, my breath is taken away by the beauty of this man. I can’t speak.

“Bethany, let me help you with that”, he says as he takes my carry on and slides his hand inside my wrap. He smells my hair and nuzzles my ear as he says “I’ve loved you for so long, please let me show you now.” He opens his robe showing me he is naked and hard as steel. His bulging head so thick the foreskin of his beautiful uncut cock is almost pulled back.

“I want you to feel what you do to me Bethany.” He places my hand on his cock and pulls the tie from my satin wrap. We chuckle as it flutters to the floor.

He is so tall against my 5′ 5″ frame, and his green eyes are so alive. Suddenly his kiss brings me back to reality. I have longed for him so, our tongues tangle in a fight for control as our passion boils.

“Will there be anything else sir? Madame?” the bellman stammers. “My name is Jacob, and you may call for anything you need.”

“No Jacob.” George answered for us. “We have a little catching up to do.” George returns his lips to my left ear, and unzips the side of my pants. His strong hands slide them to the floor by my feet.

“Dinner is at seven, and please remember this is your private home. Please enjoy your stay!” Jacob had such a wicked smile on his face as he left the cottage.

“Let me feel that sweet clitty Bethany”, George whispered as the door to our cottage closed. “I know you feel naughty, but naughty is nice sometimes. Care for Georgie’s three finger discount?” he asks as he’s thumbing my clit with two fingers in my cunt.

“I will take all I can get please, nothing radical.” I giggle as I move over to the hot tub.

“May I join you Beth?”


“I love your clit by the way.” He purrs as I kiss his eyes and lean down to slurp his hard cock. I rise back up to tongue tangle with my best friend.

“Bethany, mmm, I need to kiss your nose.”

“Ohhh George.”



“Only the upper for now, and your neck — oh, it’s so soft and smells so good. Now your chest and these lovely breasts. Your nipples hardening. Kissing that soft belly, so sweet for me. Down we go.”

I pant and cream as I anticipate his hunger.

“Beth baby I’m going to kiss your legs now.” His tongue slides down and in circles as I convulse with my first climax. Oh god.

“Kissing your ankles. Mmm… toes, up your legs, inner thighs and yummy, the inner inner thighs!” he chuckles.

“Oh George baby!” I beam.

“And guess what cums next my love?”

I wonder as I feel my climax and almost shudder simply from the sound of his voice.

“The NOSE!” he belts out as he pushes his hard nose against my clit. “Stay here as I kiss your sweet pouty lips, waxed so smooth for me. Mmm your pussy is so lovely today.”

“Well I wanted you to have a special gift too baby. From now on it’s your job to keep them smooth!” I chide.

“I love to look at you naked standing there, so proud and loving me looking at you, so beautiful in your nakedness. I love to stand and stare. Blushing and glowing. I hope I don’t embarrass you. I love to see you. I love it that you can’t stand there very long, like an angel, without touching me. See what you do to me?” George holds his curved cock out to canlı casino me, moving closer to me; smiling, eyes shining — just as brightly as mine.

“Mmm Beth, you have pretty eyes baby. As I study them, they seem to know what is to come. Do you feel it too Beth?” he asks.

“George, I love your mama for making you for me!” I pant as my breathing becomes heavier. Our pulses are increasing.

“Oh yeah baby, our hearts are beating for each other. Yes. Our sexes are beginning to leak for each other. So warm and tender.”

“Oh Georgie, I’m inhaling you.” I reach out and pull you towards me, drinking you in, loving you, melding in our heat like tin and lead make solder. “I love to hug you when you are naked and warm. Gently kiss your lips and snuggle in to your soft neck. Oh hun.” I gasp as I feel his kissing tenderly wakening my inner beast.

“Mmm Beth baby, we have all night – oh baby — I love snuggling with you, mmm.”

“Yes me too George.”

” I love hugging and rubbing your back. Feeling your soft muscles in your upper and lower back…

down to your lovely butt.”

“Oh baby, Beth loves you so!” George turns me around slowly taking in my beauty like no one has done before. Awww. He begins to caress my ass and gently stroke it.

“God how I love your body baby. My bodies arousing again as I hug you to me, oh baby, feel my sex rising as we press together. I’ve longed to hold you.”

“George, after this long time apart I feel so safe and soft in your arms. I love to touch you, but my FROSTED side is HORNYYY” I laugh and giggle as I look into your smiling eyes. We love to kid around. Kissing your lips, sweet and soft, my tongue traces over your lips and slowly enters your mouth.

“Oh baby, nice!” I exude as Georges tongue begins flicking in and out.

“Oh I love kissing you Bethany. Sliding into your mouth, like I plan on doing to your body much lower, later. Softly and then with more pressure. Building and building but so sweet right now.” My legs wrap around George’s left leg and squeeze him. He’s rubbing my back more firmly.

“Ohhh Honey!” I scream as I pull him to me.

“Yes baby. Do you want my stiff penis between your legs? He is wanting you but so content at the moment. Your touch is so nice after a long day apart. You are my happiness and my joy. I just want to hug you forever. I want to roll with you all over the bed as I kiss you, and play with you, but my other head has different ideas!”

“Yes that would be so nice.” I tell him. George rises for me again. His cock is beginning to leak on my leg. Oh my God! He begins to rub his upper leg between my legs and feels my wet softness. He slowly moves up and down. Oh God. Yum! He’s rubbing my sex tenderly with his leg.

“I can feel your clit peeking out from its shelter. Wanting more from me.” He whispers.

“Oh my Italian stallion! Mmm!” You apply more pressure and I push against you, wanting more, needing it all. I moan in ecstasy as you pull me apart a little and take your cock in your hand and hold it out, rubbing it slowly across my moist pussy lips. You slap me gently with it, rubbing your foreskin on my hard clit, you hear me moan your name. Your cock paints me, leaving a trail of sticky juice on my pussy. Rubbing up and down on me feeling me push on your cock. You slowly slip the head between my lips.

“Oh I need you.” You exclaim.

We both look down and watch as I start to take you in. “God your tip plugs me!” I call out.

We look in each other’s eyes and see the fire burning. Dimmed for so many years, now alive and real.

I stretch myself wider for you, I push on your cock and it slips in further. You are watching me watching us. Your head is so big but slips in as I push to you. You look into my eyes. I cream and my juice glides you in and out and in and out and in and out of me. Love and lust combined now. Wanting your staff in me now. Passionate. You push harder. You’re so hungry. Such a slut. Swelling as you enter me.

“Ohhh, yes! It’s so warm and wet and you are filling every part of me.” I scream. George is pushing hard now. In and out. In and out, and in and out. “Oh fuck, yes, push in here all the way baby!” Your cock head hits bottom.


Your kaçak casino balls slap my ass. Your curved cock rubs where only you can go. A place never before touched by another man, but one I know you will fill. You pick me up and carry me over to the mirrored wall.

“Ohhh yes!!! George, fuck me!”

You slam me up against the mirror and drive your cock home. You are holding me up and driving me. Pushing in deeper than either of us thought possible. You slip out a little and slam it home again, driving my ass into the wall hard!

“I hope I did not bruise you baby girl.” you breathe. Suddenly cum flies out of you, holding me up almost off my feet, standing me on my tip toes. Gravity putting your cock where it can’t escape. You are stretching my legs for your cock to hit that infamous G spot just right. I hang on you, like a tree limb. Your cock head curving upward and hitting my hot spot.

“My Georgie Spot!” I scream. “Oh fuck me big boy!”

You slam it in and out like a piston.

“Oh”, I cry “You need this as much as I do baby!”

“Yeah, I do baby. Fuck yes George needs you. Fucking feel this baby! Hmm? It will go right through you!””

“Ohhh, God yes!”

Now your cock is pointing up inside of me. I can feel it in my belly. So hard and swollen. You have so much to fill me with. After a year of yanking it for me on the phone you cannot believe it would even work. We are filled and splitting with pleasure. You promise you still have more for me. You are throbbing and wanting to fill my pussy full. But trying to hold off. It feels so good.

“Oh baby. I love it!!!” I say.

“I can’t last much longer; I need you to cum baby.”

“Cum in me George.” I plead.

“I must slow down or I will cum all over you!” you pant.

“Just fill me, oh fill me so full!”

“I can’t stop now!”

“Mmm,” I hum into your ear as I suck your lobe.

“Oh Beth I’m pumping you! Fuck! I love it! My cock is ready to shoot!”

“Fuck me harder!” I beg.

“YES YOU SLUT! Is this harder?” you ask with a smile.

“Now!” I scream, “Fuck me NOW!”

Mmm “Fuck Beth here it cums! Hold on baby!”

“George I’m Cumming!” Mmm, God! Ohhh so, mmm.

“I will blow your head off this time! Cummm baby, ohh cum with me!” he threatens, orgasm looming.

“Take me baby” George pleads, “feel me inside you.”

“Ohh, yes. Like claps of thunder. You are cumming in my hot cunt. Lightning strikes, sucking the cum all out of you.”

“Yes Bethany, take it all out of me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh baby, that was mmm so good! I’m hard for you again. Filling you up and feeling the fluids running down our legs. Wet sticky hot love juice, mixed for us by us! Throbbing in you, you pulsing on my cock, still hard and deep – fuck I can’t talk, but I can fuck — so it’s a fair trade any day if you ask me!”

“Oh how I love it when you cum Georgie. I love my end of this deal!” I purr.

“You make me cum many times a day Bethany. But today, finally, as promised you get it all! My yummy cock, all for you, so hot and thinking of you all the time. I get nothing done in a day, but what a hot fucking day it turns out to be! Well no work that is, thank you so much baby for coming on this vacation with me.”

“Oh George thank-you, you’re so good to me!”

“No, thank you! You are so special. You have lit up my life.” you swear to me.

“Ditto!” I reply.

“I haven’t been this happy in ages. I’m smiling like a horny teenager in love.”

“Me either.”

“My cock has a new outlook on life, thanks to you. Not just fucking but something special – more than sex. Much more.”

“Yes, more than sex George. Feelings and all, I’m alive for the first time in years.”

“As am I. I understand. And I am looking forward to much more. Now let me take you in my embrace and kiss you.” You plead needlessly.

“That is wonderful George. I’m so happy for both of us, and look forward to the future.”

The saxophonist played to start off our private, beachside dinner for two. All inclusive resorts are so much fun. Who knew (George knew). We walked hand-in-hand along the winding, stone pathways to the hidden Jacuzzi and mineral spring’s grotto – there truly is romance to discover at every corner. Ten days in paradise with my love. Uninhibited, bare and free. I won’t have to worry about tan lines! And no laundry! Maybe I’ll let him take me shopping for body jewellry. Does life get any better or hotter?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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