Au Naturel Nature

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My lovely Siobhan and I live in a very special area. The outdoors are literally right on our doorstep. Kayaking, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking are after work options. By 6pm you can be waist deep in nature. We also live in a university town, so there’s; theater, concerts, galleries all over town. Being a college town of course the clubs are always hopping, and the eye candy is very nice! But the winter sports are what we love and why we live here, an early afternoon off from work and you’re on the slopes, some of the best skiing in the nation.

Cross country skiing, unless you live in the middle of town. Put your ski’s on in your back yard, and before you’re winded, you’re in the still, quiet, deep woods. Once Siobhan and I watched a fawn being born in our back yard. We’ve had a black bear sow and two cubs as guests, several times. A fair sized black bear boar, made a real pest of himself. Until we had to have Fish and Wildlife trap him for relocation.

But tomorrow, Nude Day, the options are somewhat sparse. And Siobhan loves to get naked; we just don’t have many options. Backyard pools in this climate zone are pretty much a waste. I know of beaches on lakes and rivers, some public and some hidden, some with more than a healthy hike. But all are open to anyone, so if you want to get naked. Expect Mom, Dad, and all the little kiddies at any moment. Sometimes a very angry Mom and Dad. After dragging all the little kids down the trail, or the river bank. They don’t like to find those nasty naked people.

The nearest ocean beach is…a very long way away. Nudist resorts…nah I don’t know where the nearest one is, but it’s not close. Being here in the thick of nature, and in this special area. What we have is the underground geo-thermal belt that runs from Yellowstone Park, northwest, up to the Pacific Ocean at the Canadian coast.

Hot springs, nature’s hot tubs. A short drive and we’re at a mountain resort, with your own little log cabins, a bar, and a restaurant that serves the best breakfast, hamburgers, and steaks you could ever want. Nothing fancy, just damn good food and enough of it. Even for me, 6ft 4 about 230lbs, very blonde hair, blue eyed German.

Farther down the highway, across a large river. Over a swinging foot bridge, you’re into the edge of a restricted wilderness area. That means pack it in, pack it out. Leave no permanent changes, means no vehicles of any kind. It’s either by horse or by foot, I prefer foot.

Across the river bridge, you’re at the trail head. Towels, blanket, several bottles of wine, and candles, a couple of day packs. Up the trail, about an hour in and you’re at an active geo-thermal area. There’s maybe 10-12 useable hot springs in a fifty mile area, and some you don’t want to stick your toe in.

The ones we like are about an hour’s easy hike, and we’re at a small woodland meadow with several seep pots, that’s where hot water flows up from underground into small natural ponds. Being such a high mineral content in the water, they’re clear and clean, free of any underwater plant life. Sometimes with a soft sand bottom.

There are two main spots we like to use; both are up the same trail. One is in a stream bed right next to a small rock cliff. The hot water falls right out of the rock cliff face, in a mini water fall. You can stand under it, if you like it hot. At about a fifteen foot fall it’s quite a massage. Over the years people have used river rock to make several fair sized pools from the run off of the waterfall. Each pool is mixed with a small amount of river water. At the pools descent, each is a little cooler.

Siobhan and I love this place, one year we hiked in at late evening. Champagne instead of wine, candles and snacks. In a snowfall with huge flakes, softly floating down. All by ourselves, we fucked each other silly from one year into the next. Hell with New Year Eve kisses and Auld lang syne. Fuck the old year out and the New Year in. You don’t get many special times in your life like that.

The other one we like is the largest seep pool at the woodland meadow. It’s maybe 25ft in diameter, with several very large boulders that form a small grotto, against the hillside. Again over the years people have stacked river rock to make the pool deeper and larger. It’s about three feet deep at most and tapers up to an easy sitting height at the rock wall edges. Because it’s a seep pool it stays at a constant temperature, that’s just right.

There’s another midsized pool on a small hill top very close to the big one, and with several small ones on the flat closer to the stream. This park can allow twenty to thirty people in to soak. Most of the textile people are there around noon to early afternoon. And they come to these pools knowing there’s nudity there, and leave before the action starts. Yeah, when you get open minded naked people, out in the woods, in hot water. In the dusk and late evening, night, you’ll get action.

And Siobhan loves the action; she loves being naked, loves showing casino siteleri off, and loves being watched, loves sex, lots of sex. Being watched while she’s fuckin is her trip, being watched by lots of people while she’s fuckin…oh yeah, she loves that! Men or women, she doesn’t care, it’s all sex. And they love my Siobhan.

There is no doubt to Siobhan’s heritage. Freckles on freckles on freckles; pale white skin, brilliant green eyes and all that red-orange hair down to her, small tight ass. She’s my elfin, little Irish rose, all she needs is pointy little ears. And she’s little, petite, barely 5ft tall with a-cup breasts, and the tiniest amount of soft red fuzz. Barely a hundred pounds, beautiful pixy features, oh… yeah they love my little Siohban.

We try to hit the hot springs on Nude Day every year, THIS years Nude Day was more than a little exciting, much more. We had an early lunch at the resort; we wanted to miss most of the textiles at the springs. So 2pm was the target time. Brats, buns, matches, and a sharp knife would be dinner. Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for dessert. Five bottles of wine, two white and three red, a canteen and safety pills took care of all the liquid needs. And we were off. The cliff pool is the one you get to first, and we found a couple with two of their girl friends there.

As usual we attracted their attention as we got naked, big me, tiny Siobhan. The couple was an average looking, early middle aged couple, but easy to talk to, one of their friends was special. A Native American girl, tall about 6ft, ravens black hair down to the middle of her back. Liquid brown eyes and sharp cheek bones. Slim built with soft black fur, and ruby brown points up high. Siohban slid right up to her, and we all laughed at the image of them next to each other.

The other girl was a small, brown eyed, dirty blonde, that carried just a few pounds more than I like, but still very attractive. Mary was her name; the couple was Carrie and Tim. And we had a nice time drinking and talking, laughing. Especially about Kelly and Siobhan. It didn’t take long, as I knew it wouldn’t.

I don’t know why us guy’s find seduction so hard. To watch Siobhan work is just amazing, and so easy. Just small touches, arm, shoulder, whispers and laughs. Fingers brushing hair, holding hands, wrapping fingers. More whispers, soft quick light kiss, on the ear. Nibble on the palm of the hand, suck on the fingers. All so slow and soft, the couple just sat there with their mouths agape. Kelly watched Siobhan, but never pulled away.

Never really moved until they started kissing. Then slowly got into it, kissing back, touching. Tim pulled Carrie’s back into his lap as they kept watching Kelly and Siobhan. Siobhan’s got Kelly up sitting on the rocks, and she’s playing and sucking her breasts. Her hand gently touching that soft black fur. Tim’s playing with Carrie’s breasts as they watch, and I can feel that Mary can’t sit still. So I pull her back into the front of me. Start softly touching her; kiss her as she looks up at me, playing with her soft breasts.

Kelly and Siobhan are definitely driving the heat of everyone up. We’re all still watching them, as Siobhan is fingers deep in Kelly. Sucking and biting on hard ruby nips, pulling soft moans from head back Kelly. Kelly’s hands are busy too, At Siobhan’s breasts and a long arm down to pet Sio’s soft red fuzz. I call her that when we’re making love, Sio. When we play like this, with other people, it’s like we’re making love, just through others.

But I’m through watching so I turn Mary around, and hold her up floating in the water. Up so her bare slit is out of the water. Slide in between her thighs and inhale her scent. Drag my tongue from bottom to top of that pretty little slit. I get a jerk and a groan from her. So I keep going, pressing deeper and deeper into her, and then drag up flat on to her button. My reward is another sharp cry and jerk.

I love eating out women; I know a lot of guys don’t like to do that, oral sex. But I love it; nothing cranks me up higher and faster. Than a woman’s aroma and taste, and they’re all different. Some very light, almost no taste or aroma. Then other’s pungent with a sharp or spicy taste, but it’s all good to me. And Mary’s one of the lighter ones, almost a sweet taste.

The only thing that winds me up tighter is the noises and cries when she cums. I LOVE making women cum, and again they’re all different. Some silent screaming, some screaming to wake the heavens. Moans, jerks, grunts, wails, they’re all different. I’ve only had one go butter on me; I was licking her with my fingers inside, the first time she came. Her body went soft like warm butter, limp. A soft sigh escaped, but inside, her pussy was grabbing, clamping on my fingers, hard. When she came on my cock, it was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. They’re all different, and Mary was going to scream for me.

I slide one arm up higher on her back to hold her out of the water. Fingers canlı casino push into wet pussy, hook up to hunt for that special, wet, rough spot at the top of her. I find it and it’s big and sensitive, and she jerks, jumps right away. With my thumb on her clit, fingers on her g spot. I roll them around like I have a small pea between them, my thumb and fingers. And I watch her face, I love that, watching them cum. She’s going to, soon.

I feel it as she starts to climb, that shiver that starts deep, small jerks in her belly. Jerk, jerk, and I have to lift up harder on her back. As her eyes roll to white, her head falls, body locks up, and her channel clamps hard on my fingers. And she CUMS screaming. And I love it, and I get extra, as I look up to Carrie whose been riding in Tim’s lap. She’s been staring at Mary as she started cuming. When Mary screamed, Carrie’s head fell back to Tim’s shoulder, with a hard moan; she started shuttering and shuttering, cumming on his cock. I watched as Tim lifted his hips and filled her.

FUCK I love it. I look to Sio and Kelly, and realize that I haven’t heard either of them cum. Sio’s been licking Kelly, giving her small cums. Soft slow action, lots of attention. Both have been watching the rest of us. Kelly’s finger is in Sio’s red fuzz, wet pussy. Sio sits up, reaching for my hand, and I think I know what she wants.

I pull Kelly into the water and slide under her holding her up. So Sio can get into her, with her legs up higher and wider. Sio slides in to really get her off, suck her down. And we play with her between us, me with her breast and nipples. Pinching, twisting, and pulling on her nips. Caressing, cupping, squeezing those ruby tipped, tan breasts. Sio’s buried in her puss, lips, tongue, and teeth. Fingers stroking thighs, ass, clit and inside. Play for those sounds, sounds of rising passion.

Sio’s eyes are watching Kelly’s face, looking into my eyes. I see the slight smile on her face, as she sucks hard on Kelly’s clit. Pulls it from her mouth with a pop, sucks down again, and then nips her with her teeth. Kelly’s head slams back into my shoulder, and the scream blasts past my ear, and she’s cumming! Sio’s face and eyes are up watching Kelly scream, but her fingers are still inside, moving. Moving as Kelly starts winding down. Sio’s watching, at some certain point, she drops back to suck Kelly’s clit back between her lips. Flicking it with her tongue, stroking inside with her fingers. Winding Kelly back up and it doesn’t take much. Kelly locks up, jerks and screams again, cumming.

Sio slides out from between Kelly’s legs, up to me kissing me, sucking my tongue. She whispers into my ear.

“Fuck her David, fuck her hard!”

So I stand up and turn Kelly around, pull her up tight to me and kiss her. Sucking her tongue into my mouth. Turning I sit back on a larger rock, lifting her by her waist, she wraps those long, long legs around me. Lifting her higher I feel Sio’s hand grab my cock, align it up to Kelly. As I let her weight settle down on my rock hard cock. I’m glad she’s came a couple of times, because she’s tight, wet, but real tight. So I let her weight do the work, and she slides down, down, down, slowly, all in one drop!

“AH…FUCK your big.” Gasp, gasp, and gasp, “FUCKKKK I’m so FULL.”

I heard Sio start giggling, as I feel Sio slide up to Kelly’s back. Her hand slips down between our bodies onto Kelly’s clit.


I think to myself, this isn’t going to take long. I can still feel Sio in behind Kelly, and then she starts pushing, rocking Kelly’s hips. So I start lifting, dropping Kelly on my rod, she’s tight and wet and it feels fucking wonderful. I let myself go and just start driving up into her. Driving for the finish line. I still feel Sio’s hand between Kelly and I, rubbing, stroking Kelly’s button. Kelly’s just grunting, panting, and shaking from how hard I’m pounding into her. She knots up and SCREAMS and cums.

But I’m not there yet, so I still keep hammering into her. Then I really start loving it as she clamps down on my cock again, and cums. Four, five more strokes, she clamps down and cums again. Five, six more strokes and I can’t take it anymore. I slam up into her, pull her down hard, and start filling her. PULSE…PULSE, I feel Sio’s finger slide up into Kelly’s ass, PULSE. Kelly screams, scre…and falls limp in my arms. Out like a light. I feel my cock still jerking, as I hear Sio start giggling, laughing. Feel her wiggling her finger inside Kelly’s ass, against my cock, laughing.

As Sio pulls her finger out of Kelly’s ass, Kelly starts to move, groaning. I see Tim, Carrie and Mary all together, they’ve been watching, of course. How could they not, they’re only 6ft away from us. Tim’s just shaking his head;

“That was better than the best porn movie I’ve ever seen!” Carrie slaps his arm.

“That wasn’t porn that was beautiful. Hotter than hell, but beautiful!”

And kaçak casino Mary’s nodding along. But I’m watching Kelly, who’s got both hands over her mouth, amazed with herself.

“I can’t believe I’ve just had the best sex of my life. With people I just met, in front of an audience of my best friends. And with a woman, I’ve never been with a woman before. I feel like such a slut!”

And the tears start rolling down her cheeks. I knew she was going to drop. No one can get wound up that high and not drop. As much as a ‘nice girl’ she seemd when we first got here, I thought it might drop into guilt. Siobhan must have thought so too. Because the tears don’t fall for more than a couple seconds, and Siobhan’s wiping them off with her thumbs. Holding her face in her hands, staring into her eyes.

“OH…no sweetie you could never be a slut, you’re too beautiful of a person. It’s just not in your make-up to be a slut. You’re just a beautiful sexual woman, so special. Sexy, beautiful, hot, why do you think we wanted you. Your special, a beautifully special good person, just hot as hell too.”

It’s not a couple of seconds more and Carrie and Mary are right there with Siobhan. All comforting Kelly. I just look to Tim and shrug, women. It’s talking and wine, some laughs and they decide it’s time for them to go. So handshakes, hugs and kisses, one to Kelly;

“Your just plain beautiful Kelly, never forget that!”

With a kiss on the top of her head and a very tight hug. We turned up the trail to the seep pools and they headed down the trail toward home.

Siobhan and I had just thrown our clothes into our day packs, as it was just a quarter mile to the meadow. As we dumped our day packs by the largest pool, Siohban dug around in hers for a bit and I slid into the hot water. There were ten Nude Day celebrators already there, five couples. One couple looked to be a little over forty, down to the couple who looked like they didn’t quite make twenty, or maybe just twenty.

Siobhan came over by me, close. It wasn’t long and she was very obviously stroking my cock. As soon as I got hard, she used her other hand to rub some lube on me. Slid into my lap, wiggled side to side, up and down, all the way down onto my cock, and was finally happy. No she’s not my little exhibitionist, no not at all! You could tell it raised a few eye brows in the pool. And she loved it, slid her hand down between her legs and started lightly touching herself. Started talking to the people in the pool. Like nothing was unusual. When the giggles and light chuckles started I smiled, because I knew no one could resist her.

The lube Siobhan got was because of water and how small she was. It was very hard to get inside her in water; it dries out a woman’s natural moisture. With Sio so small, and me a little more than ‘proportional’ to my body size. I’m 16in taller than her and over twice her body weight. It was more than uncomfortable for her, in the water.

Sio and I would do this, her lying back on my chest, inside her. She would lightly masturbate; prolong it into several small climaxes. Stretched out over a long length of time. As long as I could keep it hard. If she could keep her small climaxes from getting too far apart, we could keep it ‘up’ for hours.

This was what she was doing; she would lie back on my chest, gasp, sigh, and groan and cum. Then go back to talking, after a while it would repeat, gasp, sigh, groan and cum. Never very hard and never more than several seconds in length. It was doing two things, Sio loved people watching her, and it cranked up the others. But she didn’t get to play very long.


People bailed out of the pool running, Siobhan spun, and grabbed my arm. Diving into that rock grotto as fast as she could move, the real young girl slid in too. As I turned pushing the girls in as deep as I could, covering them with my body. I looked up to the long legs, huge rack of horns, of a bull moose, standing in the middle of our pool. Well I guess if he wanted it, it was his pool. I slid back into that rock grotto as tight as I could and tried to make like…a rock.

I was scared shit-less, no I was fuckin terrified. A bull moose is one of, if not the most unpredictable, dangerous animal in the wild. They’re worst than a grizzly bear, a grizzly will either charge or leave you alone. A bull moose will do ANYTHING. I’ve heard of bulls, in the middle of rut, charge a slow moving freight train.

Once I had my own incident with a young bull moose. Very early morning, walking down a trail on the side of a ridge, archery hunting for elk. The hairs on the back of my neck jumped, and I stepped up off the trail. A young bull moose, which had been right behind me! WALKED RIGHT PASSED ME! I could have reached out and touched his back, and he walked right on passed!

Not two hundred yards down the trail he ripped up about a hundred foot circle of bush, small trees, grass, rocks and dirt. And pissed over all of it. I crouched down behind a very large tree and listened to the whole thing. Scared the fuck out of me. I went home, and didn’t hunt the rest of that year. I used up all my luck for that year. You never know what a bull moose will do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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