Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 05

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Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Peg stepped out of the shower feeling really good about herself. Wiping herself down, she wrapped the towel around her and stepped out of the bathroom. Her body glowed, both with the warmth of the hot shower as well as how she felt. Tyler was asleep on the bed. She smiled as she remembered how she had taken his cock in her mouth earlier that morning while he had still been sleeping. He had stirred awake.

“Morning baby” She had said and gone back to sucking him slowly. She had really enjoyed it and Tyler had asked her to stop so he could fuck her. “Just lie back and enjoy this baby. It’s all about you this morning.”

She had sucked him long and slow, teasing his balls as she did and occasionally moving her fingers to toy with his ass hole. Tyler had bucked and squirmed as her fingers played along his puckered bud and then moaned loudly when she licked his ass. Peg went back to his cock and after keeping him on the brink for a long time, she bobbed her head up and down and then sucked hard in his swollen cock head. He finally erupted in her mouth with a loud groan. There was so much spunk and Peg had swallowed greedily, loving his hot cream splashing in her mouth.

She smiled again, feeling her pussy twitch at the memory. Peg opened her panty drawer and realised she was running out of panties. She would need to do her laundry soon. She picked out a pair of sheer, lacy, black panties and put them on. Then a black bra. Rummaging through her wardrobe she put on a simple florally dress. She didn’t have any appointments today and didn”t have to dress up too much.

Peg looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she say. She had to admit that she hadn’t felt this good about herself in a long time. She ruffled her hair, spritzed herself with some perfume and then went back to the bed, sitting beside Tyler.

She kissed Tyler on the forehead. He stirred awake.

“Hmmm? You leaving already?” Tyler asked groggily

“Some of us have to work. “She laughed. “What are your plans today Tyler?”

“Thought I’d go to the library later, try to do some of my summer reading. Should be back by 5 latest.”

“Okay then baby.” Peg responded. “I should be back around that time too.” She grabbed his cock. “I’ll see you later then.”

** ***

Peg couldn’t keep her mind on work. Fortunately, It was a slow day and she whiled away time dreaming about Tyler and the way he had fucked her so good the previous day. Three times in one evening! And they had slept right through the night. She recalled how Steve would fuck her at night and then early in the morning she would wake to find his cock hard against her butt cheeks. He would kiss her neck and then they would have early morning sex. She liked to refer to it as 4am sex. It was pure, hard, sex. Not much foreplay, but just sliding it in and getting rammed good. And then falling asleep again before having to wake up.

Her pussy tingled as she imagined Tyler’s semen swimming about in her stomach. He had tasted so good and when she had swallowed him, she herself had cum. She loved how she felt so horny, something that she hadn’t experience for a while. Glancing and the clock, it showed 4pm. Tyler had said he would be back by 5. Maybe she could go home early and get a surprise ready for him. She smiled wickedly as she picked up her bag and headed toward her car.

** ****

Tyler spent the better part of the day in the library trying to focus on his Physics assignments. He had barely scraped through his exams and the lecturer had required extra work from him. He hadn’t done too much in the library though as his thoughts kept going back to Aunt Peg. All thoughts related to Mechanics went back to sex. Trying to calculate force required canlı bahis to overcome friction would lead him to thinking about how much force he would need to plunged his cock into Peg’s pussy. When faced with questions related to Decibels and sound waves he would think of Peg’s screams and moans. He spent a lot of time reading about how to prolong an erection without coming, different ways women liked to be satisfied and general sex tips. That kept him hard and erect for a long time and that’s why he stayed in the library for as long as he did. As it neared 5pm, he decided it was time to go home.

He couldn’t wait to get home and fuck Aunt Peg and he hoped she would be in the mood too. He reached Peg’s apartment and fumbled for the keys, opening the door. His heart started to beat faster as he saw her crumpled dress lying on the floor in front of the doorway. She was home before him but why was her dress on the floor? Was she fucking someone else? Oh dear god no!

He walked in and picked up the dress. Then he saw a pair of panties on the floor, and another, and another. They formed a trail to her door. This was obviously a signal to him, he thought to himself. He picked up each panty and sniffed them in turn. The smell of his aunts pussy strong on each of the panties and her scent was intoxicating. His cock throbbed hotly.

Tyler walked to Peg’s bedroom, the collection of panties in his hand and opened the door. She was lying there with her legs splayed open wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties. A lump formed in Tyler’s throat as he took in the sight before him.

“You like my little panty trail baby?” Peg cooed.

“Oh goddd..” Was all that Tyler could muster.

“Come peel these off baby.” She said coyly, placing her hands on the elastic of her panties. “Come see how wet they are. My pussy has been leaking the whole day just thinking of you. Imagining your hard cock sliding into me.”

Tyler swallowed hard and walked over to her. He placed the collection of panties on the end of the bed and then moved forward to grasp the band of her panties and then pulled them down. Peg lifted her legs to let him take them off her.

“Go on.” Peg commanded. “Smell them. Feel how wet they are.”

Tyler lifted the panties to his nose and her smell was strong. The gusset was damp and there was white pussy cream on it. He shuddered involuntarily as his nose took in her scent. Pussy cream, mixed with piss and then some perfume. It was exhilarating.

“Oh Goddd Aunt Peg.” Tyler moaned. “You smell so good…”

Peg crawled to the edge of the bed on her fours and unzipped Tyler,s pants and pulled down his underpants, freeing his cock. His meat waved in the air and she engulfed it with her mouth, slurping on it.

“Awww Fucckkkk” Tyler gasped as Peg’s mouth slipped over his cock. He sniffed harder on the panties, burying them in his nose. His tongue sneaked out and licked the gusset, tasting her juices. His cock throbbed hotly in Peg’s mouth.

“mmmmmm…” Peg moaned around his cock. She pulled of him. “you taste so good. But I want it in me.”

Peg lay back, her ass on the edge of the bed and her legs pulled up beside her ass. She picked up one of her panties and sniffed on it. “I do smell good.” She laughed. “No wonder you love my used panties so much.”

Tyler moved toward her, still sniffing on her panties. He placed his cock at the opening of her pussy and could immediately feel the wetness. He thrust into her hard, causing Peg to gasp out loudly.

“Oh Goddd.. yessss..” She moaned as his cock pushed deep into her. “Oh godd.. fuck me Tyler. Fuck me.”

Tyler started to plough into her slowly, feeling the insides of her pussy close on his cock. He reached down to rub on her clit as he fucked her slowly. He was gonna take his bahis siteleri time and make her cum over and over.

“Fuckkk… Oh god… oh god… “Peg cried out. “your gonna make me cum with what you’re doing…Oh goddddd”

He flicked her clit slowly, in time with the thrusting of his cock. Slow thrusts and slow teasing of her clit with his thumb. He felt her pussy start to spasm and he increased the pressure of his thumb on her clit.

Aaahh…aaaaahhhhhhh… Aaaaahhhhh Eeeagghhhh!! Tylerrrr!” Peg screamed out as she bucked her hips against his hands and cock. Her thighs quivered and her body started to shake. Her hands flew to her tits and she squeezed them hard. Tyler could feel her pussy muscles spasming and he stopped thrusting, letting his cock rest deep inside her. The contraction of her pussy on his cock heightened his pleasure but he didn’t move but just stayed still enjoying the sensation. Peg moved her hand to his to remove it from her clit. She continued spasming and just as she calmed down, Tyler started to move in her again with long slow thrusts. His hands moved up to pinch her nipples sending electric jolts to course through her.

He pulled out of her slowly, teasing her nipples, pinching them harder and causing her to moan. Tyler started to fuck her a little faster but only moving half his cock in and out of her. Peg moaned as his speed increased. Tyler suddenly rammed the whole length of his cock into her.

“Fucckkk.. Oh Yess Oh Godd.”

He pulled out again and repeated his actions, fucking half his cock fast into her and then ramming it in hard all the way. Peg mewled and moaned, her head thrashing from side to side.

“Ohh GOdd.. gonna cum again…fuk…fuck…fuckkkkkk..Aaaagghhhhhhh!” Peg screamed out as once again her body shook and spasmed. Tyler again stopped his movements as she came but this time he didn’t allow her enough time to completely come down from her orgasm. Just as he felt her pussy stop spasming so much he started to fuck her hard and fast again. Almost immediately he could feel her pussy start clenching at his cock again.

He leaned over her to her ear. “You gonna cum again aren’t you?” He said. ” I can feel you. I can feel you coming.”

“yesss Yess Baby! Yes!!” Peg cried. “Oh godddd… your making me cum againnnnnn” She humped up at him almost violently as she screamed out in ecstasy. Her whole body shook and trembled and this time Tyler kept plunging into her, deep and slow. Peg kept cumming, her pussy convulsing around his cock. Tyler paused for a moment again, this time letting her come down from her orgasm completely.

“ohh baby…Ohhhh.. Goddd… Ohhhh…” Peg mewled. Tyler pulled his cock out and looked down at it. It was covered in white pussy cream. He moved to the side of the bed and offered Peg his cock. She lapped at it hungrily, tasting her own juices.

Tyler pulled back out of her mouth and tapped her on the ass. “Turn over on your fours.” He said.

Peg turned around and clambered up on her knees, bending her head forward to raise her ass. Tyler spread her ass cheeks wide and slipped his cock into her gaping pussy. Peg cried out as he entered her. He placed his hands on her hips and started pounding hard into her. Peg moaned and cried out as his cock hit places deep inside her. His hands came around her to grab her breasts and use them as leverage to fuck even harder into her.

Peg came hard, her cries of ecstasy muffled by the bed. Her hands grabbed the bedsheet and clenched them tight as her pussy was pounded hard. She kept coming and coming. “Oh God Tyler!! Oh God!! Nyyeeaaaaghhhh…unnnhhh…ahhhhhh … fuckkkk aaaaaahhhhh!”

Tyler stopped for a moment, letting her gain her senses again. His cock throbbed and lurched in her pussy, triggering another small climax for her. bahis şirketleri Taylor a break as well as he knew he was getting close even though her had been pacing himself. He pulled his cock out of her and replaced it with his fingers. Two fingers went in and then three. Aunt Peg gasped loudly.

Tyler pressed his fingers deep into her and then curved them downwards, hitting her g-spot. He started to hammer his fingers down as he fucked them in and out of her furiously.

“Oh Goddd… what are you doing???”

Tyler kept on stimulating her g-spot and then with his other hand he suddenly stuck two fingers into her ass.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh”! Peg screamed at the sudden intrusion. Almost simultaneously her body shuddered and she screamed again in climax. Her pussy clenched on Tylers fingers and he almost felt them squash together. Thick cream oozed out of her pussy and dripped down her thighs. He could feel her asshole clenching on his fingers as well. Her body involuntarily kept fucking back at his fingers in her ass and pussy as she moaned incoherently.

“Fuckkk,,,,oh aahhhgghhhaaahhh oooohhh…fuck fuck…fucckkkkkk…Oh god …Fuck my ass… Please…please” She begged.

Tyler needed no further prompting. He knew he was relatively close to coming and the tightness of her ass would definitely give him his much awaited release.

He pulled out his fingers from her ass and pussy and lined his cock up against her bung hole. Her ass had widened with his fingers in it and it almost seemed as if it was spasming in anticipation. He pushed in hard with one thrust of his hips, feeling the tight ass give way to his large cock.

“Eeeyyaaggghhhhh oh godddddd… Oh fuckkkkkk” Peg cried out as the turgid meat sank deep into her bowels. Her ass hadn’t been fucked in a long time and it still hurt a little as he shoved his cock in. Her hand flew down to her clit to rub furiously and quickly enough the pain turned to pleasure.

Tyler groaned as he felt the hot, dry, tightness of his aunts ass. He had never fucked an ass before and he loved how the puckered anus seemed to grip his cock. It was a different feeling from her pussy that was wet and seemed a bit more elastic. Tyler started to move in her, gradually picking up speed. He rammed into her hard and fast and soon enough he could feel the pressure building in his balls wanting to run up the shaft of his penis and erupt in a fountain of pleasure.

Peg groaned and grunted as her ass was pummeled. She could feel another orgasm building and she relished the feeling. Her hands again moved to clench the sheets and she moaned loudly.

Ohhhh… I’m gonna cummm..aunt Peg… I’m gonna cum!” Tyler cried out.

“yes baby! Yess… yes.. yes…cum baby… cum in my ass.. cum with meeeeeee”

Both nephew and aunt shuddered and cried out. Tylers cock spewed its hot lava into Pegs anus. She fell forward and Tyler followed suit, laying on top of her back. They both trembled together as her ass filled up with his cum. Tyler pulled out and watched his cum dribble out of her ass. His body shuddered again in the aftermath of orgasm as well as at the lurid sight.

Tyler bent down and kissed Peg’s ass. Her legs and ass were trembling and jerking spasmodically. He watched as they finally stopped trembling and she lay there face down and completely spent.

Tyler stepped into the bathroom and washed up. When he returned, Aunt Peg had turned over, and was lying spread eagled. He looked down at her pussy and thighs that were slick and had white cream coating them. He got into bed and snuggled up to her. “You okay Aunt Peg?”

“Yesss… oh yessssss…” she cooed softly. “That was so intense Tyler. Oh my Goddd. I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard or so many times…” She turned and kissed him hard on the lips.

Tyler beamed happily inside. He smiled at his aunt as he wondered is Steve had ever fucked her as good as he had. With that thought in his mind, he held his aunt and they both drifted off to sleep…

To be continued.

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