Aunt Robyn Cums Again and Again

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It had been a long, rough day for Robyn. The new client had been especially difficult, and despite her best efforts, she didn’t think she was going to get his account.

It was 3:20PM on Thursday and Robyn decided that she’d done enough for the day. She phoned Diane, her assistant, and told her that she was going home. Davey and Sarah had gone out to find more toys and equipment for the den, so Robyn figured she’d have at least two or three hours to herself — she needed to unwind.

Once at home, she kicked off her heels, grabbed a beer from the fridge and flopped out on the couch. She dozed off after two sips.

“Hard day at the office?” someone asked her 30 minutes later.

Robyn shot up with a start, almost spilling her beer.

Stacey, her younger sister, stood at the opposite end of the couch.

“Omigod!” Robyn gasped, rising to greet her. “What are you doing here? I didn’t think you were coming until tomorrow.”

The two women hugged and returned to the couch.

“Thought I’d come in today and oversee the party planning.” Stacey informed her. “I got here this morning after you’d left for work. Davey and his new girl came and got me at the airport.”

Stacey’s attitude towards her sister had changed since their encounters on New Year’s Eve. She regarded Robyn less as her older sister and more as her new toy. This was the first time the two of them had been alone since that wild night.

“So,” Stacey began staring intensely at her sister. “Did you miss me, Robyn?”

Robyn blushed and could no longer look at her sister.

“Well?” Stacey insisted. “Did you?”

“You know I did.” Robyn finally confessed, shyly looking down at her hands in her lap.

“Good.” Stacey replied after a pause. Smiling, she gently brushed back Robyn’s hair to expose her ear, leaned towards her and whispered harshly: “I missed you too, sister — I missed taking you — I missed using you!”

When they were younger, her sister had always been the more outgoing, sometimes more bossy, of the two — always wanting things her way. But this was a lot different than arguing over toys or clothes; this was a side of Stacey that Robyn was still trying to become accustomed to.

Stacey’s “dark side” intimidated and excited her — Robyn trembled slightly.

“I think I’d like a beer, too.” Stacey told her, settling against the cushions.

Promptly, Robyn rose went to the kitchen and returned with a beer poured in a tall Pilsner glass.

“I hope you don’t mind that I put my things in your room?” Stacey announced more than asked. “I think I’d like to sleep with you tonight. Maybe I’ll join this ‘Sarah-girl’ another night, once I get to know her better.”

“That’s just fine.” Robyn nodded, hoping her sister would notice how pleased she was with the idea.

“Come with me.” Stacey abruptly ordered, rising and heading for the stairs.

Robyn followed her sister up the stairs and to her bedroom.

“Strip. Leave nothing on.” Stacey said.

Again, Robyn did exactly as she was told. Within minutes she had removed every piece of clothing or jewelry she was wearing.

Standing at the window sipping her beer, Stacey hadn’t even turned to notice her sister standing there naked and waiting for her next order. Robyn stood there silently, watching her sister and waiting; her nipples and pussy began to tingle.

Once she had drained her glass and placed it on the bureau, Stacey finally turned to look at Robyn. She smiled and pointed to the bed. Robyn walked over and sat.

“Now undress me.” Stacey ordered standing only inches in front of her.

Robyn proceeded to slowly and carefully remove her sister’s clothing; starting with her blouse and finally ending with her red-lace thong.

Shoving her back onto the mattress, Stacey climbed on top of her sister; she roughly pulled her hair as she forced her legs between Robyn’s thighs and began grinding her pussy against hers. Robyn could only moan as her sister sucked and nibbled at her bottom-lip.

“That’s right, sis!” Stacey growled at her. “All mine! All mine! Anytime and anyway I want you, you’re all mine!”

Stacey forced her tongue into her sister’s mouth; they shared a hard, wet, passionate kiss for several minutes. Both women could feel the wetness and the orgasms building between their thighs.

Turning into a 69-position, Stacey smothered her sister with her pussy.

“Eat me, bitch!” she snarled. Robyn put as much of her tongue as she could manage into her sister’s hungry pussy, sucking and lapping at her clit.

“Oh yeah, that’s it.” Stacey moaned. “Eat my pussy just like that. Stick your tongue up in there. Stick it in my ass too!”

Robyn complied — running her tongue across her sister’s tight asshole.

“Yes!” Stacey snarled through clenched teeth. “You like licking my shit-hole, don’t you? You nasty, fucking whore! Lick my tight asshole!”

Stacey spread the lips of Robyn’s pussy with one hand and began pinching her clit with the other. Robyn twitched casino oyna and moaned, with her mouth full of Stacey’s crotch.

“Stick your fingers in my pussy!” Stacey ordered. Robyn pushed her middle and index fingers into her sister’s snatch and slowly pumped them in and out.

“My ass, too!” Stacey gasped.

Surprised by the request, Robyn slowly worked two fingers from her other hand into Stacey’s tight ass, until she DP-finger-fucked her sister at a steady pace. She bucked her hips against her sister’s hands and face, loudly moaning her approval.

Stacey then lowered her face to Robyn’s pussy and began eating her as well; Robyn was again surprised and pleased — this was the first time her sister had gone down on her. They licked, sucked and fingered each other for several minutes — the smell of pussy and the sound of hungry, wet pussies filled the room. Robyn was the first to reach her orgasm. With a loud squeal and shuddering thighs, she came — squirting juice onto her younger sister’s face.

“Very nice.” Stacey smiled, climbing towards the head of the bed. “Now you can get me off too!”

Stacey rolled onto her stomach and buried her face in Robyn’s pillow.

“My pussy and my ass!” Stacey reminded her as she raised her hips and spread her legs.

Kneeling behind her sister, Robyn inserted her fingers into her like before. She worked Stacey’s ass and pussy hard — at this moment, nothing in the world was more important than making her cum.

“Fuck me, you bitch!” Stacey moaned, looking back over her shoulder. “Fuck me hard and make me cum!”

It wasn’t long before Robyn’s efforts paid off. Stacey gave in to an intense, full-body orgasm — she collapsed into the pillows to catch her breath.

“That’s good — that’s good…” Stacey gasped. “Come here.” She said pulling her sister up to cuddle behind her. They hugged and kissed until she fell asleep.

Robyn slowly rose and left her sister to rest. She returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Davey and Sarah arrived an hour later.

“Looks like someone has been having some fun!” Davey chided upon seeing her in the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt. “Guess you were pleasantly surprised to see that my mother’s here?”

Robyn winked at her nephew and raised the back of her t-shirt to flash her ass. Later that evening, the four of them sat down to dinner and discussed the plans for the next night’s party.

The following morning after breakfast, Robyn answered the door to greet the other young ladies in her nephew’s “harem”. Kathy and Saudie both fit the mold for the type of woman that Davey seemed to be into: Plain Janes. Both were in their 20s, nerdy, and a little timid. Both also wore clothes that neither would have chosen for themselves.

Kathy was an Ohio-raised blonde. She was 5’5″, slightly plump, had large breasts (32-C) and thick legs. Her most noticeable feature were her wide blue eyes. Despite the make-up and designer clothes, everything about Kathy said “small-town girl”. In fact, the day she left for college was the first time she’d ever traveled outside of her state.

Saudie was the exotic gem in Davey’s collection. Born in Bangladesh, she had been raised in Toronto after her parents moved there when she was still an infant. Saudie was only 5’1″ and had a pear-shaped figure. Her breasts were smaller (B-cups) than the other ladies, but she had very wide hips, thick thighs and a large “bubble-butt” (like a miniature Kim Kardashian). Her straight, jet-black, waist-length hair, dark complexion and dark eyes also made her stand out from the rest.

Both shy and timid at first, the new arrivals came out of their respective shells once Davey entered the room. Taking a few moments to show both of them special attention, Saudie and Kathy seemed to come alive and relax in their new surroundings. This exchange had the added effect of bringing out a tiny jealous streak in Robyn and Sarah, who both secretly wanted Davey to themselves. This was also something that Davey was fully aware of, and just another part of his plan.

The remainder of the day was very relaxed and casual for all. Kathy and Saudie placed their belongings in the room with Sarah, showered and changed. At Stacey’s insistence, the women all spent most of the day huddled around the kitchen table “getting to know one another”. In actuality, it went more like a job interview or an interrogation as Stacey asked them about anything and everything that came to mind. No question was too intimate, no subject too personal — they were expected, and did, answer completely and honestly. Robyn too was subjected to her sister’s inquires.

Meanwhile, Davey spent the majority of the day in the den completing the preparations. Occasionally, he’d leave to pick up some last minute item. Shortly after he’d moved in, Davey had announced to Robyn that the den (or basement) had become “off limits” and under no circumstances was she, or Sarah, to go into that room without his permission. She did not question nor disobey her nephew’s canlı casino instructions.

After dinner everyone gathered in the living room where Davey poured them each a glass of wine.

“Well, mother, ladies,” he began, “I think it’s time we got this evening’s festivities under way.” He raised his glass.

“I want you all to know,” he continued, “that I love and desire each of you. Each in your own way has allowed me to reach and understand levels of my psyche that I never dreamed existed. Tonight, is for each of you.”

He nodded and they all drank.

“Now,” he announced placing his glass on the coffee table. “Go to your rooms. You will find that I have chosen your attire for this evening. Once you’ve changed, join me in the den.”

They all rose and went to their respective bedrooms. Davey had in fact left an outfit on the beds for each of the women, including his mother. Stacey’s outfit — all black — differed from the others: a thigh-length, silk robe, thigh-high stockings, a lacey thong and matching bra, and stiletto heels. Robyn’s outfit — all red — consisted of a leather-studded dog collar, a thong, and a silk, waist-length robe; there were no stockings or shoes.

About 30 minutes later, they all met in the den. Davey greeted them at the bottom of the stair, wearing his favorite black silk shorts. The other ladies were dressed in outfits identical to Robyn’s, differing only in color. Sarah wore all blue, Saudie all purple and Kathy all green; each also wore studded dog collars and no shoes.

When Robyn entered what was previously her sparsely used storage and exercise room, she was stunned. The once white walls were now painted medium grey, and her treadmill and stationary bike were gone. The floor was now covered in a deep-red thick, shag carpet, and the windows covered in thick red curtains. The flat-screen TV now sat atop the fireplace mantel, with the stereo, speakers and DVD-player on an adjacent shelf.

Equally surprising were the new additions to the den. A dark-wood chair, resembling a throne, stood on a foot-high platform against one wall, with a small red pillow sat at its feet. Several of the toys that Davey had previously purchased hung from a tool-rack on the opposite wall. In front of the fireplace was a full sized mattress on a low-level platform; black silk ties were attached to metal rings at each corner. Various lengths or rope or chain hung from the ceilings, and in the center of the room were 3 racks of different sizes and configurations. The only item that Robyn recognized was the small wet bar in the corner.

“Very impressive, honey!” Stacey congratulated her son.

“Thank you, mother!” he grinned taking a bow, “Please ladies, take a few moments to get familiar with everything.”

Walking around a room in her home that she no longer recognized, Robyn began to wonder: How did he do all this? Who paid for all this? Did the neighbors see him bringing these things in?

At the wet bar, Davey filled six shot glasses with whiskey and passed them around. He pointed a remote at the television, and a porn film filled the screen; the lamps in each corner also dimmed. Robyn didn’t recognize that the movie was one that Davey had pulled from her personal stash.

“Let’s party ladies!” Davey announced knocking back his shot. Each of the women downed their drinks, as he took his place on the throne.

“First order of business.” He announced to Robyn and the 3 girls. “For the remainder of the evening, and any time you enter this room, you will address me as ‘Master’ and my mother as ‘Miss Stacey’. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master!” the four answered in unison.

“Good.” He smiled. “Now, you will each pay homage to your Master. Please line up before me.”

Davey had the four of them line up side by side before the platform, where they eagerly waited for him to call one of them forward. “Mother, you first.” Davey announced, shocking them all.

“Oh well,” Stacey sighed, feigning annoyance. “If I must!” She had been leaning against the bar watching her son.

Slowly Stacey knelt in front of him and took his rigid dick in her hand. She paused and looked back at each of the women intently watching her every move, smiling slyly as she devoured him.

“No!” Robyn screamed in her head.

Until now, her sister had shown no interest in being with Davey, not even in touching him. The jealousy that she and the other girls felt was almost too much. They all wanted to beg or make her stop, but only stood by helplessly and watched as a mother greedily sucked her son’s cock. Davey moaned loudly, much louder than he had for any of them, making eye-contact with each.

“Mm mm!” Stacey moaned, licking her lips when she’d had enough. “That was so good!”

Walking slowly before each of the women, she roughly pulled them each by the hair, forcing their mouths to hers as she assaulted them with her tongue. Beginning with her sister and ending with Kathy, she repeated the action with each. Davey looked on with delight.

“Doesn’t kaçak casino he just taste so damn good?” Stacey inquired when she was done.

“Yes, Miss Stacey.” They answered hesitantly. The mutual displeasure was obvious.

“Do I detect a little annoyance?” Stacey shot back.

“No, Miss Stacey.” They all answered in an attempt to avoid any problems; but it was too late.

“I think we’ll have to teach a lesson or two tonight.” Davey finally chimed in.

“Definitely!” Stacey agreed. “Each of you bitches, drop those robes and get over there and kneel!” she snapped, pointing to the long saw-horse in the center of the room.

Nervously, the four of them shed their robes and climbed onto the rack. It was made to hold five people in a kneeling position, placing the user in an almost inverted pose. They watched anxiously as Stacey went over to the toys hanging on the wall and slowly made a selection.

Sarah and Robyn gasped and trembled as she pulled down the leather paddle that Davey had used on them a few days before. Their reaction didn’t go unnoticed by Stacey.

“Oh, I see you two are familiar with this little beauty.” She said slapping it against her hand.

Walking behind them, Stacey playfully tapped each of them on their asses. Sarah, who didn’t really care for spanking, was the most nervous of the four, constantly turning her head to see where Stacey was or what she was doing.

“Eyes front!” Stacey snapped at her, tapping her a little harder. Still sitting on his throne, Davey began to laugh.

“I want each of you little cunts to understand something,” she continued, slowly pacing behind them and dragging the paddle across their asses. “I will do what I want, where I want, how I want and with whomever I want. And none of you sluts is allowed to have a problem with it or an opinion about it; is that understood?”

“Y-yes, Miss Stacey!” They answered nervously.

“If I choose to fuck and suck any of you OR my son — I will! If I choose to fuck your siblings or parents — I will!” she went on, her intensity building. “Do you get me?!”

“Yes, Miss Stacey!”


Stopping behind Sarah, Stacey gave her a sharp, hard swat across her ass causing the girl to cry out and nearly jump from the rack. Ordering her to remain still, Stacey gave her an even harder swat and repeated her question.

“Do you get me?!!”


“Yes, Miss Stacey!” Sarah cried, tears welling in her eyes.


Randomly moving from girl to girl, Stacey next brought her attentions to her sister. Robyn, who knelt at the opposite end of the rack, had figured she would be last.


“Yes, Miss Stacey!” Robyn cried out, hoping that 2 swats would be all that her sister had planned for her, as she clenched her teeth.


Next came Saudie, kneeling on Sarah’s right. Stacey took great pleasure in watching the tiny woman’s ample, dark ass cheeks jiggle. She even gave her an extra swat before asking her question.

“Yes, Miss Stacey!” Saudie sobbed. Even Davey had never struck her this hard.


Stacey had deliberately saved Kathy for last. Davey had shared with her that Kathy really loved to be spanked, so she put extra effort into the punishment she gave the girl.


Stacey gave Kathy extra swats across her wide flat ass — delighting in watching the girl’s cheeks turn bright red. She received a total of 8 swats, raising her hips in anticipation of more.

“Oh yes, Miss Stacey!” Kathy moaned, tightly gripping the cushion of the kneeling rack. It was clear to all that she enjoyed every moment of her punishment.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way,” Stacey panted, climbing onto the throne that Davey had now vacated. “When I call you over, you will come and eat my pussy.”

Saudie was the first to be called. She crawled down from the rack and hurried over to the platform, where she knelt on the small red pillow. With her eyes closed, Stacey spread her legs and pulled her thong aside. Saudie buried her face between the older woman’s thighs. She was followed by Sarah, then Kathy and finally, Robyn.

While his mother had her way with them, Davey took the opportunity to stand before each of the waiting women and receive a blowjob. After one was called to service his mother, he moved on to the woman who returned.

“I have decided,” Stacey announced standing next to Saudie and Sarah, “that the two of you are very talented pussy eaters! You are definitely naturals!”

Davey smiled and gave her a thumb-up as he pumped his cock in and out of his aunt’s throat.

“Come with me.” She said to the two smallest of the four women.

Stacey led them to the mattress which was covered in a black satin bed sheet. She instructed Sarah to lie on her back and spread her arms and legs. When she did, Stacey bound the slim, young red-head in a “spread-eagle” position using the silk ties at each corner. She then instructed Saudie to also lie “spread-eagle” so that she was in a perfect 69-position on top of Sarah. Stacey securely bound her wrists and ankles as well. Smiling and admiring her work, Stacey slowly strolled around the bed as she gave her next instructions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20