Aunt Sue Visits

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“Hey Dad, what time did Aunt Sue say she’d be here?” Aaron yelled from the top of the stairs. He was fresh from his shower, his hair still wet, a towel wrapped around his middle. His upper torso was well muscled, especially for an 18 year old who was not really into sports or body building. The towel tented in front, pushed out by his still erect penis. While showering he had been thinking of his visit a few weeks ago with Aunt Sue, his Father’s sister. He had called her in desperation when his car had broken down and he had need a place to stay until it could be fixed the next day. He had ended up staying a couple of extra days, enjoying the well proportioned charms of his Father’s older sister, discovering the myriad of sexual pleasures to be found with a mature, Big Beautiful Woman. Yes, he was looking forward to his Aunt Sue’s visit and already planning on ways to get them naked and romping together as often as possible during her visit.

“She should be here within the next half hour, if she can manage to get that overweight body of hers any where on time.” Aaron’s father’s voice indicated his disgust at his older sister’s weight. An argument several years before and precipitated the breach in their relationship, and Aunt Sue hadn’t visited since then. However, after she and Aaron began their incestuous relationship, she decided a visit was in order. Both Aaron and Aunt Sue were determined to continue their sexual relationship whenever and where ever possible .Aaron got hot and excited just thinking about burying himself in his Father’s sister while under his Father’s roof. His Mother and sister were going to be gone for a few more days, visiting his Mother’s sister in Reno. Aaron planned on skipping a class or two while his Father was at work so he and Aunt Sue could continue screwing each other’s brains out.

Aaron quickly dressed then hurried down the stairs as he heard a car door slam in the driveway. The doorbell rang before he was all the way down, and his Father answered the door himself. There she was, lush curves showed off in a bulky knit sweater of light gray, capping a flared skit of a darker gray, her full legs shown to advantage in off-black stockings, which Aaron knew would be held up by a sexy garter belt. If Aunt Sue had bothered to wear panties, he knew they would be lacy and sexy as hell, but also knowing Aunt Sue, there was a good chance she was not wearing any panties, leaving her hairy labia exposed if any one should have the opportunity to check. Aaron knew he’d be checking just as soon as possible.

Aunt Sue enveloped her brother in a big hug, pulling him close, pressing the shorter man’s face into her ample bosom. Over the top of his head she spied Aaron and gave him a wink, pressing his father’s face even tighter to her, squeezing him once more in her fierce hug before releasing him.

“Aaron!” she exclaimed, as if just seeing him. “Come give your Auntie Sue a big hug.” She opened her arms wide and welcomed him into her embrace, recognizing his delight in seeing her as he pressed his erection into her as they hugged. Using his body to partially block his Father’s view, Aaron pressed his fingers into his Aunt’s buttocks, enjoying the feeling of the fleshy mound in his hand. His Father had picked up the suitcase she had set down earlier upon entering and was already beginning to carry it towards the stairway. Aaron used that moment to reach under his Aunt Sue’s sweater to pinch a full nipple between his thumb and forefinger, twisting it, enjoying the look of pleasure on her face, her quick inhale of breath as he rocked his erection into her once again before releasing her and turning to pick up her other case, both of them following his Father up the stairs. Aaron made sure to put her in the middle so he could watch her full ass, and thick legs as she climbed the stairs. Watching the twin moons, he thought about pushing his penis between those cheeks and burying his long, thick cock in her tight ass. A small groan of anticipation escaped him and Aunt Sue glanced behind at him, checked that her brother was still ahead and not paying any attention to what was going on behind him, and reached behind and pulled her skirt up in the back, briefly treating his hungry eyes to a view of her gorgeous big ass, exposed because the only thing she was wearing under her skirt were her stockings and garter belt, just as he had hoped. She winked once more, before lowering her skirt and reaching the top of the stairs.

Aaron’s Father opened the door to the bedroom at the far end of the hallway, right next to Aaron’s room. The room directly across from the guest room belonged to his sister, the other room, next to hers was his parent’s room. There was a bathroom connecting Aaron’s room and the guest room, one that opened into the hallway, as well as having connecting doors in each of the bedrooms. Aaron smiled as he thought of them using the bathroom as their passageway to pleasure every night.

“Thank you Charlie” Aunt Sue said as her brother placed the suitcase he was carrying on the king sized bed that occupied the middle casino oyna of the large guest room. She knew he hated being called “Charlie,” much preferring the more formal “Charles.” Charles grunted his acknowledgment and told her that they had reservations for dinner in a couple of hours, and he would be in his study going over some paperwork until then, assuring her that Aaron would be happy to help her unpack and find anything else she might need. He walked out of the room, considerately closing the door behind him.

Aaron and Aunt Sue listed until they could hear his heavy tread going down the stairs. Aaron was the first to speak. “Any thing I can help you with Auntie? Any thing you need?”

Aunt Sue walked over to the edge of the bed and bent over, laying the upper half of her torso on the bed, pulling her skirt up and over her ass as she spread her legs wide. “Yes, Aaron, your old Auntie has this terrible need to have her little nephew’s cock pushed all the way up inside her.” Aaron was already unzipping his fly and quickly pulled his penis free as he walked up to her body and positioned himself behind her. He aimed his fully erect penis at her exposed labia and pressed between the twin lips, once again overwhelmed by the wetness of her, the feel of his cock as it slowly buried itself in her, resting once he was all the way in; taking deep breaths to calm his excited body down before he shot prematurely into her. Once he felt himself to be under control he began slow, deliberate strokes, pulling all but the very tip of his penis out of her quivering vagina, before he would begin his slow, torturous decent back into her. Sue moaned in pleasure, rocking her body in harmony with his strokes, her body responding to the teasing.

Aaron stated moving quicker and quicker, thrusting harder and harder into her as he felt her body respond. He started whispering to her as he continued stroking in and out, telling her that this was just an appetizer to what he had for her, telling her how he was going to use her body for his sexual pleasures during her visit. He described how he was going to titty fuck her again, shooting his cum all over her face, how he was going to go down on her, licking and sucking her pussy and clit until she ejaculated all over him. As he told her what was in store for them, he felt her body shivering, responding to the fire building in her and knew her climax was close. He quickened his strokes, feeling his own orgasm building. The sudden tightening of her vagina around his penis as she climaxed sent him over the edge and he gave a muffled moan as he shot into her. She continued rocking, squeezing two more bursts of cum from him before he collapsed across her bent over body, hugging her, allowing his penis to shrink back to its normal, unaroused state before he pulled out, giving her wide ass a quick, hard slap as he backed away from her.

Aunt Sue stayed bent over, her legs still spread as she basked in the lingering pleasure of her orgasm. Aaron quickly sat down behind her, spread her legs a little more, used his fingers to part her labia and began flicking his tongue over her clitoris, then licking her dripping pussy, tasting his own cum on his tongue. Sue moaned her encouragement as he sucked her unsheathed clit. Aaron knew another orgasm was not far away. He licked her faster, deeper, harder until she once again came apart in ecstasy.

Satisfied that he had made her feel “welcome” Aaron stood, readjusted himself back into his jeans, gave her ass a quick kiss and another hard slap, then told her she needed to get unpacked. “It wouldn’t do for Dad to wonder what we’ve been doing if he comes in and sees you haven’t unpacked yet.”

Sue stood up, pulled her skirt down over her ample thighs, and turned to the cases sitting on the other side of the bed. She quickly had her neatly stacked lingerie in the dresser drawers, adding her favorite sachets to the drawers. Her dresses had been packed on hangers and it took only a minute to hang them all up neatly in the closet. Aaron watched her set out her her shampoos, body lotions, and the few cosmetics she used. “There, Sweetie. Now how about helping your Auntie with one more thing before we go down and disturb your father.” Laughing, she pulled up her sweater and unhooked the front closure of her bra. Her huge, pendulous breasts sagged but the nipples, huge and rosy, were the stuff of his fantasies.

Aaron buried his face in her breasts’ fullness, inhaling the musky, slightly sweaty sent of her body. He knew what she wanted. He remembered how he had discovered she liked having him play roughly with her breasts, sucking them hard, biting the nipples hard between his teeth, pulling and pinching them as he twisted the nipples. At first he had been reluctant to hurt her like that, but once he realized that she got off on it, craved it almost as much as she craved having him inside her, he too enjoyed using her breast that way. She especially loved it when he used them roughly as she was reaching her orgasm, pinching or biting as hard as he could when she reached the pinnacle canlı casino of her climax, sending her over the edge in a frenzy of passion and pleasure, heightened by the pain.

Aunt Sue was moaning loudly, trying to muffle her sounds of pain and pleasure as Aaron suckled on first one teat, then the other, pulling, twisting, pinching and biting as he sucked. He was contemplating taking her again when he heard his Father calling from the bottom of the stairs. “We have to leave in about fifteen minutes if we are going to get to the restaurant on time.”

“Damn,” Aaron groaned as he sucked each nipple one last time, then helped Aunt Sue pull the cups of her bra back around and rehook it between her breasts. He promised her that they would take it up later, after his father had gone to bed. She cupped his erection through his jeans and kissed him once more, their tongues exploring each other. Breaking apart, finally, she pushed him towards the bedroom door, then went into the bathroom to repair her make-up.

Aaron was already downstairs talking with his Father. As Aunt Sue walked down the stairs he tried to appear nonchalant as he turned with his father to watch her descent. He could feel himself harden again as he watched the sway of her womanly body walk down the stairs, her full, wide hips jiggling under her skirt, her breasts bouncing even in the forced enclosure of her brassier. With her big, rotund body, she was the sexiest woman he knew.

Several hours later Aaron was in the guest room bed with Aunt Sue, naked, his head thrown back in pleasure, his hands on her head as her mouth worked her magic on his cock. Earlier they had leisurely enjoyed each other’s bodies, joining together in several positions as they tried to satiate each other’s sexual appetites. Aunt Sue had already had several explosive orgasms and Aaron had cum once, in her wonderfully tight ass. Now he was ready to cum again, this time in the wet mouth that was greedily sucking and licking, coaxing his climax, hungrily awaiting his explosion, and once it came, she joyously swallowed every spurt, licking the cock clean, sucking at the tip to get the last few, thick drops.

Aaron drew a ragged sigh once he had finished ejaculating. Sue squirmed her big body up to lay next to her nephew, one hand curled under her head, the other still curled around his deflated penis. As she lay there quietly, she found herself contemplating the past evening.

The dinner with her brother, Charles, had been strained. He seemed uncomfortable, embarrassed, but Sue was used to that from her brother. Her weight had always been a problem between them. He had ridiculed her, accused her of not caring about herself, of slowly killing herself by being so overweight. Sue, however, had always been comfortable with her body; knowing that for some reason no matter how she dieted, how much she exercised, she was always going to be fat. Lord knows she had tried for years, to no avail. Her husband, Frank, bless his soul, had loved her, and never once asked her to try harder to take off the pounds. Her children loved her, though she knew it hadn’t always been easy for them, especially in their teen years, but as adults now, they missed being closer to her and visited every chance they got. No, it was only her brother Charles who had a problem with her weight, and it appeared he still did. She had found him watching her all through dinner whenever he thought she wouldn’t notice. It was a shame, really, because when she was younger he had been a very loving little brother, following her every where. It wasn’t until his teen years that his attitude changed. Perhaps it was fear of being ridiculed by his friends because of her big body. Even when she was only a few pounds heavier than other girls her age, her breasts had been huge; it seemed the rest of her body just grew into them after a while.

Beside her, Aaron stirred, shifted a little, a gentle snort escaping as he drifted into that half sleep state. Sue’s body was still wanting, even though the sex with Aaron had been fantastic and she had achieved several orgasms. Maybe a raid on the kitchen while he rested up would appease one hunger, at least. Carefully she got out of bed, and pulled on a short nylon robe that did little to hide the full curves of her body. She opened her door quietly and found her way down the stairs to the kitchen without turning on any lights.

She found some potato salad in a covered dish and helped herself to a couple of big spoonfuls of it, added a couple of pickles to the plate and turned to go sit at the kitchen table. As she turned she gave a small, startled shriek of surprise as she saw a figure standing in the kitchen doorway. The overhead light clicked on and she blinked in the sudden light. “Still hungry?” It was Charles. He advanced on her, taking the plate from her and sitting it on the table. “I thought you’d be tucked in for the night.” There was a slight pause, as he seemed to notice for the first time what she was wearing, or almost wearing. The belt that had held the skimpy sheer robe closed had slipped kaçak casino its knot while she had foraged for something to eat, and now hung open at either side of her breasts.

Sue watched her brother as his tongue tip licked his dry lips, his eyes riveted on her huge breasts, starring for a long moment before his gaze traveled down the rest of her body, taking in her full stomach that overhung her thighs and the hair covered pubic area. As Sue watched, waiting for him to say something she noticed his erection under his robe. Her own nipples tightened into hard buds and she could feel herself getting wet. Charlie seemed paralyzed as she took a couple of steps closer to him. She was just enough taller than him that her breasts were about mouth high to him and she planted herself so close to him that one nipple tickled his lips. Still holding his gaze with her own, she reached out a hand and parted his robe, feeling for and finding his erect penis. When he didn’t jerk away from her touch she clasped him more securely in her hand and began to stroke him, still holding him with her eyes.

She watched as his eyes fluttered shut in his pleasure. Still grasping him, pumping, she stepped back a little and squatted down and placed her mouth on his cock, Lordy, it was longer and thicker than Aaron’s! She closed her lips tight on him and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, her other hand playing with his balls. She felt his hand move to her head, holding her down on his cock as her mouth worked it. After several minutes of teasing, sucking licking and deep throating his cock, she stood up and pushed his mouth onto a tit, moving one of his hands to the hair covered mound between her legs. He obligingly sucked the breast as a finger parted her and entered her, pushing deep into her, stroking in and out of her, teasing her by once in a while dragging his fingertip over her swollen clit.

She was going crazy, wanting more, wanting him inside her. As if sensing her need, he pushed her back against the table, laying her back, raising her legs into a wide “V” as he pushed his penis into her, pumping hard and fast into her. Sue moaned as the sexual pounding tightened and enervated every nerve in her body, sending shocks of pleasure from every where at once, exploding into a physical earthquake that was off the Richter Scale in it’s intensity. A loud, ear-splitting scream of pure, unadulterated sexual ecstasy erupted from deep inside her as she splintered into one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Still her brother pounded into her, sweat beading his forehead, his breathing heavy, his eyes closed as he allowed the pleasurable feelings of her orgasm-tightened muscles clamping and pulsing around his penis drive him closer and closer to his own orgasm.

Both Aunt Sue and his Father had their eyes closed tight in their erotic coupling so neither saw Aaron as he entered the kitchen. When he had reached across the bed for Aunt Sue, and not finding her, he had gotten up, pulled on his underwear and came downstairs to look for her. He had been drawn to the kitchen by her pleasure-driven scream moments before. After taking in the astounding sight of his father pounding into Aunt Sue, his own cock had hardened again. He quickly stripped off his underwear and approached the table, stroking his own cock as he did so.

Reaching the table, he used both hands to grab his Aunt’s jiggling breasts, kneading them roughly. She opened her eyes, smiled at him, and shifted her body slightly so he could poke his hard cock into her waiting eager mouth. She sucked at it hungrily as her brother Charles, eyes still closed, continued pumping himself into her, pounding into her with long sure strokes, burying himself to the max. As he felt his own orgasm coming, he opened his eyes and immediately stalled in mid-stroke.

Aaron stood at the other end of the table, his cock pumping in and out of Sue’s mouth, saliva running down her chin. Aaron’s hands were pinching and pulling on her breasts, and from the moans and groans escaping her throat as she continued to suck him, she was getting very pleasurable stimulation from his manhandling of her tits. As Charles watched Aaron’s fingers cruelly pinch one nipple, twisting and pulling it far away from the breast, he resumed his pounding of her wet pussy, his climax once again building and turning into a shattering climax. He pounded faster, draining himself into his sister, the sister he had sexually coveted for years, since he was a young teenager entering puberty. He mentally made a note that he was going to have to confess to her, explain why he had adopted the attitude about her weight that he had, the attitude that hid the forbidden, burning desire he had for his own sister.

Charles smiled as he watched his son Aaron release his own seed into Sue’s mouth. He really needed to find out what had happened those days Aaron had stayed with her, and why she had decided after all these years to visit them. For now it looked like the three of them were going to be enjoying quality family time before his wife and daughter came home. But now, he felt himself beginning to harden again as his cock was still buried inside his sister. Maybe the three of them should go upstairs to the big bed in the guest room and all get reacquainted, in comfort.

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